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Current Events and Seth's Framework 2

(from the Interview With Spirit show)


What’s the latest from the world of Spirit on current events on the planet earth?

We’ve also had a request to discuss the Framework 2 concept from the Seth material. Your thoughts?


A: Well, as soon as you began to write down this message, you received a business call, which took your attention off the message and on to the affairs of the world. This is very similar to what is happening on the etheric levels of reality beyond the Body Reality: the old memes, as we have said before, are now making their presence felt in a big way. Many of you are experiencing emotions and feelings that don’t seem to belong to you. Many of you are feeling stuck, or diverted, in some way. This is happening because new programming is being activated within the planet’s information grid, flushing out the accumulated vibrational energy from thousands of years of playing the expanded game of light and dark. This has been the recurring theme for several weeks now on the show, and it will continue to be for a while yet. This process is natural: when you clean out an old closet, you must be prepared to experience a little mess! You have to roll up your sleeves and remove the old boxes, the no-longer used clothes and all of the accumulated junk. Dust and dirt is raised, and you begin to cough and feel a bit miserable. But once the old junk is removed and the walls are cleaned, you can put the new things in.

The old junk represents the memes  from the old game, and the cleaning process represents the transmuting of the energy of the old meme structure. Remember that you have been playing the game of light and dark for millennia: this has been the basis for the old paradigm of thought and the old meme structure.

All of you understand that when you have a habit, it can become very hard to break! The longer you smoke or drink, for example, the harder it is to break that habit. Your body becomes “addicted.” Addiction is nothing more than a vibrational signal becoming built up more and more, becoming stronger and stronger. The more you “groove in” a habit, the deeper the groove becomes. Soon you are standing ten feet below the surface!

Energetically, you are dealing with an incredibly sophisticated vibrational information system. The difficulty is that from within the Body Reality, this information system is invisible. You are walking about with blinders on! But in order for the game of light and dark to  have become so real, so terrible and wonderful, this was necessary. By putting your spiritual blinders on, you have been able to experience misery, hopelessness, despair, and even the idea of death! This has truly been a magnificent experience for yourselves individually, and for the collective consciousness. Every experience you have ever had has been recorded within the planetary hologram, so that all may benefit. Remember, the prime impulse for consciousness is to create! The One consciousness wished to experience itself in an infinite variety of ways. And so the All-That-Is has been created, resulting in an almost infinite variety of playgrounds, and one of the most truly amazing is the playground called earth.  Like a pipe that has become clogged with detritus, however, you are all experiencing a little “blowback!” Again this is natural.

The way out is the way through, meaning that the old memes with their vibrational signatures of conflict, greed, domination, guile, subterfuge and deception (as well as many many more!) must be transmuted. This means that the incarnated spirits upon the earth all act as little transponders, or even better, little lightning rods that take the old energy and fill it with the higher vibrations of love, compassion, and harmony. When this happens you FEEL that old energy! In other words, the only way to transmute the old vibration to a higher one is to contact it. You must merge with it, feel it, and fill it with the higher vibrations. That, in a nutshell, is the process you are going through right now, every one of you, even if you have no idea (or do not care) that there is something “spiritual” beyond your everyday activities. Almost everyone who is simply living their lives are also experiencing more of a roller coaster ride. These experiences simply come in the form of business difficulties or life difficulties that may be unexplainable. Those of you who understand that there is a level of reality beyond the John and Mary of life (as Ken says) have a leg up, so to speak. It is always better to know what is happening and why, even though you must go through it!

We said several months ago that the planet was in a sort of pause mode. This is continuing as the energy builds up within the old meme structure. Like a pot of water you put on the stove, it takes a while for the heat from the burner to activate the water. Right now the key system is the financial and banking area, for this is the area that has the most leverage: money, credit, and debt essentially controls the physical game now, and the world’s financial system has been on the cusp of a breakdown/breakthrough for the past two or three years. Behind the scenes, the so-called “dark” actors -- those who have been creating the dark side of the game of light an dark -- are fighting amongst themselves for control of the world’s financial and banking system. Those on the other side -- those who are creating the light side of the game -- are organizing as we speak, and creating a new financial system that will benefit everyone on the planet.

