July 2012

Vol 7, #7

The purpose of the Big Picture Newsletter is to celebrate the spiritual nature of human beings. We are dedicated to dissolving the myth of the randomness of life, and the biological nature of consciousness. We believe that every human being is an aspect of God, a powerful creator and orchestrator of his or her life experience.


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Anti-Social Behavior

(from the Interview With Spirit show)
6/ 6/ 2012


Killing and murder has been the bane of mankind for millennia. It is simply an accepted fact that fighting, killing, and murder is a part of the human consciousness, as if it were something entirely natural. But of course it is not! The act of violent killing, whether it be spur of the moment, from passion, or a cold blooded, planned murder, is not at all natural. However it IS a part of humanity’s belief systems. And so it APPEARS to be natural. One percent of the human race is anti-social, which means that  a certain percentage of you turn on yourselves and become either killers, or people who like to see others suffer to a greater or lesser degree.

The reason for the existence of murder in human society, and anti-social behavior is, again, the result of programming; it is a set of thought patterns in the belief system of the human race. These thought patterns of violence have been programmed, by you, and very strongly, into your own species consciousness. This vibration can then be accessed by every single human on the planet.

Anti-social behavior, psychopathic behavior, is programmed into the consciousness of humanity. The consciousness within the animal kingdom is also affected by the programming within the species consciousness of mankind, the dominant species on the planet, and so nature herself appears to follow the same pattern of killing and death. Human beings kill animals for food, and animals kill other animals for food, and it is all part of the game. After millennia, it becomes one of those “everybody knows” type of phenomena; it is so widespread that no one ever questions its validity. Well, that is what we do here on the IWS show; we bring up topics that are “under the radar,” and bring them out into the open.

The question of “how did this come about?” is not the subject of this message, because it either leads to the obvious explanation, which is “primitive man needed to kill in order to survive, and that mindset has continued through the millennia,” or it leads down the trail to conspiracy theories, which take away your power. The point is not WHY human beings have the idea that fighting and killing is necessary for survival, but that your evolution has reached the point where you can no longer afford this mindset. There are 7 billion you now. Technology and its side effects are creating pollution and toxic waste, and your recycling systems are not adequate to prevent the millions of tons of junk generated each year by your economies to adversely affect your environment. The visitors to your planet are exercising undue influence in the affairs of your governments, your economies, and are even influencing the direction of your evolutionary path. In short, you are at a critical crossroads, right now! This is the time when the people of earth must wake up, and understand that there is a big, wide universe out there that is influencing your development. You can no longer sit in front of your TV sets and ignore the problem of your own evolution! This is a denoument that occurs with every young race that evolves out of a narrow “we are alone in the universe” POV. It is, as we discussed last week, a natural evolutionary step from the dynamic of groups, into the broader awareness of planetary consciousness. The message this week is that this evolution into a new consciousness is something that can no longer be avoided. The human race must either take control of its own destiny, or that destiny will be decided, by default, by others with agendas for the planet earth and the human race. If you want an inkling of what this destiny is, when you watch TV pay close attention to the advertisements for movies and blockbuster TV shows. That’s all we will say about it.

In previous shows, we have been talking about the human race as the programmer of its own belief systems. This idea is critical for you to understand, if you are going to take control of your evolutionary destiny. Right now you are being presented with different scenarios for your evolution: among them, a merging of the human organism with mechanical or electronic devices. We tell you that this path will lead to your ruin.

All right, individuals, and the human race collectively, send out a vibrational signal based upon the resonance that comes from the thoughts and beliefs you hold dear. And those who come into your lives are an exact match to what you believe about yourselves. This occurs individually and collectively. The mechanics of this process, however, are outside the Body Reality; outside the purview of the 5 human senses and scientific instrumentation. And therefore, you do not realize the importance of your thoughts and beliefs, and how they program your reality. The purpose of our message today is again, to get you to understand that the reality around you, including “human nature” itself, and your evolutionary destiny, is within the purview of human consciousness. It is something that each and every individual on the planet should be thinking about, because it goes to the question, “Where do you want to go?”

 We have been asking you to ask this question of yourselves, in a more general and metaphysical nature, for a long time on this show. But now we are being more specific.  This question goes back to the question, “What is ‘human nature?’” , which is just the collected set of your beliefs about yourselves. In other words, it is information. All species, all planets, have the ability to program themselves independently of outside influences. There are no ETs or inter-dimensional beings that can influence you, unless your own programming allows it. Just as, in your individual lives, when you change your attitude and your beliefs about yourselves, your lives change. In other words, the only thing preventing a resurgence or a remembrance of your magnificence is your own opinions about yourselves. We tell you right now that connection with your “spiritual side” is not something that would be nice to do, it is a vital necessity. We tell you that all advanced races (none of whom you have met yet) have all made the decision to reject the Borg mentality, and to embrace their divinity. This leads to an evolutionary path that  has all the benefits of technology, but that also develops intuition and the psychic abilities. It leads to a civilization that you might call a “golden age.” The other path leads to an evolution that looks like those weird “gray” aliens, who cannot even reproduce themselves. At your level of consciousness you are meeting up with visitors who are on your current wavelength. These societies have largely embraced the Borg mindset, and the options being presented to you are almost all on this level of consciousness. You must be aware that there is a path far grander than this that awaits you, IF you make the correct decision to embrace your higher potential.

For example, do you think it is natural to speak in languages? We tell you that it is far more natural to communicate telepathically. Speech leads to misunderstandings, to guile and deceit, because your thoughts and intentions can be hidden. Think about that for a while!

Back to “human nature.” Human nature is simply a phrase that means, “what we think about ourselves.” It is self-defined and self-programmed. For millennia, human beings have defined “human nature” in a very restricted way; based upon three ideas: 1) that consciousness is biologically based, 2) that human beings are unworthy, looking up to more advanced gods or advanced races, and 3) the belief in scarcity. We have been calling these fundamental beliefs, memes; which are widely accepted assumptions and agreements about something. Memes Two and Three proceed directly from Meme One.  These ideas have been so widely agreed upon that they are simply not questioned.

What happens when a person makes a big life change? They look within themselves and discover something greater within themselves; something beyond the Body Reality; something more magnificent than that which can be perceived by the body alone: in other words, they discover to a smaller or greater degree, their spirituality. We said last week that humanity is going from the third zone or dynamic of reality into the fourth: planetary/species awareness. This awareness is a gradual process, but it is causing the old systems to break down. It is causing the fundamental political and economic unit, the nation-state, to be by-passed. We said last week that in order to unite as a species, the human race must go beyond the boundaries of nationalism, and that private groups have been coming together to speed this process along.

You have seen this manifested in the financial difficulties that have affected governments everywhere on the planet. These groups have their own agendas, and are part of the evolutionary process out of a parochial, isolated planetary POV that says we are alone. Various visitors to your planet are all a part of this process. One of the first signs at least on earth, of a broad awakening process will be the public admission of the extraterrestrial presence, or what is commonly called Disclosure. Right now it is still possible to sit in front of the TV and watch reality television, and not even think about these issues. But soon, the rising consciousness of humanity from the third level to the fourth level, will make everyone aware of the broader issues. The more of you who are aware of these issues, the better it will be when Disclosure occurs, for there will be a necessity for a strong backbone of guidance from those who have discovered their higher selves and who can guide the race. This guidance will not necessarily come rorm “authority figures” or the President, or persons who are popularly recognized to have authority. No, this guidance will come from people like you, who listen to the IWS show, and who will answer questions from their neighbors, their friends, and their families.  This is a natural development out of a closed system, where control is from the top, to an open system, which is more decentralized, with informed and enlightened individuals who stand on their two feet as sovereign beings.

The message this week is that the decisions that will guide the evolutionary development of humanity are being made right now. There are many paths from which to choose. For example, there are a group of people called the trans-humanists, who essentially want to merge mankind with electronics and machinery, to combine the best elements of technology and integrate them into the human consciousness. This movement can go in two directions: toward a culture that will turn the human race into a Borg-like civilization, or toward a more enlightened recognition that the inherent abilities of your biology can do everything that you hope technology can do. We have already mentioned the idea of telepathic communication. Do you need cell phones and the internet for that?

But then again, you DO want  a physical network that can transmit data, and video, in order to do business. So you see, there are ways to use technology and still maintain and develop your spirituality, and abilities you have that you do not even dream of. The mistake is to choose, at this very early stage, a very limited path of technology dependence. This is the path certain elements with agendas want you to take, for if you make this choice, your civilization and your planetary resources will be much easier to exploit.

Having said that, there are some who will tell you that you are about to emerge into a Greater Community of stellar cultures who are just like you, except with more advanced technology (the Allies of Humanity that Ken talked about in a previous show). Be aware that you have the power, if you keep your connection to Source, and do not abandon your spirituality, of moving past this bandwidth on the dimensional scale. It’s confusing, because some in the Ascension movement claim that the earth will simply be met by benevolent space brothers who will guide you to a rosy future. Others are more “realistic,” and say that you are about to emerge into hard-headed society of competitive cultures just as bloodthirsty as your own. But the truth is, that you will emerge into a galaxy that is a precise representation of your own consciousness. When you change your belief/information systems, you can accelerate along the dimensions to wherever you wish to go. This is indeed a very hard-headed, common-sense process, and is utterly dependent upon you, and what you decide to do collectively. Understand that what you see when you emerge out of your isolation will be an exact match to your collective resonance. Understand that this collective resonance is extremely powerful, and is like a force field, or an attraction field, that draws to you precisely what you believe about yourselves and what the universe should look like. IS this not exciting? To know that you hold the power of your own future? Exciting, but also a bit scary, is it not? But only scary if you are afraid!

This evolutionary discussion essentially comes down to the choice between two concepts: the open system concept, or the closed system concept. Ken wants to read a few paragraphs from his new novel, The Manchild, which describes this pretty well. There is a discussion in the book between three characters, who are debating what we have been talking about on the show for the past several weeks. {read from novel}

This book will be marketed as a science-fiction book, but actually these questions are becoming recognized more and more a valid. Ken says that by the time he finishes writing the book it will be obsolete, because events are progressing so fast. We encourage Ken to finish this book and publish it as soon as possible!

All of you are waking up to your greater potential. The rash of “comic book” movies like Iron Men, the Avengers, the Green Hornet, etc., are preparing you for this recognition. Your “junk DNA” is self-organizing, and if trends continue, the children who will be born in coming generations will have what you now call “superpowers,” although these powers will be a little different than those in your comic books. These abilities will be manifested in things like increased intuition, telepathy, and the ability to see and perceive beyond the five human senses, or what we have been calling the Body Reality. This is, again, a natural development; nothing supernatural. The human race, if it chooses the correct path of evolution, will eventually find its way to that golden age that some of you refer to as ascension, or the 5th or 6th dimension of reality. You are preparing for this ascension right now, but you must, collectively, make the decision to embrace your higher potential, and not to stifle it with technological trinkets.




(From the Interview With Spirit show, 6/13/2011)


OK, what’s the latest this week?


Well, let us lighten things up a bit and talk about relationships. Now Ken always thinks, “that’s OK, but while we’re talking about relationships, behind the scenes the economy is still messed up, and corruption continues unabated. A House subcommittee passed a provision stripping the FCC of the ability to provide online disclosure of political ad spending on TV stations, after the FCC, under public pressure, adopted the provisions this spring. Aren’t we just fiddling while Rome is burning?” And we say, “Ken, lighten up!” This exactly the sort of thinking that perpetuates what is not wanted. When we speak of relationships, we are not just talking about the interaction between men and women. That area of life is on the second level, as we mentioned last week. The first level is self, the individual, the second is family and sex. What we want to talk about this week is the interaction between people at all levels of life.

Let’s begin with  the first level, the self. We have said that this is the most important level, because you are all the center of your own universes. As individuals, you can literally move up and down interdimensionally. There are millions of different potential earths, each one in its own little dimension. Actually, the possibilities are infinite, and you get to choose which of these earths you live on.

Imagine the relationship between the areas or scopes of life as a series of concentric circles. In the center is self. The second circle is family and sex, the third, groups (including nations) the fourth is species or planetary awareness, the fifth we might say is the animal, plant, and insect kingdoms (i.e., all life on the planet other than human beings) the sixth is the big, wide physical universe itself, and the seventh is God consciousness. Now, the first is intimately connected to the seventh, because individuals are just the One consciousness manifesting through an individual physical body. This is called an incarnation. But how are individuals connected to some huge, expansive, universe-wide consciousness? This is important, because many of you who study metaphysics believe this, but often don't know quite how to explain it.

To explain this, we have to do a little geometry. Imagine a donut. A donut is a tube with a hole in it. You can make a donut by placing a circle standing on its edge, and moving it around in another circle, so that you make a tube with a hole in the middle. Now imagine that energy is flowing round the tube in both directions. Imagine that energy also flows up and down through the hole in the donut. To see an awesome picture of this, go to Google. Click on “Images” and then type in Sombrero Galaxy. Look at the 5th image from the left. Click on the image and expand it. Notice that in the center there is a little white hole. Energy is flowing into it and out of it, and all around it. The center, which represents the Self, is actually connected to the whole in a very beautiful and elegant fashion. The first level, the Self, is connected to the seventh level, God consciousness, in the most beautiful and natural way possible.  From the center, there is a beautiful Lightbody, which in turn is just an energetic, physical manifestation of an invisible, all-encompassing field of consciousness. But it all begins from the center. The center is the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the ending. The center is the consciousness of the human being, which is the physical incarnation of the One. When the human being changes his or her vibration, the surrounding areas of life also change accordingly. And since the consciousness of the human being is directly connected to the all-that-is, the universe itself responds.

So here is our idea of relationships, from the broader perspective: everything begins and ends with you. Not is a selfish way, of course! Look at the beautiful photograph of the Sombrero Galaxy and tell us that you could be selfish in the presence of such beauty. Now, imagine that each one of you has a field of energy just like the one in the image. Except that it is a hundred trillion times more beautiful. The image you are looking at is static, frozen in time. But each one of you is alive. Every time you make a decision, have a desire, think a thought, your lightbody changes. Imagine that your field of energy contains trillions of brilliant colors of every description; and that each of those trillions of colors has a beautiful, pure musical note associated with it. Now, imagine those beautiful notes in combination, making chords of incredible complexity, beauty and sophistication, which would make a symphony orchestra sound like a kid scratching a blackboard with his fingernails by comparison.

The planet earth also has one of these fields of energy.

Imagine that that incredible symphony changes every millisecond, and that you are the conductor. Imagine that when you change your mind, or have a desire, that your personal field of energy changes. You can see that every time you think a thought, you not only change what happens at the little white spot in the center, but that decision immediately moves outward to affect every area of your life.

All right, now we have just described one individual person! Now imagine 8 billion of these beautiful lightbodies on one small planet! And imagine that each one of these beautiful lightbodies is utterly unique, and beautiful in an incredible, indescribable way. Holy cow!!! Or Holy shit, people!!! As Ken would say.  If you can even get a glimmering of what we have been describing, you can understand a tiny bit how we see the planet earth, and humanity, and all life upon the planet. It is beautiful in an astonishing, awesome way. It is incredibly powerful. And it is the true relationship between self and the universe.

How is it possible for such magnificence to regard itself so shabbily? Look around at your societies and what the human race is doing to itself and the planet. Imagine a planet of beings who look like this vibrationally, but who believe that they are just little unworthy pieces of hamburger.

We ask in very large capital letters: HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?

We see it, on one level, as a virtual impossibility. Amidst an infinity of beauty, there has been created a lot of ugliness. But this again is the magnificence of consciousness.  Consciousness has created the physical universe to hide your magnificence from you, so that you can play an exciting physical game. This is what is meant by saying that the physical universe is an illusion. A very sophisticated one, however! And created by consciousness. But we want you to remember this vision of yourselves and your planet, and pass it on to others. This vision is who you truly are, not as the limited beings you see through your physical eyes.

All right, we were going to talk about relationships.

The most important relationship is that between you and you – the incarnated Self, and God consciousness. You can see, hopefully, by this example how everything fits together perfectly: the self is God, and God is the Self. In the center is the little white dot, from which all other areas of life come forth.

And so relationship, from the broader perspective, always means finding the God-self within each and every person you meet. Within each of you is the feeling of unity, of self-worth, of well-being, and knowledge of yourselves as magnificent beings. The trick in relationships is bringing that understanding out in another person. What’s the best way to do that? What is the best way to have a great relationship? Again, the answer comes back to the little white dot in the center of life: you. When you find that understanding in yourself, all of your relationships will fall into place. Even if you only understand this a little bit about yourself, even if you can only get a little better idea of yourself, to the  degree you do that is the degree to which your relationships will improve. And that’s because people react to you, the way you see yourself.

