February 2012

Vol7, #2

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2012 and the Expanded Game of Free Will

(from the Interview With Spirit show)
1/ 4/ 2012


It’s 2012! Is there anything special about this year? We’ve heard all about the end of the Mayan Calendar, and momentous events that are supposed to happen this year. Is that all b.s. or is 2012 really the year when mankind makes a quantum leap in awareness?


A: This year is a continuation of the buildup of subtle energy around the new memes of cooperation and harmony. These memes are built in to the fabric of the universe. The structure of spacetime itself is based on fundamental, universal principles of harmony and cooperation. Without it, the order you see in the physical universe could not exist. Matter and energy aggregate geometrically to form elements and compounds. Physical laws operate to ensure balance: the conservation laws of physics are just laws of balance. The entire universe is self-reflexive, mirroring the creative process of consciousness, which has created everything you can see and perceive and experience.

As the human race, and individuals, align more with the ideas of cooperation and harmony, you literally tap into the quintessential characteristics of physical existence. Everything physical is cocooned within a subtle, invisible information/energy system that contains everything you will ever need for a physical existence. How much of this information you can access is dependent on your level of awareness, and what you choose to focus on. Again, as we have said before, the expanded game of free will allowed you to reset the parameters of existence on earth. The daredevils who have incarnated on this planet, long ago, decided to explore the dark side of existence. This decision was a collective decision of all who have ever participated in earth events. It was a momentous decision, for it was a deliberate turning way from your true nature of harmony and cooperation. Of course you can never fully turn away from these fundamental qualities, but you wanted to see how far you could go. It was exciting, you thought, to be able to experience emotions like fear, and grief, and despair, and millions of others. In doing so, you have broadened the experience of the One in a fantastic way, enabling US to know ourselves in a much broader way, and making it easier for others to  re-experience these amazing feelings and emotions and experiences, which are not available in Native State. You have no idea right now how valuable this game has been to the Collective!

Why are such experiences valuable? Because they are an expansion of experiential knowledge, leading to greater wisdom and a feeling of immense satisfaction. When you have successfully accomplished a very difficult task, you feel wonderful. Those who have lived through traumatic times emerge on the other side not only as hardened veterans, but also gain a deep wisdom and compassion for life. Compare the spoiled child to the grizzled war veteran who has seen his comrades die, and others, and who now understands the meaning of life in a deep and sophisticated way that simply is not possible until he or she has gone through it. We might say that consciousness, in Native State, is more like the spoiled child, for well-being is the norm, and the idea of weakness, or any of the negative emotions, is unknown. There are an infinite variety of experiences in Native State, but they all lack the utter poignancy of a place like earth, where misery and torment and despair and an almost infinite variety of situations are experienced every day that are unknown in Native State. For example, what do you do when there is not enough money at the end of the month to pay your bills? You must make payment to your contract labor, but if you do so you will miss another mortgage payment. So what do you do? These ethical dilemmas are faced by millions of you almost on a daily basis. These situations FORCE you to decide who you are in every moment of existence, at the deepest and most fundamental level. Listeners may think of thousands of other situations just like this; situations that you face every day. You see, the Expanded Game was set up precisely to allow these situations. Do you tell the truth about someone who has committed a violation, even if it means exposing someone to ridicule who you know is an excellent person? These dilemmas can only arise when you set up reality to block knowledge of self. Places like earth can only exist when the parameters are set up specifically for such a game! And it took a lot of work to do so! Now, you are on your way back. But the only way to restore the fundamental knowledge of self -- that you are divine, spiritual beings playing an immensely dangerous and exciting physical game -- is to reconfigure the rules of the game. This is what we have been talking about for a good portion of 2011. The rules of the game -- the parameters and variables and programming -- must be altered if you wish to experience in a different way.

In the old game, the memes of unworthiness and scarcity have been firmly established. These beliefs  prevent you from seeing your own light, and allow you to engage in activities that explore the dark side. To restore the default game of well-being, you must now reprogram the game space. That is what you have been doing for the past century or so. We have told you that the universe is a gigantic vibrational information system that is programmable. Every one of you interfaces with universal programming, through your ability to postulate and  to decide. We said previously that such a system can be reprogrammed by your own bootstraps, even if you have lost knowledge of how the system works. You do this by desiring a different outcome, a more positive outcome. This aligns you energetically with the Implicate Order of the universe, which is based on well-being. This emotional alignment then accesses new knowledge, carrying with it a data stream that you can use to alter physical reality. On planet earth there is already a much greater understanding of higher physical laws than is available publically. This knowledge is presently hidden away by those who wish to use it to create a world dictatorship. But of course, these universal principles are based in well-being and not in darkness, and are so powerful that their abuse causes great harm to those who attempt to misuse them. Remember, the idea was to explore the darkness! You need actors on both sides of the game of light and dark. The so-called “world dictatorship,” or similar dark scenarios, are simply the logical progression of the expanded game of free will. You wanted to explore the dark side, and you have! So don’t blame those who are simply following the game to its logical conclusion.

