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Is Technology the Answer?

(from the Interview With Spirit show)
3/ 7/ 2012


Before we begin I would like to echo what Kerry Cassidy said in one of her blog posts. This has also been a  theme of the Interview with Spirit show.

There are two types of people on planet earth: those who are asleep (the sheeple) and those who are awake. Humanity is coming out of its millennia-long slumber, and we are discovering that we are not alone in the universe. We are hearing about various ET races, and how some of them are hostile and most of them are benign, and the benign ones are intervening to prevent us from killing ourselves, and preventing the hostile ETs from screwing too much with humanity and the planet.

This is all well and good, but when the lid comes off on the information suppression and the technology suppression, we’re going to hear about and probably see off-planet beings  with superior technology, and the impulse will be to look up to these beings and even worship them. That’s the kind of crap that has been going on for millennia on planet earth: worship of so-called “higher” beings by poor, down-in-the-dirt humanity, on its knees groveling to so-called superior races or superior beings.  

Well, that is a lot of bullshit, if you’ll excuse me. This is a lot different than the connection to Spirit and our immortal souls. If humanity really is a conglomeration of the DNA of ET races, we should have superior, albeit untapped, genetic potential. We don’t, in the future, want to exchange the worship of human gods for the worship of ETs. Both keep humanity on its knees, begging as a supplicant to others who supposedly know more than we do.

The trap is technology. From our adolescent point of view, we think technology is “cool.” The more bells and whistles, the better. But it’s just the opposite, in my opinion. A well-dressed person is the one with elegant, classic lines, perfectly tailored. The barbarian is the one with the gold chains, the bling, the rings and the boom box. Reliance on technology is not a sign of advancement, but an evolutionary dead-end. Why? Because the most powerful force in the universe is Spirit. The universe itself is a field of consciousness, and all material things result from it. Thought is the basic quanta of matter and energy, and it comes directly from consciousness. Consciousness is non-physical in origin.

A truly advanced race is intuitive, communicates via thought and feeling, and has advanced beyond the need of technological bling, just as the elegant dresser goes beyond the tawdryness and ostentation of pop fashion. A truly advanced race uses technology where appropriate the physical game it is playing. The worship of technology is pointless and will lead to our enslavement.


Now for the message!

Welcome! Ken has finished with his rant for the week, and now we would like to step in. We are pleased to say that, if present trends continue, this show will not be necessary for very much longer. Although it appears that events are collapsing and the darkness is expanding its influence, in fact the light is exposing more and more of the control structures in place on the planet earth. And we would like to say very emphatically -- are you hearing this Ken? -- that whatever evil exists upon your planet is entirely, and we mean entirely, under your control. You provide the vibrational groundwork that creates the set of possible outcomes. And so when you change your expectations, you also reprogram your reality, and set a new vibrational orientation that does not allow the manipulation of humanity that has been going on for a long time. A vibration of evil cannot survive in an environment of love, harmony, and cooperation. It’s as simple as that.

In the coming months you are all going to be exposed to information that will rock your world, as the cocoon you have been living in breaks open, and the “real world” seeps through into playground earth. Some of this information will shock you, and most of it will delight you. There’s a big wide universe out there, and the planet earth is part of something much grander than even your visionaries can imagine. And of course, humanity is the pilot of spaceship earth. You get to determine which dimensional reality you experience. We talked about this extensively in the two previous shows. Until you realize that your hands are on the controls, you can be buffeted about by misinformation and disinformation. We want to tell you that really there is no such thing as misinformation ort disinformation. Everything you are exposed to is someone’s, or some group’s, reality. That reality may seem bizarre, evil, nonsensical, or insane, depending upon your POV. Again, there is no misinfo or disinfo. There are only realities, created by beings playing a physical game.

It is your job to sort through these realities and decide which ones appeal to you. You must reject those that make you feel worse, and embrace those that inspire you. And above all, we would like you to create your own set of possibilities for planet earth, and not depend on “authority figures” or “experts.” These are persons steeped in the current reality. Fortunately, there are visionaries on your planet who have been seriously studying ways to lift humanity, and the planet, into the light. More and more of you are deciding to create your lives in the highest possible manner. Remember that the only power another being has over you is the persuasive ability to get you to change your own mind. By changing your mind we mean, accepting a new set of information. The best way to prevent yourself from being fooled or duped during the coming months is to visualize your lives at the highest level. When you come across “facts” or realities that conflict with your new vision, you then have a firm orientation that will filter out negative scenarios or possibilities.

