The Sovereign

In law, a sovereign is defined as one who possesses supreme authority... Funk and Wagnalls Dictionary.

Supreme in power, rank or authority. Independent of all others. Websters Collegiate Dictionary .

Self-governing, independent. American Heritage Dictionary.

In law, a sovereign is a conscious, flesh and blood human being. It is understood in law that one always has a free-will choice to engage in any activity, and that a human being is responsible for his or her own choices and actions.

In other words, if a policeman stops you and asks you to roll down your window and you do, you have given your free-will consent to engage in a contract with the policeman, which usually results in getting a traffic ticket!

Of course, one could argue that there are sanctions for not participating, but that is legally irrelevant.

In law a flesh and blood human being is ALWAYS recognized as having free-will choice, in all matters relating to his or her life.

As in law, so to in life. This idea of sovereignty can be applied with great effectiveness on a deeper level, by any individual.

For example, when one is approached by an 'authority' figure, many times one meekly condescends to give out any information that is requested, even though one has a free-will choice and legal right not to do so. This behavior has been drummed into us since birth, first by our parents, then by our teachers. By the time we reach adulthood, we have either learned to meekly submit, or rebel. Rebelling is almost the same as submitting; both actions involve habitual responses and are really a disconnect from self. Both actions are not mindful.

Mass Consciousness

I define mass consciousness as the collective thought of the human species. Jung defined the collective unconscious as the collective aspects of consciousness, such as community history, that are imprinted in the unconscious minds of each member of the human race. The idea of mass consciousness just gives the Jungian idea a little fillip. We replace the collective unconscious with the collective consciousness. (Because there is no unanimous agreement on what mind really is, or where it originates, I think were safe in our definition. We reject utterly the backwards notion that consciousness originates from physical matter).

The idea of a collective consciousness is consistent with the assumption of a nonphysical basis for consciousness that we have used throughout these essays. Without going into this subject too deeply we can point out that intuition and ESP are recognized concepts that depend upon transfer of information without the use of machines, and independent of direct contact with any of the five human senses.

Consider the idea that thoughts have an independent existence. This is not such a strange concept if you consider that a photon has zero mass, but yet is the basic unit (quantum) of electromagnetic energy (light). One might argue that it is possible to observe photons; however, it is also possible to pick up on anothers thoughts.

Consider that there are presently over 6 billion humans on the earth, and you can imagine how many thoughts enter the collective conscious every day! We are, literally, immersed in a sea of thought. Imagine that similar thoughts combine to form streams, or rivers. The more powerful the thought stream, the easier it is to tap into. For example, thoughts of hatred and violence are very powerful, as are thoughts of love and understanding. Your vibrational orientation determines the range of thought you can receive. A happy person will pick up on cheerful thoughts, and an angry person might pick up on thoughts of hatred and revenge. I would be willing to bet that not all of your thoughts in a typical day are consciously self-generated, but is thought from mass consciousness.

Instead of consciously directing their own lives, many people are buffeted about by the ideas of others all day long. And therefore they are very easy to manipulate, through mass media, friends, bosses, authority figures, etc. Their lives are directed by others, because they are not mindful enough to script it themselves!

A sovereign, however, is one who consciously generates his or her own thought and who can recognize the difference between his own conscious thought and one from mass consciousness. A sovereign does not let the opinions of authority figures or mass media influence or sway him or her unless by conscious choice.

When one exists a sovereign, one has conscious control of his destiny. When one is a robot, mindlessly following the thought stream of mass consciousness, one's life is dictated by the decisions of others.

A Sovereign understands that in order to accomplish something, one must have a vision and align one's energies to that vision. Action that is performed is then along the path of least resistance. When one is aligned energetically towards one's desire, the universe lines up resources and people to make it happen, through the operation of the law of 'like attracts like', or the Law of Attraction.

