August 2012

Vol 7, #8

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Visualization and Expectations

(from the Interview With Spirit show)
6/ 20-27/ 2012


I have almost completely stopped listening to the news, and I sometimes feel completely out of touch with the so-called “real world.” I don’t listen to the news because I want to remain ignorant, or because I don’t want to confront what’s happening, but because the stuff they report has absolutely nothing to do with me. Am I nuts? I sometimes feel a little detached from the so-called real world out there. What’s WRONG with me? (joke)

What many of you are experiencing is an evolution out of one dimension and into another. When that happens, you feel a little excluded from the main vibe that still has influence over “established” institutions and events.  But remember: you want change, and in order to change there must be a going away from denser vibrations and a moving into more comfortable ones. Paradoxically, this movement can be very uncomfortable, because you are moving out of something familiar (even if it is a lower vibe) and into something unknown. We aren’t kidding about this dimensional shift!  From your physical perspective it is unrecognizable; you don’t see anything unusual happening. But as we’ve said before, you do move up and down the dimensional pathways; it’s all part of the glorious universe of free will, and that guarantees that you have power to shape your lives. (you choose as a spirit to incarnate –that is also free will that you do not recognize in the physical, and so do not take into account)

What is the world you are leaving? Well, Ken went to see a client this morning, and the radio was blaring. Robin Lustig was on the BBC World Service with their world news program, and it was all about fighting, crises, and conflict. The tone of the broadcast was frantic, was it not? On-edge, a feeling of fear, mixed in with excitement of the unknown: what will happen? It will probably be bad, but how bad? How will this affect you in your life? Better watch out, it could be coming to you!!
That’s the world you, and many of your listeners, are leaving. That world is still within the old paradigm of thought; and is a remnant of the expanded game of free will that we talked about several months ago; the game of light and dark, where there was an equal opportunity to go to the dark or to the light. Now, many of you have detached yourself from that game; you are tired of it! You are forming groups and communities of people who think and feel as you do. However, you are living in a society where there are still quite a few immersed in the old game. And so you naturally feel a sense of separation, of detachment, and, in some cases, even of abandonment. You feel that the world is abandoning you, leaving you behind, and it hurts a little, does it not? But the reality is that you are leaving that old world behind and creating a new one.

This is the theme of some of your movies like The Matrix. The matrix is just the old paradigm of thought, or an information system, which creates your world in a certain way. And this leads us to the message for this week: thought is information, and the collective set of information actually programs your reality. When that set of information changes, reality changes. We have been talking about this idea for months now, but we keep bringing it up, because in the physical you can’t see any of this! You don’t recognize your power, because the action is all beyond the confines of the Body Reality; beyond the Matrix.

What is happening on earth is that spontaneous networks are being formed, driven by events and changes in the earth’s holographic information system. These networks are simply groups of people who are using the internet and instant messaging to create new sets of information. And many of these networks are going beyond the old paradigm of thought. When you move out of the old paradigm you feel a little lost, and think that there is something wrong with YOU. But there isn’t! The uncomfortable feelings you experience are inevitable when you move out of a more uncomfortable vibration into a new one. You might think “well, that’s nonsense of course. If I’m moving out of discomfort and into comfort, I should feel more comfortable, not less!”

Well, certainly as you continue the process you do feel much more comfortable. But at the beginning, when you are first emerging from the old vibe, you become much more aware of it. It is like when Ken begins to clean out his office. He has accumulated 20 years of bookshelves full of stuff that he doesn’t need any longer. When he starts the cleaning process, he first and unavoidably creates a gigantic mess. There are stacks of book all over the place, and boxes, and other junk lying all over the floor. Ken looks at this and says, “I want cleanliness, not this huge chaotic mess!” Well, there is nothing mysterious about this. If Ken wants to have an office that is clean and uncluttered, he must first deal with the clutter. And when he does that, in the beginning, it is worse than before. So what’s the deal with that?