The game of light and dark had heretofore been played on a more decentralized basis, because worldwide communication was not possible. This scenario favored the dark side, for the influence of the actors who supported the light could only expand so far. Now the game has expanded to encompass all life on the planet earth. This has been made possible by  a massive influx of energy into the system, brought about by the growth in the human population over the past two centuries. What has occurred (as we spoke about in previous shows) is that those who are playing the dark side of the game have been forced to clump together in order to avoid the expansion of the higher vibrations, brought about by the clamor for positive change. Now the actors playing the dark side of the game are more identifiable, whereas before they were spread out. It is much more difficult to hide behind “front” organizations, for the light is penetrating into all of the corners. (ATT -T-Mobile, phony grassroots groups). The old boxes are being dragged out of the back of the closet, and being opened. The activities of all of the actors are becoming exposed. Of course, when this happens a lot of dust and dirt is raised, sometimes causing acute discomfort. However, like a graph that goes up and down, but whose trend is upward, the continuing wish for positive change amongst the human population is re-programming the vibrational information system. And that leads us to the second question about Framework 2.

The planet earth is surrounded by an invisible, holographic, vibrational information system composed of many, many sub-systems, that affect the organization of physical structure and program the interrelationships between the systems. These information systems allow for an amazingly diverse set of ecosystems and a huge variety in species. There are a few fundamental universal principles that provide a framework for these etheric information systems: the law of vibration and the law of attraction being among the most important. We call these systems “etheric” for want of a better word. One might refer to them as precursor templates, like blueprints, that hold the design for the object or the system. We talked about this in a previous program as well. When you build a house you need a blueprint that shows precisely how the thing is to go together, and how the various systems (electrical, plumbing, frame, foundation, etc) go together to provide a wonderful home environment. The relationship  between the blueprint and the etheric information system is that the information system is senior, and the blue print is the physical representation of a thought-based system. The basis for the blueprint is actually something invisible called thought. If the architect changes his mind, he changes the physical blueprint. But the change occurs FIRST in thought, at the level of the invisible information system. In other words, the blueprint itself is not sentient; it cannot change itself. This is the fundamental difference between consciousness and the creations of consciousness: the principle of self-reflexiveness. Consciousness learns through experience and then decides, through its experiences, what it thinks about itself. A student painter, for example, might find that the mixing of colors for a flesh tone is impossible, and may give up the idea of painting portraits. Another painter might decide to carry on no matter how long the process, and become successful. The paints, the canvas, and the entire idea of what it means to be a painter are simply the adjuncts or accessories used by a conscious being to determine his or her experience. Ultimately, a being decides the quality and the depth of his or her experience, and, most importantly, the state of being that he or she operates from. The state of being of the first painter becomes “I can’t paint portraits,” and the state of being of the second painter becomes “I can get those flesh tones just right!”

 Ken experienced this a few weeks ago. He decided to simply direct all of his thoughts toward being charitable to everything and everyone in the universe. And lo and behold, he magically pulled in work from every area of his businesses. You see, Framework 2, or the holographic information systems, as we have been calling them, can be reprogrammed through a change in your desire, and the mental vision of what you want. The mental vision provides the blueprint, and the desire provides the energy, just like the engine of a train drives the train down the tracks in the direction provided by the tracks. These systems are vibrationally beautiful and complex, but derive from simple but very powerful universal principles, just like some non-linear systems in nature can be modeled from a few simple equations. 

We want to tell you that these systems are designed around, and have as their basis, the fundamental vibration of well-being. There are no etheric information systems in nature, or universally, designed around the idea of destruction or death. This is one of the reasons we say that the earth game of light and dark was such a spectacular creation! It literally required the moving of heaven and earth to design this system! To describe it would be impossible, because Ken, in his conscious human state, doesn’t have the ability to process this information. Suffice it to say that it is very well organized, fantastically complex but completely understandable, is based in well-being, and is designed to simply respond in a like manner to that which you are focusing your attention on. These ideas have been well described by other channelers like Esther Hicks and in the Seth materials, and other places. Ken has written a modern book, and a movie,  describing these ideas, called “The Vibrational Universe.”  Again, the PRINCIPLES are very, very simple, but the number of potential states that result from this system are practically infinite. It is, in other words, instantaneously responsive and dynamic. It will change when you change.

