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The 5,000 Year Meeting

(From the Interview With Spirit show, 1/12/2011)

I have to say that if there is anything to this 2012 thing, it can’t come fast enough for me. I am so tired of the current political and economic situation, in which a group of adolescents have gone to the top of the pyramid and make all of the decisions for everyone else. The system is completely broken, and in the United States we have almost no recognition of the real causes. Democrats think Republicans are the problem, and vice-versa. It is so juvenile and stupid. Meanwhile, the dollar continues to plunge, prices are going up and up, and there is no end in sight. What gives?

Well dear one, you are immersed in the physical and do not see the real action behind the scenes. We have been talking about this for quite a while now! We weren’t kidding when we told you that the old memes are coming up for inspection. By that we mean that real actions and activities based on those old memes are being enacted. You didn’t think this was theoretical, did you? (laughter -- we can see that you DID think that!).  As the background vibration continues to increase in velocity and frequency, you are going to see more and more of the old memes dramatized, until enough of you choose differently.

This is the only way the situation can resolve at your level of density and polarity!

This is why we call you spiritual warriors. You are all going through a rough patch --those of you who are sensitive to energy -- and especially those who call themselves lightworkers. None of you is immune to the process, however, because you are all in the Game of Earth together.

In the United States, there is a tremendous amount of polarity. That is because the energy is flowing fastest there. In the East there are more people but the vibration is smoother. The Eastern energy is like a huge ocean swell that manifests itself first as a small wave and then builds up.

Underneath that wave is tremendous power, however. In the West the population is lower, but the vibration is much more frenzied. The Western vibration is more like a fire, but it is not as deep. In the West there is greater polarity than in the East.

The United States is at the western edge of the planet, and so you see more polarity, squabbling, and what you call adolescent behavior. Right now the balance of power is shifting to the East, because the culture there is more patient and is willing to wait for the vibrational dénouement, or tipping point, in consciousness. In the West you are much more impatient for it all to resolve instantly. The fire is heating the water, so to speak, and this is the way to a smoother transition into the new energy. The East will lead the way, much more patiently than the West.

Right now, events are being dictated from the East. What you see on your TV screens is a mere shadow of a much more tumultuous interaction between those who support the old ways, and those who are tentatively reaching out to the new ways of more harmony and cooperation. This interaction is occurring on a planetary scale.

In a vibrational universe, the more established vibration -- even if it is of a lower frequency -- is more powerful, because it has broader agreement. But the higher frequency will sublimate the lower frequency, because the higher frequency has more power than the lower one. The higher frequency has broader awareness, and can see where the lower cannot. Right now you are in the middle of an intense interaction between those who are acting out the old memes and those who are embracing the new. The good news is that the higher vibration needs much less agreement in order to sublimate the more established one.

Think of group of people who have a problem. The resolution of the problem seems impossible; every idea that is brought forth at the meeting is debated and examined, but every solution is inadequate. Suddenly, one of the group members has a brilliant idea. Viola! All of the group members immediately see the worth of this new idea and a number of possible solutions are now evident.
What happened? The old vibration generated solutions at the same vibrational level as the problem. And so nothing really changed vibrationally, because the proposed solutions were not enough different from the current reality.

But when a solution is proposed that is on a higher frequency, it is instantly recognized as a higher vibration, and instantly embraced. In other words, one idea at a higher vibration sublimates hundreds of ideas at the old, established vibration.

The human race is right now like the group that is debating solutions at the old vibration. Some of them sound plausible, but nothing is really generating that bling, as Ken says. But as the human population continues to increase, and as more and more of you ask for a future that is more congruent with the higher vibrations of well-being, you are generating a vibrational wave that is even now slowly sublimating the old memes. When the tipping point is reached, it will be like the new, brilliant idea submitted at the meeting: it will find almost instant acceptance.

This is what we mean by a “tipping point” in consciousness. When the new vibration becomes strong enough it will be immediately embraced by all of you, even those who are stuck in the old ways. That is because each of you is a divine, immortal spirit, and understands your spiritual heritage and your self-worth at the deepest level. This is where you are headed, dear ones!