Ken has 5 gigantic bookcases and hundreds of music CDs in his little office, which right now has a somewhat worn blue carpet. Ken is going to put hardwood floors in his bedrooms and in his office, and get a beautiful new office assembly. Ken has an exact picture of what his office is going to look like when he is done. But how do you get from the messy office to the uncluttered and clean office? Well, in this density, you cannot wave a magic wand and have the room magically transform. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s the game you signed up for: the physical game in 3rd density. The magic is what you do with your thoughts; how you reprogram your information system. Right now Ken’s vision of his new office is so clear that he has developed an entire set of feelings around it. He feels a sense of freedom, and pride at the way his new office looks, and how much easier it will be to work in the new office. It is that vision that is motivating the cleanup. The vibe of this vision, combined with the feelings that go along with it, creates a powerful vibrational momentum that will carry him past the uncomfortableness (and the hard work) that will be necessary to clean out the old office and get it ready for the new office.

The vision is so strong that Ken releases his attachment to all of his old books and old school manuals and CDs, and everything else he now has in the office. He knows he can go to the basement (that is where the old stuff will be stored) anytime he wants to, to get at his old stuff. The point is, that the old stuff doesn’t have to be within arms reach anymore, even though he has a lot of attachment to all of his stuff. That’s how this interdimensional progress works: when you leave one reality behind, IT STILL EXISTS: you can go back to it if you’d like, just as Ken will be able to go to the basement and look at all of his old books and manuals if he chooses.  The way it works is that if something is created, it continues to exist; but you, the individual being (or the collective known as planet earth) simply move on. To you, it is as if the old world has been destroyed, because you can no longer see it from your physical perspective. But it still exists!

This the reason for the fearful “end of the world” scenarios regarding 2012. The fear stems from the idea that you will be moving on, and that to move on the old world must be destroyed. But that is not how it works at all! This even affects your cosmology and religion. The idea of the inbreath and outbreath of the universe, on the inbreath all of the matter and energy in the universe is destroyed and you begin again. But this idea isn’t true: it comes from a belief in scarcity, that there is only so much in creation and that energy and matter can neither be created nor destroyed.  This is also not true: everything that has been created is still in existence. There is only creation, and no destruction. There is just an expansion of the all-that-is into greater and greater complexity and sophistication and fun. The important point is that the new paradigm all begins, and is dependent upon, the original vision.

Ken’s vision of his new office is very inspiring to him, and it creates the powerful vibration that allows him to trudge through the work of cleaning and renovating. Without the vision, nothing happens. The vision plus the feeling is an information system: a vibrational information system.  And because the universe is itself vibrational in nature, the new information system immediately begins to alter the physical environment. Ken finds himself inspired to get into action, and the old bookcases gradually get moved and the hardwood floor goes in and the new office furniture gets installed. This is a very simple example that applies to what is happening collectively with the human race. People are really feeling stressed now; because the time is here to move the old dusty furniture and get rid of the old crap. “Oh! This is terrible!” you say. “I want everything to be nice right now!” Well sure, it will be, if you keep hold of the vision you want of your new world. Remember that individuals can move up and down the dimensional scale of reality; it is this individual movement that forms groups of like-minded people, and drives the collective. The key is not to let go of the vision, for when you abandon the vision you also reprogram the information system. A half-written program does nothing; even a program that is almost complete may not function properly. But a programmer would never abandon his code just because he or she has not yet completed the task!

You have to look at 2012 phenomena, and the evolution of consciousness, from outside the body reality to make any sense out of events. Events are driven (as we have said before) by the content of humanity’s own information/belief systems. Whatever happens to you is directly and broadly under your own control. Look not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee. In other words, the bell that is ringing is the bell that you have set in motion. A few days ago you told the bellringer to sound the bell at this time and you just forgot. You hear the bell and say, “what asshole is making all of that noise!!!” We think this is very funny.

All right, the reason some of you are feeling detached from life, or even feeling abandoned, is because you are moving out of a vibration that has been around for a long, long time. You have gotten used to it, to put it mildly. In fact, you are so used to it that it has become “reality,” “human nature,” and “just the way life is.”  That’s how physical games are set up: after a while they become so real you are aware of nothing else. The only way to see your way past is to recognize your spiritual, divine nature. This gets you out of the body reality and into the areas of intuition, and contact with what we call your “spiritual sensors.” We talked a little bit about this last week when we discussed the lightbody surrounding the body. We tell you that in Native State, your perceptions are enhanced to a degree  that you simply cannot comprehend. But even in the physical, once you get the idea that you are not just a body and you begin to trust yourself more (this gets back to the underlying meme of unworthiness again) and to pay attention to your “inner urges”, you begin to become more and more aware of your higher self, and the magnificence of the game you are playing and the bigger game you are evolving into.