One the ways you can be convinced is if someone points to a fact or a reality and says, “see! This is the way it is, so stop being delusional.” When you believe that you only go around once in life, when you believe that there is such a thing as the death of consciousness, you set yourself up perfectly for those with agendas. In other words, you have only yourselves to blame for the condition your lives are in, individually and collectively. These are harsh words to some, but we speak the truth. We are talking about universal laws that have applicability everywhere, in all dimensions and realities.

Of course, when you play the blame game you deny yourselves, and disempower yourselves. Blaming others for what happens to you takes away your power, for if you could trace back cause and effect, you would discover that your life is a combination of all of the decisions you have ever made. And the good news is that when you change those decisions, you also change your reality.

This is law, this is fact. These facts are invisible because thought itself, and consciousness, is invisible within the Body Reality, and the game of severe duality you have been playing.

The fact is that every one of you knows this. Every one of you knows every single channeled message that has ever been brought forth upon your planet. We are pleased to announce that the time of channeling (as you know it) is coming to an end. An era of true channeling is coming, in which all of you will become far more intuitive, and inspired. This will come when you finally understand your spiritual nature. The fact is that all of you are immortal, spiritual beings having a temporary association with a physical body on earth. That’s an adolescent fact that 99% of every off-earth child knows at the age of zero. Even the most hardened skeptic, the most heinous criminal or mass-murderer, returns to Native State and full awareness of self upon termination of the association with the physical body. That’s just a fact.  There is no such thing as punishment in native state. Why? Because consciousness is all-encompassing love, and unconditional love means unconditional allowing. As Ken would say, deal with it! Deal with the fact that love rules the universe. Don’t believe it? It doesn’t matter! You are love and you will return to love whether you like it or not! As Will Hunting would say, “I got her number. how about them apples?”

Yes, we have your number, and that number is love. The universe is a win-win. There are no losers. Ever. Oh wait a minute, you can PRETEND to lose. That’s what the physical game is for, as we and other spiritual messengers have been saying for a long, long time now. It’s nothing new. It’s only surprising when you have skewed belief systems, skewed information systems.  And that can only happen when you agree to ignore the essence of who you are. Granted, the Expanded Game of light and dark was set up to allow you to explore these belief systems, and their ramifications. But now that game is coming to an end. It has led to a situation that was anticipated. But what was not anticipated was how difficult it would be to move away from. You are experiencing that now, and we have to say that as difficult as it has been for a lot of you, from a broader perspective we are amazed at how smoothly the transition has manifested so far. The human race has many supporters and they are here on earth, in the background (by background we mean, in slightly different dimensional realities) helping you “over the vibrational hump.”

The human race is growing up. By growing up we mean, rejecting belief systems that do not serve you, and accepting belief systems that empower you. How simple is that? Adolescents at some point believe that their parents are idiots, know-nothings who just aren’t with it. Usually, adolescents “grow up” and become aware of a broader world with larger and more sophisticated information systems. Growing up is just the process of adjusting to more and more sophisticated sets of information. For example, the belief system “earth is alone in the universe” (an entirely absurd and ridiculous premise) creates a severely limited set of possibilities that opens you up to all sorts of shenanigans. The belief “earth is one of many planets in the galaxy with intelligent life” creates a much bigger game, and exposes you to so much more information. When the earth becomes aware of this broader game, the human race could be said to have “grown up.”   But of course there are levels beyond that, and levels beyond that, until you reach the level of native consciousness, or self awareness, which we call native state. So the process of growth is never-ending.

Believe us when we say that even in native state, there are an infinite set of possible ways to be and do and experience. You will never run out of exciting things to be and do.  That’s the beauty of a system set up on the “win-win” principle.

Our message this week is that individuals and groups and the human race has control of its own destiny. The roadblocks that appear in your path are self-created. If you believe that it’s not possible to reach your goal without struggle, you will struggle. The power of a widely accepted belief system (a planet-wide one, for example) is that it affects every individual who participates in the game. Those who believe in the idea of struggle, and even those who don’t, will come across roadblocks because this belief is so widespread. That was one of the things that made the expanded game so interesting, and so frustrating. You simply will not believe the power of a belief in cooperation. We assure you that if the idea of cooperation was as widely accepted as the belief in the inevitability of struggle, your projects and your organizations would experience immediate relief.  Cooperation is so much more in alignment with the laws of the universe, and consciousness itself, that selecting new belief systems oriented toward cooperation and harmony will provide you with new sets of information, and new methods, that are orders of magnitude above the levels you experience today. And so that which is “hard” becomes easy. This occurs with a simple shift in consciousness. A change in thought literally re-programs the information systems that are the blueprints for physical reality. We’ve been saying this all along, and so have so many others. Again, it’s nothing new, but it SEEMS new if you have been operating under the Old Rules for  such a long time.

