June 2012

Vol 7, #6

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Religion and the Law of Attraction

(from the Interview With Spirit show)
4/ 25/ 2012


Well, what is the message for this week? I am fresh out of ideas!


We can talk about the book you are editing. It is called "Faith Behind the Iron Curtain," and it is about the life of a Christian minister in East Germany during the time of the communists. This book is very appropriate, because it is inspiring, but it has applicability to the Big Picture. We can learn from anyone, even if we do not belong to a particular belief system (religions are belief systems).

In this book, the author is very poor. In East Germany from 1949 to 1989, when the Berlin wall fell down, the secret police and the military ran the country. They spied on everyone, opened mail, listened to phone conversations, and had informers on every block and in every company. The author did a lot of praying in his life, and things would come, almost magically, to him. He had just bought a run-down house that needed a lot of renovation. He needed some bricks, but the only place to get them was on the black market, because in that communist system, there was great scarcity and lack of the things you regard as  common. Being a Christian minister, he invoked the name of Jesus Christ and prayed very hard for bricks, even though he had no idea where they were to come from. One day he was at a gas station and a man came to get gasoline, driving a truck with exactly the kind of bricks the author wanted. He asked the driver if he would just drive the bricks to his house and give him the receipt to pay himself. This was an astonishing request to make in East Germany at that time, but the driver said yes. And so, through prayer, he received a ton of bricks and was able to renovate his house.

The point is, what is the difference between praying to Jesus Christ and receiving, versus receiving something through asking, using the law of attraction? The answer is, there is no difference!

One day, this East German minister was at a meeting, and one of his mentors told him that he had to go to communist China to see how Christians went on in that country. In China at that time, Christians were heavily persecuted, and all of their churches were underground and hidden. The author was asked to take a Bible into China. Now at that time smuggling even one Bible into communist China was a big crime, and was heavily punished. When he got to Hong Kong en route to his destination on the mainland, he discovered that instead of one Bible, there were 6,000 Bibles! He had no idea how he was to get them into the country, and it was potentially a very dangerous situation for him personally, so he prayed some more. In the book he said that God told him, "when you get to the border there will be an officer there. Ask him if he will take a picture with you." The author took a number of photographs with the Chinese officer, and they became very friendly.  But the men saw the palettes with the Bibles and asked, "what have you got there?" The author said, "it's paper that we're taking to a printing company." In fact the destination was a printing company, but it was a company that printed illegal Christian materials at night. But somehow he had gotten so friendly with the officer in charge that the officer ordered the men to load all of the palettes onto the train. And so that is how this minister got 6,000 illegal Bibles into China, using the military's own men. This is a remarkable story. But you might ask, what relevance does this have to the Interview With Spirit show?

Well, it's very simple. What's the difference between saying, "God spoke to me" and saying that you consulted your higher self, or your personal guidance, or what you call an Ascended Master?

And the answer is, there's not a bit of difference!

In one case, you are anthropomorphizing God, talking to one of God's representatives as it were, as in Jesus Christ, and in the other, you regard God in a more general way, as a divine, immortal consciousness of which all beings are an aspect.

And so you have all been fighting over nothing. Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, indigenous peoples, new-agers, all of you are simply accessing the universal principles that are built into the fabric of the all-that-is. You are all accessing Spirit. How you do this is personal to you, and to your belief systems.

And this gets to the crux of our message today.

On the planet earth there is a strong current of spirituality, of connection to Source, in a lot of various forms: religions, spiritual beliefs, sacred texts, etc., despite those who would like to beat this out of you. The establishment of dictatorial regimes is always based on the premise of knocking out your individuality and your sovereignty. We talked about this last week. Top-down control systems can take many forms, whether its communism, fascism, naziism, whatever. The name you give to it is irrelevant, but the intent behind the establishment of top-down control systems is to reinforce the idea of your own unworthiness, and to get you to change your minds about who you think you are. These systems cannot take root unless your belief/information systems support them.  

Remember, the declaration of sovereignty is enough to cause those who wish to overset you to back off. There are a number of references in the Bible to the idea that, when one stands in the Light, in one's power, those who mean you harm must yield. The famous quote, which is often used in jest, begins with, " Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. "

And this from James, Chapter 1. When Jesus was confronted by representatives of Pontius Pilate, as well as Judas, to arrest him. Jesus said, "I am He." " 'As soon then as he had said unto them, I am he, THEY WENT BACKWARD, AND FELL TO THE GROUND'. Here, the declaration of I AM in the Light, I AM sovereign in love and integrity and wholeness and divinity, was enough, by itself, to stop those who would harm. These ideas follow the operation of universal principles.

