December 2012

Vol 7, #12

The purpose of the Big Picture Newsletter is to celebrate the spiritual nature of human beings. We are dedicated to dissolving the myth of the randomness of life, and the biological nature of consciousness. We believe that every human being is an aspect of God, a powerful creator and orchestrator of his or her life experience.


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The Virtual World and Beliefs

(from the Interview With Spirit show)
11/ 7/ 2012

For the last three shows we’ve been talking about the invisible virtual realm and how it coexists with the real world. Before we go any further, let’s summarize our discussion so far:

  1. Linked with the physical universe we see around us, and coexisting simultaneously with it, is a virtual realm that programs physical reality. This virtual realm contains the mathematics and the geometry and the physical laws that describe physical reality.

  2. The virtual realm is beyond the Body Reality, and can be accessed via conscious thought and intent.

  3. Consciousness is the GUI, or the interface, between the two realms.

  4. Physical reality is malleable, that is, it can be changed depending upon the choices made by physically incarnated beings.

  5. These choices access the virtual realm, which contains sets of possible realities, selecting from among them those that are a match to the information contained in the choice that was made.

  6. The dimensions of physical reality, or the playing field (all-that-is) exist as programmable, vibrational templates within the virtual realm.

  7. The virtual realm consists of sophisticated collections of potential states of reality; an infinite number of these states coexist and are superposed upon each other seamlessly in the virtual realm. Therefore, everything that can exist in the physical universe(s) already exists within the virtual realm.

  8. A virtual reality becomes “real” by a collapse of the wavefunction around a particular set of possible states. This “collapse of the wavefunction” is effected through a clear, decisive, and directed thought impulse into the virtual realm.

  9. Each set of potential states of reality in the virtual realm has its own set of physical laws to describe that particular reality or dimension.

  10. Belief systems are information systems -- that is, beliefs are collections of thought, or data, that reach into the virtual realm and program it. Therefore, physical reality, and the accompanying set of physical laws that describe it, can be changed if beliefs change.

That’s basically what we have been saying on the program for the past several weeks. This model of reality is fascinating because on one level it could be described as polar, or a duality: two separate realms that influence each other, the virtual and the real.   But this isn’t how it is at all. The two realms are actually united in single conceptual framework: but the understanding of this is totally dependent upon having a proper understanding of consciousness.

If you believe that consciousness is biologically based, you have essentially ignored the influence of the virtual realm, because it is unobservable and immeasurable. You have essentially stuck yourselves within the current reality, for what is real already IS, and what already is is what is real. This is a tautology, a description that reinforces the assumptions within the statement, and assumes the assumptions in the statement are already correct.  In other words, there is no room for change in this belief system. There is no room for concepts like higher levels of consciousness or states of being. Concepts like higher states of being are absurd within this belief system. And because the assumptions in the belief are never questioned, nothing ever really changes. And so, ignoring the virtual realm ensures the continuance of the status quo.

How can one prove the virtual realm exists? It is impossible scientifically, for by definition the virtual realm is beyond the physical; it is beyond time and space. One needs a shift in consciousness to recognize it; and a shift in consciousness is essentially a shift in belief. Remember we said that it is possible to quantify, or categorize, something as ephemeral as a “level of consciousness.”  All you have to do is to write down your beliefs about any area of life (or life itself) to discover your level of consciousness in that area. These beliefs are data; and this data programs your activities, and thus manifests your physical reality.

Example: Belief: “I can never have a satisfying, long-term relationship.” This belief generates data; simplistically, it generates a dynamic probability function P(x) = 0, where x is “satisfying long term relationship.” And of course you get to define or quantify what “satisfying long term relationship” is. The probability function of this belief ensures that no matter who you meet, your relationship with them will eventually fail. This is the power of beliefs.

Belief: “I never have enough money.” This belief is just data again, and can be described simplistically by a probability function P(m) = 0, where 0<= m <= e where m is money and e is “enough money.” You can see how e can change depending upon circumstances. In other words, Barb has $10,000 in the bank and wants to buy a house that costs $200,000, but the bank won’t give her a mortgage because they demand a 10% down-payment. Barb works and saves and finally comes up with the down payment and moves into the house, but now her mortgage payment is higher than she wants, and her $10,000 is gone, so she still does not have enough money. Then Grandpa Joe dies and leaves her $15,000, but she needs $20,000 to remodel the kitchen, which has old appliances. So Barb still does not have enough money. e constantly changes, and the probability function P(m) also changes, ensuring that she is never satisfied.

