February 2013

Vol 8, #2

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(from the Interview With Spirit show)
1/ 23/ 2013

What is the function of shows like Interview With Spirit? Personally, I always look for some startling revelation about the future. After all, if there is such a thing as non-corporeal intelligence that has no limitations in its observation of the physical, we should be able to predict the future, or at least the near future, with some degree of confidence.

That is the standard argument of skeptics who insist that there is no evidence whatsoever for non-physical awareness, and “life after death,” even though more and more people are waking up and have had experiences which show them that there is something much greater beyond the Body Reality. I believe that the function of shows like mine is to point out trends and to insist that we look at our greater potential. And in order to do that we have to look beyond the evidence of our 5 human senses. 

We don’t want to get into arguments with skeptics about “proving” our point of view, simply because consciousness itself has no physical attributes, no measureable quantitative aspects, whatsoever. There are really smart people like Dave Hunt who write books trying to show how wrong the materialists are, and who compile evidence to show that there is a scientific basis for our POV, and who use logic to show that the materialists must be wrong. But we always come back to the point that understanding of our greater potential is completely subjective; MUST be subjective, simply because consciousness is qualitative, not quantitative.

I make this point forcefully in my book, The Vibrational Universe. Consciousness is a quality, not a quantity. Consciousness is not a quantum, it doesn’t come in packets of energy or matter. Even if we accepted the idea that consciousness is the creative principle, and it can influence the physical universe, we still cannot see where this influence is coming from. In this case, the products of consciousness can be measured, but consciousness itself cannot, because it is outside time and space.

Consciousness is simply an awareness, the animating principle, that gives life to matter and energy. And in my book, I say that matter and energy themselves are simply vibrational, creations of consciousness. Consciousness is universal, it has no limitations in Native State. However, it has devised the physical game to deliberately limit itself in order to play a game. A game by definition has barriers and limitations. The baseball diamond is a square marked out on the field, and the stadiums have a limited area for the outfield. There is fair and foul territory.  Without barriers there can be no games, and without games there is no fun. The inherent qualitative state of consciousness is well-being, and perhaps there was a desire by consciousness to wonder, conceptually, if there was a state called NOT well-being. I mean, if EVERYTHING is well-being, without exception, then maybe that idea, eventually, might occur to somebody, right?

As soon as that idea was born, the idea of limitation was born, and the idea of contrast was born. As soon as consciousness had that idea, the possibility of a game was created. And, the idea of creation itself was born. For what is creation but the manifestation of what is NOT?

Interestingly, the idea of NOT comes before the idea of IS. Before there was anything physical, consciousness WAS. There were no planets, no stars, no matter and energy, just a feeling of well-being. Then, when the First Thought came into being, a small packet of vibration was created. Suddenly, there was something outside the consciousness of the creator.

These concepts are all graphically displayed in my movie, “The Unity of Spirit and Matter.” When the fist thought came into being, the idea of NOT well-being (or something like it) and an entire set of concepts was created, and an infinite set of new possibilities.
The idea of NOT actually creates IS, because there IS nothing until the idea that there might be something different. The NOT is the impetus, or impulse within consciousness, that is the genesis for something new. And that impulse actually creates a little vibration that can be perceived by the consciousness who created it.
Creation, again, is the possibility of something that doesn’t yet exist. It is something from nothing, or something from {NOT [current reality]}. Creation is what the animating principle does.

This idea tells us that the conservation laws of physics, which have been proven useful over and over again in science, must be modified when we finally integrate the understanding of consciousness into science. For the act of creation itself brings forth that which does not yet exist. As you can see in my movie, the very act of thinking brings forth a little vibration; something that is alive. It is alive because it is the product of the animating principle; it is an impulse of consciousness that now IS. This tells us that all matter and energy, everything physical, is alive as well. Rocks and dirt and even the computer monitor in front of me, or the metal and electronics of your mobile phone, are alive as well. We have simply lost sight of that fact in our desire to see the universe as mechanistic, and in our belief in the biological basis for consciousness.  This belief, which has structured our societies for millennia, has been at the root of our problems because it separates us from the world around us.

The ongoing process of creation creates the future. That which has been created is representative of past creation. When things move we get the idea of past and future, and we think that because the ball rolled on the pool table from point A to point B, and we can see by experiment that it will roll from point A to point B in the same way every single time (except if the table is damaged of course), we get the idea that the future must be predictable. But here is where we get confused. When the creator begins to identify himself/herself with what he has created, we get the idea that we ARE our creations. We get the idea after we strike the pool ball over and over, and it goes in a certain direction, that we ARE the pool ball. This is the process of identification.