There is no substitute for awareness, dear ones. You make your beds and sleep in them, as the saying goes. But you have to be aware that you have all the tools to create a paradise on earth, and in your individual lives. There is really no excuse for ignorance of who you are. Before, when you were firmly immersed in the old paradigm, that may have been true. But now, as you move out of the old game, you have to realize that you are all sovereign beings, and declare your sovereignty.  You do this by preparing your own personal vision of your life, and the human race, and the planet. There is no substitute for declaring your own vision, because it establishes the resonance that allows you to reprogram your lives.

You cannot draw unless you have a piece of blank paper and a brush. Your vision establishes the drawing surface  and the drawing tools. Without a personal vision you are walking blind. Are you disturbed that events have not been moving faster? The way to help that along is to create your own personal vision, the highest vision, of your lives, just as on a more mundane level, Ken has created the vision for a new office. The principles are exactly the same. Many of you don’t do it because you don’t see results right away, or don’t believe that having a personal vision will do anything. Well, there is where you fail, dear ones! You can’t get the job unless you first fill out the application. Your personal vision is the first step in establishing your personal sovereignty. You have no idea where this will lead you unless you do it. It can change your life, it will change your life. If enough people on the earth were to simply take the time to create a personal vision for themselves, the pace of evolution out of the old order would accelerate. Right now the new programming for earth’s information system situation is still amorphous, unclarified. There are a few who have their vision and are working toward it, on both sides (the light is much more powerful now) but the majority of the population have not committed to the new earth. The situation now is like a supersaturated solution just before a crystal is inserted into the mixture. When the crystal is inserted, all of the material immediately coalesces around the crystal. It is the same for the new paradigm vs the old paradigm.

The potentials for positive change have strengthened greatly, due to your asking for positive change. But your asking must be clarified into a precise vision. And so this week your homework is this:  to create and flesh out as best you can, the highest visualization for your personal life, and for the earth as a whole. What do you want your life to look like, precisely, if all of your dreams could come true? (this programs your dream into the human information system). What will the earth look like when it has ascended? (this programs that vision into the earth’s holographic information system) .

Like Ken and his office, you are reprogramming reality. Do not misunderstand the importance of doing this: it is vitally important, and will have great influence on your own lives and on the collective and the planet. With these visions you are literally reprogramming “human nature,” and reality itself.

Remember, all endings are happy endings. This is the one truth of the universe, of spirit, of consciousness, of life. Let’s carry that happy ending from Spirit and ground it into the physical realm. That is what you are doing when you visualize.

6/27/2012 message
We will continue from last week’s message because Ken was blabbing on and he didn’t get to finish it. We would like to segue from the topic of personal vision, to the related topic of expectations. Now expectations are very important, because they represent the vibration of your near future. The dictionary defines expectation as, “Noun:
    (1) A strong belief or eager anticipation that something will happen or be the case in the future,  (2) A belief that someone will or should achieve something.”

In other words, an expectation is a strong vibrational potential that resonates intimately with your personal belief systems/information systems. Oh, we are very excited about this, because now we are really getting down to the nitty-gritty of creation and manifestation!

For instance, last week we talked about Ken’s personal vision for his new office, and we said that that vision and the feelings that go along with it, set up a strong resonance that guides Ken’s action in the physical universe, and to which the universe responds (by that we mean that a strong resonance sets up the conditions for happy “coincidences” that match the content of the vision). Now, expectations are the result of the vision that you just created. If your future was a worldline, or a timeline, of potential manifestations, your expectation are like the flashlight you use to illuminate these potential futures. An expectation is an anticipation of something coming true.

Let’s use the example of Ken’s office: he expects his vision to manifest and he is holding that vibration out there right in front of him, illuminating his future in that area. When you were a child, you eagerly anticipated Christmas and the presents you would get under the tree. The eager excitement you felt was the potential of something good happening to you; you just knew you were going to get something wonderful. Well, what we are trying to say is that your expectations for life in any area is the thing that is actively creating the vibration that will manifest in the near-term. In other words, whatever you expect in life in any area is a good indicator of your true vibration, and your true vision that you have created.  And because expectations are easier to identify, you can really do some deep inner work of identifying your true vibration on any subject by examining what you expect in that life area. This is the message for this week, and it is a very powerful message.

