What are we doing on this planet?

Have you ever wondered what you are doing on this planet?

Actually, there's nothing wrong with Planet Earth; it's a beautiful place with so many different ecosystems and species. It the human race that sometimes astonishes me, because we seem to have everything wrong-end-forwards.
In a universe that is over 14 billion light-years in diameter, with over 7 trillion galaxies and 30 billion trillion stars, it would be mind-boggling if the earth were the only planet with intelligent life. A simple calculation (assuming that the universe is closed, and roughly spherical) shows that the volume of the universe is around 10^38 cubic miles, or 100 trillion trillion trillion cubic miles. There are trillions of galaxies and approximately 30 billion trillion stars. Yet when Tom Cruise dared to suggest that we were not alone in the universe, he was pilloried in the "popular" press as a kook. Now I don't have any particular love for "Scientology Tom," but doesn't that seem just a little strange? Well, it doesn't to a LOT of humans. Why?

Well, we are told that in the Final Days there will be a battle between good and evil, but this description is too simplistic. We aren't fighting a battle, we are in the middle of an evolutionary leap in consciousness. Those who understand that they are an immortal spirit having a temporary physical experience are clued-in to a deeper level of awareness of Self and of the universe. Those who aren't believe stuff like "when you die, you're dead," that you can only vote Democrat or Republican, that Osama Bin Laden caused 9/11 (go to the official FBI website and see what crimes Osama is wanted for), and that you have to fight for everything worthwhile in life.

The description of spiritual evolution as a "battle" between two polarized opposites is a perfect example of the kind of thinking that our species is moving out of!

We are moving out of an old set of beliefs, based upon a lower level of awareness, and into a new set of beliefs more aligned with universal principles. That process is painful. The human race is like an adolescent having massive hormonal changes, and a growth spurt. Human consciousness is "tuning in" to a new awareness, but not all of us have yet gotten the message. The old memes of struggle, conflict, and unworthiness are still strong. And so what appears to be a battle (using the old paradigm of thought) is simply, and more accurately, an evolution in thought (using the new awareness).

Here's the point: what seems obvious to us is "nutty" to those who are still connected to the old vibrational patterns.
And that is perfectly understandable, if you understand the vibrational universe concept. Someone who is cheerful is not on the same wavelength as an angry person, and they simply don't see "eye to eye." There is little comprehension and affinity, and the weltanschauung of these two people is likely to be wildly different.

To understand this concept, consider this very simplistic graph of two vibrations. The waveform at the top is of a higher frequency than the one at the bottom because it has five crests and troughs for every one crest of the bottom vibration. If we use the vibrational analogy that awareness, or consciousness, exists on a scale of lowest to highest -- highest being the broadest awareness, including many more data points-- then a higher consciousness can understand a lower one, but not vice-versa. Why? Well, since thought is vibrational in nature, a higher vibration can "read" a lower one.

High frequency waveform: wHigh:
higher vibration

Low frequency waveform wLow:

Imagine an "eye" at every wavecrest on wLow and wHigh.

The person at the higher frequency just counts out 5 wavecrests and can easily see the lower wavelength. But the one on the bottom can only be aware of its much longer wavelength, because its perception is too gross. Even though there are 5 wavecrests of wHigh between every one for wLow, wLow cannot see them, even though they surely exist! (excerpted from https://kjmaclean.com/VibrationalUniverse3.php).

I use this crude little analogy to point out the dilemma of awareness and consciousness. Those in the lower vibrations get very frustrated, because they cannot understand why you don't agree with them. For such people, their opinions and beliefs are always "obvious," and your understanding seems deliberately perverse! They look at you like you are a kook, because they can't see your deeper understanding. Actually, they suspect something; like the waveform wLow, they sense but cannot comprehend that you are "different," and it scares them. That is why, when such people get into "power," they try to squash the arts, and decrease funding for scientific investigation.

Such people always bludgeon their way to distorted goals, not because they are evil in any way, but because they simply can't (yet) see the higher vibrations. It is always possible to inflict enough pain to force agreement, at least for a while. Societies and organizations based upon the use of coercion and force, however, are inverted, and always collapse. This has been the human history of planet earth for millennia, as humanity has been mired in the old paradigm of thought and belief.