The idea was that as the game progressed, it might turn out that the dark side won. In that case, there would be a tremendous contrast set up between your fundamental spiritual nature, and physical reality, that would spur you to look inward and find yourselves. This is exactly what has happened. Essentially, the game of control and domination is a closed system, and requires tremendous effort to maintain, whereas an open system that benefits all is aligned with the powerful forces of the universe, and is broadly accepted. So the light has an overwhelming advantage. It is a tribute to your cleverness that you have progressed as far down the dark road as you have!

Why are dark systems closed systems? Imagine that a small group of employees wants to take over their company. In order to do so it is necessary to hide from everyone your intent to do so, which automatically makes your job much more difficult. Even if you concoct a  brilliant plan, its execution is very difficult, for it requires that a tiny group of people counteract the natural inclination of everyone for cooperation. The space of operation is very limited for those who want to play the dark side, but very expansive for those who want things to go well. Open systems benefit all, whereas closed systems benefit a very few. You can see now how the planet has been arranged in a closed system, as top-down control structures are in place in banking, in government, in religion, and in science and medicine. Just at the very end, however, when the dark actors were certain of their success, the internet and mobile technology appeared, allowing information to travel across the globe instantaneously, and exposing the pyramids of control. There is still work to be done in this area, but we tell you that as more information is processed, the workings of the old system will become more and more apparent. When enough of you understand how the old memes have programmed the current system, you will begin to reprogram it. This is the true meaning of the 2012 phenomenon.

Understand that even the idea that “something amazing is going to happen in 2012” creates a huge energy vortex in the anticipation. Now all you have to do is fill that energy vortex with new programming that reflects more cooperation and harmony. Collectively the human race is creating this huge vortex, and collectively you can reprogram it, as well as your individual lives. So when you ask, “is there anything to this 2012 thing?” we answer a resounding “yes!” But not because there are mysterious outside forces that are working to shove you down the right path, but because you are anticipating something monumentally good at the end of this year, and because of that anticipation you are reprogramming the planetary information system by asking for more alignment with well-being.

Ken has noticed that in the mass media, movies like “2012” come out that terrify people about what might happen. Again, this is a logical result of the playing out of the expanded game of free will. That’s what happens: polarity. Polarity is simply the contrast between the light and the exploration of the dark. Polarity leads to contrast, and contrast forces you to decide in which direction you’d like to go. It’s the old “hit rock bottom” story, where a person goes down the tubes and then discovers who he or she really is, and moves back to the light. This method of “enlightenment” was prevalent in the old game, because of the inherent polarity of the game. Now, however, more and more of you are choosing to become enlightened, by embracing the idea of your own divinity and your own worthiness. These are the basic memes that reprogram the game, because the meme of unworthiness is the primary thought form that holds the old paradigm of thought together.  How can you be controlled and manipulated if you truly believe that you are deserving of well-being? The answer is that you cannot! How can you experience poverty and misery if you truly love yourself? It’s impossible! And so when you accept the higher truth about yourselves, you automatically transform the old programming, and reprogram the earth’s information system to something much more enjoyable.

In 2012, look for hidden information to surface on the internet and make its way into the mainstream media. This will be very exciting for those of you who have been following events behind the scenes, and somewhat troubling to those who have not. But we want to tell you this: the release of information will be a positive development, even if the news is unsettling!  Remember, in order to transform the old memes you have to confront them. Part of that process is to process the information associated with that old system, and some of it is pretty hairy, as Ken would say. To release the old memes you have to also confront the information associated with their establishment and maintenance. This is a natural process, so do not despair! Your asking is shining the light into the corners and under the rocks. The old paradigm and its belief systems and methods must be exposed  and digested before it can be transcended. 2012 will see more and more of this. 2012 will be one of the most exciting years on planet earth in millennia. Enjoy it!



IBanking, finance, and the Expanded Game of Free Will

(From the Interview With Spirit show, 1/18/2011)


The message for this week is about banking and finance, and how clever individuals and groups have allowed the expanded game of free will to be played.

The question is, how do you set up a game such that the “dark side” has just as much potential as the “light side?” In other words, how do you create a game of severe polarity, in which the likelihood of exploring negative emotions and natural experiences is just as possible as your natural inclination toward harmony and cooperation?

We have said that the most basic meme, or thought pattern, of the Old Order is unworthiness. But unworthiness is a lie! It is the direct opposite of who you are inherently: an immortal, divine, all-powerful spirit having a temporary physical experience. So how do you set up a game that allows unworthiness to manifest in a population of spiritual beings?