Why all these Bible quotes? To point out that, what difference does it make if you use a middleman, or if you have a certain belief system, or simply stand in your power and declare your sovereignty? Nothing. It is exactly the same. That's what these Bible quotes are about. Reminding humanity that individuals have power, and when you stand in your power, you are invincible. The Light enfolds you and protects you, and the darkness falls away.

We are talking about unity and sovereignty because this is the primary issue you face now, as individuals and as a species. Sovereignty cannot exist without unity. When you are fighting each other, you are not in your power. You cannot stand strong. Only when united is sovereignty possible. And unity is not possible without individual freedom. The top-down model is a model of enslavement. It is an evolutionary dead-end. We cannot emphasize this enough.

Fortunately or unfortunately, now is when you must choose which road you wish to evolve on, even though your understanding is still very limited. But this is the choice that all young civilizations face.

Do you go, like adolescents, to the technological bling and become entrapped? Or do you stand in the Light and in Love, powerful, compassionate, and tolerant of diverse points of view? For here, dear ones, is your strength. Advanced technology is great, but not if you give up your freedom for it.

This is the trap.

Anything that takes you away from personal or planetary sovereignty will not serve you. These three values, freedom, unity, and sovereignty, are the correct formula for humanity to make it and reach species maturity, and a permanent leap in consciousness.

Now, on earth, there are many different points of view. In western society individual and personal freedom is valued more highly than in some eastern societies, which are more focused upon maintaining group harmony. But we tell you that these differences in culture are trivial. One emphasizes freedom, the other, unity. BOTH are required for sovereignty!  The higher you rise in consciousness, the more freedom you have as individuals, and the greater group unity there is.

Count on that! The entire universe is constructed from the simple idea of diversity within unity. Geometrically this is very easy to see. Draw a circle. That represents unity. Within the circle draw a triangle that has equal sides. For every side of the triangle, draw a line with a triangle rising out of the center of it, where the sides of the little triangle are 1/3 the sides of the original. If you do this for all three sides of the triangle, you get a star of david, or two interlocking triangles. If you continue  this pattern on and on, you get a beautiful snowflake called a Koch fractal, that is infinitely divisible, and has smaller and smaller star stars of david. The cool thing is that you can draw a smaller circle around each of the smaller  stars of david, and down and down forever, or up and up forever. So, beginning with unity, you get beautiful, infinite diversity that is self-similar, and within itself contains diversity within unity. All form comes from this idea of unity within diversity. When you go off the idea of unity and begin to fight with each other, you become vulnerable. You step out of your power and out of  the light.

Our message last week was very important. When you ignore the three ideas of freedom, unity and sovereignty, you become unbalanced to the degree you do so. And then you begin to attract those who are themselves imbalanced. This is simply the law of attraction at work. This happens within your own personal lives, within and between groups, within nations and between nations, and for planets as well.

You are just now coming to the understanding that there are other civilizations out there, and that the game is a lot bigger than you thought. Those who come to take advantage of you will use technology as an inducement, to entice you to give up your freedoms in exchange for technology, and "security." This has been the idea behind the so-called "war on terrorism.": give up your sovereignty and let "us" protect you. And "us" are the guys with the agendas. How has that been working out for you? Good luck with that!

Your security lies within your unity, and your personal freedoms. On earth this has been very imbalanced, for it is said that "human nature" will take advantage of those who cooperate and try to build. In the past, the rampaging hordes of psychos and other one per centers will come and destroy that which has been built. Of course, this can only happen when there is NOT a widespread belief in unity. When humanity finally makes that leap, almost all of your present problems will literally disappear, because the problems you face are imbalances within your belief systems; which is to say, your planetary information system. We have talked about this before. The planet has an invisible, subtle, information system that is programmed by you and you and you, every day! You are literally a few thoughts away from transforming the earth, unifying, and declaring your sovereignty. And when that happens, those who want to subject you must, as the Bible verse says go "backward and fall to the ground."