There are two things to remember: 1) you can always tell how you are doing by the manifestations you receive, and even more important than that, 2) it takes time for the new programming to filter through the physical universe.

Here we have the contradiction: “I want it now! If these universal principles are true, I should be able to think a thought and manifest what I want.” Well, not so fast! Yes, the system DOES respond instantaneously to your thoughts, but there must be enough power behind those thoughts, and enough coherence, to make what you want happen. A vague, fleeting thought tweaks the system and you get a vague, fleeting response. A person who is passionate about something will invest all of his or her time upon it, refining the thought template, or blueprint, and the universe will respond in a powerful way.

It takes more energy to create on the dark side than it does on the light side, because the tendency, or the bias, for the system is toward well-being. This is fortunate, for you can then have created for 30 years on the dark side, but a change in orientation can result in positive change much more quickly.

You may experience a resurgence of the old memes just after you ask for positive change (just as humanity on the planet earth is experiencing right now, as we talked about above) but you understand why this happens. Ken wrote a book about this called “What Do You Do When All Hell Breaks Loose.”  Asking for positive change is like cleaning out your vibrational closet: you immediately make a bit of a mess, depending upon how strongly you were focused toward the unwanted things (how big and messy your closet is). And you might decide to give up before the mess is cleaned up! “Oh this is too hard,” you say, and you shut the door and cover up the mess. But, eventually, you need to go in there to find your coat, and when you open the door your old tennis racket falls from the shelf and hits you on the head, and the dust clouds cause you to cough and sneeze. Eventually you realize that it’s best to finish the job. That’s what human beings on the planet earth are experiencing today! You’ve begun the job, will you finish it?

Our job is to tell you that you are well on your way, and not to give up! More and more of you are getting out of your vehicles and pushing against the huge boulder that blocks your path. Some of you look around and say, “we’ve got so many pushing, but nothing is happening! This is hopeless, and I’m going home.” As we talked about in previous messages, in the physical universe you have a phenomenon called inertia, which results from the mass of an object plus the force of gravity acting upon it. You have to overcome the physical object’s inertia before you can move it; that is the way the game has been designed. In other words, you cannot think a thought and move the boulder. You have to think a thought, then get out of your car and go into action! And then continue to think the thought until the inertia of the object is overcome and it begins to move. This is called persistence. Don’t complain; it’s part of the game you approved the design of!

The good news is that, once a leap in consciousness is made, you will discover new physical laws that make it much easier to move the boulder. In fact, you can get to the point where you never even experience a boulder blocking your path! But at your present level of evolution, you have to get out of the car and push a little. However, the more of you get out and push, the less hard you have to push, for the combination of harmonious effort creates a powerful vibration that is greater than the sum of its parts. In other words, the more cooperation, the more powerful is the result at a much higher order of magnitude. It gets a lot easier, the more you focus on well-being, because the laws of the universe are based in well-being! It cannot be any other way, for consciousness itself represents, the quintessence of it IS, well being.

We hope that this message has inspired you, and we want you to remember that all endings are happy endings. This is the tag line of the Interview With Spirit show, because it is simply the truth: all endings result in the greater awareness of self, and your divine nature, and your understanding that all is well, you are well, and that the essence of all experience is love and well being.

Merry Christmas, and we will talk to you next year, in 2012!

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(From the Interview With Spirit show, 12/14/2011)



Q: What is inspiration? Why are some people inspired and others not?

A: Inspiration is you, as a physical being, connecting with you, the spiritual being.

