Resistance and Freedom

Complete non-resistance to something means being completely free of it. Stated positively, complete allowing of something means complete freedom from it.

These two statements may seem ridiculous, but I will show how both of them are in complete agreement with universal law.

It is reasonable to suppose that if there is something you don't want in your experience, then it is best to protect yourself from it. If you don't want your house broken into, then it is logical to install an alarm system. If you don't want to deal with that annoying checkout person at the store, it seems reasonable to complain to the manager; maybe the guy will get fired. But all of these actions will only result in getting you more of what you don't like. What you resist will persist. This is guaranteed by the Law of Attraction which states, 'like attracts like'.


First I want to talk about what it FEELS like to resist something.

When you resist something, it feels like you are pushing against it. It is an offering of energy in resistance to something you have decided is distasteful. Depending upon the choices and decisions you have made in regard to what is being observed, it will result in a position somewhere on the lower range of the scale of emotion/vibration. For example, you see a dead dog on the road and you may feel sad. You observe a person getting robbed and you feel angry. These feelings are self generated energy patterns, caused by the nature of your resistance to the experience.

Complete allowance of the experience would not generate any negative emotion.

No resistance = complete allowance = no negative emotion regarding the thing being experienced. In other words, nothing that ever happens is inherently bad. Its always your choice about how you wish to experience the event. Mostly we have 'pre-packaged' choices, which we call our beliefs. Beliefs are just internal programming, but we are the programmers! When we see that guy getting robbed, we are pre-disposed to be angry at the robber.

First comes the focus or attention upon something you decide is bad. That gets you resisting the experience. The Law of Attraction goes to work, drawing to you more of the same. This reinforces the energy flow you already have going. Once this energy stream gets large enough, you begin to feel uncomfortable.

The point is, the more you resist the experience, the more uncomfortable it gets. You can, by becoming aware of your emotions, recognize this pushing-against feeling. It is a sign you have a belief or a thought that is not in harmony with what you really want.

Protection From Something Unwanted

The next step for most people is protection. You go out and buy an alarm system to protect yourself from being robbed.

There are now two ways you can go.

(1) The guys from the alarm company come to install the system, and they are very pleasant, answering all of your questions and allaying all of your fears. Their technology is up-to-date and you are very impressed with the hardware. Now you feel safe.

That takes your attention off being broken into. You now have a feeling of safety and so you are now drawing to you experiences of safety.

Or, (2) you have the alarm system installed but the next night, on the news, there is a burglary in your area. Or perhaps the installers were rude and the system was not as elaborate as you had hoped. That gets you thinking again about your fear of robbery. Now even though you have a perfectly good alarm system, you are still focusing and so vibrating on the frequency of "fear of being robbed." The Law of Attraction is still connecting you to the energy stream of "being robbed," and so it is getting bigger and bigger.

If there is someone in your neighborhood looking to enter houses unlawfully, you will be resonating quite nicely to that person.

(You might say, “no, stupid. Just get a bigger and more sophisticated alarm system.” Yeah, that might work to foist off the casual burglar. But a real pro might look at your system and wonder why you need such an elaborate setup. He might figure there’s something really valuable behind those gates. Vibrational matching works at all levels).

In the first case you say, "installing that alarm system was great! I'm going to recommend that company to everyone." For you, it is the presence of all that hardware that secures your safety, and that is what you tell your friends, but in actuality, IT IS YOUR FOCUS ON SAFETY that is causing your experiences of safety. You might say "what's the difference? If the alarm system makes you feel safe, then go for it." Certainly there is no harm in having an alarm system. But it is an unnecessary expense!

It may be that every time you pass the control box you feel a warm fuzzy feeling of security. That feeling is the best guarantor of your continued safety, regardless of the presence of the alarm system!

In the second case, you may be robbed, in spite of the alarm system.

In both cases, there was an alarm system. But in only one case was there a robbery.

The senior datum is where you are focusing your attention.

Stated more precisely: It is always and only your offering of vibration which determines your experience.