Well, the first step is to design the sensory apparatus of the physical body so that it very narrowly perceives only in a very tiny spectrum of vibration. The five human senses respond to the most infinitesimal spectrum of vibration, creating a great solidity and causing a powerful reality to manifest within your consciousness. But even so, spirits incarnating in these bodies will eventually and inevitably find a way out. There must be a way to maintain the idea of unworthiness so that the negative can be expressed and explored. The way to do that is to create scarcity.

Scarcity is the second of the most powerful memes of the Old Order. If you believe that energy and resources are scarce, you will constantly struggle and fight each other for their possession. A polarizing dynamic is easy to set up within this pattern of thought and belief, for scarcity automatically sets up hierarchical structures. Think of a pyramid where a few at the top control the scarce resources, ladling them out to those at the bottom. This is only possible when everyone believes that the necessities of life are not abundant. It automatically creates closed systems, where resources, finance, and even science and religion are based around the concepts of a zero-sum game. Closed systems with pyramidical, top-down control structures  can only work, in other words, when the belief systems of all participants are oriented around unworthiness and scarcity. These are the basic memes around which you are working today, as the organizations and the belief systems on your planet, controlled by the Old Order, are crumbling. All of you are confronting these basic thought patterns and beliefs, and the negative emotions that go along with playing the expanded game of free will: the exploration of the light and the dark side.

The point is that human beings are capable of far more than your belief systems allow you to experience. All of you have psychic powers, and enhanced mental abilities, built in to your biology and your consciousness. In order to play the game of light and dark, you had to be convinced that you are essentially powerless; mere physical bodies trying to survive in a cold and heartless universe. This has been the function of the old paradigm of thought: to layer on a set of beliefs -- an information system -- that would hide your own power from yourselves and enable you to play the expanded game of free will. 2012 will be a release of the old system of thought, and into a new system based more on harmony and cooperation, and a new level of consciousness.

Such a system, based on scarcity and unworthiness, has to be constantly maintained, however, for the basic impulses of all incarnated beings is toward the light. How is this done?

The maintenance of scarcity, and top-down control structures, can be powerfully created through the physical methods of banking and finance: through the issuance of currency. Currency, or money,  is the medium of exchange for all goods and services. Currency has been in existence, in one form or another, since the beginning of the Sumerian civilization over 6,000 years ago. How does this work? Well, volumes have been written about it, but we will just summarize the basic concepts. Ken will mention two books you can read that will explain these ideas in depth, at the end of the show. Understanding the history of money, which has been used to create scarcity and abundance, is very important now because the transition from the Old Order to the New is rooted in finance. That is why the transition has manifested itself on the planet as a financial crisis.

Which form the currency of a nation takes determines its level of economic activity, and the amount of scarcity or abundance within the society. When the amount of currency in circulation is abundant, economic activity ca rise. When there is an insufficient amount of currency in circulation, economic activity is constricted, and the result is economic slowdown, or even depression, where many are out of work. When there is too much currency in circulation relative to the economic productivity of a group, inflation occurs. In other words, when the amount of money accurately reflects the productivity of the people, you experience good times. When there is an imbalance between the amount of currency in circulation, you experience inflation or recession. Booms and busts can be artificially created simply by manipulating the currency.

This has been the major, ongoing theme on planet earth for the past 6,000 years.

The reason for the current world financial crisis is because finance, banking, and money are at the heart of the Old Order. In order to maintain scarcity and control, a system had to be devised to allow a few people at the top to maintain it. With hundreds of millions, and now billions of people playing the expanded game of free will, it would be impossible to manage and maintain such a system. In order to play the game, you needed to have a few at the top who could make the decisions. This is how the game has been designed, and you all agreed to it! Do not blame those who have been manipulating the system for their personal benefit, for that system allowed you to explore, throughout the millennia, all aspects of the dark side. This is what you wanted!

To make a long story short, the End Game is approaching! You are traveling along a path that will allow you, gradually, to see how the old game has been played. Along the way you will be exposed to the fundamental concepts and beliefs that have allowed the system to stay in place so that the game could be played. You will gradually see the actors behind the scenes, who have kept the ideas of scarcity and top-down control in place. This process must occur gradually if the system is not to fall apart and lead to a planetary catastrophe. You WANT to move slowly now, not all at once, until the population is ready to accept the unmasking of the game, and to enable everyone to understand how it was set up and played.

In other words, the End Game is unfolding around the ideas of finance and banking, which are the devices used to control currencies, and thus economic activity, which in turn determines the level of abundance or scarcity in a society. The manipulation of currency is the valve that determines how much energy is input into the system. When the valve is open, a good flow of energy is maintained, and the people are prosperous. Too much or too little currency will create artificial booms and busts.