Everything that has ever been created on the planet earth is the result of inspiration. Even those who do not believe there is anything outside the Body Reality access their higher selves whenever inspiration occurs. Inspiration is the result of a desire to create. The desire to create is the most fundamental impulse of consciousness: it has resulted in the creation of the All-That-Is, with its almost infinite variety of physical and non-physical playgrounds. These playgrounds you might call universes. All universes are the creations of consciousness. All things that are perceived as physical are vibrational information systems that your bodies interpret as solid reality. The solidity of  physical reality has been an inspiring accomplishment for consciousness. As we have discussed in previous shows, it allows for truly awe-inspiring games to be played: games in which it is totally real to you that you can “die,”  games in which you can experience the most excruciating misery and pain. It may seem incongruous to say that the experience of pain and misery is an inspired accomplishment, but it is! Because in your Native State of pure consciousness, you are always intimately linked with well-being. Well-being is who you are!

Inspiration is your personal connection to a huge, infinite sea of well-being. From the Body Reality, in which the range of emotions is very limited, you suddenly become inspired, and rise vibrationally from your normal vibrational/emotional position to another “level” of reality. This new level could be described as the level of spirit. No matter how firmly you believe that when you die you are dead, no matter if you’re a grumpy old man or a jaded skeptic, or a confirmed materialist, inspiration is an interfacing with spirit; an accessing of your higher self, which is the gateway to universal consciousness. And so from your physically limited position on earth, all of you have access to higher consciousness and the most wonderful feelings of joy and well-being. Ken of course wants to ask us “how do you achieve inspiration,” but this is the wrong question, because it is intellectual.  Rather, ask yourselves, “What makes me feel wonderful?” There are an infinite variety of ways to formulate that question, but we feel that this wording is the best.  And so, dear listeners, ask yourselves, what makes you feel fantastic?  Remember that inspiration is a feeling, not an intellectual exercise. And so let us pause for a few moments to do this. You can also recall events in the past when you were inspired.


All right, how did you do?

Were you able to get the feeling of inspiration, or of well-being? The feeling is first and foremost, and what you become inspired about comes with the feeling. So inspiration can also include a data stream on top of a feeling of well-being.  The feeling is like a carrier wave in a radio broadcast; it carries data on top of it like a body of water carries logs that are floated down it. Inspiration automatically includes the feeling of well-being, and is always accompanied by a feeling of expansiveness,. This feeling of expansiveness occurs because you are now linking with your higher self, and the broader awareness that fills the universe. When that happens your physical self expands to include your higher self.

Inspiration only carries data when there is a specific request. The more you focus your attention on a particular subject, the more likely it is that you will receive focused answers. When your requests are vague, the data you receive is also general in nature. Garbage out = garbage in, as Ken would say. In fact, life itself is all about feelings. You do things because doing them makes you feel good. Even scientists and mathematicians are not exempt! The satisfaction that comes from solving an intellectual problem is a feeling. There is a famous story in the history of mathematics, about the Scottish mathematician William Rowan Hamilton. One day while walking along the Royal canal in Dublin, Hamilton had an insight about a certain type of mathematical problem. He was so excited, he wrote the equations down in the stone of a certain bridge over the canal.  Scientists and mathematicians are famous for having bursts of inspiration, for they are always walking around in a cloud, thinking and contemplating about specific areas. Their inspiration therefore usually comes with a data stream, but the carrier wave of that data is always a burst of positive feeling. These researchers are always focused on a specific problem, and so inspiration comes naturally! The great scientist Archimedes is said to have shouted Eureka! and run out of his house naked, after discovering, in his bathtub, that his body displaced the same volume of water.

And so inspiration can be practical, but it is always accompanied by a feeling of well-being. This should tell you something about the design of the universe; for creativity goes hand-in-hand with inspiration.

Inspiration is part of the creative process. You don’t get inspired unless you are working on some creative project. When you sit around and watch TV all day, you usually feel listless because someone else is creating for you. So the first step in becoming inspired is to find something to create!

