The Sovereign Part 1

In law, a sovereign is defined as one who possesses supreme authority.
– Funk and Wagnalls Dictionary

Supreme in power, rank or authority. Independent of all others.
– Websters Collegiate Dictionary

Self-governing, independent.
– American Heritage Dictionary


A human being is a physical body together with an immortal soul. “Soul” is a word that refers to an immortal, non-physical conscious personality, who incarnates on earth to have a temporary experience in the physical universe. Consciousness, according to the First Principle, exists independent of the body. When you die you are not dead!

Understanding the First Principle leads to sovereignty in life, and a release of the tension that comes from the belief that a person’s consciousness is snuffed out forever upon the death of the body.

Social Breakdown

What happens when the rule of law breaks down, as in our society today? The government is corrupt, the courts are corrupt, and Congress is bought and paid for by the billionaire donor class, who fund political campaigns and literally get their lobbyists to write the legislation that Congress rubber stamps. Our planet is run by multinational corporations and their billionaire owners that have essentially purchased control of the world’s public governments. The list of abuses and injustices are too long to list here, and everyone reading this who follows current events understands what they are.

When no legal remedies exist to unwanted situations, there are only two obvious responses: submitting or rebelling. Human history is replete with populations who either submit until conditions can no longer be borne, and then rebel in a revolution or uprising against the established authority. We are facing a similar situation today as a technocratic elite attempts to create a worldwide, soulless, Transhumanist “smart” surveillance state.

If we apply the scale of emotion/vibration we see that submitting corresponds with the emotion of apathy, and rebelling corresponds with anger. Anger is much higher on the emotional/vibrational scale, but both emotions are firmly in the lower end of the scale.

The emotional scale

Submitting is a hopeless attitude that can prolong an unwanted condition indefinitely, whereas anger is destructive of property and involves random acts of violence. History shows us that when the revolution is over, the oppressed become the oppressors and the cycle of us-against-them begins all over again. Is it any wonder that social organizations that arise from angry revolutions or uprisings do not result in societies that establish peace and prosperity for all? The consciousness of the revolters establishes the consciousness of the “new” (same old) social organization.

Consciousness is Sovereign

All human beings are sovereign in the sense that individuals have free will and can choose whatever they would like.

“Tell that to the guy in the inner city who is forced to go to crummy schools and whose father has left the family and whose family has no money,” you say. “The only choices he (or she) has are bad choices.”

Yup. Either submit or rebel. But there are other decisions that could be made instead, like people in the neighborhood getting together to help each other. It doesn’t happen because the vibe in the community is hopelessness or anger, which never leads to social harmony.

The only way to solve intractable problems in our society is to raise consciousness, because you can’t solve problems with the same consciousness that created the problems. But how can that happen when people don’t believe things can be changed for the better? Well, it can’t.

Although consciousness is sovereign and empowered via the laws of the universe, we are taught just the opposite. People and organizations with such self-destructive beliefs will fall apart, and that is exactly what is happening as I write this (2023).

Raising consciousness means people becoming aware of their divine nature and the Five Fundamental Principles. But of course, teaching this broadly in today’s materialist/pseudo-scientific rage-aholic society is impossible, for the raising of consciousness only comes when people look inside to find the God within. The only way humanity looks collectively within is when things fall apart. Then people are forced to confront what’s wrong and how to make it better.

After the inevitable blame game phase (“It’s Trump’s fault!” “It’s Biden’s fault!”) comes the exposure of the lies and corruption phase, which we are in right now. The truth coming out gets people to inspect their belief systems and their data maps, and the rage dies down. Then teaching and real positive progress can occur. One hopes that THIS TIME, we will get it right. I believe that we will.

In a world of free will, every individual is sovereign. Dictators and tyrants and control freaks have been trying to force compliance using coercion and the power of the State for millennia, but that always fails because you can make the body uncomfortable, but the soul resonates on a higher plane. People might comply if they are forced to, but their inner thoughts are something unreachable. This is why modern-day medical/technocratic fascists want to use programmable bio-nanobots in mandated vaccines, which will create a population that our psychopathic overlords hope will result in physical as well as thought control.

Sadly, sovereignty is impossible for a materialist or a Transhumanist, for these folks believe that they are physical bodies, and that when the body dies, their consciousness is snuffed out forever. Such a philosophy is bound to create tremendous tension and anxiety, and result in anti-social behavior, for it contradicts the fundamental principles of consciousness, and life itself.

Transhumanism is anti-human and anti-life, and the precise opposite of a Sovereign. Fortunately, this philosophy is batshit crazy and will never achieve broad acceptance. Their “technological singularity” is a delusional wet-dream, and their AI can never attain the status of artificial general intelligence, much less artificial super intelligence. Sovereigns understand this because we recognize that we have a soul, and a connection to the infinite power and love of the Creative Source. We understand that we are already immortal and do not need man-made containers or artificial Borg additives to achieve it.

The creations of the Creator are far superior to the creations of the creations of the Creator, and can never be subsumed by them. I believe that biological evolution, if allowed to proceed unhindered, will result in peace on earth, a renaissance of the human potential, and abilities far beyond the pathetic visions of deadhead technocrats and anti-social Transhumanists with their “smart cities” and their artificial intelligence.

(Continued in Part 2)

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