January 2013

Vol 8, #1

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A New Beginning

(from the Interview With Spirit show)
1/ 2/ 2013

Welcome to the new year! It’s now 2013, and we made it past the marker of December 21, 2012. According to people who study the Mayan calendar, the end of the last 5,125 year Long count was just that -- the end of a calendar cycle. Kind of like taking the old calendar off your refrigerator and putting up a new one.

However, there was a great deal of significance assigned to the end of the Long Count, and that’s what made it important. In other words, we, the human race, are the creators of our reality, and what happens to us (or doesn’t happen) is, to a large part, controlled by our belief systems in concert with the underlying well-being of the universe. It takes a lot of negative belief to over come the natural well-being baseline of the universe. What we haven’t learned yet, as we approach fourth-level consciousness, is that we have our hands on the controls. Forget about mysterious energy sources that the galaxy is passing through, or the lining up of planetary or stellar bodies.

Certainly, the position of astronomical bodies on the physical conditions on earth has some significance. This was proven by an IBM researcher a few decades ago, as he noticed a distinct change in the strength of signals during planetary alignments. But these effects are merely background effects. The main impulse pushing human activity and human evolution are our own belief systems.

Because we made it past the marker of December 21 2012, we no longer have to deal with the foolishness of those who create doomsday scenarios. This has resulted in a lifting of psychic pressure on the mental plane. Can you feel it? I noticed it especially on December 26th and December 27th.  So we made it past the silly “end of the world” predictions and we are now entering a new phase. This new phase is going to define our collective existence for the next several thousand years.

One of the big negative chips had been removed from the board, and we are now free to make our own decisions about our future. No longer will we have to put up with the 2012 vibrational package that placed a lot of negative beliefs and vibes into the mental plane (the virtual realm. I am using virtual realm and mental plane synonymously). It is like LaTeX, a programmable document preparation system for formatting books and scientific documents. It works by including typesetting “packages” that format the text in certain ways. You can include packages or delete them, and depending on what you add and take out, your document will look different.

So we have removed the “2012” package from our evolutionary program. It was causing a lot of blockages (as well as a lot of conscious intent toward higher consciousness),  but now we have eliminated the blockages. Kind of like removing a little pebble that has gotten into the hose and is causing the water to flow out too slowly. When the pebble is removed, the flow of water is stronger and smoother.

All right, so we have removed a blockage, and the path before us is clear. But, and this is really important, where are we going?
Let’s get real and understand that the galaxy around us is filled with intelligent life. We’re now past the adolescent belief that we are alone in the universe, and more and more of us are realizing that we are not meat bodies, and that when we die we are not dead. The rejection of the biological basis for consciousness is the single most important advancement in understanding for our successful creation of a positive future. The biological basis for consciousness is the  Big Lie on planet earth, and it is the linchpin of all negative beliefs.

Once the human race collectively decides to reject this belief, or, more properly, embrace the idea of our higher potential and understand that consciousness, the essence of who we are, is divine and eternal, we will have made the quantum leap in consciousness necessary to take us past any unwanted dimensional realities. We are not there yet, folks! 

Surrounding and penetrating the earth is a sophisticated, holographic and invisible (to the five human sense) programmable information system that exists in what might be called the mental plane, or the virtual realm that is superposed on our physical reality. We are programming this virtual reality, and selecting from among an almost infinite set of possibilities, vibrational “packages” that then influence our intent and our actions.

If you have ever used the LaTeX typesetting program, you can see how different the document looks when you add or subtract packages from it. You add functionality that makes the book or article look a lot better, or you can decide, either through ignorance or choice, not to use these packages and your manuscript will look a lot worse. Interestingly, the LATeX program does have a baseline: it formats beautiful documents no matter what packages you use. In other words, there is a certain amount of well-being built right in to the entire system, just as there is well-being built into the structure of the universe itself. The process of evolution is just US deciding how much well-being we want.

And so the Big Lie about consciousness has been holding us back.  We have been engaged in the process of self-limitation for the past several thousand years, and now we are right in the middle of the window of opportunity that will change all that. But there are still very important choices we have to make, and these involve  the approach of fourth-level consciousness, which will inevitably lead to an expansion of our awareness as a species, and the understanding that we live in a galactic neighborhood filled with intelligent life. The question is, what does that life look like? What is the nature of the civilizations that surround us? And the answer to that is twofold.

In my research about what’s going on behind the scenes, you understand that on earth we have  two separate civilizations: one is very small and hidden, with exotic technology, which at the same time has created an enormous, $200 trillion fossil fuel empire, and the second is the enormous, public, planetary society we all live in.
There are essentially two proponents of what life is like outside the earth: one is the reality outlined by the wonderful Dr. Steven Greer, founder of CSETI and the Disclosure Project, and the other is a reality outlined very powerfully by the Allies of Humanity messages. Interestingly, both of these frameworks have points of congruence. This is what I will be talking about for the rest of the message this week.