So we start to identify ourselves with our creations, and thus we literally change our futures because we have lost sight of the fact that one cannot travel to, or predict, the future. Why? The future is what is NOT. The past is what IS. And the present is simply consciousness making a decision outside of time and space, in a virtual realm of infinite possibility. We begin to think like the guy who shoots the pool ball on the pool table: We should be able to do it right every time. We should be able to predict or direct the future so that it conforms to our ideas. But the future is not a thing: it is a set of decisions we make in the present. And that must encompass the correct definition of consciousness.

When I play disc golf I shoot the disk down the fairway, but the disk almost never goes exactly where I want it. I have expectations that I should do better. And so I begin to identify myself with that little plastic disk, and I say, “I made a bad shot.” And then if I continue to make bad shots, I conceive (create) the idea: “I am a bad player.”  If this continues I have now created a belief: I am a bad disk golf player. This then influences my future actions when playing disk golf. So in effect, I have as a creator being, just limited myself by creating a self-limiting belief, which is composed of all of the thoughts I have created around “not being able to play disk golf well.” This happens all the time to artists, business people, and in every walk of life. Thus we limit ourselves individually and collectively.
The businesswoman creates a company and naturally identifies herself with the company. When the company does well, she feels good about herself. When the company does poorly, she conceives it to be a reflection upon herself.

7 billion Native State personalities incarnate into physical bodies. These individual aspects of consciousness naturally begin to identify with the body, because it hurts and it craps and it orgasms and it does a whole lot of shit that we can feel. And we naturally identify our self-esteem and our confidence with how our bodies look.

Consciousness is outside of time and space, by definition. The “present” doesn’t actually exist, because the present is simply consciousness BEING. Not being at a certain moment, for that implies time and space. Consciousness (US) is simply non-physical consciousness making a decision about something, just like HAL in the movie does. Every time you make a decision you create a tiny, tiny, tiny amount of energy. And so the material, the stuff, for the creation of new games (and new universe, for what is a universe but a playing field?) expands. This tells that creation is infinite, and it is actually greater than infinite. The brilliant mathematician Carl Gauss (a real skeptic if there ever was one) created an entire mathematics based on infinite sets. Little did Gauss know it but he was expressing a universal truth. (And as an aside, if our brilliant scientists and mathematicians ever really “get it” they can propel us forward really, really fast toward a new age of enlightenment of earth, as I said last week).

So what’s the point of this metaphysical discussion? We have made several points:

NOT comes before IS, creation is just the idea of something different from the current reality, or NOT[current reality] in some creative way. This tells us that IS, or the already created physical universe, is junior to the NOT, or the idea of something different that comes from us (consciousness). So we are very powerful indeed!

Consciousness is the animating principle, the Kirk, the Creator. Remember, trekkies, “the creation of perfection is no error!”). That which is created by consciousness is perfect simply because it comes from something perfect -- consciousness. It is only when we begin to have considerations about what we have created that we get the idea of imperfection. The point is that we can create something different from the current reality at any time, because consciousness is senior to time and space.

When consciousness “thinks” or decides, that impulse is magically manifested in a tiny tiny little vibration that is the ultimate quantum (or God particle, as particle physicists call the elusive Higgs boson) of everything physical, of all matter and energy, of anything that can be perceived, in any universe of the all-that-is.

The past simply represents what has already been created.

The future is the infinite set of possibilities (the NOTs) that may be created from the mind of consciousness.
And the present is not a moment, it is simply the BEING of consciousness, outside of time and space (even when we are in the physical), where we make decisions about what the future will look like.
And so consciousness is behind everything we see around us, and the potential manifestations in our “future.”

We, the human beings of planet earth, are simply this consciousness associated with a physical container, which in turn gives us an identity and then a personality, as we interact in the game with other human beings from different places in the physical universe (game board). The physical universe, all universes, are simply gameboards of consciousness.

Again, we have lost sight of this fact as we identify with our creations (the human body is also a creation of consciousness) and so we begin to believe ourselves to be the bodies that we created in order to play a game.
We’re saying all this because the time has come for the human race to step into its power. It’s time to wake up from the delusional dream of the materialists and the dead-heads. And really, we cannot blame these people, for the reasons we have just given. It is so easy for consciousness to identify with what it has created, that it is certainly excusable  for us to have developed, over the millennia, self-limiting beliefs about ourselves and the universe around us.