For example, take the area of relationships. How well do you expect to get along on with your boss next week? How well do you expect to do in your upcoming job interview? How well  will it go when your mother-in-law comes over for her visit in two weeks?  What are your expectations?

You can go through any area of your life and make a list. Then ask yourself what you expect to happen in this area. Your expectations are a vibrational marker to the more hidden area of your beliefs, for they directly reflect what you really believe.
All right, so what can you do with your expectations? When you have that feeling of dread that something is inevitably going to happen, and that there’s nothing you can do about it, how can you change that? Well, remember that the manifestations that will appear in your life are a combination of the mental vision and the feelings surrounding it. The feelings represent the vibrational power of the potential manifestation, while the mental vision is the content: what you will receive. And so by altering your expectations of what will happen, you affect the vibration and alter it. In effect, you reprogram your personal information/belief system. This is a kind of shortcut to actually identifying your beliefs. But it is very powerful. All you have to do is to be able to change how you FEEL about something.

The two components of any creation are the mental picture and the feeling that goes along with that. If you have a mental picture of something you want, but there is no excitement, or feeling connected with it, then your mental picture is sterile, and has no vibrational “push”. In other words, you probably won’t do much about it because there is not much motivation to do so. On the other hand, if you have an excited feeling about something but no clear idea of what it is (you can’t describe it precisely) then you are in the position, as Ken would say, of being an airhead. Two images come to mind here: in the first case you are like a scientist writing equations about some physical phenomenon that has already been created.  This is a sterile situation creatively, because nothing new is going to happen. The second image is of the guy playing air guitar who has the feeling of great music, but doesn’t have the technique to produce the music on his instrument. However, at least if you have the feeling you have motivation to learn the technique (create the mental schematic for guitar playing). This is where expectations come in, because an expectation is first and foremost a feeling. Feelings are the power behind any vibration, and can lead to the creation of the mental vision, or mental schematic. And so we would encourage you all to examine the expectations you all have for your personal lives. You may be surprised at what you discover!

This idea of expectations relates very powerfully to what we have been discussing about humanity’s future, and the phenomena around what has been called 2012. What is happening is that there are a lot of agendas being floated around as to what is going to happen, or not happen, at the end of 2012. These agendas are trying to influence your expectations of what lies ahead, which will in turn program the near future. So you see that expectations are not something nice or esoteric, but are a very hardheaded and common sense variable in programming your belief/information systems, and which in turn will influence what actually manifests in your collective future.

The game is being played on a level that is mostly beyond the Body Reality. You are dealing with beings who have more knowledge of these esoteric realms than you do, dear ones. There are some very hard-headed visitors to your planet who understand that what you call metaphysics, or “woo-woo” nonsense, are actually cold, hard facts with a mental technology connected to it. The purpose of these messages is to wake you up a little; to make  you aware that the childish and nonsensical beliefs that you are alone in the universe, are really quite absurd. You are like the hick who first comes to the big city. The big city is a new reality, an overwhelming reality almost, and you feel that you are not yet up to speed. Well, humanity right now is on the bus going to the big city, and the hicks are about ready to arrive at the big bus station and get off. But the windows on the bus have been darkened so that  you cannot see where you have been traveling (this is analogous to your planetary isolation, immersed as you are in the Body Reality). Now, as you get off the bus, you see stuff that you could hardly have imagined, and you have to adjust quickly.

Well, as you say on earth, ‘forewarned is forearmed.’ You may not possess the technology that some of your visitors do, but you possess something much more powerful: your fundamental spirituality, and humanity. As we talked about before, when you stay true to yourselves, to that divine kernel of divinity within you, you advance beyond the reach of these de-evolving, Borg-like races who are travelling down an evolutionary path that will be an eventual dead-end. Out there are races of beings who are highly spiritual; who have faced the same challenges you are facing right now, and who have successfully stayed true to their divine selves and advanced into higher dimensions of reality. You do not see these fellows because they respect your freedom and understand that the only way out is the way through. You will not see the motherships coming down to save you, but you will see them after you have successfully made the leap in consciousness from the old paradigm of thought into the new one.




