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The Body Reality and Manifestation

(From the Interview With Spirit show, 6/15/2011)

All right guys, what is the message for this week? I find that if I have no expectations about what is coming in, the messages seem more coherent.

Ha, ha! Sometimes you do not really believe that we are real, do you? You are surprised that when you have read over the messages from the past 3 years, there is a coherent theme that runs through them all. Well, our message this week is no different (Please turn off the music).  We would like to continue to discuss the changing potentials on earth, because you are now moving out of the Body Reality.

By Body Reality we mean the assumption that only that which is strictly perceivable to the five human senses is valid.

In other words, extra-sensory perception, intuition, and "spiritual" things are invalid because they are not solid and cannot be observed, catalogued, and measured.

You are growing out of this limited box, and beginning to understand that you live in a multi-dimensional universe. Multi-dimensional simply means that there are many different playgrounds of reality superimposed upon what you call the physical universe. The universe looks much different from another vibrational orientation than it does to human perceptions. The closest analogy we can give you is a layered Photoshop image. There can be, theoretically, millions and millions of different layers for each image. The image looks different depending upon which layer you are in. You do not see the whole picture from within your individual layer. What appears as solid reality to you is just one information system within millions of layers of information. If  someone were to say, "there are other layers outside of our reality," you might be labeled as a kook. This is our analogy to the Body Reality. When you only acknowledge that which can be sensed from the receptor cells of the body, ideas like "multi-dimensional" seem silly. But of course, that is how the system has been designed! You perceive only from your own layer of reality, but you also have the ability to become knowledgeable about the rest of the playing field. We will tell you that in the great wide universe outside of earth, multi-dimensional travel is commonplace. That seems like a very strange idea even to Ken, but it is not so strange at all. It is exciting and amazing! The All has been designed with an infinite number of playgrounds superimposed upon each other. From within your layer you only see that which belongs to your layer, but the rest of the layers are there.

Each vibrational spectrum is a completely different reality, but you cannot perceive multi-dimensionally unless you acknowledge that there is more to life than the five human senses. And the twist is, that it is impossible to prove that anything outside the Body Reality exists, from within the Body Reality!

Oh, it is quite a game, is it not?

It is a game that only spiritual Masters can play. That is the game you signed up for. All of you are doing advanced post-doctoral work in Physicality. You are like a gathering of Master Chefs dueling it out to win the prize. Except that the prize is not an award or a banner, but Self Discovery. That is the sweetest prize of all dear ones.

All right, let us acknowledge that there is a vast, multi-dimensional reality that transcends your earthly experience. Of course, you do not need to know anything about the other levels to have your game. However, part of the game is learning about the playing field and the rules. The better you know the gameboard and the rules, the more fun you will have playing. Science tries its best to discover physical and universal laws from within the Body Reality, and it does a fantastic job, but science is limited to the box of possibilities that it can perceive through the body's five senses.

We tell you that there is a gigantic, multi-dimensional reality out there that is endlessly fascinating. If you knew even a little about these other boxes, your societies would change overnight. Human beings have a suspicion about these other boxes, but so far it is only speculative and theoretical. What would you say if we told you that life on earth is moving out of the Body Reality, and into a more comprehensive understanding of the universe? Would that not be exciting? All we are saying is that life on earth is moving towards a greater understanding of the playing field, and the discovery of new rules of the game that you have not known existed. These are the "new" physical laws we have mentioned in our messages. Of course these laws are not new at all, but are part of the fabric of spacetime, and are also part of the layer you are in right now. These laws are a part of all of the layers, and are what Ken refers to as Universal Principles. Universal Principles are essentially the rules of the greater game. Human beings on earth are increasing in awareness, and are reaching for the rules of the greater game.

You are moving, in other words, to a greater understanding of the game you are playing. It is a much, much, vaster game that even your visionaries have imagined. It is this larger game to which the planet earth is opening. Your information systems are about to undergo a vast infusion of new data! What we mean is that your awareness is heading toward a "quantum leap" in which you will become more aware of the vaster gameboard upon which you are playing. You are like Circle in Mr. Abbott's book, who meets Sphere for the first time, and becomes aware of another dimension.

And that is our update this week on the evolution of human consciousness.

We want to talk now about manifestation, and those who teach how to use universal principles like the law of attraction to draw wealth and money to you. Ken's friend Ian in Australia is teaching a course about this. Ian is speaking from a life in which he has learned to allow the universe to "give back" to him. We like this expression "giving back" because it implies that a person has done a lot of work and made so many contributions to the whole that he or she has accumulated wealth, and now wants to give some of that back to the community.

Well, the universe operates in the same way.