These are crude examples that try to show how your beliefs are generating actual, measurable, quantifiable activity in the virtual realm, which then selects or programs a particular reality that you then experience. The point is that beliefs are thoughts, thoughts are data, and you have control over what you are thinking. Really this sounds simplistic and even stupid, because “everybody knows that.” Yeah, well if everyone knows that then why aren’t our lives perfect? Because we believe they can’t be, and within our current belief system, we have very, very good reasons for believing they cannot.

The Law of Large Numbers, for example, states that even though the probability of rolling a 1 on a six-sided dice is always one-sixth, one would never expect to roll 100 consecutive 1’s. That’s because, on a large number of throws, the average of all of the throws will come closer and closer to the expected value. Popularly we say, “the odds of hitting 100 consecutive 1’s is pretty slim,”  and we believe that in life it is never possible to have things go our way all of the time, because we model our consciousness on what we observe is happening with matter and energy. We are always waiting “for the other show to drop.”

But this is just a belief. For example, the Law of Large Numbers doesn’t say that you cannot roll 100 1s in a row. It doesn’t say that you can’t roll 1,000 1s in a row. All it says is that eventually, if you roll 1,000 1s in a row, the system is going to find a balance and roll a lot of not 1s.  The point is, where is your level of balance? Is it at a low level or a high level? Human belief systems  are mired in scarcity and unworthiness, and our balance is at a lower level than it could be. The physical laws that correlate with this level of consciousness, or this belief system, all tell us that we don’t have enough energy and resources to keep everyone happy and prosperous. As a species we haven’t yet twigged on the idea that there is anything outside of the Body Reality. We have completely ignored the power of this virtual realm that is sitting on top of our reality, just waiting for us to wake up and smell the coffee.

The Law of Large Numbers is itself a belief system, a conclusion from observation that is based on looking at the physical world we have created, based on current belief systems. In other words, the Law of Large Numbers applies here on earth at our level, but it is not a natural law that exists everywhere. We can have abundance and prosperity and reach a higher level of consciousness where it;s all good all the time. That's how the system is set up: you get reality based on what you believe.

Look, consciousness, broadly, designed the universe so that we could have fun in it, and experience is a gazillion different ways.  That’s why We created this programmable, virtual realm that can hold an infinite number of possible states and combinations of states of reality. We are empowered, but we don’t know it. The virtual realm is the realm of consciousness, which anyone who has had an NDE or some sort of spiritual awakening can testify to.

Beliefs are very powerful. Beliefs are collections of thoughts about something. For example, the guy who believes that he cannot have a long-term relationship with a woman will experience failed relationships, over and over, which just reinforces his belief. In a vibrational universe, thoughts, emotions, and movement are vibrational. That accounts for everything in the universe because thought is the basic quanta of matter and energy. We all know that when you get a vibe going it keeps getting bigger and bigger unless you do something to stop it, like a snowball rolling downhill. Right?

OK, let’s look at the statement we just made. We said, “when you get a vibe going it keeps getting bigger and bigger unless you do something to stop it.” Well, not exactly. If the river is overflowing you have to stop it from going all over the road, so you build a breakwall. That’s what you do in the physical universe. (On a higher level you might never have the necessity to even do this, because the system is so rooted in well-being that the set of possibilities of “water overflowing” is excluded.)

But in life, if you try to stop something you just make it bigger. If you have the belief that you can never have a long-term relationship and you try to stop that from happening, you always choose methods that reinforce your belief, because you haven’t changed your fundamental idea about relationships. That’s the subject of a lot of funny movies; you know, about the geek who can never get a girl and he does all sorts of stupid stuff to make her like him. Sheldon and the boys in Big Bang Theory do this all the time. It’s funny! It’s funny because all of us inherently recognize that if these silly fools just changed their thinking a little, they’d have all the girls they wanted. But of course they don’t because they believe they’re geeks. It’s only when you CHANGE your beliefs that you make progress. You can’t fight or stop a vibration, you can only change to a new one.

So we are really trying to hammer home in this message how important beliefs are, how they can be regarded as vibrational data, and how they program this invisible, but omnipresent virtual reality that interfaces with physical reality. Your “level of consciousness” is determined by what you believe. If you change what you believe you can change your level of consciousness. That’s pretty awesome, I think.
All right, now let’s see what the guys have to say about life, the universe, and everything.