The Near Future

(From the Interview With Spirit show, 7/25/2012)


OK guys, what is up? I have no idea whatsoever for the show today, and after last week's message, it is going to be a hard act to follow.  So please come up with something brilliant; the show starts in a few hours.

A: Well, there have been some very interesting events. The shooting in Colorado for one thing, the Vatican Bank scandal, and the ongoing LIBOR scandal. And also the scientific paper published by three scientists, who attempted to scientifically analyze the world's financial system. (David Wilcock has provided a great explanation of this in his latest update at You can also get information from the mainstream press in the New Scientist magazine's article called "Revealed – the capitalist network that runs the world.")

Some people claim that the Colorado shooting at the movie "Dark Lord Rising" was a conspiracy by banksters to take attention away from the LIBOR scandal and the new scientific study, but we say that whether or not this is true is irrelevant. What we want to say this week is a continuation of our messages about expectations, and the ongoing and inevitable process of human consciousness advancing from the third (group, nation) to the fourth level (planetary).

In previous years, we had to couch our messages in generalities. We talked about the game of light and the dark, and how, when the light penetrates the dark, the old muck from the bottom of the river gets stirred up, creating a big mess. Well, right now you are getting a glimpse of the scale of this big mess! The human race has almost climbed the hill, and can see, in the distance, something truly magnificent, and potentially scary, on the horizon. The magnificent part is the bigger game we have been talking about: humanity's ascension to higher dimensions. The scary part is the path you have to traverse to get to the promised land. As the human race wakes up it will begin to become consciously aware of the memes it has created for itself, and for the planet. It will learn "the hard way" that when you create a pattern of thought, it becomes manifested. All of the experiences the planet earth and the human race will go through in the next several years will be the uncovering of its own belief systems. You will see with startling clarity that you create your own reality; that the reality you are about to emerge into is not the creation of outside forces, is not something inevitable that "just is." You will learn that your belief systems literally program which dimensional reality you participate in. It will be a revelation, we assure you!

We have told you before that you are like little children emerging into a much more sophisticated and complex world. Your understanding is limited about this new world. But the proper way to transcend it is not to study that which seems appalling and real, but to look inward and understand that your own beliefs and expectations on the fourth level of consciousness creates the physical world around you. Individually, your decisions and beliefs on the first level (SELF) programs your individual lives. The SELF of the human race is the fourth level of consciousness,. or planetary consciousness. Humanity has not yet recognized that there even is a fourth level of consciousness, much less understood that what is decided on this level programs the greater reality you are about to emerge into. We tell you that this will be a hard lesson for some of you. But it can be much less hard for the collective if you simply understand that no matter what happens, no matter what the physical reality is that you see within the Body Reality, that the true reality is programmed and directed directly from your beliefs, decisions, and expectations.

There is a universe of information within that last sentence, and we don't expect you to grasp it immediately. Indeed, there are a few visionaries who do understand it, but the rest of the 7 billion will also have to understand it as well. This understanding is the process of going from the third level of consciousness to the fourth. Everything is about consciousness, you see. The universe, reality itself, is a field of consciousness.  All physical reality is a product of consciousness. Your physical bodies are programmed, vibrational constructs. The earth is also a vibrational construct, on an even more sophisticated level. The all-that-is is a magnificent playground that has been developed by consciousness to explore itself. Therefore, existence itself is a construct of the god-SELF, which is composed of all spiritual personalities that have created themselves from the One.

The next several years are going to be exciting ones. You are going to discover the meaning of some of the metaphysical generalities that have been coming through the human consciousness for the past 50 years or so. It is going to be a discovery of SELF for the human race at the fourth level. You will have the opportunity to decide whether you will take control of your own destiny, or be overwhelmed by the mass of disinformation that will, and is, inundating the World Wide Web of human consciousness. We tell you that much of the information you receive on alternative websites is designed to confuse you. It's common theme is to tell you that forces outside of your control have control of your physical environment and your future destiny. We will tell you that these messages of disempowerment are all crap.