If you ask us what is the “deadline date” at which this phenomenon will occur, we cannot tell you.

That is because you all have free will to determine your future. You are writing the script for the continuing stage play called “Planet Earth.” When enough of you recognize that you are not victims, but are dynamically creating the vibrational parameters within which you must operate, and within which the actors who are (as Ken says) at the top of the pyramid must read their lines, you will be that much closer to the tipping point.

Ken feels that these messages are promising too much! He feels like we should tone down what we say. But We tell Ken that the vibrational milieu on earth is becoming more and more accepting of the truth of spirit, and of Source. We could not even say these things to Ken unless the potentials were there for their acceptance. And so it is: the human race IS on an exciting evolutionary journey. It is a real journey, it is not just in your imagination.

In the past we have compared world events to the process that occurs in cell division. First there is a polarity, as the cell forms chromosomes that split into identical pairs. The two chromatids separate and eventually form two identical cells that are the same as the parent cell. But the difference is that the ongoing polarity is offering you many different choices: will you form two cells at the same vibration, or two cells at a higher vibration?

The process is dynamic and malleable! Everything evolves; the question is, do you want to stay at the same level, or move into a level of more well-being? In the past the vibration never changed much. The division of cells, and the solutions to the Big Picture problems, always operated at the same vibration: when there was a revolution, the new ones threw out the old ones, using the same tactics that the old ones used to make themselves so disagreeable. In other words, the new order was always at the same vibration as the old, so things never changed much from the “rise and fall” pattern of history.

But now the potentials have expanded to encompass the possibility of being and action at a higher level.

You could say that the human race has been in a 5,000 year meeting. It is now possible for that brilliant new idea to surface and become accepted. That brilliant idea is not yet quite at the vibrational level of power where it can be broadly accepted. However, you are moving rapidly in that direction. As Ken says, “it is always darkest just before the dawn.” Just before the breakthrough you might experience despair or hopelessness: but this is just the result of one final “push” by the old memes to assert themselves.

Dear Ones, this entire process is in your hands. You are not the victims of evil bankers and politicians, or even evil ET’s or interdimensional beings. If any of that has manifested on planet earth in the past, it is only because you have vibrationally created the potentials for it.

Be prepared for great change, for it is coming! Do not listen to voices of those who proclaim that the sky is falling! These are the voices of the old paradigm. Create your lives at the highest possible level, and understand that the more you do this, the more you establish a powerful, positive vibration within yourself. Remember, the old vibration is powerful only because it has had such broad agreement from individuals. In your own personal lives, your old belief systems may tell you that change such as you have envisioned is impossible. But of course this is not true!

The more you create your lives at the highest vibration, the stronger you make that vibration. And the sooner  it will have enough power to sublimate those old, seemingly insurmountable and powerful limiting beliefs.

Remember that you are not the victim of your own beliefs. Beliefs, as we talked about in previous messages, are just information that you have programmed into your consciousness. You are not the victim of your information systems.

We talked about that quite extensively in earlier messages. Your beliefs are just the personal programming that you have created. The way to transcend these old information systems is to reach for well-being. This feeling of well-being is so powerful that it creates a vibration that can literally subsume your old belief systems, and make it much easier for you to “reprogram” yourself.

You are all creating the vibrational milieu in which this can happen as Ken reads out the words of this message. You are in the middle of an amazing evolution toward a much more exciting state of being and doing. 

If you thought the planet earth was exciting now, under the old memes, you can have no idea how much more incredible your lives will be when you finally align with Source. You will discover an entire galaxy awaiting you, and the potentials and scope of all of your lives will increase exponentially!
We will leave you with that exciting thought. And, as always, remember that all endings are happy endings.


Blowing Your Socks Off

(From the Interview With Spirit show, 1/19/2011)

Well guys here we are again! The show must go on, as they say, and we need an inspiring message that will instantly transform the energies of our listeners and make them masterly, enlightened beings. What do you say?