(Of course, many would say that this discussion is pointless; that what occurs in your life is merely probabalistic, and that the universe itself, and life, arose from random interactions of matter and energy after the Big Bang. But these people also believe that 1,000 monkeys, given enough time, could write War and Peace, and that consciousness arises from a pile of firing neurons! Those of us who want to create our lives and understand ourselves know better than that, and have already experienced the benefits of positive thinking and creating.)

Let's look at what has happened. In the second case, you have created an unwanted energy vibration (being burgled) by focusing upon it. Law of Attraction responded by making you a match to a burglary in your neighborhood. Even after putting in the alarm system, you still feel a fear of being robbed.

This sets up a 2-pole system, where Law of Attraction is bringing you more unwanted experiences by your focus upon being robbed, and so you feel it necessary to push against it more, in order to protect yourself! The two energy streams get bigger and bigger, like a rising river flowing over the dike, while you frantically sandbag to keep it contained.

If you keep trying to protect yourself, you will eventually be a match to someone breaking into your house.

Consider a Star Trek analogy. Imagine yourself with screens up while someone is shooting at you, like the Enterprise being attacked by an energy beam weapon. As long as that energy stream is hitting you, you have to keep flowing energy to your screens. It gets tiring after a while; and eventually, the thing you have attempted to protect yourself from overwhelms you anyway.

You are creating both energy streams.

The attacking energy is created by your focus on what is not wanted, by Law of Attraction. The opposing energy is that which you offer in order to protect yourself from the attacking energy.

In the first case, your feeling of security shuts off the flow of unwanted energy the universe was sending you in response to your fear, so you feel less resistance. Eventually, you forget all about your fear, the unwanted energy flow stops, you don't push against it anymore, and the 2 energy poles collapse.

In the second case, you must continually energize your screens to protect yourself against the energy the universe is sending you in response to your own fear! That’s what stress is.

This rather crude example can be applied to all areas of life. People who meditate or do metaphysical work often feel the need to protect themselves from harmful energies or beings. But it’s the need for protection that attracts unwanted things in the first place. In business, it is standard procedure to install security systems; but your best security policy is your own inner feeling of well being.

Protection is a concept rooted in fear-of-something, and it only serves to get you resonating along with the thing you are attempting to protect yourself from. It is unnecessary and if carried far enough, self defeating.

The Materialist Dialectic

Drug advertisers, politicians, and modern "intelligence" structures understand this perfectly, and use it to sell products, themselves, and tyrannical legislation. The process goes: create a problem (like prostate cancer or terrorism) and then offer a "solution" to the problem beneficial to the creator. "One in three men will have prostate problems." "Pass the Homegrown Terrorist Protection Act so that we can be safe from terrorists."

"Protection from" is an impossibility, for it vibrationally focuses your attention on the unwanted thing and makes it bigger. That’s because the universe does not understand the word no. No is actually yes, and yes is yes, because the universe says, “no what?”and your vibration replies, “No prostate cancer.” “No terrorism.” This is the genius behind the materialist dialectic, which is used by those who have an agenda and want you to follow it!

The philosophy of dialectical materialism was developed by Karl Marx and Lenin, and it emphasizes conflict. Marx and Lenin took the classic dialectic, expanded upon by Hegel, of thesis - antithesis - synthesis, and postulated a conflict of opposites. At the heart of Marxist dialectics is the idea of contradiction, with class struggle playing the central role in social and political life. Modern advertisers and political groups use this materialist dialectic very effectively: first, one creates a "problem" (thesis), opposition to the problem (antithesis), and then one offers a "solution" (synthesis). Example: War (thesis), anti-war demonstration (antithesis), Police raid (Solution). Cancer (thesis), fear-based advertisement (antithesis), Drugs and Surgery (Solution).[1] You can probably list others. In materialist dialectics, the solutions always proceed from an artificially created clash of opposites. Because conflict is at the heart of the deluded philosophy of materialism (which is the tried and true modus operandi of modern governments, despite their claims to religious or idealistic motivation) tension and discord is the inevitable result. Even a cursory observation of our human societies confirms this.

As individuals, and as a society, we can avoid falling victim to this nonsense by simply focusing on the desired thing, and paying no attention whatsoever to the unwanted thing! Without tension and conflict, the oppositional philosophy of the materialist dialectic must fail, for it depends utterly upon resistance! Thus does Light penetrate the darkness and dissolve it.