Greetings from Native State! Or shall we say, from the virtual world Ken is talking about. Consciousness is the overarching factor in all realms and universes of experience. Consciousness is the animating and creative factor that inspires all thought, all intent, and all action and movement. One factor Ken omitted from his description of the virtual world: it’s preeminent, fundamental, and quintessential property is the feeling of well being and love.

When Ken describes the virtual world he is describing only the data; but the data is organized in a way that always, and we mean always, promotes well-being and balance. Love is sometimes misunderstood, because people will say, “If God loves us so much, why would He allow so much pain and misery in the world? The answer to that is that infinite love = infinite allowing. Infinite allowance means infinite creativity, do you see? For then there are no limits to what can be created and experienced; there are an infinite number of degrees of freedom, and these can be combined in an infinite number of ways.

All pain and misery are temporary. All actions are sanctioned. Does this mean anarchy? Of course not. The concept of anarchy can only exist in belief systems and consciousness that support it, and this can  only occur when one moves away from one’s true self. And so you can see that pain and misery can only occur when consciousness has (deliberately or unconsciously) moved away from knowledge of self. On earth, this has been deliberately done. Do not believe those who say that the earth is part of a degraded dimension of existence that has somehow split off from well-being. At all levels and dimensions you are empowered, for all realities are cocooned within the love of the One.

All endings are happy endings, for even in the denser existences, when a being terminates its association with that reality, it automatically rediscovers the non-physical nature of itself. In other words, consciousness is not dependent upon anything physical, and when it terminates its association with whatever experience it has had, it comes to know itself again in fullness. Oh, wait until it happens to you! You will discover that there are many layers of awareness, and all of them connect or link with well-being.

As the year 2012 approaches its end, the discovery of the virtual world and its linkage to reality is upon you. We expect this to occur first within the scientific disciplines, and then to be explained in terms the public can understand. What will occur is that the virtual world will translate from the subatomic realm to the macro realm of “real life.” This will gradually lead to a changing of belief systems and a new consciousness. The speed with which you are evolving now is becoming even more rapid. We can hardly imagine what it is like for you right now, in your physical bodies.  If you let the Ascension process occur, it will come upon you like a big birthday surprise that surpasses all of your expectations.

The Ascension process is, simply, discovering the love and the well-being that is inherent in you, in the fabric of space, and within everything you see with your human senses. Like cooking oil slowly soaking into a cloth, these feelings of well-being will begin to penetrate your biology and your subtle energy fields. Life will feel different! It will feel better. If you are having trouble now it is because you are resisting the inflow of well-being, and that is easy to do, for it is a very major change from the vibrational level you have experienced for so long. It will take your biology a little time to adjust, so do not worry if you feel a little depressed, or anxious, or experience emotions that you normally do not feel. That which has been hidden is releasing; and that includes old imprints of energy from previous lifetimes.

Again, as we said over and over during the first 4 years of the show, the entire human race is working through the old paradigm of thought and its accompanying density. This density occurs both in thought and in emotion. And so like the crud that is stirred from the bottom of the pot when it is cleaned, you are all, individually and collectively, working through a little karmic mess.

This is natural. But we tell you that you would not be working through this stuff unless you were advancing! When things stay the same you don’t experience much change, and you get used to a certain level of being and of feeling. But when you advance, you stir the emotional waters, and confront the old belief systems that are no longer serving you. So do not despair! Although many of you are still feeling the effects of old energy imprints, for many these imprints are beginning to lift, and you are experiencing periods of lightness of being, and a new-found sense of creativity and possibility.  This is a wonderful feeling that goes along with changing belief systems. Changing belief systems results in the choosing of new energy states with more degrees of freedom. We have told you that a new level of consciousness will open up a bigger game to you. Along with that bigger game is also an expansion of being, and  a feeling that  you are capable of many more things than previously.