Hah! We have such a message, but we don’t believe you are ready to receive it. Do you want to try? Turn off that music and be prepared to have your socks blown off.
(Turns off music).

The story of life on planet earth is the story of loving and magnificent beings who wanted to experience limitation, and the creative transcendence of limitation.

Relax, and quiet your mind. Reach out with your subtle sensors, your spiritual senses, and feel your own magnificence. All of you are surrounded by an awesomely beautiful tapestry of light in billions of different colors. This light is musical, and combines to form gorgeous symphonies of such startling beauty that it will make you almost cry for joy! Each of your fields of light is personal to you, is unique, and is unbelievably beautiful. That is because each of you are unbelievably beautiful! Each of the billions of colors in your sphere of consciousness has a feeling associated with it.  Every one of these feelings are in the range of what you would call joy, well-being, excitement, enthusiasm, and love. And so who you are is a dynamically changing, orgasmic rocketship of  power and beauty. In your native state you feel fantastic all of the time, but it never gets boring. How could it, when the way you feel changes every second! And it is always changing into something magnificent, and that feels really, really good.

Did that blow your socks off?

We thought so!

Now it is time for Ken’s skeptical mind to throw in a few monkey wrenches into the works.

OK, Ken asks, if we are all so wonderful then why don’t we feel wonderful all the time? Why have I been going up and down so much?

Well, the answer to that, dear one, is very short and very simple: you chose to experience limitation, and that is what you have done!

You have chosen to incarnate in an environment that has chosen to limit the well-being that fills the universe. Why? Well, ask yourself what you are doing on earth! The answer for each One will be different, but it will always boil down to the idea that you wanted to experience what it would be like to feel less-than.

You see, in your native state of consciousness you know yourself to be powerful and magnificent. What would it be like, you wondered, to feel small? To feel weak? To feel inadequate? Why, these concepts are so strange to you that even the idea of experiencing them briefly -- for a life on planet earth is brief indeed --  seemed to you sinfully delicious.

And so you agreed to “pack yourselves in” and come to  earth. And, dear ones, you have discovered that when you are in your earthly physical bodies, that the game is intensely real, have you not? Oh yes, dear ones, it is so real that you cannot conceive of a reality outside of your earth reality. The ideas we have expressed above seem to some of you like the delusional rantings of a mentally imbalanced person.

But you see, Spirit is very intelligent!

We/you have designed the game for complete and utter realism.

In your despair you know yourself to be limited. You know there is no hope. That is the way the system has been designed: to be so excruciatingly real that no other reality seems possible.

But of course, the reality beyond your physical perception is of complete and total well-being. If the bubble of your limiting beliefs were to be punctured even a little bit, you would begin to see yourselves as we see you, and as you see yourselves when you dissolve your association with the physical body.

And, as we have said before on this show over and over, the human race is evolving to a point where you will be able to see yourselves more truly, as you really are. For some of you, this still seems like a pipe-dream. For others, you are beginning to feel rushes of well being into your energy fields and your bodies. These feelings of well-being come quickly, and at unexpected times, and then are gone. Ken tries to hold onto them, and wonders why he cannot!

Well, the curtain is lowly lifting, dear ones. You are like the river that is melting after a hard, cold winter. Occasionally a hole appears in the ice, exposing the water underneath to the light. But these holes quickly disappear and freeze over again.

However, the waters underneath the ice are warming. Slowly, the layers of ice are being melted from below. This is not apparent on the surface, as the ice still appears to be very thick. However, as the waters warm themselves from within, the ice will melt. And then the warmth from the water will penetrate the atmosphere, warming the environment. And eventually the winter will turn to spring and then to summer, and you will wonder what you were all worried about!

You see, the process works the other way around from what you thought. In spring, you see the temperature warm up in the atmosphere, which then melts the ice in the river. But the evolution of consciousness must always originate from within. And so you do not see the progress you are making, because it happens from the bottom-up, and not from the top-down!