But it is now time to merge that which had been derogatorily referred to a “metaphysical woo-woo crap” by the dead-heads, into our science. That’s because it is actually the senior datum. If consciousness created the universe and everything in it, then the separation of consciousness from our study of the universe is itself a self-limiting proposition. The separation of consciousness from science has led to the conditions we see on our planet today, where hundreds of millions of people don’t have enough to eat, and where a significant portion of our planetary GDP is wasted on fighting, conflict, war, and the instruments of war.

Those who believe in the biological basis for consciousness have cleverly included in their definition of consciousness the idea that consciousness proceeds from the material universe. This idea is so inverted and backwards, that it has led our study of consciousness to dead-ends. But if Dr. Rupert Sheldrake is to be believed, the literature in consciousness studies is opening up to the idea that the materialist paradigm simply cannot satisfactorily explain things like the mind, and self-awareness. And that is a good thing.  
Let’s go back to our discussion of past, present, and future, with the variable of consciousness added in. The variable “consciousness” should be assigned the value of infinity. It is somewhat like the famous book by Abbot in the 19th century called “Flatland,” which describes a 2 dimensional world with beings who live on a flat plane (visualize a sheet of flat paper on a desk).

 Triangles interact with squares and pentagons and hexagons.  Then a being called Sphere comes along, who is  3 dimensional, and amazes everyone in Flatland with what it can do. Sphere is a superior being because he can see everything that occurs on the sheet of paper all at once, and because he is a higher dimensional being, he can move to any place in Flatland at will, and can even lift himself off from flatland, becoming invisible to the citizens of Flatland. But of course Sphere is still there, and can still influence events on the sheet of paper.

And so consciousness is somewhat like Sphere in Flatland, except that consciousness is infinite, so it can BE in any dimension it chooses. Again, we have lost sight of that fact.

We have failed to understand that we are that creative principle, that consciousness, can influence the physical universe we live in. And we have lost sight of that understanding by creating self-limiting beliefs about who we are. We have identified too much with our creations in the physical universe. We have the power, in the present (which is outside of time and space)  to decide differently, to access that which we are, to finally believe in ourselves. It is really amazing how far we have come down the consciousness scale, to the point where we believe thoroughly that we are the physical objects that we have created. We have, essentially, said, “we believe in the past,” for the past is the sum of all creative activity of consciousness in the present. And then we have done an even more unbelievable thing: We have said, “the future must resemble the past, because the past is real, and it is all there is.”

In this way, by identifying too strongly with what we have created in our lives, and by the creation of an unfortunate set of self-limiting beliefs, we have deprecated our own existence. We have redefined the variable consciousness, to make it conform with the other variables in the system, when really it is the superior variable by far. In a computer program we define limiting variables to do work in our programs, with assignments like “integer,” “double word,” and “floating point.” We have made consciousness just as limiting as the variable, when really it is the totality of the program itself. Well ,really it is the program plus the machine it is running on. Well, really it is the entire program and the machine and the operating system that the computer itself is running on. But really, it is more than that, for where did the machine and the program and the OS come from?

Well, the manufacturers and the programmers of course. And where did the ideas and activities that built and created these things come from? From the minds of the programmers and manufacturers. And what is the mind but a collection of decisions (beliefs) and experiences that have occurred to the individual as a result of those decisions? And those decision were made by consciousness in the present, which is an entire realm outside of time and space. And so everything begins and ends with consciousness.

As Christ said, “I am the alpha and the omega (the beginning and the end).”  JC wasn’t being arrogant here, but was expressing the profound truth of consciousness, which is infinite, and beyond the limitations of time and space.  But of course the dead-heads didn’t get it, and put the dude on a cross. That’s what happens in a lower level of consciousness when dudes come in to try to raise the human race out of the muck of it’s own delusional limiting beliefs. Well, that’s what happened in the PAST, anyway. Do you guys get it? The key word in that sentence is past. But we exist, as consciousness incarnated into these human bodies, in the present, outside of time and space. We have the power to change our reality.

 And now it’s time for us to cut the bullshit and actually do it.

There’s just no more time for excuses. It’s time to drop a big F-bomb on the deadheads and tell them to fuck off. Or rather, and better, to just ignore them. (But first give them the F-bomb. For me). And then get on with the understanding that you are really, really powerful, and there is no reason for you or for any of us to not have this golden age of harmony and cooperation a lot of us want but don’t believe we can have. Fuck that -- just forget about those old adolescent and stupid beliefs. Let the dead-heads have their reality --we are going to a much, much better one. And the good news is, we can take them along with us!