A study of human history appears to elicit "natural laws of human behavior." But these laws are falsehoods: they are merely the result of an adolescent belief system. Adolescents act irrationally; we don't say that adolescent behavior is inevitable for the duration of the life; we simply call it a "phase." And so is the current phase of human evolution that we are now beginning to move out of.

A couple of weeks ago I saw the movie "Avatar." This movie is a perfect example of two societies on a different level of awareness. The leader of the security team and the head of the corporation regard the inhabitants of the planet as primitive, spaced-out, kooky wierdos, because they don't have any machinery. Of course, everybody knows that high-tech gadgets are an indicator of a higher consciousness, right? Well, maybe not! If you look at where our technology is evolving, it's evolving TOWARD a non-mechanized culture. In other words, electronic devices are getting smaller and smaller and faster and faster, they have no moving parts, and they are operating on higher and higher frequencies and with more and more bandwidth. That is to say, our technology is becoming less dense and more and more ephemeral, approaching that of thought itself. And when we get there, perhaps we won't need those crutches any longer. What will have been accomplished with a cell phone will, perhaps, be accomplished via thought, intuition, ESP, and all of those other "kooky" ideas.

I thought it was interesting that in Avatar, however, the solution of the indigenous people was...to fight a war. It's the same in all human fiction: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, etc. In order to defeat the "bad guys," you have to play on their level, otherwise they just overrun you. But that idea is entirely in conflict with universal principles like the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction. Galactically speaking, a society that has evolved to a new level of consciousness never meets up with a primitive, mechanized culture. That's because there is simply no reality between the two vibrations.

On planet earth, of course, immersed in the old paradigm, it is always possible for a peaceful culture to be overwhelmed by barbarians. That's because the species consciousness has not yet evolved to a higher state. The Japanese have a saying, "the nail that sticks out will be hammered down." That's what happens when a group begins to evolve out of a limiting set of beliefs and into a new set of beliefs, all the while existing within a planetary envelope firmly enmeshed in the old set of beliefs. But it seems unlikely that such a scenario that played out in Avatar could actually exist in "the real universe." (I say "the real universe" as opposed to the world of science and science fiction, which always assumes, parochially (and arrogantly) that the rest of the universe is at our level of consciousness.

In psychology, this is known as "transference," and it is a phenomenon associated with children, and other immature types who cannot conceive of a world different from the one in their beliefs. This belief is itself part of the collection of beliefs associated with the old paradigm of thought on an adolescent level of consciousness, which is where the human race is evolving out of).

Adolescents are pretty feisty. I believe it's the same for cultures and civilizations. Right now on our planet we have an unusual situation. I don't believe there have ever been this many human beings on the earth, ever. The civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria (if they existed at all)  from all that I've read, had nothing like the current human species count.
The evolving sectors of our civilization will tend toward more cooperation, more harmony, and much greater productivity. The sectors mired in the old system will look more and more primitive, and will force themselves on a more and more unwilling population.

Allopathic medicine in its current form is clearly one of the systems destined to die away. Pharmaceutical drugs are scattershot approaches; using a blunderbuss when a laser is needed. For example, when a heart medicine is administered, it goes into the bloodstream and hits every organ in the body. That's why these drugs have so many side-effects. But the pharmaceutical industry continues to lobby Congress, insisting that newer, alternative medicines find no favor. These companies have consistently tried to ban vitamins and other natural products, or force them to be declared as drugs. Such an approach must surely fail, because it is easy to see that it contravenes the common good; and it is typical of an outdated approach mired in the old paradigm of unworthiness, coercion, and control/domination from above.

It is the same for the fossil fuel industry on planet earth. The U.S. Dept of Energy spends over 95% of its budget on polluting fossil fuel technologies, and almost completely ignores research on cleaner, alternative energy technologies.