The Game of earth is a Game of Limitation. But it is also a Game of Freedom, for freedom is dependent upon limitation. You have all experienced a sudden release from a difficult and constricting situation. How did that make you feel? Free!!!!

A native state being experiencing the One Consciousness feels completely fulfilled, and has no need to play games or to be about anything. The All was created from a latent desire to experience in an infinite number of ways. All universes are based on limitation, all universes have rules which are encoded into the physical laws of nature. These rules provide, in varying degrees, the limitation that allows you to experience freedom.

On earth you are experiencing what might be called a severe case of limitation! But that is what you have all desired. All of you are daredevils, from the stay-at-home to the mountain climber.

Now, the human race in their billions are waking up. You are providing the energy that is warming the water underneath the ice. Soon, you will begin to “see the light”  in spots. And when you get a glimpse of the Light, you will want more. The process of transformation will accelerate.

All of you wanted to be here at precisely this time, to experience the transformation.
Ken says, “yes, but I didn’t realize it would be so hard!”

Well, here you are. You are right where you wanted to be: on the cusp of discovering something truly magnificent: yourselves. And the potential of the human race. We tell you unequivocally that when you do get a glimpse into who you really are, there will come a burst of creativity and an explosion of positive energy into the species consciousness, and thus into the planetary hologram. This explosion will find its way into the species consciousness of all life forms with whom you share the planet. It will result in a Renaissance of creativity, and a broadening of your ideas of what is possible. This will open, vibrationally, new avenues of discovery into the laws of the universe. And when that happens, your lives will expand exponentially.

The Game of Earth will expand the playing  field to not only include the earth, but other civilizations as well. If you thought life was exciting now, just wait! You are all in store for a wicked time, as Ken would say. But it will be good wicked!

Do not fear, do not despair, even though your bodies are even now sloughing off the old energies and preparing themselves for the new. This can be a painful process, especially if you are like Ken, who likes to control things. If you are capable of letting go and accepting the new energies, you will feel better and better. But regardless of how much you resist, all of you are headed for a happy ending, even those who are presently dramatizing what Ken calls the “dark side.”

Today Ken got the feeling of a world where there are millions of acts of kindness and cooperation, instead of a world controlled by evil beings who want to create a world dictatorship. Well now, we feel that Ken is on the right path! Because when he was able to truly FEEL this world-wide cooperation, he felt very good indeed. This, you see, was part of Ken’s transformation. His study of “what is really happening” took him down some dark roads. But the truth is much more obvious: your societies continue because of the overwhelming preponderance of cooperation vs. fighting and conflict. It is not even close: well-being exponentially outweighs the lower vibrations. The trick is that you have convinced yourselves otherwise! And so, as we talked about last week, you have created a web of limiting beliefs that you have all been strongly resonating to for millennia. Even though the universe is overwhelmingly well-being, you do have free will choice to organize your societies any way you would wish. You get to choose the vibration you resonate to, which of course creates the physical conditions under which you live your lives. 

Now, many of you are choosing differently.
And that is making all the difference.

Dear Ones, we envy you, because all of you are poised now to experience something truly amazing. The script is not written, in the sense that you may choose to create conditions any way you would like. But you have chosen the Light now, and you are seeing how the Light penetrates the darkness and causes disruptions in the ice. Until, of course, the ice is all melted and the river flows smoothly on its course.

How do you like them apples, Ken!!!!

Remember, dear ones, that all endings are happy endings!

Wake Up Call (continuing series)


  1. Here is Bill Ryan’s  (Project Avalon) interview with an insider he calls “Charles,” at the so-called top of the pyramid.
    This is a fascinating interview that deals with the (claimed) 33 representatives of the relevant human bloodlines that compose the human genome.
    The interview deals with these topics:

    • The reality of the plan to set up a false flag event to frame the ETs as hostile.

    • Full details (with a rationale from the controllers' point of view) of the plan to reduce the world's population.

