April 2013

Vol 8, #4

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The Planetary Merkaba

(from the Interview With Spirit show)
3/ 6/ 2013

Since I read Sean David Morton’s book “Sands of Time,” I have been listening to a few of his interviews. This guy is really brilliant, and he’s very good at pulling together information about what happened in the past. But he’s a self-proclaimed psychic, and tries to make predictions about what is going to happen in the future. He’s all over the place with these predictions, almost all of them which haven’t come true. You know, if you make predictions and one of them hits you can say you predicted it. But if you use a shotgun approach you’re bound to hit one once in a while. Earthquakes, pole shifts, the brown dwarf star that is supposedly coming towards the solar system, the collapse of the New Madrid fault, etc etc etc. Now we’re hearing that that Dec 21st, 2012 was just the beginning of a 6 year period of tribulation.

I’m not ragging on Sean because as I said before, he’s brilliant, and he obviously has insider sources. And he’s written one of the best books I’ve ever read, “Sands of Time.”  But the point is, if you look at the world and the universe from the perspective that the planet earth is really very primitive and that we are surrounded by forces and beings we don’t understand, and that the human race is pretty much at the mercy of natural forces or high-tech ET civilizations or a coterie of sociopaths here on good ol’ planet earth that have somehow managed to figure out some of this exotic technology, well, then you are creating a self-defeating resonance or vibration. You’re just getting people afraid, and that of course creates a resonance that makes it more likely that the scenario will occur. One amazing thing that Sean predicts is the rise of the United States. He says that all of the signs are in place for the rebirth of America, and I think that would be a good thing, since I live here!  

In this dimensional reality, we certainly do experience a lot of hostility and violence, and our belief systems and our expectations tell us that we are really very small and tiny and powerless; and so the prediction of catastrophic events is congruent with what we believe about ourselves. Predictions of catastrophes of one kind or another certainly may come as no surprise to anyone, and I’m not going to debate anyone about that, especially someone as smart as Sean. What I am going to say, however, is something we talked a little bit about last week. And that is, that the human race is sitting on an enormous source of power that we are, in our ignorance, completely ignoring. And that is the power of our own consciousness; the power of 7 billion human beings standing up, claiming our sovereignty, and directing the affairs of our species and our planet in a beneficial direction.

“Well, what good is that?” you say. “In the first place it’s impossible, you can’t wave a magic wand and have people suddenly come together, we’ve been trying to do it for 5,000 years. And in the second place it’s just an excuse to sit on our asses and do nothing while those in power run over us.” Well, what is the alternative? Fighting what is not wanted? You can do that, but it sticks you right where you are. And that’s where humanity has been for the past 5,000 years: stuck in a vibrational prison where we fluctuate between periods of peace in between the next war.

The argument is that we have to DO something and not just sit around meditating. I have read that the entire new-age movement is itself a scam, because it promotes the idea of people sitting around meditating and doing nothing while the world goes to hell. But when you ask folks who think like that what we should do, they inevitably talk about fighting and resisting that which is not wanted. And that is always a dead-end.

Look, if some guy is coming at you with a club, you’d better do something: get out of the way, or get a club yourself and defend yourself. Or better yet, get your gun out and cream the guy. But the question is, how did you get into that position in the first place? How did you find yourself in a situation where someone is coming after you?  

Well, if you believe in the randomness of life, that life is just an accident and that your consciousness comes from meat, then you have to fight. You HAVE to. There is no other choice, because the universe is cold and uncaring and we are just little primitive meat bodies scurrying around on a planet with limited resources. So we have to fight to get our share and fight to protect it. But that, again, just puts us firmly in our prison.

The same argument for fighting that has been the modus operandi on earth for 5,000 years is also used to tell us that the earth is surrounded by life and that we are emerging into a galaxy with civilizations a lot older and smarter than us, and who have exotic technology. So now we have to extend our fighting mindset out into space as well, because who know what hostile races may be out there threatening us?  Where is all of this going to lead? With our inevitable subjugation, of course, as long as we continue in the old paradigm of thought. That old paradigm can be extended out in space and in time for the next hundred thousand years. Is this what we want?

I’m not saying don’t fight if you have to. I’m not saying, sit on your ass and do nothing. What I’m saying, while we’re doing that, why don’t we wise up a little and begin to understand the power of our own consciousness?