Actually they are very clever. Messages of disempowerment will tell you that there is a society of planets with civilizations that have advanced technology, and that they will take over the earth and its biological resources. Or, that there are galactic forces that will inevitably overwhelm earth, or objects that will collide with earth or cause destruction, or a million other scenarios. These messages have been coming through in your science fiction genre for over 70 years now.

We've already told you that there is nothing wrong with technology, but it is whether you allow technology to overwhelm your consciousness, and assign it the position of greatest importance. This will be the path of your downfall, if you choose it; if you abandon your strong spiritual connection to source and listen to these very persuasive but disempowering messages. As the Disclosure movement accelerates, the idea of visitors to your planet will no longer be something taboo. You will begin to discover certain of the ET races and their agendas on earth. You will be presented with the idea that the earth is primitive, that it is just a pawn in a much bigger galactic game.  Do you believe this? Well, you have been conditioned to believe it for four generations. Your science encourages the study of phenomena, and you will all eagerly dive into the new reality presented by those with private agendas who want to direct you in a certain way.

You will be told that there is only one reality, and one path to tread.  The more benign visitors to your planet will make suggestions, but they will be loath to interfere. That is because a race must make its own leap from the third level to the fourth level. No one can save the human race from making the fundamental decisions about its future. All players in the Big Game understand that consciousness is the deciding factor, even those degraded races who have chosen an evolutionary path that will stick them in the lower dimensions.  That is their decision and they are sticking to it, they would say!  And for them it is the only possible reality, and they believe that it is the only possible reality. Of course it is; when you make up your mind to do something you want to be right! You tell yourself that it's the only way it can be. But we want to present a much brighter potential future for humanity: one that transcends the "transitional" dimensions of reality, where technology dominates consciousness, one in which you gain, collectively, an understanding of your divinity, your connection to the One consciousness, and where you create a paradise on earth that is directed by YOU, the human race. This is now the thrust of our messages and will be for the foreseeable future.

This decision will be difficult to make for many of you, for your technological development has been accelerated via contact with visitors to your planet. For example Chase Brandon, a former CIA agent, has admitted that the Roswell incident was actually the crash of an ETV. This is but the first of many disclosures about the big wide galaxy out there that humanity will be facing, as it goes from the third level of consciousness to the fourth level.

Again, your expectations of what will happen in the future is a good indication of what you really believe. But of course expectations and beliefs can be changed. It only requires the decision to do so. When you make a decision you set up a vibrational resonance that entrains other energies to it. This is how coincidences happen in your life. By coincidence we don't mean accidents, we mean co-incidents. Co meaning together, incident meaning an event or a happening. In this definition a coincidence is mindful, conscious, coming together. From the viewpoint of the body reality this makes no sense and cannot be proven. But from the level of consciousness, it is obvious. Consciousness says that co-incidence means empowerment and a being at cause-point; whereas the body reality says that coincidence is merely a random, mindless occurrence that you have no control over. The body reality says that you are just hunks of protoplasm walking around and that the universe was created randomly from some gigantic explosion. These infantile beliefs no longer serve you. If you continue to believe like this, your individuality will gradually fade and your societies will be organized like the Borg. You will find a kind of degraded unity whereby every individual is on the same page, but where directives and direction comes from above, or from some lowest-common-denominator "group think."

 To us this would be a travesty for the human race. You have so much potential! You have the ability to direct your future to a much higher and more magnificent level. But you must, collectively, make the decision to do so. The time to do so is right now. As we said last week, you don't have to go out on the street with a megaphone and make proclamations. The real action is on the invisible vibrational plane of thought, belief, and feeling. This plane of activity is recognized by every civilization that eventually makes it out of the third level into the fourth level of consciousness. As we have said before, your planet is surrounded by a sophisticated and complex geometry of subtle energy that provides the templates for physical form, and the information that directs instinctual activity in animals, and the belief systems in mankind. These belief systems are programmable and changeable. If you do not like what you see, decide differently!