How does non-resistance lead to Freedom?

We’ve seen how resistance leads to discomfort and conflict, but how can non-resistance lead to freedom?

By not resisting, you do not resonate to the perceived danger. Therefore you never attract anything you don't want. You are free! We won’t get ridiculous and ask someone to stand in front of a car and not resist the car. That is the sort of argument used by skeptics to deny all things spiritual (including, sadly, themselves).

On planet earth there is much to find objectionable. In fact, there IS a lot of disconnect from source, resulting in some pretty terrible stuff. To deny this would be delusional. It's tempting to stand up for your rights, to fight for that good cause, but such a course can only lead to more of it in your experience! It is always possible to identify when you are resisting. Just consult how you’re feeling. That "pushing against" feeling blocks the flow of source energy, and places you somewhere in the lower regions of the scale of emotion/vibration.

If you are sensitive to your energy flows you can actually feel it. Find an uncomfortable area of your life, and focus there for a moment. Now, imagine a feeling of relief from it. The feeling of relief feels like a release of uncomfortable energy from within you.

When there is no resistance, you allow an undistorted connection to your personal energy field, and to the universal field of consciousness that surrounds and composes all things. All beings, all life forms, interface with this field. This energy is perfectly balanced and feels wonderful. It is the energy of complete well being, health, and prosperity and it’s all around you, and within every cell of your body.

If you can get yourself to a point where you don't resist anything in your experience, you just feel great all the time!

Easier said than done, of course, but a conscious recognition of your own energy flows can help restore you to balance, and allowance of your own well being. In eastern tradition, this is called being mindful.

Freedom is just feeling wonderful in every moment, no matter what happens. You can feel good in jail, if you can overcome your bitterness at having arrived there in the first place. Whenever you feel wonderful for any length of time, good experiences must inevitably follow. Dr. Jeffrey Satinover, in his book, "Cracking the Bible Code," describes the transformational experience of a man in a Nazi concentration camp, who eventually came to the understanding that freedom is a state of mind.

"But," you say, "what if somebody DOES break into your house? Are you just supposed to allow it?" Well, if you have gotten yourself into that situation then you have been pushing against it for a long time. You are forced to take action and put up your dukes, or you’ll get your face broken.

The concept of allowing and non-resistance doesn't mean being a pushover. In fact, allowing can only come from strength. To face something “with perfect nonchalance” is the epitome of character.

Unwanted things don’t spring forth, fully formed, into your life. A car accident, for example, is usually the result of a long–standing vibrational tendency. Therefore, when you first notice something uncomfortable, allow it! Let the energy of it pass through you. Notice it, say "I see that but I don't like it. That's OK." Allow what you don't like to help you decide what you DO like. Then focus on that! Now you have a doubly good situation: you don't attract what you don't like, and you DO attract what you do like! It's a win-win, whereas the other way it's a lose-lose.

This is what Jesus meant when He said: "turn the other cheek." He didn't mean be a coward and let yourself get rolled!

I am saying that in this entire universe, there is not one particle of negative energy. Negative energy is only energy that is resisted. It is the resistance to a vibration which causes you to feel it negatively. (Again, let’s not get ridiculous. I’m not telling you to stick a knife in an electrical socket. Those who stick knives in light sockets are looking for trouble! They’re already very strongly resisting something.)

There are no "bad" or "good" experiences. "Good" experiences are those that are not resisted. "Bad" experiences are those that are resisted.

Feeling good simply means, not pushing against anything. In the absence of resistance –– in the presence of allowing –– you connect to source. And when you connect to source –– to your true self, eternal joyful consciousness –– you feel great.

Once you begin to become aware of when you are resisting the things in your life, you can begin to let go and feel a lot better!


[1] Cancer was officially cured in the early 1930's, as a result of the work of the brilliant American scientist, Royal Raymond Rife. It is a indicator of the effectiveness of the materialist dialectic that such a statement appears to be the ravings of a lunatic. I invite you to Google "Royal Raymond Rife cancer" and see what you find. I have personally had great success with "Rife machines," as they are called, and so have no patience with the fabricated Wikipedia article which, as are almost all Wikipedia entries on alternative health, a negative polemic.

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