I’m WAY out on a limb here because hardly anyone (other than brilliant scientists like Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, and Dr. Russel Targ, and Dr. Hal Putoff and a few others), have ever seriously studied consciousness, and as far as I know, no one else is making the assertions I’m going to make a little later on. And if I’m right and consciousness is non-physical, then there is never going to be any objective proof of my statement.

But what I’m saying is that there is ample, overwhelming subjective proof that there is life after death, and that consciousness reaches to higher and higher levels of happiness and well-being, and that the Ascension process, the process of moving ourselves into higher dimensions of reality, is REAL. When talking about consciousness, we have to begin to attach importance to every valid subjective experience, even if the objective proof of consciousness will forever elude us.

And so the human race is still under the impression that we are powerless and that there isn’t a lot we can do. But that impression or belief stays alive because we believe we need objective, scientific proof for something that is far beyond the parameters of mainstream science as it is practiced today. And that’s where I come in.

So here it is: we talked last week about a field of subtle energy that surrounds and penetrates the earth. We’ve been calling this invisible field of subtle energy (invisible to the five human senses and scientific instrumentation) a holographic, programmable field linked directly with the physical environment of the planet. This programmable, virtual field contains the templates for all physical form, and has access to all of the dimensions in the all-that-is. It is like a programmable spaceship of light, a planetary merkaba if you will. All planets have them. All individuals have them (See Beyond the Beginning). I have a free movie you can see about this; it’s called  “The Evolution of Consciousness.”

I feel like I’m a lone nut talking about this stuff sometimes, because it’s so far beyond the reality we THINK we are living in. But the truth is that we are sitting on a powerful lightship that can take us anywhere we’d like, if we would just wake up a little and understand about the power of consciousness. I’ve been saying on this show for years that if 7 billion human beings ever came together and decided to declare our sovereignty, and become good stewards for our planet, we would create a vortex or a platform of energy  that is so powerful it could literally transport this planet into a higher dimension of reality (Ascension). And it’s about damn time we did it! In this way we simply bypass all of the Borg-like, hive-like civilizations (like the reptoids and the nordics in Sean’s book) who have designs on the planet.

Look, I don’t have any great brilliant idea of how to get this to happen. I have enough trouble organizing my own life, much less trying to get 7 billion people together. What I’m trying to provide is a platform of common understanding. I’m trying to give people the idea that we are NOT powerless, that life is intelligent and has arranged the universe to empower people. Sure there is free will, and because everybody has free will it looks like there isn’t free will. In other words, somebody who’s smarter or stronger than you destroys you in a debate because they have objective arguments to disprove your subjective ones about your understanding of Spirit, or the bigger guy comes up to you and tells you to hand over your wallet. Well, you probably better do so because he’s got a gun in your face. So where’s the free will in that, you say? Where’s the empowerment in that?

But again, you have to look a little deeper. You have to get beyond the body reality. You have to ask yourself how you got yourself into a situation where there’s a big strong guy holding a gun to your head. You have to understand that your subjective certainty about the fundamental beauty of life trumps the other guy’s more coherent arguments. You have to understand the workings of woo-woo concepts like the law of vibration and the law of attraction.

The fact is that no one else can get you to place yourself in an uncomfortable situation. All along the worldline of your life you make choices, and those choices are utterly dependent upon your beliefs and your expectations. The  guy who finds himself with a gun to his head has made a number of powerful, independent free will decisions all along the timeline and has finally wound up in a co-incident event with Hulk, who demands his wallet. The planet that finds itself surrounded by several hostile civilizations has programmed into its planetary information field, over the millennia, the idea that they are weak and unworthy and that the universe is one of scarcity and that the only way to get anywhere is to fight and resist.

That series of decisions is eminently understandable, of course, because Jack (let’s call this guy Jack, who has a gun to his head) believes that he is basically powerless and that the world is hostile. Jack knows this because of what happened to his father: his dad was ripped off by his business partner and left penniless, and he left his family and drowned himself in an alcoholic daze. It’s the same old story on planet earth: abused children find themselves believing that life sucks and  people suck, and that they have no power. And that is very understandable, because the belief systems of humanity tell us that we are powerless, that God is up there judging us, that we are sinners and filled with bad karma from past lives, and that we are all just little meat bodies struggling in a world of scarce resources, and that a few of us can make it (the really smart ones or the privileged ones) and that the rest of us have to muddle along as best we can.