I used to be a news junkie, because I thought that current events were the most important and significant occurrences in our world. Back in the day, if I thought about spirituality at all it was to just scoff and think how irrelevant it was to the events that shape our lives. But I have since become more and more aware that what happens on the mental plane is by far the most significant level.

It has become apparent to me that the political and economic situation on planet earth results from a shared set of beliefs that result in the actions that shape events. These beliefs of humanity are almost completely uninspected. In other words, we never take the time to collectively sit down and ask ourselves, “Who are we?” “What is human nature?”  and other questions that would cause us to look at the fundamental beliefs we all share; the information systems that drive our actions.

Adolescents and immature persons never do this; they never step back from themselves and mindfully inspect their lives and what they think about themselves and life. If the human race took the time -- even a day or two -- to sit down with a piece of paper and a pencil and ask these questions of themselves, we might get some startling answers. If world leaders did so we might uncover some amazing attitudes, and overturn some rocks under which certain cockroaches are hiding. Those who use guile, deceit, and coercion to gain their ends would never agree to do something like this, or if they did, their dishonesty would become apparent.

Anyway, that’s why we talk about spiritual matters on this show: because it’s vitally important. By “spiritual matters” I simply mean that which is beyond the immediate perception of the body reality. Simply put, in order to advance as a species we will have to accept the idea that our higher potential is intimately linked with consciousness itself; and what we believe about who we are. We have to go beyond the body reality and into the realm of consciousness before we can make the leap to a higher level of existence; otherwise, the 21st century is not going to be a lot different than the 20th.

If we look around from our physical viewpoint at the planet earth right now, nothing much seems to have happened since the marker was passed on December 21 2012. In fact most people would say that that date was just another “sky is falling” moment and that it doesn’t mean anything.
Well, that is the POV of the Body Reality. We listen to shows like this to try to get a broader perspective. Nobody wants to hear that this is as good as it gets and that to imagine anything else is hokum. But again, that POV comes from the haters and those who can only perceive with the five human senses. The first thing we want to say is that there is more to life than what you can perceive through the senses of the physical container, and with scientific instrumentation. That is simply a fact.

Remember that scientific instruments must display their data or filter their data to vibrationally match the receptor cells of the five human senses. Therefore, science as it is currently practiced can say a lot about what is observed through the body’s senses, but nothing about the higher truths. And of course science does not pretend to intrude into that domain: it is exclusively to do with the observation of the physical universe, and to determine how matter and energy works so that you can make your physical lives easier.

We said last week that humanity cannot advance until the spiritual is melded with the scientific. Science is being used to “debunk” all of the higher truths because they cannot be measured or proven to physically exist. But the higher truths require an understanding of consciousness; and consciousness is non-physical .Those of you who know this on more than an intellectual level know what we are talking about, but those who do not accept it without a true subjective experience of the reality of this statement.

The “levels of consciousness” or awareness are simply the degree to which you accept your own divinity, your own immortality as a native state personality. We have said before that your level of consciousness depends on how much love you feel, but this is really saying the same thing, for the inherent properties of consciousness are well-being and love, which leads to greater understanding; and the “secrets” of the universe then become revealed.

The fact is that on a planet with over 7 billion dominant life forms, the collective reality imposes itself very strongly upon individual realities. In other words, it is difficult to manifest something like “world peace” when the prevailing belief systems do not support it. On an individual level, it is difficult to manifest long-term prosperity in an environment that believes in the scarcity of resources. But the point is, literally, that world peace and long-term prosperity are simply a couple of thoughts away, collectively. Literally, if enough of us simply decided to change our state of being to one that acknowledges our higher potential, we would literally undergo a change in consciousness that would unlock the vibrational door to an entirely new realm of physics, medicine, and human organization.  You would suddenly “aha!” to a new level of understanding, in other words. But that understanding is impossible unless there is a greater amount of love and well-being present. Actually, Ken did not want to use quantitative terms here, like “amount of.: What we wanted him to write was “acknowledge who you are and your higher potential ,which will then lead to an automatic increase in how much well-being and love you feel.”

The old John Lennon song, “Love is all you need,” is very true. Remember that vibrationally speaking, love is the OM; the fundamental vibration of the universe, which subsumes all other vibrations.