The world is ending, dear ones. That doesn’t mean ludicrous disaster scenarios like in the ridiculous movie “2012” (which was itself an example of an attempt to get you to change your minds by adopting a POV that would create a powerful vibration that would send you to a dimensional reality where such events could manifest) , it means the end of old information systems and the acceptance of new ones.

The relationship  of Spirit to physical reality is undergoing a massive change on the planet earth. Before, there were “channelers” who connected to Spirit and brought forth inspirational, but somewhat unbelievable, messages of love from a largely inaccessible spiritual realm. Now, there are human beings who are discovering that this channeling is the most natural process in the world, and that there is really no separation at all between the “spiritual” and the “physical.” It is all a seamless experience, an aspect of a universal intelligence that permeates everyone and everything in creation, and all dimensions and realities.

Do not worry that the skeptics or the “evil ones” will slow the process of growth. Remember, you move seamlessly through the dimensions when you change your information systems by making more positive choices. These people will literally disappear from your reality, and you will never notice that they are gone. Your reality will simply reflect your new beliefs. We see that the vast majority of you will choose to see the expanded game through to the very end. That is, you will stick around in this bandwidth of reality to confront the hard issues and get the  human race through the tough times. You’ll do this because you want to be in at the end! You’ve invested so much time and experience in the game, you want to be here to complete the cycle. Some of you will simply move on up the dimensions and experience what some call 5th dimensional reality. And some will choose to play the old game. And do you know what? It’s all good, because the physical experience is ludicrously short, and all beings return inevitably to native state. That is why we say that all endings are happy endings. Really, the system couldn’t be more beautifully set up.

Ken was editing a book today and the author was talking about a near-death experience he had, and Ken suddenly got wonderful images and awesome positive feelings about what will happen when he dies. It made him feel so fantastic that he had a fleeting impulse to leave the body. Believe it, when you “die” it will be a totally awesome, wonderful experience. So there’s literally no need to worry about the ending! Ever. That should take some of the tension out of your life, even if you only accept this idea as an intellectual exercise. Of course it’s much more than that. Here’s something tantalizing: no matter how many friends you have on earth, when you “die” you will discover tons more. And they will all be like the best possible friend you could ever have, and you will hang out and have a great time, and the feeling of it is just so perfect and right that you will bask in it forever. And your experiential horizons will expand immensely and it will be incredibly exciting. Just like what will happen on a smaller scale when humanity has a consciousness shift. It will feel fantastic, and completely natural. All right, that’s it for this week. Keep visualizing your lives at the highest possible level, and watch how events around you unfold.


Dumbing Down the Law of Attraction

(From the Interview With Spirit show, 3/14/2011)


On the show for the last couple of weeks we have been talking about different “dimensions” of experience within the all-that-is, and how the planet earth, and humanity, are evolving and traveling seamlessly to higher dimensions. We have also said that individuals can also move, while in the physical, through these dimensions, and how all of this happens so seamlessly that you never know you are even doing it! Even many of the listeners to this show might think this statement is a bit crazy, and many more might consider it irrelevant. But it isn’t! It’s how the universe works. Right now human beings are in the system, as it were, but do not understand the system. That’s why we’ve been talking about this subject for the last few weeks.

It is possible to consciously and knowingly travel to different dimensions, or “timelines” of experience, but that is far beyond the purview of science in its present state upon planet earth. Why, many of your scientists still believe in the “man is meat” theory of consciousness, which is perfectly understandable given how science defines itself, and its position firmly within the Body Reality.

However, more and more people are waking up to the fact that the planet earth is part of a much, much bigger game, and that the human race, far from being alone in the universe, has been and is being visited by what you call ETs, and what we might call EDs, or extra-dimensional beings. In fact, John Kettler does so on his website. What is the difference  between an ET and an ED? Not much! All beings come from different realities, that are defined by the set of information they carry around with them in their consciousness. Your level of consciousness determines the level of your science, and how much technology you have, and what kind. Presently, humanity has a firm belief that the more advanced is your technology, the more advanced is your race, but that is not necessarily true at all. Right now, humanity’s current set of belief systems have placed you in contact with certain races of beings that are technologically oriented. But some of these EDs and ETs are limited to a certain bandwidth of the dimensional spectrum, you might say. The Law of Attraction guarantees that you only meet up with beings that broadly reflect your own belief systems. And what does humanity believe in?