People, with a mindset like that we are truly trapped. We are destined to solve problems with the same beliefs, and the same mindset, that caused the problem! We are destined to go into the future with that mindset and encounter situations that mirror our level of consciousness, our belief systems.
The only way out is an out-of-the-box solution. We are NEVER going to solve the problems of pollution, poverty, scarcity, injustice, and perpetual war (the US govt is now gearing up for a phony war on Iran, to continue the hopeless and stupid interventionist foreign policy in the failed war on terror) unless we, the people, begin to change the underlying resonance of the planet. There is no way we are going to advance to true fourth level consciousness without radically changing what we believe and what we expect. We KNOW what we want: a world of prosperity and cooperation, where people and life are valued.

Yes, we can do that. The more of us who resonate to tolerance and prosperity, the greater is the power and amplitude (if there is such a thing) of the resonance for peace and prosperity. Look, it’s 7 billion against a few thousand, probably, and an outdated belief system. A few thousand old men and sociopaths with an agenda for a deprecated fourth-level consciousness; a consciousness that will turn the human race into a hive-like society with a few at the top and the rest of us drones who must comply. We’ve talked about this before: the human race is heading toward a fourth-level (planetary) consciousness. It’s inevitable. It’s going to happen. It’s the next evolutionary step in planetary development. The only question is, are we going to settle for a low-level, “collective security” mindset, or are we going to take a great leap forward and create a species wide and planet wide consciousness that will open the gates to a new science and medicine that can create a Renaissance on planet earth.

This isn’t just woo-woo bullshit friends. It’s vital that we understand the game we are playing, and it’s a lot bigger than we have been taught. The elements of this bigger game lie beyond the body reality, however, and can only be accessed subjectively. But I’m here to tell you that your own personal certainty about the good stuff trumps the brilliant skeptic who tells your subjective experience isn’t valid because it can’t be objectively “proven.”

The real game is the assumption of our power, understanding that consciousness has put in place a way for that power to be made manifest.  But what can we do to bring about a true fourth-level consciousness?
Live mindfully, live in tolerance and live a service-to-others existence, where we help our fellow human beings and recognize that all of us are in this together.

This is the mindset that will get us out of the trap we are in. And this resonance will and is building up gradually, and when it gets powerful enough the parameters of the game, the set of possible outcomes, will shift. We will literally create a new resonance where the possible physical scope of action shifts so that anti-social activities will become more and more difficult, until finally, they disappear altogether. That is the power of the law of vibration. This is the power of 7 billion incarnated human beings. The universe is vibrational, and those vibrations that are similar hook up. This is what the spiritual masters and teachers have been telling us for thousands of years, because it is literally the only way out. We must, while still stuck in the body reality, find our way out to a higher level of existence. And we can only do that by recognizing, subjectively, our greater potential, our spiritual potential.

So let’s abandon this idea that we are just primitives living on an insignificant planet.  We are not.  The human race has a huge potential for positive growth and spirituality. We have a huge potential to alter our world line and take ourselves to a much brighter future. We just have to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. Living our lives, interacting with our fellow human beings, if we show understanding and tolerance and compassion we literally create a huge, planet-wide resonance for positive change. That is the importance of the population growth and the growth of worldwide communications. Before now it was impossible to communicate planet-wide, which is why we never achieved 4th consciousness. The resonance for fourth-level consciousness could not be established.

But now it can. We can talk to anyone, practically, in the world instantly nowadays. The effect of the mass media is still significant, but it is declining. We are creating spontaneous communication networks through the internet. Information can travel all over  the world in seconds. The most important thing is to realize that we are living on a powerful, conscious, living entity called planet earth, and that this planet has a powerful field of subtle energy that can connect us directly to the dimensions of existence. We can literally travel inter-dimensionally IF we wake up and understand our power. We can by-pass the lower dimensions of reality and anything harmful, and ascend to a much more pleasant level of existence. This is not a recipe for withdrawing from the world, it’s a formula that says we have to be engaged in the world!

In my movie The Evolution of Consciousness I show the earth enveloped in this powerful field of subtle energy, and show how we communicate with it. Well, the planet itself also communicates with the universe at large, and, amazingly enough, with the other dimensional realities  in space and time. If you read Sean David Morton’s book “Sand of Time” you really get the idea that technology does exist that enables a physical being to travel back and forth in time, and also to “fold space,” allowing us to go millions of light years in a very short amount of time. Life, consciousness, has developed devices that can do this, but life has also built in to biology the ability to do this. Capisic? That’s the point I am making.