We aren’t kidding when we talk about the virtual realm and its effect on the real world. We want you to know that a new level of consciousness not only brings with it new data streams and new physical laws that will result in more abundance and prosperity for all, but also an increase in good feeling. The two, you see, go hand-in-hand. This is a fascinating  glimpse into how the universe works. Contraction results from limiting belief systems, and along with that comes a contraction in the scale of emotion/vibration: the upper levels becomes squashed down into the lower levels, and the norm or the status quo (or the balance point of the system) occurs at a lower emotional (and intelligence) levels. But expansion results in higher intelligence, more life force, AND (the big bonus) a rise in the general emotional tone. The upper levels of the scale of vibration expand, and the system finds a balance point at a much higher emotional level. We’ve said before that the scale of emotion in Native State is almost exclusively at the higher levels: there are literally an infinite number of ways to feel wonderful, and the lower levels become squashed down into a tiny little line that you can’t even experience anymore. All of you are going to discover this as the human race evolves, and you choose from the virtual realm higher and higher states of existence.  

We are so excited to see this happening on earth right now! Look forward to a brighter future, because you are emerging into it as we speak.


Dewey Larson's Reverse Cosmology

(From the Interview With Spirit show, 11/14/2012)


Well we have been talking about a virtual realm that coexists on top of, or along with, the real world. Turns out that a brilliant American engineer, Dewey Larson, wrote several scientific books on this idea way back in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. He developed a Theory of Everything which he called the Reciprocal System, because it postulates time and space as reciprocals of each other.

Apparently Larson turns science on its head, and his theory is the exact opposite of everything we have been taught about science, astronomy, cosmology, and how the universe works. Larson redefines space and time and postulates a three dimensional coordinate empty space that is filled with time (the real world we know, called space-time) and alongside it, an invisible, opposite realm that looks just like the real world but is filled with time (called time-space). When you travel in this other realm you travel temporally (in time) instead of in space. Both realms coexist in the same three-dimensional space, but you can go from one to the other. It’s pretty complicated, but David Wilcock had a good summary of this idea in his book Source Field Investigations on pp. 269 - 272.  There’s another link I’ll mention later on. And for an overview of the Big Picture, you can read my book, The Vibrational Universe, available at and on

What we’ve been talking about on the show is a virtual realm that includes ALL dimensions and realities of existence, not just the one we happen to be in. Larson developed a serious scientific theory that found acceptance among forward-thinking researchers. What we’re talking about with our description of the virtual realm is an empowering metaphysical description of existence based upon the idea that consciousness is eternal and that it is the animating and creating principle behind everything that is and everything can be experienced.

This is very important because ultimately, we want to know whether everything is going to turn out all right, in the big picture. You know, what happens after we die? Is the universe going to eventually end up lifeless and dead, as we are told by cosmologists and astronomers? What’s the point of existence if everything is going to go to hell? Well, the purpose of this show is to try to show in as many ways as possible that in the Biggest Picture, everything IS OK. We need that assurance (or I do at least) and that’s the point of the metaphysical discussions we have on this show. We like to talk about current events, but I always like to frame these events in the big picture. And sometimes we need to be reminded that we aren’t these physical bodies, but incarnated spirits, physical aspects of a higher consciousness. And when we understand that, the idea of a virtual realm that contains all dimensions of existence superposed one upon the other doesn’t seem quite so strange.

All right, one of the mind-blowing aspects of Larson’s work is his redefinition of stellar evolution. You might think this is pretty esoteric, but it’s really not, it has mind-blowing implications. For example, I learned in college that young stars are white hot, and that as time progresses, all stars in the universe cool. They are supposedly born hot and white and cool to blue-white to yellow to orange, and finally, when the star uses up all of its fissionable material, to a red giant which expands and then cools down to a white dwarf and then eventually to a black hole. The picture that this theory of stellar evolution brings is a universe that is expanding, and that will eventually cool down so much that it will end lifeless and cold. This theory of stellar evolution also corresponds to the Big Bang Theory, which postulates a very, very hot and dense collection of energy at the beginning of time that explodes outward and cools down to eventually form clouds of gasses which eventually form into galaxies and stars. This supposedly takes billions of years to accomplish. And the end, of course, continued expansion results in a dead and lifeless universe, just as the hot cup of coffee loses its heat and energy if you put it out in the icy air for a long enough time.

There’s something wrong with a cosmology that proposes that the only object of life is death! What’s the point?

Now let’s take a look at what the Reciprocal System of Dewey Larson proposes. Larson was a brilliant American engineer who wrote several books and proposed his own Theory of Everything. You can find his books and a brief description of this theory at One of Larson’s quotes that I really like is as follows: “Somewhere along the line, that which is true is being made to appear false, because that which is false is accepted as truth.” I’ve always felt that was true.