This leads us back to the idea that the creative impulse is the most fundamental impulse of consciousness. Thoughts, desires, decisions, all of these stem from the creative impulse. It might be said that self-awareness itself comes from a profound creative impulse! But certainly, inspiration is inherent in creativity. What is the first thing that happens when you become inspired? A feeling of expansion, and the desire to DO something! You get excited! William Hamilton etched his equations in stone; Archimedes shouted Eureka and ran naked through the streets of Syracuse. When Ken gets inspired he writes. Others play sports, write equations, quilt, paint, play music, start a business, or even start a war. Yes, creativity comes in many forms, but inspiration always leads to doing. It is how the creative impulse is interpreted that leads to the type of action.

 In order for life to exist in the physical, there must be desire to live it; there must be inspiration of some kind. When the desire to live expires, the life is over. We guarantee you that the human lifespan of 80 years or so is determined ONLY by the amount of inspiration to live it! If humanity were to change its considerations about this, inspiration would occur and new data streams would become available, initiating longer average lifespans. For the expanded game of light and dark, as we talked about in previous programs,  with its emphasis on exploring all aspects of the dark, 80 years was perfectly suitable.

How can inspiration lead to war, you might ask? Well, the creative impulse can be twisted and distorted. Those who desire war experience the feeling of inspiration, and then twist it around to their own purposes. There is a type of satisfaction gained by achieving a goal (even if that goal is war) but it is nothing to the unsullied inspiration that results in the creation of beautiful things that are in alignment with one’s divine nature. One might say, however, that from a broader perspective, even war is beautiful. From this perspective, all systems, all interactions, are beautiful patterns of vibration: immortal beings playing within an artificially created physical environment, experiencing terrible things that they wished to experience. Of course no harm can come, or has ever come, to any physically incarnated spirit. Not ever, not in the history of the All or in its future history. For a spirit to be harmed is impossible. Constructs, like physical bodies, can be harmed. The physical creations of spirit may be altered, but not an immortal spirit, unless by its own consideration. The alteration of spirit occurs by the process of self-reflexiveness, through the conscious changing of intent, and consideration. In other words, the Spirit is the creator, and can change itself through it’s own thoughts and intentions.

The same occurs with physical objects. All objects, all Form has programming which makes it what it is. When the information systems that surround physical objects are changed, the objects can be altered. Of course, in the Body Reality, one only sees the crude method of physical cause and effect: one sees a bullet fired from a gun smash a glass, altering its physical structure. One then postulates: the only way to change physical objects is to directly manipulate the gross matter of its substance. Interestingly, the  programmable information system that programmed the whole glass still exists, even after the glass has been destroyed. If you could access this information system and set it back to the whole glass, you could defy the second law of thermodynamics, and the glass would reassemble perfectly. Of course this seems preposterous within the Body Reality, where only physical processes are known. As well, when the bullet smashes the glass it also changes the programming within the information system of the glass. Without access to the glass’ information system, there is indeed no possible way to reassemble the glass except by “going back in time,”  and that is impossible.

Fortunately, time travel is not necessary to make the object whole again, only knowledge of the information system of the complete object; and there is a permanent recording of that information system within the planetary hologram. When you discover these subtle information systems, you will be able, literally, to change the face of reality. That is clearly not possible within the present level of consciousness, which only acknowledges the Body Reality. This “thought based” technology is available elsewhere, outside of earth. It’s not really technology at all, because technology is the gross manipulation of matter and energy without knowledge of the subtle programming. Working in this way is a little like trying to build the Great Pyramid of Egypt using ropes, levers, and slaves! (This might tell you that your ancestors possessed knowledge that you do not).

All right, Ken says we’ve gotten a little off the subject of inspiration, but actually inspiration is the key to discovering the subtle layer of reality beyond the five human senses. This layer does exist, it is not delusional! It requires inspiration that will lead to a quantum leap in consciousness. If one does not believe that there is anything outside the Body Reality, of course, then nothing will change. As Coach Ditka always said, “if you don’t believe you can win the Super Bowl, you can’t win it.” Ken likes to quote this saying because it’s practical and because he likes sports. But it’s also true! Within the consciousness of “when you die you’re dead,” however, what we’ve been discussing are just ravings. But we are here to tell you that there is a magnificent reality beyond the Body Reality, and it’s a reality that all of you are intimately familiar with. In playing the Expanded Game, you’ve just forgotten! The challenge is, at the end of the game, to pull yourselves up by your collective bootstraps. That’s why so many of you have returned to earth at this time: to ramp up the vibe and create the spark for a new awareness; a new consciousness. As we’ve said before, this action is all occurring invisibly (for now) on the subtle level of thought and information.

