Handling Problems -- Part 3

From the book The Vibrational Universe:

“Problems persist (and recur) because you follow action paths that are determined by the vibration of the problem. This seems perfectly logical when you are immersed in the problem, because the solution is not available. Vibrationally speaking, you are nowhere near it! The guy who is working two jobs and still cannot make ends meet desperately thinks about a third job to bring in extra bucks, but he knows this really is not possible. However, he is unable to think of anything else. He is trapped, as long as his attention is within the frequency range of the problem.

Nevertheless, it is always possible to shift your focus (well, maybe after venting a little first!) The fact is, duality is built in to the physical universe; there is always a positive and negative end to every situation. There is no getting around that, and so life experience is just a choice of which end you pay attention to.

When you are stuck in a problem, it is important to understand that the origin of the problem lies within you. If you do not assign blame to others, or to circumstances beyond your control, you become empowered to handle it. The elements of the problem appear in the physical universe as a reflection of your vibration, but the problem is defined by which pole you choose to focus on. All problems, no matter how trivial or how significant, are self-created.

The Physics of Handling Problems

...We are all taught that in order to resolve life’s difficulties, you have to get in there, look at every component of the problem, and take action to handle it. But what happens? Your focus, or attention, has been around the vibration of the problem for a significant amount of time. If you are like me, even when the problem is solved, and even if you feel really good about what you have done, there may still be a little bit of your attention on it. You may wonder how the problem manifested itself and whether it might not come back again. And your wondering would have merit, for the reason you had the problem in the first place is because of an activated vibration within you.

The more you place your attention on problems, the more energy you give to them, and the more you draw yourself to the lower end of the vibrational tone scale, where all problems reside.

If another problem arises, you must again focus your attention on it in order to resolve it. You now have a habit of thought which will take you back to the place that is bothering you, every time a new problem arises. Ever so subtly, you develop a habit of fixing things that go wrong. And because it is common knowledge that something will always go wrong no matter how diligently you work to prevent them, you begin coping with life instead of enjoying life.

If you continue to operate in this way, the law of like attracts like guarantees that your range of awareness will shift lower. This phenomenon occurs so gradually it is not even noticeable.

When problem solving leads to more problems like it, it is for this reason. A problem–solution pattern keeps you oscillating in the same range of frequencies the vibration of problems and you go from one problem to another.

In other words, by giving your attention to a problem, you place yourself in the vibrational range of the problem. Unless you are the type of person with a uniformly sunny and cheerful disposition in which case you simply return to your normal place of positive emotion you may be subject to vibrational creep. This is how people eventually reach 'rock bottom. Attention to problems and their resolution keeps pushing them further and further down the scale. It begins to seem that problems are simply inevitable, but this is not true at all!

It could be argued that once the problem is resolved you feel better, and you have actually raised your tone. That is true, at least temporarily. And in fact, I have noticed that some people like solving problems. Such a person thrives in a crisis, revels in the overcoming of obstacles, and so welcomes problems when they show up. A fellow of this sort has no trouble staying on the high end of his range, because he is approaching problems in a lighthearted manner, using his creative energies in a positive way to solve them. He or she may even be actively looking for problems! But for me, and for others I have observed, continually encountering and solving problems gets tiring.

Vibrational creep just means that every time a problem occurs, your natural response is drawn more powerfully to a lower vibration. This is natural, for the physical facts are now unassailable.

You begin training yourself to focus on the bad stuff! That is why problems can steamroll, why your life can get into a big mess. When your life gets like that, it feels like an evil spell. It feels like you are cursed. All that is happening is a simple consequence of the Law of Attraction: you are simply attracting more and more of what you focus on.

The usual method people employ to break this cycle is to take a break. Go on a vacation. Take a nap. Meditate. Get laid. Quit your job. If things get really bad you might even move to another city. However, you may notice that your life gradually begins to assume its old shape! Some of the same problems and difficulties begin to reappear, even though the people and the location has changed. Oh no, you think, I am cursed. The universe does not like me. That is the wrong conclusion it is just your focus on the same things as before. You may pack up and leave, but you always carry your vibration with you! Your worry or anxiety about your 'issues' will match you up with people and situations that are a direct match to your fears. Like a good and faithful servant, the universe assumes that if your attention is on something, you want it. The vibrational universe is set up to reward mindfulness and conscious awareness. You cant cop out and plea ignorance or stupidity! That might work with mom or dad, or your boss, or your spouse, but the operating system of the universe works 24/7, and it doesnt grant exceptions. Everyone is treated with scrupulous fairness.

A Better Way of Dealing With Problems

Let's look at a better way, perhaps, of dealing with problems. If solving problems just brings on more problems like it, what can be done?

The first step in handling a problem is of course to be aware that you have a problem. Denying the physical manifestation is delusional, not because what manifests is so important, but because you ignore your own vibrational signal, which has resulted in the physical event. The second step is to ignore the problem as it is currently presented. The third and final step is to find something positive and focus your attention there. In other words, find Pole B instead of Pole A.

Now hold on there! If the bill collectors are coming to throw you out of the house, you had better quickly go out and get some money. These sorts of emergencies require immediate action; however, problems always start out as little ones and graduate to big ones. So there is always plenty of time to do something effective before the problem turns into a crisis. Ignore the difficulty when it first comes up, because that minor irritation is a sign you have been focusing on the negative.

The bigger the problem, the more difficult it is to extricate yourself from the vibration of the problem and the more urgent it will be to take immediate action. If the bill collectors are at your door, your options are limited! You have, in the past, devoted so much of your energy to the lower end that you are vibrationally stuck' there. The problem now occupies so much of your attention that you cant even see a way out. It's called the blues, and if you have ever had the blues, you know what I'm talking about.

The first thing we are taught to do when noticing a problem is, do something about it right away! This usually involves lots of action cycles in order to erase it, overcome it, or get rid of it. But as we’ve already seen, this way of handling problems is never permanent.”

This article is getting too long so I’ll stop here. The book goes on to describe a two-step process for dealing with problems, and how to move yourself to a point where problems begin to disappear.

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