Right and Wrong Part 1

The concept of right and wrong has inspired philosophers for millennia. It has found its way into laws, cultures and religions throughout the world.

In Eastern religions, Right Action leads to a state of internal harmony. In Western religions, doing good works earns us a place in heaven, but evildoers go to hell.

Surely, killing someone against their will would be a wrong thing to do, and helping another would be considered right? In France some years ago, a law was passed making it a crime to walk away from an injured or helpless person without assisting.

Using the vibrational universe concept, wrong is that which is opposed or directly contradictory to one's own vibration.

Right is: that which is in agreement with one's vibration.

Right and wrong are, by these definitions, distinctly personal. We would be in error to say that there exists a universal definition of right and wrong, as many philosophers and religious figures have asserted. If such a standard exists, then it behooves us all to strictly adhere to these precepts; but there is no such standard. In this discussion, we will avoid religious arguments. A Christian might say that the Ten Commandments are God’s instruction to mankind, but if that is so, then why are there differing beliefs? If universal truth exists, it should be instantly recognizable to everyone.

Is God a loving God or a punishing one? Well, punishment is what humans do to humans. Let’s assume that the Creative Source is better than that! Let’s agree that God is unconditionally loving. If God loves us unconditionally, it means God loves us no matter what we do. If that were not true, then God would say, “I love you when you do THIS, but if you do THAT I will not love you as much.” “If you murder someone I will not love you as much as if you help someone.”

That leads God to the slippery slope of judgment. If you take a knife and cut someone, but don’t kill him, does God love you more than if he died? Or maybe it’s your intention that matters. After all, God is omniscient, so God knows everything. If your intention was to kill, then God would censure you even if your victim did not die. We can see where this is leading! Some sort of graduated scale of love. Based on “good” or “bad” action. But we already agree that God is all-loving, so there cannot be a favored mode of conduct (or thought) in the eyes of God. If there is no favored mode of thought and conduct, then all thought and action must be allowed by God. Therefore there is no universal standard of thought or conduct, only personal ones. Observation of affairs on planet earth today confirms this. We see the most horrible acts of cruelty and also the most loving acts of kindness and beauty.

The unconditional love of God translates to unconditional allowing. Unconditional allowing means that all thoughts and actions are sanctioned, and is just a restatement of the Law of Free Will. The lack of restriction on thought and conduct means that we live in a universe of free will.

If all thought and action are allowed, there can be no “right” way or “wrong” way. There cannot be any universal judgment upon thought or action, otherwise there are conditions placed on thought and action. If there are no conditions placed on thought and action by the Creator, then there is no right or wrong!

Right and wrong must then be a human concept, not a universal one. Right and wrong are used by people to justify harmful actions against others. “But those people are WRONG and we are RIGHT! They must all be taken out of society!” “Kill them all!”

“That is all fine and theoretical,” you say, “but what about when somebody puts a gun to YOUR head? Wouldn’t you consider that a wrong action?” Well, if your fear of someone killing you is strong enough, you will eventually meet up with a killer. The action of a killer finding a victim is simply vibrational matching, via the Law of Attraction. A person fearful of being killed is sending that message to everyone around him. Nobody is thinking and feeling for you, only you can do that! If this were not so, then anyone at all could intrude into your life based upon their decision, not yours. In that case, the world would exist in utter chaos. Under these conditions, life could not have evolved at all, and the material universe would demonstrate complete randomness, not the order we observe in nature.

The vibrational universe model says that there is always a direct match between a person’s thoughts and their focus (not someone else’s thoughts and focus) and what manifests in their life. Therefore, if you live your life joyfully there is no possibility of meeting up with a killer, because both of these vibrations are too far apart.

“That is absurd,” you say. “I live in a high crime area. The odds of me seeing a killer are pretty good every day.” Yup. But the question is, will that killer find you?

There is no great “yardstick in the sky” by which to measure thought or conduct in a world where all is allowed, and where “right” and “wrong” are invented concepts.

“You are crazy,” you say. “In Chicago the other day hundreds of teenagers with guns rioted in the streets. Guns and drugs and crime are rampant in our cities. There MUST be restrictions on conduct!”

Well, in our vibrational universe model, the terrible things occurring on our planet are just people offering vibrations and having them answered by others with matching vibrations. Vibrational keys fitting into vibrational locks. Vibrational handshakes, perhaps!

It is also obvious from history that people who attempt to stifle thought and restrict action become humanity’s dictators and oppressors (and control freaks).

It is an unpleasant fact that when people choose to be lawless there will be chaos. Society breaks down because people lose their divine connection to a loving God. It’s clear that God allows this conduct because it’s been happening over and over for thousands of years of human history. Perhaps a loving God allows any and all experiences because a physical lifetime is temporary. Perhaps societal chaos is God’s way of saying, “choose differently.” Perhaps a loving God understands that no matter how evil or miserable you were in a physical life, you always return Home.


No one need experience murder, rape or robbery unless that is where their attention is. No one need experience anything that is not wanted, with the understanding that the Law of Attraction is only too happy to comply with your every request.

The consequence of God’s unconditional love is free will. Free will means that all thoughts and actions are sanctioned. This is a very difficult concept to accept, but it is also obvious from human history that those who attempt to restrict thought and action become the dictators and oppressors of humanity.

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