Anyway, Larson’s stellar evolution is precisely the opposite. He noted that when you heat a piece of metal, say, it first gets red-hot, then orange, then yellow, then blue, white, and then the molecular structure breaks down. Larson proposes that NEW stars are the coolest and youngest, and that stellar evolution progresses from cool to hot as the star gathers more stellar dust and energy from the surrounding space. Eventually, as the star becomes white hot it eventually novas, recycling stellar material out into space. So, our sun is not cooling, but warming, as are all of the stars in the universe.

This gives an entirely different picture of the universe! Instead of a universe that is growing colder and lifeless and that will eventually die, we see a universe where stars become hotter and livelier, and eventually nova, providing fuel for new, cooler stars, to grow. This cosmology results in a living universe that constantly recycles stellar material.

This is also a very elegant explanation for global warming: simply put, our sun is getting slightly warmer as time goes on, which is gradually increasing the average temperature on the earth. Now this is a much simpler explanation than the complicated climate change science, which is completely contradictory and which people are fighting over. Remember, our cosmology is very incomplete. Scientists have no idea what 96% of the energy and matter in the universe is! It is called dark matter and dark energy, and nobody knows what it is! One would think that a cosmology that results in this situation would be immediately invalidated, but of course that would destroy all of our cherished theories about life, the universe, and everything.  

In Larson’s cosmology, when stars get hotter, the planets compensate by increasing their orbital periods. In other words, the length of the year increases slightly as the star gets hotter and hotter, because the planets move farther and farther away from the hotter star. Our science says nothing about this, and I can’t discover any evidence that the orbital period of the earth has changed. But there probably wasn’t a way to measure the orbit of the earth through time anyway because our science has been so primitive. I don’t think there is any way to determine whether the orbit of the earth is increasing or not, but Larson also proposes that the age of the universe is much less than 14 billion years. So Larson says that what we know is backwards from the truth. Does that resonate with you? It sure does to me. I’ve felt almost since the day I was born that humanity’s belief systems were upside down.

The Big Bang Theory and its cosmological derivatives all operate on the idea that first there was (no explanation) matter and energy, and that consciousness evolved randomly, billions of years later. No explanation is given for how all of this energy got there in the first place, of course, because “everybody knows” that human beings are just meat bodies and that consciousness is the result of the interactions of matter and energy. Duh, this is the exact opposite of the truth. Is it any wonder that our science, our medicine, and our religions are all twisted around? Is it any wonder, with these belief systems, that we believe fighting something can cure it? That on a planet with a $60 trillion GDP, that hundreds of millions of people go hungry? That there is so much poverty and misery on planet earth? These conditions result from flawed belief systems, it’s as simple as that. And the most flawed belief system is that you are a piece of meat.

It makes much more sense to me to postulate a universe that isn’t so mysterious. Let’s face it folks: no matter how you design your cosmology, there is a certain mysterious wonder connected with it. In the degraded POV of the “Man is Meat” Theory, the biological basis for consciousness, consciousness and life evolves from randomly interacting energy and matter. But in order to have that idea, you have to have some mysterious singularity that explodes, or some mysterious quantum background flux that evolves into the matter and energy we see around us, or something prior that exists without an explanation for WHY it exists or HOW it got created. So there’s a huge mystery connected with the scientific explanation that is just basically ignored because no one can explain it.

On the other hand there is the woo-woo theory of consciousness as the creating and animating principle of the universe, which is immediately dismissed because it is dependent upon something mysterious and unexplainable called consciousness. Go figure. But this metaphysical theory has been around a lot longer than the Big Bang Theory and its derivatives. It is a theory of everything that depends upon a glorious mystery: that consciousness is divine and eternal and created the universe and everything in it to experience in. So there is mystery in EVERY cosmology, even the scientific one. The advantage to the consciousness-is- non-physical explanation is that you don’t have to worry about how and why the universe was created. Intelligence and well-being is an inherent property of the system, and this intelligence and well-being is contained in the virtual realm we’ve been talking about in the last few shows. To see graphic description of this idea, go to and see my free movie “The Unity of Spirit and Matter.”

These ideas are very important because everybody knows that your life experience is determined by your expectations and your beliefs about what is possible. If you don’t believe it’s possible to have a loving, long-term relationship, you won’t have one. If you don’t believe it’s possible to be successful, you will never be successful in your own eyes, no matter how much you do. And this applies to humanity as a whole. As we approach the end of 2012 we are 7 billion strong now. We have the opportunity to create a new future where mankind is unified and sovereign, and where we become good stewards for our planet. But we can never do this if we have inverted belief systems that tell us that we are meat, that we are unworthy, and that there is never enough to go around. That’s why it’s so important to talk about belief systems and how we can change what we expect to happen to us as individuals, and as a planet.