The idea of folding space was in the famous SF novel by Frank Herbert called “Dune.” Well, apparently this technology is standard issue in the rest of the galaxy. Apparently, from what I’ve read, technology is abundant “out there.” It’s no big deal, really. Technology isn’t as important as understanding and wisdom. The understanding of consciousness; and the universal nature of consciousness as something non-physical that cannot be harmed, ever. Spiritually advanced individuals know this; the Masters that have come forth to teach us all understood that death was an illusion. A very powerful illusion, but an illusion nevertheless.

If you doubt that go to NDE sites and read some of the testimony. Some of it is bullshit of course; just people looking for attention and making stuff up. But there are some real gems. My friend Dave goes onto these sites every morning after he gets up and reads for inspiration. I will get his list of best sites and tell them to you on the show next week.

Anyway, the message this week is a continuation of what we talked about last week: that the planet earth is essentially a lightship that can take us to a much more pleasant reality. There is a virtual realm that coexists alongside our physical realm, and is intimately connected with it. Consciousness is the interface between the physical and the virtual realm.

Consciousness has the ability to directly communicate with this realm and choose the set of potential realities that are available. “Oh pooh pooh,” the skeptics say. Ludicrous.” Well, we simply have never seriously studied our greater potential. That’s not what science is about. It’s about time we do! And when we do we will discover some amazing shit.
We’ve been talking about ETs and other civilizations as if it was common knowledge that the earth is not alone in the universe, and that there are other dimensions of existence. Is it really critical to know this? Well, not really. But it is critical to understand about consciousness, and that we DO have control, in a broad sense, of our future! The only reason I even mention subjects like ETs and other dimensions is because WE NEED TO BEGIN THINKING OUT OF THE BOX.  And these subjects make you think out of the box!

Again, you cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that caused the problem! So you have to shake people up a little bit. I think that may be why guys like SDM make bold predictions, even if they don’t come true: because it gets people thinking beyond the current belief systems and low expectations. We have to do this while the window is open; while we have 7 billion incarnated souls who have the very high probability of discovering who they really are. And when that happens, our problems are literally going to start dissolving. The difficulties we have here on planet earth are entirely the result of our belief systems. Belief systems are information systems and they program this planetary, holographic envelope of subtle energy that interacts with the physical. The key is the understanding of consciousness is and what it can do. I wrote three books, two of them novels, in the Potentials of Consciousness series, to try to explain these concepts, because they are so important.

 It is an example of how inverted our beliefs are, that so many people actually do believe that we are alone in the universe, even after 50 years of science fiction and movies that tell us that ETs exist. And a lot of people still believe in their heart of hearts that when you die, you’re dead. If we are going to make it out of the rut we are in -- and that rut is rut of old belief systems, the old paradigm of thought -- we have to begin with a proper understanding of consciousness. I used to think that it was really great to have the understanding of life after death and that we are all really immortal aspects of a One consciousness that has created the universe and everything in it. But I have been coming more and more to the realization that this understanding isn’t just “cool,” it isn’t something you pat yourself on the back because you know more than the average person. I’m coming to understand that it is vital for everyone, and so that’s why I keep doing this show every week.

What can we all DO to make a better life for ourselves and our planet? Access your creative side. Look for inspiration in your life or in the world, and begin to create it in the physical. It doesn’t matter what you DO, it matters where your vibe is at. Latch on to whatever floats your boat and go with it. In this way you strengthen that creative resonance that already exists, and which links up to the earth’s own information field. In this way we literally raise the vibe of the human race, and an entire planet.

Remember what the Maggie Smith character in Downton Abbey said: “Don’t despair, it’s so middle class.”  When you feel miserable or feel despair, it’s really not because of anything in the John and Mary of life, like not being able to pay the bills, or not having your kid accepted at the school for bright students, or getting yelled at at work. You are really in despair, or feel miserable, to the degree that you do not access your own creativity. And that creativity comes forth from the essence that is you; that powerful, immortal consciousness of which all life is an aspect.

Consciously looking for your creative side will connect you to Spirit, to your greater potential.  And when that happens you are going to want more of it. And that, my friends, is a good addiction. The addiction to a true understanding of self. And a true understanding of self will literally open the universe to you, because that understanding leads to an understanding of consciousness, which made the all-that-is and everything in it! And that understanding will lead the planet earth and all life upon it to a true fourth-level consciousness.



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