Politics as it is practiced today on earth is also an aging dinosaur, soon to be extinct. Politics today is the politics of special interests (mainly corporations) who essentially bribe legislators to pass favorable laws. One might argue that this has always been so, but with the advent of the internet and a planet-wide neural network, it is becoming more and more impossible to hide activities that are not in the best interests of the people or the nation. That is why the U.S. intelligence community is now attempting to control the Internet. An article in "Wired," called Cyberwar Hype Intended to Destroy the Open Internet, http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2010/03/cyber-war-hype/?utm_source=reddit.com/r/conspiracy describes this approach by those who desperately cling to the old memes.

Of course, these tactics are also doomed to failure in the new, evolving consciousness. Those who operate from this mindset are stuck in their vibration, and cannot see past it, just as the angry person cannot contemplate the higher vibrations of cheerfulness, or the allopathic doctor who uses pharmaceutical drugs cannot comprehend new and improved methods like Rife technology http://www.truerife.com.

Guys like Michael McConnell, the former director of national intelligence (see the article) must always use the ineffective, bludgeoning tactics of the fighter because he doesn't know any better. These people are scary because they have "power," but this "power" is a phantom, and comes from the outdated, lower vibrations. Those of us with a higher awareness can see through these people like open books. When the laser is needed, a blunderbuss simply will not work anymore!

The traditional media is also one of the institutions that is not evolving toward more cooperation and openness.

I used to think that conspiracy theorists were themselves a little kooky, until I found out about the $3.78 trillion CMKM Diamonds lawsuit against the directors of the Security and Exchange Commission, for fraudulently trading over 2.5 trillion shares of CMKX Diamond stock, and stealing the proceeds, in an illegal process known as naked short selling (selling shares of stock that don't exist, and that you don't own). This is the biggest financial fraud case in world history, filed in open court in the United States District Court, Central District of California. Copies have been sent to the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Bloomberg financial network, Barrons, and the Wall Street Journal. Not a peep has been heard from any of these prestigious institutions, however.

So I guess I must be a kook for suggesting that this case should at least be somewhere on p.14 of the financial pages! (You can find a copy of this lawsuit at deepcapture.com, here:
The Deep Capture website was founded by the CEO of Overstock.com, and discusses the activities going on in America's financial sector; activities which are simply not reported on by the "mainstream" media).  

Unless the mainstream press in the United States reforms itself, it too will implode. And the same for the intelligence community, and indeed, all organizations with hidden agendas. Note that this includes "evil" and "black" organizations, who supposedly have so much power. Well, they don't! They are based on lies, which are themselves inherently unstable data structures, and must eventually implode (see my blog post, "Is Honesty Really the Best Policy?" at https://kjmaclean.com/wordpress/?p=82)

The good news is that the human race has evolved too far to ever go back to the old paradigm of thought. We are past World War III scenarios and silly "2012" disaster predictions where the oceans flood the coastlines, or some sort of natural disaster wipes out life on earth. Again, these predictions come from those who do not yet see the light, and are still stuck in a paradigm of thought based on conflict, struggle, coercion, and domination.  These are fear-based scenarios and are a perfect representation of their vibrational orientation. Keep in mind the wonderful quote from science fiction writer Robert Heinlein, who once said, "never assign to malice that which can adequately be explained by stupidity!"

Understanding the vibrational universe concept can really ease your mind. Evil actions are merely actions based on deluded, materialistic thought processes. That doesn't make these actions less harmful, of course, but such knowledge does give you one very important benefit: it keeps you emotionally and vibrationally at the top of your game. In my studies of current events I often find myself complaining about the dark, evil people who seem to control things. But then I realize that these people are also evolving, and that the increasing vibration of the human race is causing them to react in fear, and to stick out uncomfortably, where they can be easily seen.

When you don't understand something, you become afraid. Fear is just a closing off to source energy.

The evolution in consciousness on planet earth is occurring in the human race. The other life forms, and species, on the planet already "get it." They are just waiting for us to wake up! And we are waking up; but like an adolescent, we are experiencing growing pains.

Websters New Collegiate Dictionary defines transference as, "the redirection of feelings and desires and especially of those unconsciously retained from childhood, toward a new object."

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