Because the universe of perception is vibrational,  love is the key that accesses or unlocks all data streams. This statement will sound stupid to scientists or engineers, for they will say, “uh, love don’t pay my bills,” as the song says, or “love don’t build that bridge or fix my broken appliance.”
Well, and here is the controversial part, it actually does.

Understanding is directly related to a feeling of affinity and well-being. If you do not have an affinity for a subject you cannot learn it; similarly, you cannot develop new subjects or advance existing fields because that requires an affinity for learning (and of course, the belief that you can). When you have a creative impulse you desire to create something new, different, or better. That impulse is what we talked about last week, and it comes directly from consciousness,  from the non-physical (higher) aspects of who you are. From love. In other words, all of you understand the non-physical nature of consciousness, because all of you feel inspired. All of you feel that creative impulse at one time or another.

Cognitive scientists simply explain it as coming from the brain or the body, but this is preposterous. The point of this discussion this week is to get you guys to pay attention to the feelings that come along with any burst of inspiration, or creative impulse. We want you to acknowledge that when you feel these creative impulses or inspirational impulses, that this is coming directly from the non-physical and right into your lightbodies, into your biofields, and into the cellular structure of your physical containers.

It has taken us quite a while to get to this point, dear ones. We want you to understand that all of you ARE the direct link from the virtual realm, the non-physical, Native State, the One, however you want to describe it, into the physical.

We are not sure how well Ken expressed this profound truth, so we will try again: each of you is directly connected, as with an electric wire that connects one component to another (the CPU/motherboard of a computer to the display monitor of a computer) from the virtual realm, or the non-physical, if you will, directly into the physical. So there is no mystery about something that must remain invisible (by design) to the five human senses. You look about you for signs of your higher or greater potential, never suspecting  that the creative and inspirational impulses you feel come directly from the non-physical, from native state, directly into your earthly incarnation.

This is a very powerful metaphor indeed, and it is really not a metaphor at all. Your body is itself a collection of vibrations, just as your thoughts are vibrations that have magically been translated from consciousness (in the non-physical realm) directly into the physical.

All right, you have heard stuff like this before. You all understand, at least on an intellectual level, that you are ultimately spirit and will return to the fullness of self after death, blah, blah, blah. But what we want to make clear is how direct your connection to the virtual realm really is. In Hindu tradition there is the saying that the material universe is an illusion. And it is, in the sense that the creative function that made the universe and that maintains it is consciousness. This is something that is well understood in spiritually advanced societies, and it is something you are all gradually coming to. Without a proper understanding of consciousness there can be no advancement out of the polarity and density we have lived in for millennia.

The question is, will the human race embrace its spirituality, it’s greater potential, or will we be dupes for baubles of technology coming from other civilizations in the galaxy? As we’ve said before, we are the primitives, the natives, confronting a galaxy teeming with life, that has a lot more knowledge than we do. But we haven’t even stepped up to the plate yet.  We still believe nonsense like we are alone in the universe, and the biological basis for consciousness. With primitive and adolescent belief systems like that, we are just pawns in a much bigger game. So this spiritual stuff is really important!

All right, the more you pay attention to how you feel when you are being creative, or inspired, the more conscious you become, the more aware you become. We want to separate feelings from emotions. Emotions also include negative feelings. We tell you that these lower emotions can only be experienced from the body’s perspective. One of the functions of the body is precisely this: to allow you to experience feelings that are impossible from native state. We’ve talked about this before: when in native state you simply feel various stages of well-being. But a true negative emotion can only be experienced in association with a biological, physical container. This is part of the design of the physical universe, which we’ve talked about in previous shows so we won’t go into it again, other than to say the experience of negative emotions simply doesn’t exist in native state.  It’s something different and exciting to consciousness, which was why it was invented.

But now it is time for individuals to reestablish the connection with themselves, to unite the physical and the non-physical aspects of life; to live whole once more. And one can do that by understanding that creativity and inspiration are your direct link to the non-physical, to the essence of consciousness, and to who you are at the highest level.

The good news is that we have an amazing latent potential for advancement. On the surface the human race might appear primitive if we only consider that which is important to the body reality POV: technology and gadgets. If the galaxy really is teeming with life, these civilizations are probably a lot older than we are, and have more advanced technology. But as we have been saying on the show for several months now, the planet earth is surrounded by an invisible field of subtle energy. You can call this the mental plane if you’d like, but it’s a sophisticated information storage and retrieval system that contains our beliefs about ourselves and about life. It is like a node on an unsecured, wide-area network to those with advanced technology.

