Are You Part of the Problem?

Are you part of the problem, or are you part of the solution?

I remember hearing this phrase at university. This was during the late 1960's and early 1970's, a time of great activism on my campus. I was often told by activists that if I was not actively working for social change and the betterment of conditions for my fellow man, then I was 'part of the problem'. However, I noticed that the actions taken by activists to improve conditions for my fellow man usually had nothing to do with my fellow man, but more with the personal hatreds of those who had vowed to tear down 'the system' or eliminate 'the establishment'.

There are many activists around the world who are working to create better conditions in a positive way, rather than focusing on destruction of the unwanted. But nevertheless, I always wondered how to be part of the solution. And I wondered how one got to be part of the problem? What is the problem, and what is the solution?

I assumed that the problem was injustice, inequality, poverty, war, and disease, and that the solution was getting rid of these. I saw people join the Peace Corps and help humanitarian groups on the one hand, and argue for war and conflict and join the Marine Corps on the other. Both sides would tell me that the 'problem' was the guys on the other side. Not understanding the Universal Operating System as I do at present, I was a pretty confused person.

Apropos of our discussion of problems, I realized that being part of the problem was no different than being part of the solution. If one approaches something unwanted with the idea that it must be fixed, one merely makes it bigger. So those who are fighting poverty are in perfect alignment with those forces in the 'establishment' who like to see inequalities in wealth. Why is that? Because both sides have their focus on poverty. Those who are protesting war are doing their bit to promote war, as are those who actively like the idea of war.

If one approaches an unwanted thing with the idea that it is a problem, one is doomed from the start! No matter which side one attacks it from, the problem just gets bigger. We discussed this in the previous essays; the solving of problems usually leads to more of the same in the experience of the problem solver. You become an attracting magnet for those things you don't want, a sort of carrier of the unwanted thing. In this way you slop the problem around to others, like a pig flopping around in a mud pile. And so you become 'part of the problem', the problem being that which you, personally, believe is wrong.

Of course, all of this is relative; for one person's problem is another person's joy! But it is not a very good idea to promote the thing you do not like.

This seems unfair, because the Universal Operating System seems to be arranged so that injustice, war, poverty and disease have just as much right to exist as peace and prosperity. And in fact, this is correct. The universe seems to be arranged such that all of the bad stuff has just as much validity as the good stuff! That is creepy to some, and seems to violate everything I have said about the universe, and the energy of life, being benign, does it not?

Well, The Law of Free Will gives us carte blanche to create anything at all. There is nothing we can do to prevent others from thinking, feeling, and acting in any way they see fit.

Oh, we can join protest groups (if we are not quite with it) or work from a positive platform to create a better situation for our fellow man (if we are a bit more on the ball). But surely, we would not want others to be able to shove us around, or interfere in our lives! So why would we assume that others wouldn't feel the same way about our attempts to right what we feel are the wrongs of the world?

Is there really a way to change the world ?

Actually there is, and there are people who have discovered how to use universal principles to their benefit.

The key is realizing that in order to change the world, one must first change ones self.

One becomes that which one wants the rest of the world to become, and then presents ones self to the world as a perfected example of that which one desires.

Christ is a perfect example of such a one. This dude was really smart. He understood completely the laws of the universe and everything he thought, said or did came forth from a complete connection to universal energy. