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The purpose of the Big Picture Newsletter is to celebrate the spiritual nature of human beings. We are dedicated to dissolving the myth of the randomness of life, and the biological nature of consciousness. We believe that every human being is an aspect of God, a powerful creator and orchestrator of his or her life experience.


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Since the dawn of time, human beings have wondered about dreams and what they mean. Dream interpreters have been around for centuries. Predictive systems like the I Ching, the Tarot, astrology and numerology have been developed in an attempt to divine the future and smooth our way in life. Bur dreams are special. If you have ever had a lucid dream you know how astonishingly REAL they can be!

 My lucid dreams are even more real to me than life. A couple of nights ago, for example, I dreamed that I was at a flight training center. But this was no ordinary flight training! People were being trained to levitate their bodies and fly through the air like Superman. I remember specifically that the colors in this dream were far more lush and vivid than the colors of earth. When I woke up I remembered every detail of this dream.

A few years ago I had another dream about the future of earth. I was standing on a Lake Michigan beachfront, and a voice was talking to me “from above,” describing earth changes and what would happen during the next 30 years. What impressed me the most was the freshness and the new-ness of everything, as if every atom and molecule had been scrubbed clean of even the thoughts pertaining to the lower emotions of hatred, conflict, disease and war. I received the certain impression that the earth was rapidly evolving; especially human thought, and that the ultimate result was a new beginning on a fresh new set of memes more aligned with universal laws and Source energy.

I have also had more sinister dreams. One I recall in particular about 10 years ago involved the declaration of martial law in America. Everyone who was considered dangerous to the government was rounded up and placed in detention camps. My wife was in a camp in Nebraska and I had to try, somehow, to get her back. As I entered my local the train station, a SWAT team burst into the building and began to shove people aside… Well, that one was so scary that I had to re-dream it. It took me over an hour, but I went back over every second of that dream sequence and turned everything negative to something positive. I just knew I had to do it, not only for my own peace of mind, but for the benefit of mankind. I had the very strong impression that what I had just dreamed was a very distinct possibility, and that my re-dreaming the sequence would clear a vibrational path to a new outcome. Now, in 2009, I feel that this scenario is no longer possible. We have evolved past it.

We all have a vibrational potential surrounding us, composed of the content and the direction of our thoughts, our feelings, and our intentions.

Astrology, Tarot, numerology and other predictive systems try to measure this potential. Scientists laugh, of course, because the potential is not physically measurable. It exists in the ethers, within the thought-substance that is the basic quanta for all Form in our universe. But that potential is real; it exists, and the universe responds to it. (There is really no separation between “physical” and ”spiritual,” in my opinion. That which we consider physical is a vibrational alignment of our physical senses. That which is spiritual is simply beyond the reach of our physical perception.

The vibrational universe concept tells us that we hear the radio program we are listening to because we are tuned in. There are lots of other radio programs out there, but these are invisible unless we are able to tune our dial to them.

Individuals have such a vibrational envelope or potential, but so does the human race, the planet earth, and the universe itself. Physicist Nassim Haramein has shown that galaxies and other stellar objects have an invisible halo surrounding them. He describes this halo as a double torus, one on top and the other on the bottom, which rotate in opposite directions. Haramein has also discovered a straight-line relationship between the resonant frequency (vibration) of everything in the universe, and it’s size. This tells us that the universe has an underlying unity and wholeness.

We also know that 96% of the mass density of our universe is composed of dark matter and dark energy. No one understands what this stuff is, only that it exists.

Again, this data tell us that what we can see with pour physical senses and our scientific instruments are a tiny fraction of the universal Whole. And that is exactly right; it’s how the universe is designed. This vibrational system enables us to experience a narrow and intense physical existence, which is just one very small aspect of a much larger and grander universal and spiritual Whole.

When you dream, your awareness detaches from the physical body and you enter this vibrational potential. Carl Jung called it the collective unconscious, but I like to think of it as the collective consciousness, for it consists of all of the thoughts and the experiences and the impressions of humankind, recorded within the holographic planetary envelope, which is in turn connected to source energy, and the universe as a whole.

Physicist David Bohm called this invisible potential the Implicate Order, an as-yet undetectable wholeness from which the fragmented structures of our physical world materialize.
In other words, the human race lives within a living bubble of thought! We are constantly accessing the thoughts of others, and, if they are vibrationally compatible, the thoughts of everyone in the universe! Here is the source of inspiration, of those aha! moments where you suddenly understand something. If you are asked to explain HOW you reached this understanding, you cannot.

