The Sovereign Part 3

The Sovereign and the Subconscious

The idea of the Sovereign becomes somewhat difficult to understand, given our acceptance of the subconscious mind.

This idea, all by itself, is responsible for so many abandoning their positions as sovereign and becoming influenced by the group mind.

When many people think of the subconscious mind, they think of a compartment of their minds that is hidden from them, and that (unless under hypnosis) cannot be accessed. This leads to the idea that at any time, their conscious minds can be controlled from the subconscious. This is sometimes used as an explanation for inexplicable and criminal behavior (the insanity defense), or for failure.

Psychic prisoners

However, if the subconscious mind is replaced with the collective consciousness, then a human being can stay in control. Otherwise, we are victims inside our own heads!

Because subconscious thoughts are, by definition, below the level of awareness, they cannot have that much power. However, the more conscious focus is placed on something, proportionally more thought that matches it is drawn from the ocean of the collective consciousness. And those thought streams are powerful! They have the oomph of billions of human thought creators behind them.

When the buildup of thought energy gets strong enough, an impulse to act results. Is this the action of a “subconscious mind,” or simply conscious choices we make?

Instead of thoughts inserting themselves, willy-nilly, into your head and making you do things you don’t want (which turns a person into a biological automaton), the direction of conscious focus tunes one into the precise thought streams upon which attention has been placed, just as tuning the radio dial to FM 101 gets the program on that station. Thinking violent thoughts picks up on the thoughts of everyone else who is also thinking along the same lines. Everyone contributes their bit to the species consciousness with every decision we make. Everyone controls, by their conscious choices, their personal “thought space.”

With billions of people streaming new thoughts into the human thought space every day, some very powerful thought streams exist. These thought streams are often accompanied by strong emotion. If you've ever gotten really mad at someone, you know what I’m talking about. Thought and emotion both exist in the collective consciousness of humanity, for, in a vibrational universe, both are vibrational in nature.

Paradigms of thought

I think this concept of the collective consciousness adequately describes the action of the “subconscious” mind. It places each individual in control of his or her life, as befits a Sovereign.

The vibration or mental/emotional resonance a person is currently in determines which thoughts in the human thought space are attracted. Mindful persons (Sovereigns) can control which thoughts are transmitted and which are received.

What do you think? To me this makes more sense than saying that human beings are the victims of their own minds.

Subconscious mind

(Concluded in Part 4)

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