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What's Up with the Weather?

(From the Interview With Spirit show, 1/26/2011)

As weather patterns change all over the world, people are looking for explanations. Are these changes a result of natural earth cycles? Or does the presence of 7 billion human beings have an effect on weather patterns? Can consciousness affect the weather? This is what I asked my guidance for one of my radio shows. Here is the answer I received:

Yes, consciousness does affect the weather! But the weather itself is dependent on a host of other factors, like the temperature of the oceans, where the oceans travel, and the magnetic field of the earth, which is also affected by the activity in the sun. However, the presence of  7 billion human beings is like a gigantic engine that has not yet “hit on all cylinders,” as you might say.

The power of human consciousness has been atrophied for millennia for two reasons: 1) the lack of population, and 2) (and most important) a lack of direction. You know personally how great an effect even one person can have on the weather (this refers to my “weather experiment,” which I talked about in a previous newsletter, where I magically cleared the sky using a surrogate merkaba) ; imagine what 7 billion people, united, can do!

Right now the human race is like a child that is finding its balance. Many of you still believe that “outside forces” control what happens on the earth, and that intervention from some kind of savior or rescuer is the only way you can get out of the mess you are in.

Your popular culture reflects these ideas in movies about superheroes who magically come down from the sky to rescue you. But of course that is not true at all! We have explained, many times, how the population increase has also changed the potentials around humanity, and planet earth.

What we mean by potentials is: the increased frequency, power, and velocity of the earth’s subtle energy (which we have called the “background vibration”), which is the vibrational garden into which you sow  your thoughts and intentions, and which serves as a backdrop and a dynamically changing template that drives physical activity. The earth’s subtle energy, or “thought substance,” is becoming far more sensitized to human  thought, and the changing desires of all of you, as you seek a new direction out of the old paradigm of thought.

It is your changing desires that are vibrationally changing the script of the stage play called planet earth. As we have said over and over, it is YOU that has control of the direction of the future. It is YOU who determines what actors appear on the stage, and what lines they are permitted to speak, and what actions they are permitted to perform.

In other words, human beings, collectively, determine what happens in the physical plane. All of the action is on the subtle planes, dear ones. Of course the earth has her own cycles, and will always do best for her and the life associated with her. The earth will never allow herself to be harmed, nor will the earth allow you to destroy yourselves. The evolution of thought has proceeded too far for that ever to happen now.

Some of you compare what is happening now to what happened in Atlantis, when the civilization there was destroyed. That will not happen now. For one thing, the destruction of the last great civilization on your planet was brought about by a great climactic shift, as the weather warmed out of the last ice age, and the levels of the oceans rose dramatically. But even then there was plenty of time for people to move to other locations! The earth always works for the best for all life.

And, we will say this now even though many of you may not believe it, disruptions or even natural earth cycles can be re-directed into more benign channels. In other words, natural disasters can be avoided by a change in consciousness! This is the exciting news we have for you this week. This statement may seem absurd to those who think that consciousness is biologically dependent, but that old theory is a relic of the dark ages! You are now moving out of that limiting belief very swiftly.

The earth’s climate right now is volatile, which exactly reflects the volatility in human consciousness.

You are applying the heat and stirring the pot rapidly, and the water is hissing and steaming and some of it is spilling over. Your electromagnetic weaponry is also causing  targeted disruptions in the atmosphere and in the oceans, but this is a minor factor. We tell you that if you step into your own power you will recognize that you have the capability of turning earth into a paradise. Earth already IS a paradise, the main factor that is causing disruptions are the disruptions in consciousness.

Our message this week is that humanity, collectively, is writing the play. Ken gets tired of hearing this but it is necessary to repeat it.

There are many positive factors working in your favor as you proceed along your evolutionary path. The main one is the increasing power and sensitivity of the background vibration. As you change your intent, you change the programming within the hologram of earth. Ken likes computer analogies, so we will give him one. If you have a very sophisticated program like Photoshop CS5, and you attempt to run that program on an old DOS machine with a crude operating system, a primitive CPU, and hardly any memory, you are doomed to failure. That program won’t run! Or, as you might say, “that dog won’t hunt!” In the past, humans have tried to run the program “Harmony 3.0” on the operating System “Conflict 34567.” The system simply was not designed for it. All of the hardware was oriented toward something different!

But now the operating system is becoming more sophisticated, because you are asking for it. This is the key! The earth has amazingly sophisticated hardware that she can bring on-line, but it is not possible for her to do that unless you ask for it. The proper programming is supplied by your thoughts and your intentions.

If this sounds too simple, it is not. This is the way evolution works: first you conceive of a desire, then you flesh out that desire, then you give the system a direction. The universe is here to provide you with exactly what you are creating in thought. You understand this as the Law of Attraction. This law is so complex in its application that it would astound you.

We will leave you with this idea: everyone can have what they want!

Yes, it is possible. In fact, it is the way the universe was designed: to allow everyone to be completely sovereign; and, if you choose a higher path, to allow these desires to manifest individually and collectively while preserving the common good.

We see the population of the earth increasing past 10 billion, and more. This is necessary in order to create the ‘quantum leap” in consciousness that we have been talking about. Of course, there are those on your planet who are working to reduce the population. But the balance of the forces is being provided by your intent, and your decisions.