In this scenario, BEING controls DOING and ACTION. You, by your conscious thought, are the director of your life. Like the king on his throne, you have the capability of a Sovereign. But you have to consciously and mindfully use that power!

There is always a split-second free will choice made for every situation in life, even if it is something as trivial as what to have for breakfast, or making that left turn into the parking lot at work. The life of a physical being is a series of free-will choices!

This may seem incorrect, because so many of the decisions we make every day seem to be already defined. We cannot decide to take a week off and go sailing, otherwise our job is in jeopardy. And if the mortgage isn't paid, we will wind up with our fannies on the street! That is how the mantra goes from mass consciousness, anyway. But there is always another choice that can be made. If one gets fired from one's job, there is another job out there. Or you can create your own job.

A Sovereign knows this because he or she has been making conscious decisions for a long time. He or she has realized the truth of the idea that you create the conditions of your life. But if you are new to the concept of Sovereign, there may be doubts. The only way to find out is to try it! Begin making conscious decisions and see how it feels. Don't just slide off into the old thought pattern or old routine. Take a careful look at your life and see where you would like it to be better, then, as one with 'supreme authority', begin making conscious, self-generated and mindful decisions in more and more areas of your life, and watch what happens.

The Sovereign and the Subconscious

The idea of the Sovereign becomes somewhat difficult to understand, given mans acceptance of the subconscious mind.

This idea, all by itself, is responsible for so many abandoning their positions as sovereign and becoming a slave to the group mind.

When many people think of the subconscious mind, they think of a compartment of their minds that is hidden from them, and that (unless under hypnosis) cannot be accessed. This leads to the idea that at any time, their conscious minds can be controlled from the subconscious. This is sometimes used as an explanation for inexplicable and criminal behavior, or for failure.

However, if we replace the subconscious mind with the idea of a collective consciousness, then we allow human beings to stay in control. Otherwise, we are victims inside our own heads!

Because subconscious thoughts are, by definition, below the level of awareness, they cannot have that much power anyway.

Instead of thoughts inserting themselves, willy-nilly, into your head and making you do things you don't want (which turns you into a biological automaton), the direction of your conscious focus tunes you into the precise thought streams upon which you have placed your attention, just as tuning the radio dial to FM 101 gets you the program on that station. In other words, if you are thinking violent thoughts, you pick up on the thoughts of everyone else who is also thinking along the same lines. You contribute your bit to the species consciousness with every decision you make! You control, by your conscious choices, your personal "thought space."

The more focus is placed on something, proportionally more thought that matches it is drawn from the ocean of the collective consciousness. When the buildup of thought energy gets strong enough, an impulse to act results.

This is a much more rational and empowering definition, for it places you in control of the thoughts that "pop" into your head. With billions of people streaming new thoughts into the vibrational airwaves every day, some very powerful thought streams exist. These thought streams are often accompanied by strong emotion. If you've ever gotten really mad at someone, you know what I'm talking about. Thought and emotion both exist in the collective consciousness of humanity, for, in a vibrational universe, both are vibrational in nature.

Thus the Law of Free Will, the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction describe, in a much more rational fashion, the action of the "subconscious" mind. They place each individual in control of his or her life, as befits a Sovereign.

Habitual Thought

Habitual thought generates an attitude. An attitude is a preferred way of reacting to certain situations, based on personal preferences. A belligerent person, for example, prefers to respond antagonistically to almost anything. Perhaps at one time he or she had success in overcoming another and felt a sense of empowerment, and has decided to continue this successful action. Another may react to criticism by going into a shell. All attitudes are established by choice or preference. However, habitual thought is not mindful, and does not lead to the causative state of sovereign. It is a sloppy way to direct a life.

Habitual thought can be recognized by the way you interact with yourself and others. If you can just be aware of how youre feeling, you may be able to uncover a host of old thought patterns that, upon inspection, you might choose to do away with. In other words, negative emotion is a red flag that tells you that you have activated a belief that is no longer serving you. So you don't need hypnosis or years of therapy to become aware of these seemingly inaccessible thoughts. In fact, Ive found that I dont have to go digging around for destructive subconscious thoughts at all they just automatically bubble up to the surface when my vibe gets really high. When I inspect these old thought patterns they seem so ridiculous that I can just laugh them away!