I don’t want to get into why the Man is Meat Theory is ridiculous, because anyone who has had a spiritual awakening just knows this without question, and probably the vast majority of people who listen to this podcast already understand it. And if you don’t, well too bad. I’m not here to convince skeptics, or proselytize for my set of beliefs. I’m happy for you to believe in anything you want, because we live in a universe of free will and I can’t prevent you from doing so anyway. As we’ve said on this show for years, what you believe is reflected in your life experience.

Anyone who has had an NDE will tell you unequivocally that consciousness is eternal and non-physical. And anyway, we are all going to find out the truth when we “die,” quote unquote. There’s no death, and any cosmology or theory of life that says there is, is wrong. There is a law in physics called the Conservation of Energy. It says that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it just changes its form, like when you burn a log and the substance of the log changes form and turns into heat. Well, this idea has a wonderful counterpart when we talk about consciousness. Consciousness can change the physical form of where and how it experiences, but your self-awareness always remains intact.

On our planet we have believed in childish and adolescent belief systems for so long that they seem like old friends to us. We’ve been down on ourselves for so long we think it’s “human nature.” But that’s bullshit. If you want to believe in your own inadequacies, go right ahead, but it doesn’t feel very good. And it will lead to a collective future that is a shadow of our true potential.
The planet earth and life upon it is heading toward fourth-level consciousness, consciousness on a planetary scale. We’ve talked before about how awareness expands from the individual to the family and to groups, and nation-states, and the next step is planetary / species awareness. This is the fourth level. We’re either going to experience a sordid, stupid future, or we are going to evolve in unity and freedom and sovereignty and experience a glorious future where we align our consciousness with higher dimensions and with beings out there who are aligned to higher consciousness.

In the sordid future, we become a degraded race like the Borg, modeled on the “collective security” concept, merging our biology with electronics, or cloning ourselves, or creating android bodies or AI systems to ruin our lives, all of which are so stupid that I am convinced that the human race will choose differently. People, don’t ask me how I know it, but all of these supposedly exotic technical futures for the human race, without exception, lead to evolutionary dead-ends, and realities in which the human race becomes deprecated. That’s a fancy computer programming term that means, useless, superannuated, no good anymore because there’s something a lot better. When you pollute your biology, you destroy your future, and any race that would do that is too stupid to survive anyway, because it leads to a decreased Life Force index, decreased elan vital, and decreased intelligence and racial vitality. So we’ve been warned. As my buddies and I say in disk golf, The Master is Wise (joke).

The old Star Trek used to dramatize these dead-end realties all the time. In “The Gamesters of Triskelion,” three brains in plastic soup cans are nourished by a plasma soup. These “evolved” brains create a society where gladiators are stolen from  different planets and fight each other. These guys bet “quatloos” on the winner of each contest, because that’s the only way these idiot brains -- oh excuse me, advanced beings -- can amuse themselves. Yeah, that’s the kind of stupid evolutionary future you get when you think you are meat. In another Star Trek episode, I forget which one, three so-called “advanced” beings turn the Enterprise crew into styrofoam cubes. That’s the kind of person  you want to become, right? Gene Roddenberry was a genius. I’m convinced he had access to some pretty connected people in the hidden programs. Even back in 1967, according to Dr. Steven Greer and other whistleblowers, we had anti-gravity and teleportation and all sorts of exotic stuff.

Human biology has been designed as the optimum vehicle for consciousness, because it is able to absorb the most life force. The EM spectrum is merely a subset of a series of higher, subtle  energies at higher and higher dimensions. Scientifically there is a level below the Planck scale that is more subtle than the EM spectrum. It is not the end-all of evolution. The reality we see around us is constantly evolving as we change our beliefs and expectations. From the virtual realm we select the reality we want to experience (the eigenstates) from an almost infinite set of potential states in the virtual realm. The reality we see isn’t illusory, we all know that, because it can be pretty painful and miserable. However, it IS illusory in the sense that we can change it! That’s the idea we have to understand if we want to achieve a better future. Consciousness is the interface between the manifest and the unmanifest, the real and the virtual.