Isn’t that interesting? That your relationships with others come down to how you see yourself?  Well, when you imagine our little diagram of life in your mind, you can see how all of life comes back to you. Each of you creates your own little universe.

And that gets back to our continuing theme over the past couple of months: that the earth is about to go from level three (groups, nations) to level four (planetary consciousness). You might say that this increase in awareness will cause a dimensional shift from the third into the fourth dimension of reality.

Look at this dimensional shift, or increase in awareness, from our analogy of life as concentric circles. There are 8 billion magnificent individuals running around on earth, each of you surrounded by your own beautiful field of light. But these lightbodies have yet to connect with each other on a planet-wide basis. There are little cells of connection as you form families and groups, but for the most part, your planetary field of consciousness is fragmented; disconnected to a large degree. It’s like a large network with lots of bad nodes: you can connect with some nodes, but not with others. And when you do make your connections, very often they have to be routed in a roundabout fashion. Imagine what would happen if every one of the nodes were up and running, and each could connect with the other. Now imagine all of your magnificent spheres of light connecting on a planet-wide basis. Talk about a rush? Wow! It makes the high you get from drugs pitiful indeed.

This is why we are so excited about the potential for humanity. This is why we have been talking about sovereignty for the planet earth as it deals with cultures that are not from earth. Diversity within unity is the only way you can assert yourselves vibrationally; and when you do this, you will literally be able to vibrationally blow away anyone or any group that wants to make mischief with the earth and its biological resources. But again,  you have to assert your rights before you can be sovereign. You have to understand your true nature, and the relationship between yourselves as individuals and your spiritual potential. In this sense spirituality isn’t ethereal or woo-woo at all! It’s a cold hard fact, ladies and germs. If you don’t understand your divine nature, you can be lured down the wayward path of technological dependence. You will be like the native people on Manhattan, who sold the island to people with less awareness of self, but greater technology. The native peoples were under the impression that because the invaders had superior technology, they must be superior people. That is an incorrect equation! How do you tell whether someone is a good person or not?

Why, by determining how they look at themselves. Do they come in greed,  holding trinkets? Do they persuade and coerce? Or do they show compassion and respect for life? The latter are beings who have the heart connection and a connection to spirit, and are on the correct evolutionary path. The former, the greedy ones, have gotten themselves off the rails.

Right now the earth has, through the ignorance of the human race, gotten itself involved with visitors who are in the former category: those who are interested in using the people of earth and its biological resources for their own ends. And this entire process is being covered up, of course! That is the only way a hidden agenda can succeed: by keeping people in ignorance. As soon as the truth becomes public, the agenda of the mischief makers crumbles. And that is why you have black programs and secret, shadow governments, and rule by hierarchies. That is why you have reality TV and America’s Got Talent shows, and not an outline of how the human race is being undermined by foolish persons who believe that their contact with visitors to earth gives them an advantage, and who are using hidden knowledge to try to set up a New World Order.

But if you go back to the broader vision of humanity and the planet earth, you can see how powerful you really are! The awakening on earth is proceeding apace. Behind the scenes, the actors are realizing that their lines are being written by others, and are beginning to question the direction of the play. And the reason for that is the changing desires of a planetful of people who know that something is a little fishy, and are asking for positive change. Imagine what would happen if enough of you came together in awareness, on a planetary scale? It is happening right now. You are going from the third level into the fourth level. And in that process, interestingly enough – the process of recognizing yourselves as part of a united planet, individuals will also come into their power. This is just another example of the relationship between all areas of life. An improvement in one area benefits all other areas. They are not separate!

Now, go back to your Google image, and imagine yourselves with a field of beautiful, multi-colored light surrounding you. What colors does your personal field have? What might it look like? Imagine yourselves as immensely powerful beings who have sovereignty over their lives and their planet, and have the ability to direct the course of their future into a very happy and prosperous one. Is that not an exciting vision? Well, it happens to be the truth!

Until next time then; and remember that all endings are happy endings.





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