We keep telling you that you are writing the script. Once you really twig on that, you will evolve past your adolescence and into the flower of adulthood as a species. And when that happens, you simply can’t even conceive of how fantastic your lives will be!

Dear Ones, all endings are happy endings, no matter how grim or gruesome things appear right now. Continue to ask for positive change, and watch how events unfold.

NEVER listen to the doomsayers, or those mired in fear and contention. These dear ones are doing the best they can, but are frightened at the rising potential of humanity. Their only power is to get you to change your mind. Because when you change your mind, you also change the programming of the operating system called earth. And the solution to that is simple: keep creating the highest possible future for yourselves and for the planet. This work is the most important work you do, even if you do not yet see how effective you are. Your meditations and your changing intent are working miracles!


How to deal with the new energies

(From the Interview With Spirit show, 2/9/2011)

I ask:
"Why do I feel messed up at times, and good other times? There is nothing in my life to cause me to feel bad at all!"


This is  good topic for discussion on the show, because many of you are facing  problems of a similar nature in other areas of life.

Do you feel the new energy?

To you it feels rough and uncomfortable, but that is because you are just not used to it yet.

We understand that you feel you should adjust to it easily, and you look at your friends who  seem to have no problems at all. Hah! We aren’t kidding when we talk about an evolution of consciousness. You have heard many people talk about “new energies” coming to the planet earth.

 Well, these energies are being created by you! As we have said many times before, the population explosion is creating a large vibratory shift. Every human being is an incarnated spirit, accessing the physical and grounding the new energies into the planet. These new energies are often diametrically opposed to your old belief systems, however. The new energies are about cooperation and harmony, of course, but the new energies come with a higher, more powerful vibration. Your bodies need to learn to adjust to the new energies. And above, all, your belief systems also need to adjust? Even a little resistance to something that is vibrating very powerfully can cause great discomfort.

We tell you again that these new energies are totally benign, and feel wonderful, WHEN YOU DO NOT RESIST THEM.

We understand how resistant humanity is to change. It is often more comfortable to put up with something irritating than it is to embrace something that is potentially much better. In the past you have said, “better to have the danger I understand than the unknown.” The idea is that change must be for the worse, so you hang on to the status quo.  This idea, of course, continues to stick you in the status quo.

Rapid change is occurring in the background vibrational energies. We call them background energies because you cannot see them. But you can feel them. Oh yes, you can feel them for sure, especially those like Ken who are sensitive to energy.

The adjustment to the new energies is much more difficult while you are in the physical body. That is why we have often referred to you as spiritual warriors! This situation is entirely different from the energy shift that occurs at “death.” In “death” the spirit completely terminates the association with the physical body and returns to Native State. This process results in an immediate return to the fullness of Self  and a feeling of exquisite joy. In “death” there are no physical restrictions barring you from the experience of the consciousness of your glorious self.

What is occurring now is a rapid adjustment not only of your physical bodies, but a change in your belief systems. Your belief systems have been established for many centuries, and have been strongly agreed upon, Thus they are very powerful. When the new energies enter your personal vortex, they begin to “clean out” the old. encysted garbage in your physical body, but also in your energy field. But many of you have grown comfortable with the old ways, even those of you who crave positive change! And so many of you are experiencing discomfort in those areas of life where there is the most resistance.

There is nothing to cause more resistance than something that threatens your beliefs. We assure you that even the most successful of you are having your beliefs challenged in some way. In Ken’s case, this is happening on an energetic level. In other words, your feeling bad at times is caused mainly by your desire for a quantum leap in awareness and in feeling, that is butting heads with your belief that you don’t really want change. Ken, you see, is sometimes very stubborn. He does not want to admit that he is not perfect; and so when change comes, it threatens his idea of perfection. This is the main reason you sometimes go up and down.

We tell you that there is not a human being on the planet who is not affected by the increased background vibration. Your demand for positive change is creating new potentials for source energy to come through into the physical. It is a remarkable effect you are achieving! We tell you that you are doing this all by yourselves! You are creating the new potentials for an earth on a higher vibratory plane of existence. Along with that your old beliefs, are getting in the way.

This is really what the battle of good and evil is all about.

In your movies you portray good as the wizard with the white beard and the cane, or the superhero, and evil as the demon or the twisted criminal.

But in reality, dear ones, these are just avatars that represent your changing belief systems. We have waited a long time to be able to say this to Ken, for he could not hear it until now.

What we are saying is that the battle between good and evil is actually created by the new energies coming in to the planet from your own desires for positive change on the one hand, and these energies reacting with your old belief systems on the other. So you see you are creating the whole thing yourselves!

This is why we have said that humanity is writing the stage play. Not only are you giving the actors their lines, but you are also writing in the characters who appear on the stage! Is that not exciting?

You are determining the personalities of the actors who appear on the stage. And, of course, all of you are actors, and the stage in the planet earth!

We want you to think about this idea until next week. Consider the idea that the battle between good and evil is not external to you, but is something internal, and that each and every one of you is having a profound effect on the outcome.

We will have more to say on this next week.

 Until then, we love you very much, and remember that all endings are happy endings.

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