First let’s review what Dr. Greer has to say. I chose Dr. Greer because he isn’t a channeler: he is a ballsy dude who has personally spoken with heads of state, presidents, CIA directors, high-ranking military officers, and people from the black programs. In my estimation he is the single most knowledgeable and trustworthy source of information about the black programs and the entire ET question. 
BTW, the ET question is something we can no longer ignore. Now that we have made it past the myopia of 2012, our next step is to confront the issue of our own evolutionary future. Dr. Greer’s POV is that the galaxy is filled with highly advanced spiritual races and civilizations with advanced technology. Dr. Greer asserts that the grays, and other hostile ETs, are actually a creation of this hidden, black. civilization that has been shooting down ET craft and reverse-engineering their technology since the 1940s. He asserts that hostile aliens are actually PLFs, or programmed life forms, designed to make us think that ETs are hostile and that we should fight them, thus pinning ourselves into a denser vibration; a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy. Dr. Greer’s work with CSETI has created groups all over the planet that uses meditation to actually contact these spiritually advanced civilizations, and let them know that the majority of people on earth aren’t psycho barbarians who want to kill and fight.

Dr. Greer makes the unassailable point that in order to use this highly advanced technology, you also have to be at the proper level of consciousness. This is precisely what the guys have been saying on the show: as you ascend the dimensional spectrum of reality, you encounter more and more well being, and more and more higher knowledge. Dr. Greer makes the point that if these ET races are so hostile, we would have been conquered and taken over a long time ago, for their technology is so advanced we wouldn’t stand a chance. However, there is one small anomaly in this scenario: we do have exotic technology in the black programs, and these programs are run by psychos and wackos who use it to create a control paradigm.

Dr. Greer does have a good answer to the question of, if there really was a hidden civilization on earth with black technology. why wouldn’t we have used UFOs and advanced weaponry in Iraq  and Afghanistan, or Vietnam, or in any of the other regional conflicts that have been part of our history for 70 years since the end of WW II? The answer is, of course, that the use of these exotic spacecraft and weaponry would result in Disclosure, and would spell the end of this $200 trillion fossil fuel (oil, gas, coal, chemical) empire. So the use of this technology must remain hidden or the whole fossil fuel paradigm blows up. That’s a good answer, but the question remains: if there is a hidden group of wackos who are reverse-engineering ET technology, these people certainly aren’t at a high level of consciousness at all. And this leads to the vexed question: are there degraded ET races out there who have advanced technology, but who are still in the consciousness of control and domination?

And that leads us to the very powerful messages of Marshal vian Summers and his Allies of Humanity messages. Summers asserts that the human race will be expanding or entering into what he calls the Greater Community. This is the local group of civilizations that surround the earth. Summers says that these races are all organized around the Borg concept, or the service-to-self idea that we have talked a lot about on this show. Apparently, their planets are much more barren than the earth, and these civilizations are resource-starved. Whereas the earth, in stark contrast, is abundant in physical but especially in biological resources. Our beautiful planet is unique in the galaxy.

On no other planet is there such variety in ecosystems and in biological diversity. But like very stupid people, we have no understanding of who we are or what we have. Apparently, other civilizations covet what we have. The rule in the Greater community is, according to Summers, that if a species proves itself to be a bad steward of their planet, interference is warranted in order to prevent the waste and destruction of valuable resources. According to Summers, this is the position the earth is in right now.

And so the civilizations in the Greater Community have banded together into a collective trading empire that seeks to accumulate resources for their own resource-starved worlds. Apparently, within the Greater Community, war is outlawed. However, persuasion and even coercion is allowed. My take is that the hidden civilization on our planet has accepted baubles of technology from these rather degraded races and are using this technology to establish a control paradigm on earth. Countering this is the incredible latent potential of the human race.

As long as we hold on to our spirituality, to our compassion, to our heart-centered feelings, we will be OK. To the degree that we go down the “droid” road, the road of polluting our biology with electronics, or the acceptance of a phony “collective security” consciousness, we will be subsumed by the Greater Community and we will lose control of our planet. We have seen a little of what the Greater Community looks like in the Star Wars movies. Those movies, IMHO, were warning signs to humanity.

The viewpoint of Dr. Greer is perfectly understandable: the other races out there in the galaxy are advanced spiritually and also technologically, and that is where we are headed. The hostile ETs are just PLFs and are simply a way for a private network of people to keep their financial and material empire going, and of  keeping humanity locked into a belief system that will inevitably lead to our downfall.
Both POVs express the idea that spiritually advanced civilizations want nothing to do with a hostile civilization like earth, that shoots down visiting craft. Spiritually advanced civilizations understand that we are going through the transition from adolescence to adulthood, and that only humanity can decide what our future is going to be. That decisions must be made without interference. The degraded civilizations, however, have no such scruples. With their service-to-self, collective security consciousness, they see no reason not to interfere with a developing species that doesn’t seem to be able to get its shit together.

Disclosure is the next step in consciousness for humanity. The question is, will the disclosure of the “ET Question” be too late ? Will we have already embraced the phony fourth-level consciousness of service-to-self and collective security?

