What is Truth? Part 3 -- Choose your truth

In Part 2 of this series we described the difference between Truth (capital T) and truth (small t), and the difficulties a peron can get into when he or she confuses the two. Truth, or consciousness, is ephemeral and invisible, and matter is solid and ubiquitous, and it is easy lose sight of the relationship between the two. We confuse cause and effect and place small-t truth at source point and relegate capital-T Truth (our own consciousness) to the back of the bus.

The creative process involves making new truths – new creations. That can only occur if one breaks new ground. In other words, while one may like something and attempt to copy it, relying solely on the ideas and creations of others will never bring true satisfaction. And even if your work is not original, you are still adding something uniquely your own when you create your own version of it.

We all know that it takes a while for a new truth/creation to manifest, because we do not live in a world where individuals can just magically make something by waving a magic wand. However, we do live in a world that responds to our thoughts and our preferences.

There are literally trillions of truths out there. Anything that already exists is a truth: cars, houses, computers, phones; murders, suicides, and the latest war; beautiful art and beautiful sunsets and colorful trees in fall. These all exist, are observable, and can be verified. It is up to the individual to decide which of these truths one chooses to place attention on.

While it is true that ignoring reality is silly, it is also true that paying too much attention to the darker side of life can make people depressed. In these times where society and the economy is coming apart at the seams this can be very hard to do, especially if you are sitting at the kitchen table deciding whether to buy food, gas, or pay the rent. Unfortunately, continued focus on “there’s not enough” will only get the Law of Attraction working against you.

“Your philosophy is cruel and heartless,” you say. “If there is such a thing as the Law of Attraction it isn’t very kind or compassionate.”

Well, that depends on how you look at it. The LOA also goes to work for you when you put your attention on ways to remedy the situation and create more abundance. The higher up on the emotional scale a person is, and the more thoughts trend toward the positive, the more you encounter people, possibilities, and situations that resonate to better things.

“You are full of it,” you say. “That’s just more of the ‘power of positive thinking’ crap.”

Well, yeah. The people who promote the ‘power of positive thinking’ may not understand that it is based on a powerful universal principle. But it’s valid.

What is the alternative? Complaining and getting pissed, feeling worse and worse and getting more and more stressed, and then getting sick if that vibe continues long enough. And still not having enough after all the negative self talk. Then you say, “See? I was right. The world SUCKS and you are just offering false hope.”

Even in these dire times there is still so much that works. Yes there are large pockets of darkness and poverty, especially in our big cities, but there are also even bigger areas of safety and prosperity. But you can’t find those areas – you aren’t even aware that they exist – if you are stuck in a low vibe of “everything sucks.” That’s because perception is a matching of vibrations, and if the vibrational gap is too big between your vibe and a better reality, it is invisible and unreachable.

So what do you do if you are living a life of quiet desperation?

Well, doing the same things over and over with the same consciousness aint going to work. The Five Fundamental Principles are subjective, not objective. You can’t prove any of them objectively but you can prove them to yourself. Here’s a truth with the bark off: It’s hard to overcome a strongly established negative attitude about life and the world, but if your vibe doesn’t change then your life won’t change.

Successful and/or happy people recognize this instinctively. Successful and/or happy people take responsibility for their own thoughts, emotions, and attitudes. Adolescents and emotionally immature persons blame others.

This is where the world is evolving. There is an entire strata of society that embraces victimization, blaming racism or fascism or communism or Democrats or Republicans (especially Trump) for their personal problems. These people make big bucks giving lectures and writing books promoting the dogma – it is almost a religion – of being victims of life. But in a world of free will, ALL individuals get to choose what they focus on, regardless of their socio-economic status.


The five fundamental principles describe a universe that requires individuals to take responsibility for their own lives. There aint no judgmental God in the sky gonna punish you for doing the wrong thing. LIFE will discipline you, via the five fundamental principles.

This is not a heartless and cruel system at all, but a very benign and benevolent one because it allows a person to gradually learn life lessons from the choices they make, and allows anyone to make different, better choices along the way.

Whatever you focus on comes more and more into your experience. The world is stuffed full of truths of every description. A person who chooses positive truths that make them feel good will discover that the world slowly changes around them in a positive direction.

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