Right and Wrong Part 2

(Continued from Part 1)

What would a world look like if all thought and action is allowed, but it was populated by those who did not think that allowing all thought and conduct was a good idea?

Well, because a world where all is allowed would be a dreadful state of affairs, it then becomes necessary to control the behavior of others. After all, one never knows what kind of rotten families those blokes over there have been brought up in! No one can tell what sort of malevolence is lurking in their minds. So in order to prevent wrong behavior, it is necessary to regulate thought and conduct in order to establish tolerable living conditions. A society of this sort cannot survive unless some order is forcibly established. And so we get a plethora of laws and regulations, a judicial system, and a government to oversee the orderly functioning of the nation. Now we have a state of affairs where behavior needs to be controlled, so that everyone may feel secure.

But what if wrong things occur because of the attempt to control others? By pushing against that which is not wanted, it is drawn instead.

Instead of an unconditionally loving God, there are many who would like for the Creator to restrict behavior to acceptable norms. (BTW, the Ten Commandments are phrased in a way that promotes resistance to that which is unwanted. “Thou shalt NOT... (unwanted thing).” In a vibrational universe, focus on unwanted behavior creates more of the unwanted thing. Just sayin.’)

In a universe where all is allowed, restricting behavior can only be successful for a little while UNLESS all agree to the restriction, in which case it is not restrictive!

There are unhappy people in every religion or school of thought that attempts to limit thought or action, because no one is powerful enough to bend everyone to their will. Moreover, human beings are insistent on freedom for themselves, but not so great at allowing freedom of choice for others. It’s an unhappy fact of life that the unconditional love of the Creator leads to actions that many, many people don’t like.

However, the limitation of freedom goes against the inherent nature of consciousness. Consider: Consciousness is unfettered; it exists independent of physical bodies. That is why the desire for freedom outweighs any other. All is allowed. Free choice reigns. Those who understand the Law of Attraction know that it is not necessary to control the actions of others, it is only necessary to control one’s own thoughts, beliefs, and feelings.


In the vibrational universe model, right and wrong is a personal decision or choice. God allows all thought and conduct, so there is no universal standard or rule book for behavior. Right, wrong, good, and evil are personal and not universal concepts. That means we can all relax and get on with life, and allow others to do so as well. Will that ever happen in a world of free will? Doubtful!

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