The inevitability of struggle, and war. The belief that technology is supreme. And so these are the beings that interact most closely with you. There are others, of course, benign, but who must necessarily have a more indirect interaction. That is because there is a wider separation in consciousness between these beings and yourselves. As you know, the person most real to you is the person with whom you are most vibrationally compatible. And that is why we say that humanity has complete control over the broad parameters of its existence. When  your level of consciousness rises, you will discover new information that will place you on a higher level of technology and knowledge. We talked about this in February: how the holographic information system surrounding earth is like a door with a vibrational key that opens the lock. That vibrational key is the feeling or emotion that accompanies the desire for change, and the visualization of a new world and new possibilities. Literally, when you visualize a new life you send out a vibrational key that will unlock the doors to new information. That’s how the system has been set up to work. Simple, yet very powerful.

And so when you access new information, and raise your awareness, you effortlessly bypass those hostile ETs or EDs who now find you not more compatible with them. In  the all-that-is, free will reigns supreme and every being has the power to direct its own experience. Now, perhaps, you have a better understanding of universal principles like the law of attraction, which has been used for a far more mundane purpose than is possible. Let’s talk about that for a little bit.

Many Law of Attraction promoters tell you that you can use this principle to gain more wealth. This is the main focus of those who use it for marketing purposes. But you have become more aware of the parameters of the system of banking and finance on planet earth now; you understand that currency manipulation is the key to controlling economies. Booms and busts have been created that cause prices to soar, and then busts occur which transfers wealth to the insiders. And so an artificial environment of wealth scarcity has been created in many of your societies. This causes severe competition between actors to grab a bigger share of a limited pie. You know that there is never enough currency in circulation to pay off all loans, because of the interest charged. Only the principal is created, not the interest. And so there has been a lot of scrabbling going on for money and wealth! When one gains, someone else loses. We’ve explained how the desire for greater prosperity has, broadly, created an explosion of money, but without a change of consciousness, the old systems largely stay in place. They are breaking down now, and new systems are being designed to take their place. But the Law of Attraction works best in an environment of understanding. We would compare the attempt to use the Law of Attraction to create wealth in a system with a firm belief in scarcity, with a tug-of-war. One side tugs very hard, and the group moves forward. Then the other side digs in their heels and pulls even harder, making the system go the other way. The solution in this game is, of course, to work harder and exert more effort. But the real difficulty lies in the consciousness of those playing the game! All of the participants are a thought away from putting down the rope and figuring out ways for everyone to achieve their goals.

Humanity is poised for a quantum leap in awareness. This will happen instantaneously, and invisibly. And when this occurs, the thought will come to everyone who participates in the game to indeed throw down the rope! The solution is thought-based: what Ken has been calling a “rise in consciousness.” But really what it is, is simply a new orientation in thought. This always occurs at the level of thought, and consciousness, and always beyond the scope of the Body  Reality.

This is why the idea that consciousness is biologically based is so insidious, for it permeates every level of every game.  It penetrates the consciousness of all of the players and causes solutions that never go beyond the root of the problem: scarcity. Scarcity is a direct result of the idea that human beings are physical bodies. This is the primary meme that must be reinforced in any top-down system, any hierarchical system of control. In such a system, the controllers really do not have control. They only have control to the extent that those who are controlled believe in their own limitations. Remember that the only power any being has over another is to get them to change their mind. That’s it! That’s the Secret, the Key to life. You can be persuaded to an agenda if that agenda is cleverly presented, even if that agenda takes you out of your power. And of course, the primary, most fundamental way to take any being out of his or her power is to convince them that they are just hunks of meat, and that when you die, you are dead. This idea is so widely accepted within the consciousness of humanity that it has allowed the establishment of top-down systems of control, both from on-planet and from off-planet. But we tell you with perfect certainty that you have the control to determine what ETs and EDs interact with you. Power is power, and all of you are empowered. No being, regardless of their level of technology, has the power to violate universal principles. All life operates under these principles. That is why the science of persuasion has become so important on earth, as more and more of you have woken up. The only power so-called evil or hostile ETs have over you (and these are a tiny minority of  the whole; degraded civilizations that are stuck vibrationally in their own control paradigm) is the power to get you to deprecate your own power. And so the only question you really need to ask is: “Does this statement empower me?” And if it does not, then it is something you should avoid.

We’ve said before that when a planet wakes up, it experiences a period of chaotic growth, in which many possibilities are presented to the participants before the system chooses a new state. You are just like the pile of sand in a complex adaptive system that rearranges itself more efficiently. You would say that the grains of sand have no consciousness and that they are just hunks of dead matter, but if that is so, why does the system choose a more efficient state? The human race is like the individual grains of sand, except all of you understand that the 7 billion participants are aware. If sand can evolve to a higher state, so can you!