It has been said that religion is the bane of humanity, but this is not true at all. Your religious beliefs are part of your great strength. It is only when you begin to fight over the slight differences in your beliefs that you have trouble. Humanity's greatest strength is its spiritual connection, and it doesn’t matter a hoot whether that connection happens in Church, in religion, or in what form it takes.

The planet earth is being exposed to the bigger game, even though most of the action has been in secret. The hidden, black programs have all been developed by human representatives in contact with visitors from off-planet. These individuals have not been serving humanity, and that is why so many whistleblowers are coming out of the woodwork. They see that the dangle of technology is being used as a persuasion and propaganda tool to subvert the natives, just as you bought Manhattan Island from unsuspecting native Americans. Now you are in the position of the indigenous people. However, you are much stronger than those who come with harmful intentions, even though, popularly, the planet earth is portrayed as "primitive" and backward. It is just the opposite. Those who come with the agenda of control and the top-down organization of humanity are degraded races who are on a de-evolutionary path, even if they possess dazzling technology. These beings have lost their spirituality, have given up their personal freedoms, and are nothing more than organized automatons, who wish to mold you to their image. Do not fall into this trap!

In life, and this applies to individuals and nations, as well as planets, ask yourselves: does this person respect me? Does this being respect life? Does this being have spirituality, can it express love and compassion? If not, then such a being is on the road to species extinction, just like the little "greys" who have completely lost themselves. Races such as these are already dead, because they have lost their spiritual connection, and their Source of power.

Power is alignment with source, and source is the energy of love, which expresses itself in its highest forms in cooperation, in passion, in working together, in unity and sovereignty, for a common goal. Never lose sight of this, as individuals in your own lives, or as a planetary species.

Humanity is going to have to deal with the human representatives of certain off-planet races. But this will not be difficult, once the people of earth become educated about what is happening. Remember: the three most important concepts are freedom, unity, and sovereignty. You must stand as one, in your power, and declare that you will not tolerate interference in your affairs. Once this is done, once you have re-programmed your planetary information/belief systems, you will send that message/vibration out  to the universe at large, and those who come to you will also change. You will no longer attract the mischief makers, but rather those who have already attained species unity, and who are ready and willing to cooperate with you.

When you stand strong, you essentially declare that the planet earth, and its people, resources, and life forms, are now in a "non-interference" zone. When you stand in your power, others will recognize this and will, must, respect it. Basically, your declaration of sovereignty guarantees you of a "Sphere of tolerance," because it sets up a powerful vibe that will reject those who want to mess with you, and to attract those who want to cooperate with you.

So how do you do this?

Very powerfully!

In your personal lives, practice cooperation, tolerance, personal integrity, and open-ness. We cannot tell you how powerful are these vibrations. LIVE what you would like to see your lives, and your planet, become. Practice random acts of kindness. Live mindfully. Reject that which is mean-spirited, and degrades life; promote and support that which is cooperative and has integrity, and which supports life.

All of you know this distinction, because you can FEEL it!!!

And those who cannot, will become glaringly obvious. These are the ones to avoid.  Do not kill them, but simply form cooperative groups, and work toward positive change. Remove them from society if you have to. We tell you that these people and beings will stick out more and more, as humanity evolves in consciousness, because these are the unbalanced beings who have decided to abandon their connection to source.   These are the one-percenters, and the hybrids who are either possessed or subject to a vibration that will lead them, and humanity, if  you follow them, to an evolutionary dead-end.


Creativity versus Unity and Cooperation

(From the Interview With Spirit show, 5/2/2011)


Q: I’m sure there is a show message somewhere, but I am feeling uninspired today. What shall we talk about?

A: Let’s talk about creativity. The amount of creativity on the planet earth is simply astonishing. As the background vibration ramps up, more and more of you are feeling the need to become even more creative.  There is a sort of divine discontent within each of you. You know you should be doing something, or something different, or more, but often you don’t know what it is. This phenomenon is due to the evolution out of duality and into a more harmonious state of being. We talked about this process over a year ago on the show.