So let’s review: inspiration is a feeling  that comes directly from linkage to your higher self, and from a subtle energy that flows all around you, and which is the invisible substrate behind all physical reality. It’s not intellectual in that you cannot write an equation or a process to describe it. Inspiration REQUIRES that you connect to (or do not hinder) your spiritual  side, or your spiritual aspect! It requires that you subtly acknowledge (or do not hinder) the feeling of well-being, expansion, and creativity that is an inherent part of who you are. Inspiration, in short, is qualitative, not quantitative! But it has been used by every human being since the beginning of life on earth to move forward from a place of not-knowing. How does one move from vinyl recordings to CDs? The first step is desire which creates inspiration, which then brings about new knowledge. How do you go from energy from fossil fuels to clean, unlimited energy?  Desire, belief, and then inspiration.

 Inspiration isn’t a process, dear ones: it happens instantaneously. Recall the last time you were inspired, and then try to describe it. You can’t. It happens out of time and space; it is a direct connection to non-physical, timeless consciousness. This is the way its supposed to be! And don’t ask us how to become inspired. You are the masters! Our job is to assure you that inspiration is a natural part of BEING. Our job is to inspire you to become inspired! That journey is the most amazing one you will make. You see, we are like the great basketball player who really is not such a great teacher, because he or she knows how to do it so easily. When Michael Jordan, the greatest player of all time, tried to coach a team he was a miserable failure. How could Michael explain how he learned to simply let go and allow himself to do his thing? Of course Michael worked very hard at his craft, but he was a master of physicality; a master of his particular sport; meaning that once practiced, he did not get in his own way when it came time to play the game. While others were crushed by the moment, or could not quite believe in themselves, Michael found the answer for himself personally. Michael played inspired! That is why he was so wonderful to watch, and why he has become so emulated.

We can see through your eyes when you allow us to, but to fully incarnate in the earth physical is something we have never experienced. So we cannot teach you! We can only inspire you. That is the purpose of this show; and of all messages from Spirit. For the truth is, dear ones, that you are the physical masters, not we. We are here to tell you that you are divine, and immortal; that your natural condition is a feeling of inexpressible well-being, joy, and creativity (which has led you, after all, to come to earth!), that you cannot “die” or be harmed, that when you transition out of your physical body you will return to the fullness of self in Native State and feel various states of wonderfulness all the time. And we are here to tell you that there is not one being who has ever failed to fully transition out of their bodies and back to Native State. There has never been a failure nor will there ever be, because self-awareness is not physically dependent. 

All stories you have heard of beings who die and become trapped somehow, are well-meaning distortions. We have explained before how all impressions are recorded: all thoughts, feelings, emotions, and the activities of a lifetime are recorded in the planetary hologram. The records of every one of your lifetimes are available. These, of course, are so faithful to the incarnated personality that to those who contact these energetic packages, the person still seems alive. But these recordings are but lifelike automatons; very intelligent reproductions of the being’s life on earth, but the being himself or herself has always fully transitioned. And of course, sensitives can use these impressions to contact the non-physical, Native State being. So do not worry, dear ones! All lifetimes have happy endings. That is our tag line for the show: all endings are happy endings. This is not delusional, woo-woo thinking. It is  fact. So live your lives gloriously!

True love is complete allowing; that is why all actions are sanctioned. You are playing a wonderful, horrible, exciting game on earth; designed by yourselves for true adventure. You cannot truly harm yourselves or another; the experience of pain and misery is something so opposite to who you are that you wanted to feel and experience these things in the most pungent and excruciating manner possible. And you have succeeded! Now it is time to turn your faces toward the light and acknowledge yourselves as human angels. And when you do that, you will feel a wonderful sense of well being; and you may even become inspired to create your lives to the highest possible potential!



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