These ideas are the  basis for “conspiracy theories” and conspiracy theorists, who claim that the system is manipulated behind the scenes by evil bankers, corporations, and politicians. Well of course it is!  As we said above, the expanded game of free will is essentially the exploration of the dark side in all of its possible ramifications. You wanted it, and you got it! The system was DESIGNED as a top-down, hierarchical system ,like a pyramid. So inevitably, it was built to allow a few to control the many, in order to maintain the memes and  belief systems necessary to create and maintain the proper vibrational level to play the game. Now, the Wizard of Oz is being exposed, behind his curtain, as a very clever charlatan.

The old order is a closed system, whereby a few at the top can control the many. It leads to science, religion, and organizations based on scarcity, and can be expressed succinctly by the phrase “there’s only so much to go around.” Once you are convinced of that, your level of consciousness is pegged. The science you develop is built around the ideas of scarcity, and the result is an economy based around scarce and inefficient fossil fuels, for example. Your religions, your political organizations, and your economies will all develop precisely at the level of your consciousness. Closed systems, like the Old Paradigm of Thought, create societies that allow you to experience poverty, injustice, misery, domination, power over others, cruelty, psychosis, and thousands of other negative emotions. These experiences are not possible in open systems, which exist for the benefit of all and are designed around ideas of abundance and harmony. Open systems naturally create science based on more expanded ideas like cold fusion, energy from the vacuum, solar power, and a host of others. So what determines whether your societies are based on the open system idea or the closed system idea? Your level of consciousness, which is determined by your belief systems.

Throughout history on planet earth, the “battle” has been between those who favor open systems and those who favor closed systems. Because the desire of humanity was to explore the dark side, the vibrational tendency has been to favor the closed system idea, so that you could play the Expanded Game of Free Will. This vibrational tendency has been well established for thousands of years, which is why it has been so difficult to transcend it. But this is precisely what you are doing now. The fundamental basis for the maintenance of the Old Order has been finance and banking. These are the subjects you are learning about now. When enough of you understand how currencies have been manipulated, and how they can be used to ensure abundance and prosperity, you will be well on your way to creating a new golden age on earth. Of course, this understanding is coming about through a rise in consciousness.

 As we have said since this show began, the population increase on earth is creating a very powerful acceleration of the background vibration, within which you all live. The earth is cocooned within a field of invisible, subtle energy, and it contains an incredibly sophisticated, programmable, information system. All of the tools you need to create a New Earth are waiting for you. All that is necessary is to access this  new information, and you do that by asking for it. Through your powerful desire, you create a vibrational match to abundance and prosperity. Like a key unlocking a door, this vibrational similarity allows you to access the information hidden behind the door, just like the man behind the great stone slab who announces the correct password. “Open sesame!” he says, and the great slab open easily and what is inside is now available. Of course the door has always been there, but you couldn’t see it, or you didn’t have the right password. The correct password is your asking, your desire for positive change. It is the “open sesame” of your fairy tales. The universe is designed around abundance and well being. Because you have been playing the expanded game of free will, you have lost sight of that important idea. But now you are remembering! As you continue to remember your divine origins and raise your level of awareness, an entirely new world of possibility will open for you. The human race is on the cusp of a quantum, evolutionary leap in awareness. It is already occurring, gradually and appropriately. 2012, and the years to follow, will be amazingly exciting times for the human race, the planet earth, and all life upon her. As we have said before, everyone who has ever incarnated on earth is here now, or is coming. That is why the population has grown so dramatically over the past century. Ken’s sister-in-law has a sign in her kitchen that says, “These Are The Good Old Days.” Our sentiments exactly! These are the days you wanted to live through, these are the times you wanted to be in, to help humanity and the planet achieve a higher level of being and experience.

Notes -- Books to read:

“Web Of Debt,” by Ellen Hodgson Brown. This book describes the history of money, and gives historical examples of how currency manipulation has created booms and busts. The idea behind money and credit are fully explained in simple, clear language that anyone can understand. This book should be required reading for all citizens of the world.

“Babylon’s Banksters,” by Joseph P. Farrell. This amazing book explains the difference between closed and open systems, and the relationship between finance, currency, physics, religion, economics, and politics. This book is a tour-de-force, and will connect all of the dots.

First read Web of Debt and then read the Farrell book. After reading these two books, I guarantee your understanding will advance by light years. You won’t be able to be fooled any longer by lying and bought-off politicians, news media, bankers, and other scum who are dedicated to holding onto the old game. It’s time to move forward and make real progress! This can only happen when understanding, and awareness, is expanded. These two book will open your eyes.


Another excellent book is “Rule by Secrecy” by Jim Marrs. This is an excellent historical summary of secret societies from Babylonian times to the present. No bombast here, or kooky ranting and raving; just the facts presented logically and calmly. Highly recommended if you are into “what’s going on behind the scenes.”



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