Unless you are a sovereign and consciously directing your life, it is almost impossible to avoid thought that comes from the collective consciousness. In my experience, I have noticed that this type of thought often starts when I let myself lapse into undirected daydreaming, or when I am bored, or when I am doing a chore that I have done a million times and which does not require a lot of conscious focus. Often my thoughts will be rambling aimlessly and then all of a sudden a thought or feeling will come up in response. For me this is usually some sort of negative thought or feeling which I then allow myself to go with. Soon I am really into it and after awhile I stop and shake my head and wonder how the heck did I get here?

The interesting thing about this is that when I go back and look at the progression of thought (and feeling), I realize that I made a decision at each step to go with it.

This process of consciously directing your thoughts and reaching for good feelings will enable a person to become more and more conscious, more and more aware of self. The more aware of self, the more positive will be your outlook on life. And when that happens, you will find that the direction of your mind will trend toward empowering ideas. Even while living amongst so much negativity, you can, like the boat on the water, float above it.

None of it will match your vibration. This is just the Law of Attraction at work again.

Belief in the idea of the subconscious mind is dis-empowering, because it postulates an area of your mind that you cannot consciously access. Belief in ANY dis-empowering idea detracts from being a Sovereign and being the supreme commander of your life.

Therefore, do not think about or participate in thoughts, beliefs, or activities that do not lead toward a feeling of your own empowerment.

This is fool-proof.

If you do not feel empowered, then it is not right for you. Period.

A Sovereign never questions this, knows it consciously.

A Sovereign is in control of his or her thoughts, his or her life, his or her destiny.

A robot is a slave to the ocean of thought called mass consciousness.

A Sovereign is able to recognize self-generated thought, and consciously distinguish between it and the ideas from mass consciousness.

The collective consciousness contains many inverted beliefs that can, if not carefully and consciously sifted, lead to some pretty screwy ideas about life.


You have to work hard for everything you get.

You can't always have it your own way.

You have to be tough to survive in this world.

In the real world, things never turn out the way you want them to.

Dont talk to strangers because they might hurt you.

Money doesnt grow on trees.

Im sure the reader can think of dozens more.

There are probably hundreds of beliefs just like this floating about the species consciousness, most of them negative, many of them completely irrational and disempowering.

A Sovereign does not pay attention to the thoughts of others, unless it feels like a great idea, in which case he or she makes it his own and begins to consciously create with it.

A Sovereign makes conscious, free-will decisions in every moment.

A Sovereign is aware that he or she is consciousness, the sourcepoint, the supreme commander of his or her own life.

A Sovereign realizes that the decisions and actions of others need not have any effect on him; because he knows that the universe responds uniquely to his own vibrational signal.

A Sovereign has practiced conscious creation and living; it is not just a nice sounding theory, and has demonstrated to himself the ability to positively direct his life so many times that it is no longer in question.

A Sovereign NEVER believes in anything that does not advance his or her feeling of empowerment and connection. This is the same thing as saying, a Sovereign does not believe in anything that does not truly make him or her feel good. This is the same thing as saying that a Sovereign does not believe in anything which does not connect him or her to his or her source energy, to the energy of life.

All it takes to become a Sovereign is a little conscious effort each day to become aware of what you are thinking and feeling. It doesn't have to take years of effort. It's fun! You don't even have to be diligent about it. Just whenever you think about it, try to become more conscious in the moment. You don't have to study with some guru or read self-help books or attend seminars or wear crystals or meditate or any of that stuff.

By practicing conscious awareness one may gradually and easily become a Sovereign, gradually assume the directorship of one's life, and even attain higher states of awareness.

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