Handling Problems -- Part 2

The reason problems recur has nothing to do with the components of the problem. In our vibrational view of consciousness and the universe, the origin of any problem lies within the individual or group that is affected by the problem. It is your vibrational signal that continues to attract the same people and circumstances.

In the vibrational universe model of reality, a conscious being has control over the circumstances of their life. In the analysis below we will deal with a problem not as a set of action cycles in the physical universe, but as a problem in energy flows. For it is those energy flows that determine the parameters of the life experience. In other words, we analyze a problem by understanding what is going on inside the consciousness of a human being. This properly places consciousness at source-point where it belongs.

This article does not deal with solving problems. If you want to learn problem solving techniques, there are plenty of books and articles out there.

The origin of a problem is a collection of energy, composed of the sum total of your beliefs and attitudes about the particular situation in your life. These activated frequencies have caused you to match up with the people and situations that are now troubling you. Furthermore, your beliefs, choices, and preferences drive all of your action cycles. Therefore, to eliminate problems you have to become more mindful and aware of your state of being in every area of life. Otherwise you go through life like an automaton, and nothing ever changes.

The Physics of Problems

Technically, problems occur because of the fundamental duality of the physical universe. A desire naturally creates a two-pole system of energy: the current reality at Pole A, and what you want at Pole B. Any dipole (separation of charges) creates a potential. When a person resonates primarily toward the goal at B, an energy flow commences from B to A and things are all good.

You and the Goal

However, if you still resonate enough to Pole A, that resonance keeps you stuck at A and the energy of the goal at B has no chance to come into your life. This is the fundamental quandary of all problems: reality, at A, keeps staring you in the face.

The source of a problem in life is always within your consciousness, so that when you begin to focus on B more and more, the reality at A also shifts to resemble B.

Easier said than done, but that’s the way the Five Fundamental Principles work. It’s the world we incarnated into, so we have to deal with it.

Those who have problems are focused on what is not wanted, and their attention and action cycles are primarily focused at Pole A. They are stuck in the vibration of the problem, are thinking “in the box,” and cannot resonate to a solution that is different than that of the problem. There is probably a lot of frustration as well, for the Law of Attraction is powerfully bringing the unwanted stuff in response to the primarily activated vibration. The steam quickly runs out of your good intentions, because you don't focus on them long enough to make Pole B your predominant vibration. Those who are successful have simply placed their attention primarily on Pole B and not Pole A.

Unfortunately we don’t yet live in a world of peace and prosperity, which makes life harder. It’s easy to focus on bad stuff when the political and economic situation is deteriorating. But the laws of the universe always apply and they don’t let anyone off, and that includes the good guys and the bad guys.

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