Whether you like it or not, all of you will be forced to make this decision. For some of you, the realization that humanity is not alone in the universe will come as a great shock. When reality expands to encompass the fourth level, some of you will not know what to think or do, and will feel overwhelmed. That is where listeners to the Interview With Spirit show can become effective. Just inform people that the expansion of humanity's awareness is a natural process; that it is natural that you will be experiencing some difficulties as the planet passes through the transitional dimensions of reality, and that these realities are not inevitable. The reason we had the shows about dimensional realities last winter was so that you could understand that a physical reality is not set in stone; that you can move individually and collectively through the dimensional realities. The all-that-is is much, much grander than your science or even your speculative fiction can envision. It is literally true that  you get to decide what reality you live in. You will not discover this collectively until you get the idea of a species consciousness, or a planetary consciousness. Once this happens, the idea that you can travel through the dimensional realities and program your future will seem obvious. The sensitive time is right now, when you still don't have the proper idea of species unity, when you struggle with the idea that diversity within a consciousness of unity is possible.

By diversity we don't mean political correctness; as we said in previous shows, political correctness has its roots correctly in unity, but it tries to shove beliefs down the throats of everyone. It is an example of a lower-level consciousness (service-to-self) that forces unity and stifles the individual. True unity comes from the recognition of your individuality; it is an example of the service-to-others idea, which can only come from the true recognition of SELF. The true recognition of SELF is inspirational, and naturally leads to the feeling and the consciousness of true unity, and the recognition of the magnificence of consciousness and its universal presence in all life everywhere; in all things everywhere.

Again, this is very important: the service-to-self paradigm is actually contradictory, in that it leads to a diminution of SELF. It is based upon the memes of scarcity and unworthiness, and either leads to a fragmentation of consciousness as we see now in human relations at the third level (the nation state), or false unity based on the Borg-like concept of diminished individuality. The service-to-others concept requires, as its basis, self-confidence and self respect. You cannot really look out after another until you, yourself, feel well being. When that happens you naturally want to help others to find well being as well. And so we come to the idea that personal sovereignty comes from a feeling of personal power, which comes from a feeling of well-being, which in turn comes from the feeling of oneness, or true unity based upon individual power. Service-to-others encompasses the celebration of the individual as part of an independent and unified collective whole, not a degraded pyramid structure where individuals "sacrifice" themselves to achieve unity.

We are hammering this home in every message now, because it is so vitally important. It represents the decision you are going to have to make about what kind of evolutionary path you want to go down. Are you like little children, eagerly latching on to the belief in the superiority of technology, and the belief systems that accompany those with private agendas who want you to go down the service-to-self road? "Oh, gimme gimme gimme!" you say. Individuals in Western cultures   have been encouraged to a consumerist mindset, a service-to-self mindset that places the individual before all others, and demands that the collective give homage to SELF. However, connection to the true SELF naturally recognize individuals as magnificent aspects of a magnificent whole, and celebrates individual opinions and actions. And, curiously enough, individuals who have discovered true unity always act for the benefit of the whole. This is not something you can educate a person to; it simply comes as the inevitable choice between the two evolutionary paths that confronts every growing race who emerges from the third level to the fourth level of consciousness. In other words, every planet will enter the fourth level of consciousness as a matter of course. The questions is, at what level will you do so?  What evolutionary path will you choose?

These are not esoteric questions, even though the vast majority of citizens do not yet recognize their vital importance. However, as the weeks and months go by, people are going to be exposed to a greater and greater portion of the bigger game, as you emerge out of the third level and into the fourth.

Oh, it is such an exciting time to be alive! You think things are moving quickly now; just wait! Events are going to move rapidly; those with agendas are going to offer confusing, but plausible, information that will tell you earth is in danger and that all is hopeless unless you act in a certain way. We aren't going to tell Ken anything about the future because it is not written in stone; but we do know that the easy way to determine whether information is appropriate is whether it is empowering. We don't mean that empowering information must always immediately feel good; we mean that empowering information, if you sit on it for a while, might be scary but it will lead toward the path of personal power and confidence. For example, the information that that confirms that earth is not alone in the universe and that there are other civilizations out there who are already in contact with earth might be scary at first, but acceptance of it will empower you. Information that a planet or an object is going to collide with earth and cause mass devastation can in no way be empowering on any level. This is an example of disinformation that attempts, with "insider information" or other plausible nonsense, to get you to envision or expect a dark future that will keep you glued to the lower dimensions of reality.

All right, we have given you a lot to think about this week. We want you to envision the highest and best  future for yourselves and your planet!





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