The universe regards you as one of these great benefactors, and is so excited and eager to give back to you that it can hardly wait! The universe is oriented to the idea that you are so valuable that you deserve whatever you want. Here is what Ian says in his course:  "You will find that to make all this work (manifestation of abundance) you have to aim for something that you have no idea how it will happen. The reason for this is that if you aim for something you think you can achieve, there is nothing to pull you through that mental barrier, and you will find you keep coming back to where you are as the default position."

 What Ian is saying is that you have to keep your expectations of what is possible out of the equation. Clearly, if your expectations were for wealth, you would have already achieved wealth, or be confident that you are on your way to it. If you are wishing for wealth from a position of scarcity, you must let go of the "how will this happen?' Because the answer to that question will come from the same vibrational box that you are already in. When you let go of "how," you release your limiting beliefs on what is possible. You release the mental barrier about what is possible by not thinking "how will it happen." In other words, when you want to go beyond your boundaries, you cannot know how it will happen! It's beyond you because your awareness is not yet at that level, and if you try to make it happen without letting go of  your beliefs about prosperity, you are stuck. You really don't have a clue how to go beyond yourself, but the wonderful thing is that you don't have to have a clue. To advance, it's better if you don't! When you can get past the idea of how, the universe will begin to send you ideas. Coincidences that you didn't think possible will occur in your life, and if you are mindful and paying attention, you will pick up on them. This is how it goes when you try to move out of your box.
Does this seem weird or unappealing? Well, it's what you refer to as "growth."

Growth is just letting go of your expectations about what is possible for you. Growth is not logical, it is not left-brained. It is beyond The Body Reality. Growth occurs when you open yourself up to the greater gameboard, and that gameboard lies presently beyond your perception. Of course the first words out of Ken's mouth is "how to do this?"  (laugh). Ken is very predictable, you see.

But the good thing is that growth leads to greater awareness, and then your box grows bigger. Now what was unknown and beyond you is part of your experience. This is how it works dear ones: manifestation of abundance, or anything outside your present sphere, occurs when you release your attachment to the current reality.  You are all beginning to understand this just a little bit. Those who are willing to release their expectations about what is possible will be able to more quickly move beyond their current box, and into a bigger and more satisfying one. And when that happens, you get to have a grander physical experience. It's all good!


The All as Multiverse (a Q & A session)

(From the Interview With Spirit show, 6/22/2011)

Q: OK guys, the world is waking up. I can feel it in my own life and in my own consciousness, and I assume it is happening everywhere. One question I have is about whether the earth (and this universe) is in some kind of time loop, where we always go back and re-do the same stuff we have done before, and never get out. I believe that there have been civilizations on earth for millions of years, and they always get destroyed by natural disasters (like Lemuria) or some man-made catastrophe (like Atlantis), and that the presented history of our planet is a complete fiction. So here we are again in 2011 with 7 billion people on the planet, we are waking up once again, but are we just going to get so far and then slide back into the pits again? My feeling is that this has happened to life on this planet for a long, long time.

A: We have told you that the human race is in vibrational control of its destiny. We see in the back of your mind that you are afraid that inter-dimensional beings, or powerful ETs, or some powerful force, has trapped humanity in some kind of a time prison. Well, we tell you that there are universal laws and they are transcendent to man-made or ET-made laws. Right now on planet earth humanity is facing a crossroads: do you go the way of technology, toward a Borg-like future, or do you go to a higher vibrational level where love, compassion, and harmony are more paramount?

You see, either way is acceptable. You are immortal spirits playing a game, and there are no final conclusions. In other words, you are playing an infinite game. There is only ONE infinite game, and that is the game of Spirit. The earth is a finite game within the ONE infinite game. We will tell you, however, that the road of technology will eventually limit you vibrationally. In other words, technology can advance you only so far, and then you get stuck. There are certain visitors to your planet who are trying to move you in this direction, because these beings have traveled that road to a vibrational and evolutionary dead-end. Their game is control, but remember that this game can only be played on a gameboard with a certain vibrational spectrum. The control game can be played only in certain dimensions of reality, and you have the option to choose which dimension you participate in.

The earth right now is moving out of what you call the third dimension of reality (not to be confused with spatial dimensions) and into another level. There are those who are waiting for you to arrive, and there are those who want you to stay at the present level. Really, dear ones, this is very simple! It happens in every game. You try to advance, and there are those who try to hold you back because they feel that life is a zero-sum game and that if you advance they will lose. That is the nature of finite games: there is only one winner. The ETs you are worried about are here because collectively, you are transmitting a certain vibration that attracts them. If you decide to go the way of greater harmony and creativity and love, you will simply pass them by. You will literally transcend their vibrational reality and enter a new one. We talked about this last week, about the Photoshop image with its millions of layers. As the programmer you can choose to stay stuck in a layer, or you can choose to be the God who enters, deletes, adds layers,  goes between layers, and creates a beautiful final image. The universe is multi-dimensional, and it has been designed to allow you to effortlessly travel between dimensional realities. This transition process can be so smooth that you never recognize that you are moving out of one reality and into another. You don't travel in space and time when you do this, you travel vibrationally.