We likened the evolution out of duality to the process of mitosis, or cell division. What happens is that the single cell separates, and chromosomes and cellular material go to opposite sides of the cell in preparation for cell division. If you Google “mitosis” and take the first entry (the Wikipedia entry) you will see a nice little drawing of what happens. Evolution is a process of growth, and growth is division within unity, as we talked about in last week’s show. The process of becoming more harmonious also involves the process of becoming more individual, because, as we talked about last week, increasing harmony, increasing connection to source, also involves the acceptance and celebration of opposing and different view points. And so in essence, all of you are learning to become more of who you are – more YOU, meaning more individual—without being separate.

Now that is a lot to swallow in one sentence, so let’s explain this idea a little. Greater cooperation, while connected to source and to your own divinity, does NOT mean everyone marching in lockstep like little biological automatons. This is the path chosen by those who desire top-down evolution, where a species or a race gives up its personal freedoms for greater “security” in numbers. In one sense this path is comforting, in that it allows one  to not have to make life choices. Everything is decided for the individual by the “group think,” which is programmed by those at the top.  Sometimes this life path can be mistaken for true harmony and cooperation, but it is not.

True harmony and cooperation requires individual freedom, and that can only come when other viewpoints are celebrated. And why are they celebrated? Because the Ascended Masters said it is the best way? No, because an explosion of viewpoints is the very definition of creativity. And creativity leads to new ideas and new games, and new ways of expressing your connection to source. This is why we have been saying that individuals and races and cultures that suppress freedom are on their way out. This is the eventual path of species and cultural death, not because we say so, but because the top-down path of evolution, and life, is mis-aligned with the laws of the universe, which are based in love and harmony, but also creativity and personal expression!

Right now the earth is going through a technological explosion. Technology is being touted as the savior for every one of humanity’s problems.  But technology, or knowledge, that is not aligned with the vibration of love (true harmony and cooperation) is likely to cause more problems than it solves. The technology you are looking for is thought-based, and comes when a planetary species unites. Before that event, or leap in consciousness, you are vulnerable to those with agendas who will use technology to gradually erode your sovereignty. In 1954, President Eisenhower signed a treaty with certain visitors to your planet, allowing them to mess about on the planet earth in exchange for a few technological trinkets. In the ensuing decades this process has accelerated, to the point that a “hidden” or “black” agenda is operating alongside the public and open one, and trying to co-opt it. 

This is why the subject of visitors to your planet and their spacecraft is so taboo, for exposure of this hidden agenda would mean an end to the interference in human affairs. As we said last week, the declaration of sovereignty goes hand in glove with freedom and unity. These two concepts are inextricably linked, just like the DNA and chromosomes in a cell are linked once the cell divides and becomes two new cells.

The message this week is  two-fold: creativity is the impetus behind the path to cooperation, unity, and sovereignty. And the second part of the message is that personal freedom and unity are actually harmonious at the level of consciousness where you want to go. In duality, individuality means separation. But at a higher level, the separation disappears and you have diversity along with cooperation, within a consciousness of unity.   On your planet right now, especially in the United States, there is the idea of “political correctness”: which is the idea that cooperation should be enforced on those who aren’t yet ready for it. In other words, an angry man who was abused in childhood must take classes and become re-educated in the proper framework of societal norms. “Political correctness” is the first expression of the new consciousness coming into being. It doesn’t work within the duality of separation, of course, because without that connection to source you cannot reeducate a person to a higher level of awareness. That is why the current acceleration of the background vibration of humanity is so important, for it is leading you along the path of higher creativity and the understanding of the idea that diversity within unity doesn’t mean separation, and individuals struggling to get THEIR share of a limited pie, but  rather a greater understanding of self which connects one to the energy of source.

This entire process is an evolution out of a false duality and into a REAL duality: a duality in which personal and individual freedoms go hand-in-hand with the spirit of cooperation and unity. That is where you are going!

Duality has gotten a bad name. It is said that Oneness is the ultimate goal, and that duality means separation. Well, we have news for you: separation and distinction, discreteness and individuality are part and parcel of any physical environment. For a thing to be recognizable it must be discrete, but this does not mean it has to be separate. Imagine trying to play a game and have an experience without the separation of individual things. How can you drive a car if that car is not a separate entity? The idea is connection. A true duality has a consciousness of oneness combined with individuality, and unique points of view as well as separate physical objects. The distinction is simply one of consciousness: how you look at or consider the game you are playing.
In previous shows we described the game of light and dark; the expanded game of free will, in which you decided to explore all avenues of the dark as well as the light. Well, what has happened is that you got used to the idea of the false duality; of separation and non-connection, and it is taking you a little while to recover. In actual fact the human race is very powerful.