In other words, we are like an open book to the rest of the galaxy. More good news: just as we can determine the nature of our own personal beliefs and attitudes as individuals, so too can we, collectively, determine the content of this planetary information field. Right now we are like little babies, screaming at each other and throwing sand in each other’s faces, not understanding that we have the power to reach for a higher level of existence and that when we do so, this programming will begin to influence the physical universe around us. Again, the universe is vibrational, and all realities are interpreted realities. That which we see around us is a direct reflection of what we believe about ourselves and about life.

The physical universe isn’t really an illusion of course, but it is illusory in the sense that we may choose a higher or lower dimensional reality.

A video made by a “Dr. Sal,” who claims to have “secret information from NASA, claims that the magnetic pole reversal will occur in 2016 and kill 80% of the life on earth.  I mean, this shit is now getting comical. So now we all have to be in fear for another 4 years until 2016, and when that event doesn’t happen some other guys will come out and tell us more fear-based bullshit. Again, what is happening is that the haters and the dumbasses, the people who don’t understand who they are, are simply trying to get us to decide en masse that our future is bleak. But it can’t work if we simply understand what their game is: it’s the game of programming this invisible information system that surrounds the earth with the data that will help to make that future come about.

So all we have to do is not be fools, and simply reject this crap, and decide on a different future. If you look at this video is it truly comical -- before 2012, it might have had more impact. But we really have avoided an entire set of doomsday scenarios, and these attempts to predict extinction events just don’t have the impact they did before. And that is because more and more of us are waking up to our greater potential. We are beginning to get a glimmering of our power, and our latent spirituality; and out ability to control our own destiny as sovereign beings.  We are beginning to understand the true definition of consciousness.

Guess what people --we are being surrounded by a sea of disinformation, in an attempt to get us to go in a different direction. And that is why current events are not as important as what is happening on the mental plane, for current events are just a reflection of what we have believed in the past. In the physical universe there is a time lag between what is programmed into this planetary information field and when events in the physical universe change. What is occurring right now, after the 2012 marker, is an acceleration of activity and influence on the mental plane. In other words, our decisions -- our beliefs and thoughts -- have more power and influence  than they ever have in a long time.

There are 7 billion of us now and that is the primary reason for the increased activity. There is just more energy bring input into the system. The only negative influence on us now is the attempt to get us to change our own minds about where we are going. I have heard that the real reason is the end of the planetary 24, 900 year cycle of the precession, but this explanation posits influence coming from the physical universe on consciousness, which is backwards. As we said on an earlier show, the human family got together several centuries ago and decided to change things around. There are more human beings on this planet right now than in any time in our history; and in the rest of the galaxy we are looked at with awe and amazement.

Here we are, a bunch of spiritual retards but with an immense potential for self-discovery, fighting and clawing at each other, and making a big mess on the planet. Yet, we have avoided all disaster scenarios so far. The battlefield now has shifted decisively to the mental plane. We need to understand that.

The crucial information set is now in the area of consciousness studies. The search for the “God particle,” the Higgs field and the Higgs boson, is irrelevant. The entire field of particle physics will have been found to be a dead-end in the near future, if we continue along the path of self-awareness. An entirely new physics will result that will allow us to solve the energy problem and the pollution problem.

The reason this hasn’t happened yet isn’t as much knowledge-based as it is consciousness based. We are coming up to the real barrier now: the definition of consciousness. We have evolved as far as we can under the beliefs of the old paradigm. We either understand who we are and advance to true fourth level consciousness, or we slide back to a pathetic and deprecated existence based on the old paradigm of control from above.

Now, we mentioned earlier that paying attention to the feelings you get when you are creating, or when you feel inspired, will advance you in your own personal understanding of self. Prediction: the earth, and the human race, is on the cusp of an incredible leap in creativity. We are going to see artistic creation flower all over the planet; political and economic inspiration will begin to resolve our intractable problems, and science will become reborn into a much more far-reaching and effective discipline. All we have to do is continue to advance in our understanding of ourselves.

Again, the whole thing is dependent on an understanding of consciousness. To increase your own understanding of self, find something creative to do. And then do it. You will discover that now, past the 2012 marker, you will find it is easier to be creative, and we think you will amaze yourself with what you can come up with.

There is a new Renaissance coming to earth, and it will involve a greater understanding of who you are as human beings. You will discover that you are much more than you have been taught, or even imagined yourself to be. We won’t say anything more about this, because we don’t want to spoil the surprise.

Have at it, creators!



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    Absolutely one of the brilliant scientists on this planet who is raising our consciousness

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