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The Collapse of Civilization?

(From the Interview With Spirit show, 8/17/2011)


Ok guys, it's time for you to make a stunning prediction. You are supposed to be able to see the potentials of the human race, from your broader and enlightened perspective.  So what is going to happen? Is civilization going to collapse as it has done countless times in the past 5,000 years? It sure looks like it from my POV.

A: The "collapse" of civilizations in the past has not been as dire and as drastic as your history books proclaim. One would think that the "fall" of the Roman Empire occurred overnight, and everyone was killed or suffered terribly. What happens when civilizations "collapse" is they evolve out of what they were.

Because people don't like change, this is upsetting! But everyone soon adjusts with a minimum of fuss. What happens is that the institutions that were "running the show" become corrupted, or stagnant, and do not respond to the wishes of people who are living under them. Here is a historical fact: all collapses of civilizations occur when the people living under them tire of them, and demand change. We told you that this is what happened during World War Two. Your history books say that Germany lost the war because she could no longer get the oil and the materials she needed to continue fighting, and there is some truth to that. But the big reason that the war ended was that the people of planet earth tired of conflict.

You see, WW II was the first conflict in which a majority of the earth's population had a vibrational vote. You did not see it, but the people of earth came together in agreement that the fighting had to stop. WW II was the first time the human race as a whole made a decision that affected the entire planet. It was a monumental event that no one writes about; because again, it all happened on the subtle, invisible plane of thought and intent. World War II prepared you for the dénouement that is unfolding right now before the people of earth. But this time, with the internet and instant messaging and mobile technology, the people of earth are for the first time, consciously aware that they are making decisions that will affect the planet. Of course, many of you still believe that you cannot fight city hall and that it is all hopeless, but we want to tell you and your listeners that all over the world, human beings are becoming aware of the issues and are consciously asking for a change on planet earth. The human race is coming together! Is this not exciting? As Ken would say, it damn well is!!!

These are the potentials we see from our lofty perspective, as you would call it. As we have said before, all of the real action is on the plane of thought and intent. Thought and intent drive action, and is what creates the resonance to which the universe responds, and to which you all respond. The human race, as a species, has an overall resonance, or vibration, did you know that? This resonance is what you respond to when you decide to change. And it is what "others" meaning those outside of earth, also respond to.

It is known in the circles that govern your planet that "ETs" as you call them, are interacting with the governments of earth, and with certain private individuals. You are not alone in the universe, and you are being helped.

You must solve your own problems of course, but certain visitors representing other galactic races have stepped in at crucial times to ensure that events have not gotten out of control. Just as each individual has a "crew" of  spiritual advisors (like the guys to Ken) so to does the human race have a set of guardians that want you to "get over the vibrational hump." We've been talking about this for years now: the transcending of the old memes of conflict resolution through fighting, confrontation, and war, which supported the current structures, and the establishment of a new paradigm of thought and intent based on the more rational principles of tolerance, and cooperation for the good of all. Despite what your science fiction authors say in their space operas, the galaxy is actually a sane place. Other civilizations have learned to resolve conflicts without destroying each other! And they are waiting for you to figure this out as well before they make their presence known.

We said before that this evolution of thought will at first increase the polarity of events. This is necessary in order to separate those who favor the old order and those who favor the new. Of course the majority will be  in the middle as always, but because those who favor the old order will gather together, their activities will become more and more isolated unto themselves, and more and more visible to those who choose to look. Political and economic events are unfolding precisely in this manner.

The opinions of the actors on the stage are hardening, and  their actions are being seen as more and more irrational. This is inevitable as those who favor the old resonance continue to apply the same techniques that worked well when the planet was at a lower vibration. Now, more and more eyes are opening. Most of you are still demanding that "somebody do something," but there is a growing minority of people who have awakened, that understand how important meditation, and conscious intent are. Those who are consciously choosing the path of integrity, openness, tolerance, and cooperation are setting a new resonance that is gradually displacing the old resonance. Imagine an old building whose walls are beginning to crack under the strain. When the structure weakens enough, the walls fall down and the once strong structure is a pile of rubble. This is what is happening to the Old Order as the new resonance becomes stronger.

This is what we see from our perspective.

Q: Well, that is certainly encouraging! But how will it turn out? We want a prediction for the future!

A: Our role is not to tell you how things will turn out, because that would be like a parent who stops the game of football her children are playing because she is afraid someone will get hurt. The children want to decide the outcome on the field, without interference! Of course, someone MIGHT indeed get hurt!  And that will cause some pain. But if you asked the participants whether they would choose to continue the game to the end even though someone gets hurt, or stop before the outcome has been decided, all of the participants will vote to continue. This is similar to what happens when you incarnate on earth. You know you will experience some pain and some suffering and some misery and your life might even suck, but that does not prevent you from wanting the experience!

