The Sovereign Part 4

Habitual Thought

Habitual thought generates an attitude. An attitude is a preferred way of reacting to certain situations, based on personal preferences. A belligerent person prefers to respond antagonistically to almost anything. Perhaps at one time he or she had success in overcoming another and felt a sense of empowerment, and has decided to continue this successful action. Another may react to criticism by going into a shell. All attitudes are established by choice or preference. However, habitual thought is not mindful, and does not lead to the causative state of Sovereign.

A mindful person can uncover a host of old thought patterns that, upon inspection, they might choose to do away with. A negative emotion or impulse is a red flag that indicates that a stream of thought from the human thought space has been activated. Does a person need hypnosis or years of therapy to become aware of these seemingly inaccessible thoughts?

Unless you are consciously directing your life all the time, it is almost impossible to avoid thought that comes from the collective consciousness. In my experience, I have noticed that this type of thought starts when I let myself lapse into undirected daydreaming, or when I am bored, or when I am doing a chore that I have done a million times and which does not require a lot of conscious focus. Often my thoughts will be rambling aimlessly and then all of a sudden a thought or feeling will come up in response. For me this is usually some sort of negative thought or feeling which I then allow myself to go with. Soon I am really into it and after a while I stop and shake my head and wonder how did I get here?

The interesting thing about this is that when I go back and look at the progression of thought (and feeling), I realize that I made a decision at each step to go with it.

People (especially me) get angry when on social media or listening to a podcast. But the origin of these thoughts is obvious. Habitual listening to a podcast that pisses you off might not be such a great idea if you want a more peaceful and serene life! (That’s what I tell myself.)

This process of consciously directing thought and reaching for good feelings will enable a person to avoid negative thinking, via the Law of Attraction. Easier said than done I guess, but a Sovereign can always make different choices.

For me, belief in the subconscious mind is dis-empowering because it postulates an area of the mind that I cannot consciously access. Belief in any dis-empowering idea detracts from being a Sovereign and being the supreme commander of my life. Here is what I have learned from practicing of being a Sovereign:

A Sovereign knows that he or she is in control of his or her thoughts, his or her life, and his or her destiny, even though it can be really hard to do.

A victim is a slave to the ocean of thought called mass consciousness, and their own habitual thinking.

A Sovereign is able to recognize self-generated thought, and consciously distinguish between it and the ideas from mass consciousness.

The human thought space contains many inverted beliefs that can, if not carefully and consciously sifted, lead to some pretty screwy ideas about life.


  • You have to work hard for everything you get.
  • You can't always have it your own way.
  • You have to be tough to survive in this world.
  • In the real world, things never turn out the way you want them to.
  • Don’t talk to strangers because they might hurt you.
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees.

I’m sure the reader can think of dozens more.

There are probably hundreds of beliefs just like this floating about in the human thought space, many of them irrational and disempowering.

A Sovereign does not pay attention to the thoughts of others, unless it feels like a great idea, in which case he or she makes it their own and begins to consciously create with it.

A Sovereign makes conscious, free-will decisions.

A Sovereign is aware that he or she is consciousness, the cause point, the supreme commander of his or her own life – knowing that it may be impossible to perfectly achieve the state of Sovereign in every situation.

A Sovereign realizes that the decisions and actions of others need not have any effect on them; because he or she knows that the universe responds uniquely to their own vibrational signal.

A Sovereign practices conscious creation and living whenever they can

A Sovereign doesn’t believe in anything that does not advance his or her feeling of empowerment and connection.


This series of essays is my attempt to make my own life better by focusing on empowering concepts I can use practically in my own life. I hope that the reader has gotten something useful from them.

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