I am going to quote from a very timely blurb from the Allies of Humanity message. it is called: “The Danger of Trinkets from Space:”
“Freedom and self-sufficiency are intertwined. If you are not self-sufficient, you will not be free. Even if you were able to gain from others access to those resources to which you have become accustomed and upon which you have built the infrastructure of your new society, you would lose your freedom. You would lose any leverage you have over how you will engage with others and what the terms of that engagement will be.

“This represents an essential understanding that you must have in approaching the Greater Community. Do not accept trinkets from space, for you will undermine your freedom in the process. Nothing really important will be given to humanity in this regard by those who are intervening in your world. They are seeking to create dependency and addiction. This gives them power and leverage, even in their small numbers, over a much larger human family that is unsuspecting and that can be easily persuaded.

“To introduce new sources of power into your world would make you dependent upon those who are here to take advantage of the world for their own purposes. Humanity has not gained the unity yet to use its technology for entirely beneficial purposes. You do not need more powerful weapons now. You do not need more destructive weapons. The use of weapons in space is so very limited. That is not how you will gain advantage or protection in the Greater Community. Learning this represents a more mature phase of humanity’s evolution. Here it will be persuasion and perception, freedom and a deeper Knowledge that will assure your well being, not the use of force.”

Indeed. These words echo what we’ve been saying on the show for the past several months. The most precious asset we have is our biology, and our latent potential for spiritual growth. If we abandon these, we lose, it is as simple as that. And now is the time to focus on these issues, now that we have passed the 2012 marker.  Our road is wide open now to look at these issues, and to investigate the hidden, black private network that has imposed a $200 trillion fossil-fuel network while at the same time misusing exotic technology and dribbling it into the public sector to advance their own agenda. Ladies and gentlemen., we have to wake up and reject the Big Lie about the origin of consciousness. 

We must begin to think about where we are going as a planet. We must abandon the “follow-the-leader” paradigm and the "service-to-self" paradigm, and begin to think for ourselves. The road to true fourth level consciousness is a service-to-others paradigm that, interestingly enough, leads to true individual freedom and connection to the well being of the universe. All advanced civilizations have successfully made this leap into higher dimensions of reality. We are sitting at the crossroads RIGHT NOW. Are we bright enough to embrace our higher potential, or will we fall for baubles of technology and bling, like the native Americans did when they lost the island of Manhattan to a couple of white guys? The analogy is perfect, the game is just a little larger in scope.

We don’t have time anymore for deadheads and skeptics who insist that the Body reality is all there is, and that the ET question is for kooks. Those people are hopeless, and the best thing we can do is just ignore them. We will eventually take them along, kicking and screaming, until they finally get it. And they will get it, when humanity embraces true fourth-level consciousness.

So there you have it: the scenario for the human race in the near future. It seems that both Dr. Greer and Marshall vian Summers are correct: there are spiritually advanced races “out there”  that have successfully made the leap to higher consciousness and a more enlightened way of being. And, very possibly, there are also degraded  civilizations out there that have gone the way of a truncated evolutionary future, and who have not embraced higher consciousness. We are emerging into just such an environment.

The choice we have is whether to accept a low-level, deprecated existence at the level of the Greater Community, or whether to embrace our higher potential and advance to a more enlightened state of being, and experience a more enlightened and creative reality. January of 2013 marks the first step on whatever path we choose. There are no more obstacles to discovering ourselves and our higher potential.

Join with me and the rest of our beautiful human race, and choose the highest possible future. Let’s regain control of our planet from this private network of nutsoids. We can do this by meditating and visualizing the highest possible future in every choice we make. We are 7 billion to a few thousand. The road to a higher future is the way of biology, not technology. technology is simply an adjunct, something we will discover as we advance spiritually. The higher realities contain higher knowledge.

My personal feeling is that Dr. Greer is right, but the messages of the Allies of Humanity explain the presence of a cancerous private network on our planet that seems to want us to go in the wrong direction. Make up your own mind, but remember that we choose our own future, and that we can rise above any potential realities that seem to be an inevitable fact. That is the power of consciousness, and of the human race. Let us embrace that power.

Happy New Year!




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  1. ET Disclosure with Dr. Steven Greer
    Founder of the Disclosure Project, Dr. Steven Greer shared secretive information about the ET presence, that he said has come to him from corroborated sources. One of his associates, who worked with Neil Armstrong at Purdue, said that Armstrong told him once they stepped out of the lunar module on the moon, they were literally surrounded by ET vehicles. Further, Armstrong was approached to be part of the Disclosure Project in 1997, but declined over threats that his family would be killed, said Greer, who commented that fear and intimidation have kept many witnesses from coming forward.

  2. The Allies of Humanity Book 3--
    The Allies of Humanity Briefings are a genuine communication from a group claiming to represent the "free races" in our local region of space. The Allies distinguish themselves from those races who are intervening in the world today. They warn us against the presence of this Intervention, insisting that no foreign race should be visiting our world, either now or in the future, until humanity has gained the strength, unity and maturity necessary to engage successfully with a Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe



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