The process is instantaneous, happening at the speed of thought.

When you look at life this way, you can understand the importance of dreams, and why, throughout human history, even VIP’s have had spiritual advisors.
Why do some people dream lucidly, and others mundanely? I used to think it had to do with your degree of spiritual awareness, but my wife Jenny is very aware of herself spiritually, but never dreams anything except what she calls the “John and Mary of life.”

I think that what you dream has a lot to do with your vibrational potential. The universal laws of Vibration and Attraction connect you up with the Implicate Order, the unseen planetary and universal spheres of vibration and subtle energy. I have always been one who wants answers to the deep questions of life, and so I dream on a much deeper level than Jenny, who is only interested in helping other people live happier lives. She has always said, “but what can I DO with it?”  Jenny is a very cheerful person who lives pretty much in the moment, and only concerns herself with cheerful and happy things!

Jenny does tarot readings – not from any belief in tarot symbolism, for she was brought up in a non-religious family – but because she has found out how accurate the readings are. It’s as if the cards vibrationally align with the potential of the person getting the reading. I think dreams also operate this way. Mostly I don’t dream anything, but when my thoughts have really been aligned on something I will get one of those lucid dreams. Then, that will take me off into what I call ‘dream fragments,’  unrelated dream sequences which seemingly – from their content – have no relation to the main dream sequence.

Do you also experience dream fragments?

My opinion is that my dream fragments are vibrationally connected somehow. Despite the assertions of cosmology that life sort of happened by accident after the Big Bang, and that the laws of matter and energy just somehow randomly evolved over time into a coherent whole, the universe is well-ordered. Nothing happens by accident, not even dreams!  Many dream analysts advise you to keep a dream journal.  If you also kept a daily life journal of your thoughts and experiences, I’m willing to bet that you’d find a connection. Especially if you have been heavily involved with a certain subject, you might find yourself dreaming about it.

Analyzing your dreams (and your dream fragments, if you have them) might also give you an idea about the current state of your vibrational potential.

Many people have misinterpreted dreams as somehow being able to foretell the future, and some have even said that your dreams inevitably foretell what will happen to you. But of course, in a vibrational universe, you always have control of your potential. If you want to change your life (and your dreams) change your focus! This is often easier said than done, but the alternative is just more of the same.

We are all connected.

This connection happens on a physical, relationship level, and also on the level of thoughts and dreams. Your dreams reflect the universe’s response to your personal potential. In dreams, you can reach into the subtle thought substance that composes the universe, and connect to streams of vibrational potential.

Sometimes, you can even reach those who have “passed on,” for life never dies. Have you ever had dreams where you were in the presence of people you knew very well, but couldn’t attach names to? These are your old friends who have not incarnated with you during your present earthian life-track. But you will remember them very well when you meet them again after your “death!” I remember a particular dream sequence that occurred 15 years ago, as I was half-awake one Sunday morning. Six of my “old friends,”(I still don’t remember who they are) said hi and sent a lot of encouragement. Just as I came fully awake they said “It’s going to be all right,” with such love and assurance that I am still comforted.

That which is YOU continues after the death of the body, obviously. Dreams are your personal spiritual connection to the much vaster and magnificent realm of this grand and exciting universe we all live in.



(From the Interview With Spirit Show)

How do you get inspired? That is what Ken wants to know. What is inspiration anyway?

Well, true inspiration comes from an understanding that the universe is a glorious place, an infinite playground created for your enjoyment and pleasure.

It is something that we revel in, in every single moment. It is the source of joy, of wonder, of eagerness and excitement, and of that feeling of creativity which is like an overflowing of love and play and fun, to the whole world! When you create. dear ones, is this not how you feel? You feel an expansiveness, which is just a greater awareness of the fullness of yourself and your magnificence! Oh, these words are so limited, we can barely scratch the surface of what we mean and how we feel.

Dear Ones, the most certain fact in all the universe is that you are a non-physical creator being, and that you exist in love and joy, and that your entire reason for being is to create new things and revel in what has already been created; to expand, to feel better and better, and to communicate the joy and the freshness you feel to others, and revel in the expanded consciousness and good feeling that this brings about. THIS is the real purpose of life!
We said freshness, because that is essentially what creating is all about. Ken remembers a time when he stood  on the Lake Michigan beach  and a cool breeze filled with the fragrant scents of spring caressed his body. In that moment, he felt so new, so alive, so eager for life and so overjoyed at who he was and where he was, in this moment, that he couldn’t believe it.  That feeling is where the creative impulse comes from.