Events make moré sense when you view them from a spiritual perspective. Life seems pointless sometimes, does it not, when you view it strictly from within the Body Reality! You ask questions like, "why did that baby die in the crib? What kind of pointless life is that? He never even got started!" "Why did that young man die overseas in Afghanistan, among strangers! He was in the prime of life and had a bright future!"

These questions are easily answered outside the Body Reality, but make no sense from within it.

The baby was born, the spirit entered the body, had a good time being a child for a while, but then changed it's mind about having a lifetime on earth. There was still something to do in Native State that the being realized it must do first! So the spirit left the body and the body died. The young man who dies in Afghanistan loved the military. He loved his fellow soldiers and he felt wonderful fighting for a cause he believed in. He enjoyed the camaraderie of his mates, and when he took that bullet to the head he fulfilled his desire to die gloriously in battle! His life was a tremendous success! And he wouldn't have  changed a thing.

"But what about the upset the baby caused the family? And the upset the young man's death caused his fiancée and his family?"

Well, you know the answer to those questions, do you not? The poignancy of his experience was made even more moving, knowing that his fiancée and his family was back home praying for his safe return. If no one cared about him, his military experience would still have been worthwhile, but much less affecting, do you see? And those who are back home would also have had a less poignant life.

You forget that your earth experience is temporary. It is a little interlude in the life the conscious experience, of an immortal Native State being. Of course you cannot really understand until you return to Native State and understand how beautiful and wonderful and amazing the planet earth is, Old Order or New Order. Outside the perception of the Body Reality there is an unbelievable, amazing, incredible universe out there. The potentials right now as Ken types this is that the planet earth will ascend to a different dimensional reality where you will meet some extraordinary people from other civilizations. You cannot even imagine how exciting that will be. Are you kidding? To see the galaxy beyond your earthly confines? There are simply no words to express how incredible it will be.

That is where you are heading as we speak. Do not be afraid as you see the old structures crumbling; this is necessary for your evolution. The future is unimaginably bright. And even those of you who are stuck in the perception of the Body Reality, and see only misery; for you there will be a happy ending. Actually it will be a glorious ending, for the more miserable you are when you "die," the more pain you are in, the more hopeless you are, the more incredible you will be blown away when you discover the truth of who you are, and the truth of the universe. 

Our little tag line has always been, "all endings are happy endings."

We are not bullshitting you, as Ken would say.

It is the absolute truth. ALL endings, every one of them, are happy, there are no exceptions, there never will be any exceptions in the entire history of existence. Does that make you feel better? Of course it does, for it is the Truth with a capital T.

Your life on earth has been arranged to give you an immensely powerful experience. You think  there is no hope, because that is how the Body Reality has been designed. Well cheer up folks! There is nothing to worry about. Go with our love, and spread your love around to everyone you meet.



(From the Interview With Spirit show, 8/24/2011)

OK Guys, what I want to talk about this week is REALITY. You seem to have an entirely different perspective on things than I do. Obviously, because you don't have a body, you are just floating around in la-la land. So what is different from how you view the earth reality and how I/we view it?


The primary difference is that we see reality from our own belief systems; in other words, we are not trapped in human beliefs.


Is that such a big difference then?


Certainly! What if you believed, really believed, 100%, that you were deserving of infinite love and lots of abundance? What do you think your life would be like?


I guess it would be a lot different.


It certainly would! You see, you have often remarked about how certain we are when we say things. That certainty comes from total knowing of our own divinity, of our worthiness; the idea that we wouldn't be these things is unthinkable! If you were certain, absolutely certain, that you deserved wealth and should be wealthy, you would be. You would just naturally assume the air and the being of a wealthy person, and your actions would all revolve, 100%, around things that would bring you wealth. The universe would respond to you as a wealthy person, and bring you people and situations and opportunities for you to take advantage of. And the same goes for the person who was certain that she could be in a loving long-term relationship. It would happen,  it would manifest. Certainty comes from a state of being that resonates purely to something.

So what is preventing humanity from creating a heaven on earth? All together now!!


Our belief systems.


Yes, that's right. The reason we do these shows with you is to try to make it clear to your listeners how truly simple happiness, abundance, love, anything you want, is. When you hear these things, your first reaction is, "but that's a load of crap! On earth not everyone can be wealthy, there must be poor people. I've tried to manifest wealth (or a relationship, or whatever) for years and I can't do it!" And do you know what we have to say to that?

Blah, blah, blah, blah. We will say it again: if you are absolutely sure of something, it will happen. Period.

Who is preventing you from being certain about anything? No one. "But... my dad was a drunk and he used to tell me that I'm nothing! I can't get past that?! " mother was forced three times! How can I have a stable relationship when I have her for an example? "But...experts say that in childhood you become imprinted with the limiting beliefs of your family..." "But what about my inner child?  But what about..."

Whatever. Dear Ken, you asked for it and you now you are getting it.