It's like when you wish for a new car. At first you eagerly look forward to the new car and are really excited. You work hard and save your money and you get so used to the idea of having your new car that the vibration of the new car becomes a part of your life. And in that way you create the vibration that manifests the new car. Then one day you walk into the dealership with your down payment and you walk away with the car. You have entered a new life dimension, and you feel really good about your purchase, but your new car seems totally natural now, almost like its no big deal. Well, that is like how one transitions from one dimension to another as a planetary society as well. If you continue along the road you are on, your "evil ETs" and "higher forces" will simply disappear from your consciousness, and your life. Whatever forces you imagine that are imprisoning you will simply dissolve. From your viewpoint they will seem to go away, but they still exist, of course. What is happening is that you are moving out of that reality and into another.

As far as your prison time loop goes, a time loop can be created by having the same vibration for a long period of time. Nothing ever stays the same, but a vibration of unworthiness, for example, will create conditions of unworthiness, will create situations that place you in unworthy life experiences, and although you will never experience the same events twice, you will continue to experience events marked by the vibration of "unworthiness," over and over again, until you decide to change.  It can appear, of course, when you are stuck in this vibration that your karma is bad, that the universe wants you to stay where you are, that you are stuck forever, that you live in a hopelessly degraded universe or half-light continuum, that there are higher forces or evil ETs or whatever,  that are forcing you into an unworthy experience, but these things exist simply because that is where you resonate, and that is the type of dimension and being and situation that you attract to yourself. You are simply moving along the Photoshop layers of the All by what you individually and collectively resonate to. The whole idea of the Rapture is based around this vibrational concept: that there are those who will transcend and those who will stay. As individuals you have the choice to ascend out of your "prison time loop" and into a higher dimensional earth. Or should we say, an other-dimensional earth, because no matter where you are, your experiences are valuable and they are treasured. Does that answer your question?

Q: Yes it does. That is a good explanation. But will we wake up in time?

A: What difference does it make? As you wake up you will find yourself on an earth where things are gradually getting better and evolving, and will travel along with those who are vibrationally compatible.  This has always been the case. It seems odd to you because you don't yet have the concept of a multi-dimensional, vibrational universe, even though you have written those books about it. You can see how your awareness has evolved over the past five years since you wrote The Vibrational Universe, can you not?

Q: Yes I certainly can. The idea of the multiverse is really beginning to make sense now, because of your explanation. I can see how we effortlessly and elegantly go "up" or "down" and how reality can exist at various quantum levels (different universes or realities) and how we can gradually transition from one to the other. The All is really an incredibly amazing design, isn't it?

A: (laughs) Yes that is what we have been trying to tell you!

Q: Well I am finally starting to get it. Perhaps you can explain how we can gradually go from one dimension to the other while we are still in our physical bodies. I understand the idea of entirely different vibrational realities. I illustrated that idea in my book "Beyond the Beginning," where John Frankel travels the universal vibrational pathways and finds himself in entirely different universes. Since each universe must have a unique spectrum of vibration, you need a quantum (discrete) jump to get from one to the other. But you are saying that the All is also analog, that you can gradually evolve toward another dimensional reality without making that quantum, all-at-once jump. The analogy would be equivalent to light as a corpuscle, as Newton described it, and which modern science calls a photon, and the continuous, wave aspect of light.

A:  We are not sure that you can grasp this idea quite yet, but we will try. Think of what happens when you turn off the lights in a brightly lit room at dusk. At first you see only blackness; then, as your eyes gradually adjust, you begin to pick out the furniture and the objects in the room. After several minutes you can see everything, although dimly. Then you notice a door to an adjoining room. You step through and now you are in a different universe. When you switch the lights on you see an entirely different environment. You have made the "quantum leap" into another universe, you just did it gradually, and not all at once.

Q: OK, you are right I am not quite ready for it yet, but I can sort of vaguely see what you are getting at.

A: All we will say is that the All is so exquisitely arranged that it is possible to have entire universes or realities or dimensions superimposed one upon the other, and all of them are completely accessible to anyone at any time. The only limits you have are the choices you make. Do you see?

Q: A little bit.

A: Well then, that's enough for now. You have absorbed a lot of information and you need to sit on it for a while. We will have more for you next week. And remember that ALL endings are happy endings!


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