We are now speaking from a much higher level that we ever have before, and that is true of all those who provide information, whether spiritual or physical. When a species evolves, it goes from adolescent beliefs to a more sophisticated belief system. That is the inevitable result in the choice of a new set of beliefs. Expansion of awareness is congruent with the expansion of information. And expansion of information occurs when the participants demand change, and a better life.

Ken entitled this week’s message, “What is Spirituality?”

Well, spirituality actually encompasses all things physical and non-physical, oneness and duality. It is all encompassing love that allows for any and all actions. On earth, spirituality is the recognition of your immortality and your non-physical, divine nature, from within the Body Reality. As we said last week, every life form has the ability to by-pass negative ETs and EDs, and negative events, because a human being is consciousness associated briefly with the physical body. For example, Ken read that on March 12, communications on earth might be severely affected because of the eruption of a huge solar flare on the sun’s surface: but little actually materialized. Asteroids hitting the earth, world war 3, polar shifts, 2012, and all sorts of disaster scenarios have been put forward, but none of them has actually manifested, because the belief systems of humanity do not now allow for them. How or why these potential disasters have been avoided is another story, and there are many who have different explanations. John Kettler says it is because ETs and EDs who support us have intervened. But the how and the why is not as important as the idea that you control what manifests by the belief systems you adopt. This powerful vibrational orientation works with the law of attraction and the law of vibration to bring you appropriate manifestations. So you  can be almost completely ignorant of the “system” and still use it to empower yourselves.

A great little video to watch is called “NASA Bonks Wacky 2012 Claims.” Just type that into YouTube and watch. It’s only 4 minutes long.

Back to spirituality. In actual fact there is no difference between the physical and the non-physical: it is just a matter of vibrational interpretation. But the point is that individuals have the power to connect directly with spirit. There is no physical medium you must interface with to reach spirit directly. There are no ETs or EDs that must act as a middleman. Each and every one of you are little walking spiritual walkie-talkies! The game on earth has been to place gods before you, as intermediaries to Spirit. You have been told that you “are not worthy” as Garth used to say. And many of you have believed this, and gotten down on your knees in supplication to more worthy beings, or more powerful gods. But all of this is unnecessary!

The game you are playing on earth is opening up. You are becoming aware of “New Rules” that are part of this larger game. But one thing is unchanged, and will always be: your personal connection to Spirit.

When you understand that you always have and always will have a personal walkie-talkie to spirit, you begin to expand your awareness,  and you better understand the nature of the game you are playing in the physical. And you realize that all endings are indeed happy endings, and that the game that is opening up in front of you is just a more sophisticated and complex version of the game you are playing now. It is somewhat like playing 2D chess and then playing  3D chess. Different rules, and expanded gameboard, but the fundamental, underlying concepts are the same. Remember that all beings, no matter how technologically advanced, are subject to universal laws and principles. It is not possible to subjugate another race, UNLESS that race agrees to be controlled. Look about you! Do you see things you do not like? Well, if you do, you have given your agreement to them.

Remember that the only power another being has is to get you to change your mind. We have been emphasizing that point over and over, because it is so important. The message this week is that you indeed do have the power to change your reality, literally! You may move seamlessly through the various levels of reality, by changing your vision of yourselves, your species, and your planet. You won’t know how this happens (yet!) but it will. And you may only know by what has NOT happened than by what has happened. Those who promote disaster scenarios understand very well what we’ve been saying, and about the power of persuasion. You see, this is quite an amazing gameboard you have here on earth. There are billions of human beings gathered together on the surface, an astonishing number. It is irresistible for some of the players to see how they can direct your evolution. “Look!” they say. “Here is a planet with a dominant species that number 8 billion! Such a powerful resonance! Let’s see what we can get these blokes to do!” Think about it! If you had technology that allowed you to travel through space, time, and dimensions, and you saw a place like earth, you might have a hard time resisting a little playing around!

It is a natural impulse for a being to want to create an effect. Creation, in its simplest form, is just that: effecting something, changing something, altering something, moving something. So don’t be afraid because some other blokes are playing around with you. You have allowed them in, and if you don’t want them around anymore, change your mind!

The only difficulty humanity has had in the past is not understanding the game. And that is changing as you awaken to your “superpowers.”  It’s almost time for the show so we will stop now, but you get the idea. The human race gets to program what manifests in and around your planet. All of you are empowered, individually and collectively. The system has been set up to allow you to move through the dimensions, and change your reality. All you have to do is use your “God given power.”


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