There are no excuses whatsoever for not having anything you want.

Actually, that was badly worded. There are millions of excuses you make for not having the things you want!

We think that some of your listeners will be able to hear this now.  Despite what you think, consciousness on earth is, as your politicians say, "moving forward." A change in the resonance of consciousness within humanity is naturally making people more aware of who they are. And who you are is a divine, immortal spirit. Even people who haven't a clue about spirituality, and could care less, are gradually accepting ideas that were not acceptable even a few years ago. It is commonly accepted today that racial bias is a stupid thing. Ken was listening to sports talk radio the other day. Sports people are not the most spiritually oriented people, let us say. Yet when a white person made a racial slur about a previous  caller who was black, there was wide protest that the slurrer was an idiot. And the feelings expressed were genuine. After several callers there was a great feeling in the radio space. There was a resonance of harmony among people of divergent opinions and backgrounds. Ken remembers a time when that would not have happened.

All of you hear about the extremists on the left and the right, those who have hardened their opinions; the "politically correct" and the "religious right," and the others. But the vast majority of people are silently coming together, in a species resonance, that harmony and cooperation are good things. As this resonance becomes more established, it will be easier to gain certainty and an uncluttered state of being on the positive things you want. In other words, the more powerful is the agreement that harmony and cooperation is a better way to be and do,  the more that resonance is established. And the more that resonance is established, the easier it is to have certainty that positive things are inevitable. That is how we see things. We know that well being is inevitable, that it exists everywhere, and that we will experience it in every moment, forever. That is the feeling of certainty that Ken feels when he talks to us, his guidance. It is very easy for us because we live in an environment of love and joy and well being.

The point is, you are creating that same resonance now, on a species-wide, planet-wide basis. It is something that must gain momentum as the population increases, because the more of you there are, the more you create that critical mass necessary to spark a quantum leap in consciousness on a planet-wide scope. The essence of who you are is a joyful, immortal spirit, and that essence must become more and more recognized, the more and more of you there are on earth. This has been our consistent message for years now. 

And so, to reiterate, the difference in our perception and in your perception is one of resonance. There is no reason that you, on earth, cannot resonate to that which is inherent in us and in all of you! We, Ken's guidance, and you, the listeners inhabiting bodies on the planet earth, are the same: you/we are all consciousness, that has an inherent feeling of well-being. Consciousness inherently feels wonderful. So what is the reason that you cannot feel as wonderful as we do? Stop and think about that, dear listeners, for a minute. We will give you some time to come up with reasons why you cannot feel the well=being that we feel.

Have you done that? Good! Now look over all of these reasons. How do they make you feel?

Not so good? Well, as we said before, it is these reasons, or beliefs, that CAUSE you to come off that inherent feeling of well being. Some of you may feel that there is more than ample justification for you to have these reasons, and to feel as you do. But what is happening is that an immortal angel, a human angel, is figuring out ways to make himself or herself feel bad. That is how you come off the inherent feeling of well-being that IS who you are.


So how do we regain these feelings of well-being?


That is the wrong question, for it leads you down the road of "figuring things out," and when you try to do that, you go off the rails. You engage the intellect, and your logical, left-brain mind, and ignore the more intuitive, non-process side of your consciousness. This is why we have told you to let these feelings come in around the edges. Ken has been doing this successfully now for several weeks. He doesn't worry like he used to about world events, or how much money he is going to make this month. Remember, Ken was trying to get to the point where he had no limiting beliefs. He simply set up a vision, a pattern of thought (engaging the left brain) that he was a person with no limiting beliefs, and therefore, totally happy. And he just got the feeling of what that might be like for a few seconds, and then let it go. And the next day he remembered that he was "working on" not having limiting beliefs, and he got that feeling back for a few seconds and then let it go. And then things started to happen in his life -- he got some editing contracts and some other work, and now he is very busy and doesn't need to worry about money. And he has been a lot happier because things "just seem to be happening."

This is how we want you to approach the things that you want. Especially those things you really really want and think you can't have, for one or more of the reasons you thought about in our little exercise a few minutes ago.

Get the idea of exactly what you want, and then get the feeling of what it would be like to have it, and then let it go. Do this as many times as you'd like during the day BUT DON'T MAKE A PROCESS OUT OF IT!

Process, formulas, and recipes, are the enemies of manifestation in this way. You have to allow the universe to respond to you, and you have to be open  enough to recognize those little opportunities that may turn into something much bigger. You see, the universe works by the evolution of thought. You don't often get something full-blown, like a Porsche showing up in your driveway. You begin with feeling better and knowing what you want, and then little things happen. If you get too impatient you start trying to find a recipe that will move things along faster, and then your train goes off the tracks.

Let's conclude by saying that reality is shaped by your beliefs and your expectations, which determine what you resonate to. And that resonance is what people, and the universe, responds to.



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