Although humanity is adolescent in its consciousness, this is something that you all chose as a species. Now you are attempting to transcend this amazing game you have played for quite a long time, and have become a little stuck. However, within all of you is  the knowledge of your own personal and species power, and your connection to something much greater than the game you have been playing.

We mentioned earlier that all of you are experiencing a sort of divine discontent. All of you, not just the lightworkers and those who have spiritually awakened. This is true of those who are playing the dark side of the game as well. These dear ones are having a hard time of it, as they feel that their game is up, but the tolls they have in their consciousness is not sufficient to enable them to see past the old thought forms they are stuck in. And so they have acted in the only way they know how: by creating more mischief. These chaps are saying: “Well, we don’t know what to do, we are painted into a corner here, so we will use the only weapons we have to extricate ourselves: deceit, financial and governmental manipulation, etc.”

But what is happening behind the scenes is that the nation-states are gradually aligning. White Hat factions within the US, China, Russia, India, and other countries are coming together, outside of normal channels and the controlled governments.   This is how it must be if the old system is to be transcended: the old channels, the old networks, the old way of doing things must be by-passed, and that is exactly what is happening. New networks of cooperation are being created (See Ben Fulford’s latest blog post). When those new networks become organized and powerful enough, those who favor cooperation within humanity will begin to assert themselves. All of this is happening behind the scenes, you see: the shadow government and the black programs with their ET technologies are largely hidden, and the White Hats with their new alliances are beginning to form and work together. And on the news, you largely hear the same old stuff! Well, when the cell begins to divide the process is largely invisible at first, until the mother cell begins to separate.

The difference here is that in mitosis, the two cells that evolve from the one cell are the same. In the planetary evolution of earth, the evolved cells (humans) have new abilities and new structures. That is why the process is taking so long. If the evolution of consciousness were to take place completely out in the open, it would fail because the demand would be intense from 7 billion of you, while the sub-systems to support the new paradigm would not be in  place. Despite the chaos, we tell you that all is in order, all is proceeding properly.

Remember, the universe grants you the ability to choose, to decide, which dimensional reality you wish to live in. The system is dynamic and infinitely responsive to your will. Will you choose to be deceived by those with agendas, who wish to take advantage of you? Or will you come together and unify, declaring your sovereignty, and making it impossible for the mischief-makers to mess about? 

This is literally what Shakespeare meant in his famous quote, “To be or not to be?” Because when you BE, you feel powerful, you are standing firm in your power, and you would never make a choice to give away your power. You will know when someone has an agenda, if they ask you to be or do something that diminishes you. The question, “will you give up your freedom for a little security?” is precisely such a situation. Benjamin Franklin, over 200 years ago, made the same point. He said, “Anyone who trades liberty for security deserves neither liberty nor security.” And so you see that this question has been debated for quite a long time. The difference today is that communications technology allows you to communicate planet-wide. The infrastructure is in place to allow you to unite. This is the question that all adolescents face when they come into adulthood, and what all developing races face as well, and it is now time to face it! Adolescence can be a troubling time, as your body grows into maturity, and so it is with humanity on a larger scale.

There really is not a lot of time anymore to sit on the fence. And why would you want to? Why would you want to step out of your power? You would only do this in response to coercion or persuasion that tells you  that you must do so or you will face danger. This is not possible, however, if you unite and declare your sovereignty, if you stand strong and understand that when you stand in your power, it is recognized. And so you must do so, and it is the correct decision, and the decision that feels the best. 
Try this experiment: stand tall, and declare, “I am sovereign. I am powerful, I am the highest possible expression of who I can be.”

What happened? Did you laugh or giggle? Did you say it but not really mean it? We want you to continue to repeat this little saying whenever it seems appropriate. It is best to say it out loud, but you can also say it silently at work, or at school, or wherever you are. When you say this, stand with your feet firmly planted on the ground or on the floor. Feel your connection to the earth, and to Spirit. In this physical body, you are the bridge between mother earth and father sky, between the material and the non-physical. What you decide has a powerful resonance to the universe at large. When millions of you decide to step into your power, this creates a tremendously powerful vibration that can cause a quantum leap in consciousness for everyone!





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