    • Confirmation that the human race is an ET genetic project.

    • Confirmation of ET reality, and the reality of their craft.

    • A statement that the ET craft had been brought down deliberately (after one or two initial 'lucky hits' in the 1940s).

    • Confirmation of the existence of the Mars base, and that we're poised to leave the solar system.

    • Confirmation of the existence of the back-engineered man-made flying triangles.

    • The existence of the controlling group, with details of their composition and modus operandi.

    • Confirmation of artifacts on the moon, and confirmation that Arthur C. Clarke knew a great deal.

    • Confirmation that there's anticipated to be a peak of solar activity that might interfere with electrical circuits (in 2012 or 2013).

    • Confirmation that the solar system is a binary system (i.e. that 'Planet X' is a reality).

    • Much more - about the way that the controlling group operates, their goals and plans, and how they think.

Some of this information does tally with what I’ve heard from Richard Hoagland and Dr. Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project, both of which have been included in previous newsletters. I like Bill Ryan; he gets it that we are spiritual beings, and conducts the interview from that point of view.

Here is my take:

What is clear to me is that "Charles" and the people he says he works with, may have a lot of wealth and power, but they don't really get it. What these so-called 33 "controllers" don't get is that there IS a process of spiritual evolution, even though the so-called controllers think this idea is nonsense. Hah!!! I believe they are in for a big surprise.

Or, perhaps, the consequences of the human population increase are very well understood by these guys, because part of their agenda is to reduce the population of earth. The population increase is leading, inevitably, to a tipping point, or a "critical mass" of consciousness that will result in a quantum leap in human awareness, therefore bypassing these "controllers."

When you see the video you will see how "Charles" makes their actions in this area sound plausible. But really, folks, these people are nuts. This is the same group of crazy people that Benjamin Fulford discusses in his talks with Jeff Rense, the same group that is trying to reduce the human population. What "Charles" is trying to do, in my opinion, is to justify actions that are crimes against the human race. Nevertheless, the interview is important because it does confirm the existence of UFOs, ETs, and that ETs have interacted with the human race for a long time.

"Charles" himself exhibits some the characteristics of the psychopathic personality, which you can read about in Dr. Hare's book "Without Conscience."

You only see at your level of awareness. Although this "group of 33" has tremendous power and wealth at the present time, a powerful wave of human evolution is taking place that is outside the control of the "controllers." The "controllers" can only act out what we, the people of earth, agree upon. This idea is mentioned in the two articles you read above. We are all "vibrational voters" and we decide on the potentials of possible action. This is something that the human race is gradually coming to understand, despite the attempts at meme reinforcement through the mass media, which keeps the ideas of contention, separation, fighting, conflict, and victimhood alive in the mass consciousness.

Adolescents and children often blame others for the conditions of their lives. This results in either submission or rebellion, both of which maintain the status quo. Rebellion and submission are the two most important characteristics of human history over the millennia. Humanity has, in the past, been an adolescent species, blaming others for our plight and creating a mileau of nationalism and competition for scarce resources. But that is changing as more and more people wake up.

We can't defeat the "controllers" by playing the game at their level, be cause they have all ofthe assets. We must transcend their level. That is what the game is truly about, despite what "Charles," and others, tell us. We can transcend millennia of human history by choosing differently, because the potentials have shifted. By choosing love, cooperation, and harmony over hatred, contention, and disputation. If you don't think your choices matter, think again!!! The potentials have now shifted enough so that individual decisons can help to literally reprogram the species consciousness, and re-write the script of planet earth. This is what the "controllers" really fear, because they are stuck in old patterns of thought.

Well, we can take them along with us to the next level. But we do that by creating a better future, not by resisting and fighting the past!

Before you look at the actual interview (under the heading 3 January 2011) listen to Bill Ryan’s summary and background interview (under the heading 8 January 2011), which appears before the actual interview below it.

Here’s the link:


“The Rulers of the World”

This ought to keep you busy until the next newsletter!



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