There is a fascinating website where you can explore some of the concepts we have been talking about. It is called, and it has a series of interesting articles by a guy who calls himself “Daniel.” Now I don’t like people who won’t identify themselves, but this dude claims to have worked on the super-secret Montauk project back in the 80s, which involved time travel, and apparently this guy doesn’t want to speak too loudly or you know what will happen.

We’ve been talking about Dewey Larson and his Reciprocal System. Larson is in a class of serious researchers whom Daniel calls “uncommitted investigators,” a term coined by Harvard University president James Conant. These are men and women who are not part of a university or think tank and who take human thought to another level. These people are always looked upon as kooks and nuts before their theories eventually become accepted. Remember that Einstein himself largely developed his Special Theory of Relativity while working as a Swiss patent clerk. He was uncommitted then.

You can find out a little bit about Larson’s ideas by going to and reading the three PDFs by Daniel. Look people, if you think that the world we live in is as good as it gets, then you probably believe everything you see on CNN and read in the New York Times and hear on NPR. You probably believe that it’s human nature to fight and kill, and all of that reptilian brain stuff. Well, that’s just primitive and degraded. The human race has an incredible spiritual potential for advancement, and we need to stay on that track. The reality we hear from standard news outlets is just the surface of an underlying reality that is a lot more sophisticated than anything we ever dreamed of. They are selecting for us future realities in this dense third dimension that closely resemble the reality we see around us. And if we believe it we can stay stuck here.

The rabbit hole here on earth goes pretty deep, as Kerry Cassidy says, and the only way to make sense of it is to trust your feelings. It’s valid if it makes you feel good and invalid if it makes you feel like shit. This concept is self-culling, because it weeds out the deadheads who don’t know who they are and who don’t have any feelings, or don’t trust their God-given feelings, which are a perfect compass toward the Godhead and higher consciousness. It automatically weeds out the sociopaths, the psychopaths, and the psychotics. These people are going to stay stuck until we, the people, wake up. And when we wake up we can take them along with us to the glorious City on the Hill, which we talked about on previous shows. That’s what this Ascension process is all about: an awakening of human consciousness toward a greater feeling of well being (accompanied as a matter of course by the understanding of a new set of physical laws. The data accompanies the feeling like a radio program piggybacking on the carrier wave). 

You see, women are right: the world is ultimately about feelings. Sure we need engineers and computers and technology and all that stuff because it’s fun and makes our lives easier. But ultimately, you gotta trust your feelings or you become an automaton. As Abraham and Esther Hicks always said, the only reason anybody ever does anything is because it makes them feel good.  That includes people like Sheldon in the Big Bang Theory program, who thinks he is some kind of detached intellect, and all of his nerdy friends. But Sheldon does his math and science because it makes him feel good, despite what he says. Penny is right!

The road to dead-end timelines and evolutionary futures and individual failed lives is strewn with lack of feeling, with not trusting your feelings, and on over-reliance on data. Robotics, AI, and the rest are an attempt at the evolution to a state of pure mind; a pristine state of complete objectivity, where data is king and feelings are deprecated, and pure logic is celebrated. Such is the expression of a sterile existence; and indeed, an impossible existence, for an expansion in awareness is always accompanied by a greater and greater feeling of well being, love, and serenity. That’s the message for this week. One cannot achieve higher consciousness -- a state of pure mind -- without a concomitant increase in the feeling of well being. Attempts to squelch feelings will retard the progress to higher states of awareness and knowledge of the universe. This is just how the system is designed. It is designed as a win-win: expansion of awareness is accompanied by a balanced progression of mind and heart. That is why biology is so important to evolution. Messing with biology is a sure way to truncate progress up the evolutionary ladder, and that is just what the pathetic NWO boys are trying to do with their genetic alterations of human biology and the food supply. They want us all to stay in this third density, but their efforts will fail because there are too many of us now who can see the glorious path ahead.

I was on my walk today and began to imagine this virtual realm around me, with all of its potential realities. I used the wavefunction of consciousness to select from that sea of potential the higher reality I wanted to experience, and I began to feel a superposition -- as if I had activated some function from a virtual computer program and that function was beginning to change reality. I also felt an increased feeling of well-being. Self-fulfilling prophecy or did it actually happen? Well, the two are the same, aren’t they? Try it yourself. Use the power of consciousness and your ability to interact with the virtual realm to select your own higher reality.



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