Actually, that feeling of newness, of excitement, of eager anticipation, combined with a feeling that everything in the universe is RIGHT, is the essence of consciousness itself. It is the essence of self-awareness, dear ones, for self awareness is like the closing of a perfect circle. The circle is complete within itself – and that generates the feeling of perfection, of serenity and bliss – and it knows that because it is complete, it desires to share that wonderful emotion with the rest of creation. And when that happens, a being has created something that it can observe.

Dear Ones, every thought, every decision, stems from an impulse to create. That impulse actually brings into existence a quanta of energy, as we have talked about before, that can be observed by the creator of the  thought. And when a being recognizes this, a universe is born. Everything you see about you was created from these thought impulses, which are interpreted by your physical vessels as solid reality. There are many, many universes within the All, many ways of perceiving and experiencing. And all of them stem from the impulse to create, which is so inherent to consciousness that it might be called a property, or a method, in computer programming language. Ken has been studying programming, and the creation of a computer program is very much like the creation of a book, or a play, or a piece of music, or a sculpture, or a planet or a star. All things that are perceivable mirror this basic process of creation. So how does this relate to inspiration?

Inspiration comes from the recognition of your inherent nature as consciousness interacting with the material world. That recognition brings with it a fresh breeze, a quintessential remembrance of who you are, and your relationship to the All-That-Is. It also links you with a stream of information, for information is first encoded in thought before it manifests as “facts” in the physical world.

Inspiration is therefore a combination of what you might call “left- and right-brain,” emotion and intellect, fact and feeling.

The good news is that you cannot NOT be at least a little bit inspired. The animating principle of life and the universe itself is a non-physical consciousness. Even those who are depressed can create magnificently; the paintings of Van Gogh, for example, are popular because they so clearly express the artist’s emotions, how he felt in the moment. These paintings express LIFE and it’s conclusions and experiences. Feelings and emotions are LIFE! And life is consciousness. Inherent to consciousness is the feeling of inspiration, for consciousness is inspired by what it is! What is consciousness? A feeling of joy, a feeling of inspiration, and  knowledge, to a greater or lesser degree,  of what has been created and experienced, and it’s decisions about those experiences.

So you see, dear ones, life itself is inherently inspirational! It cannot BE anything else! And thus do we knock aside all of your philosophies that express differently about human nature, or the nature of life. All philosophies are valid, simply because they exist. But ask yourself, does adhering to this or that code make you feel better, or worse?  Many of you struggle so valiantly to find Truth in data, hoping that once you have learned the Secret Code or the Universal Key, you will be transformed into an enlightened state. Many of you look to astrology, or numerology, or tarot, for the answers, and some of you look to science or religion. All of these subjects have the purpose of answering the question Who Am I?

We are here to tell you that you are already enlightened, dear ones.  Enlightenment is first and foremost a FEELING. This feeling is the carrier wave upon which data and information flow from the universe to you, and from you to the world at large. Creation itself, as we said before, begins with a feeling, an inspired impulse, and it then fleshes itself out and becomes a more coherent aggregation of data points. Have you ever noticed that when you create something, that it seems to take on a life of its own? That is because everything in creation IS life! Everything you see is alive in some way, even the sand and the rocks beneath your feet, and the plastic chair you sit in. The entire universe is alive, is composed of that same thought substance that comes directly from the creative impulses of consciousness.

So inspiration is not something you DO, it is something you BE. Inspiration is you!

It is fascinating that on earth, so many of you have the concluded just the opposite. Remember we said that consciousness, although complete-in-itself, has the ability to make decisions or conclusions about what it has experienced. It is these conclusions that get you into trouble. Not life itself! 
Now Ken is getting bored. Ken says that this message felt very inspirational when he typed it onto the page, but now that he reads it over, it is just a rehash of things he has read before. This is a perfect example of what we are talking about! Ken has made a conclusion that has lowered his “inspiration coefficient!”  We have told the story before of Thomas Edison, who tested thousands of different materials for the filament in his light bulb. What enabled Edison to keep going, despite his constant failure? Inspiration! The creative impulse. Edison simply did not conclude that his tests were failures, and so did not crush his creative process before it matured.

This week, dear ones, we want you to find something inspiring about yourself. That search may lead you to an art museum, or a concert, or a racetrack. The search for inspiration is really a search for self, and it will always lead you to the  most satisfying life path.



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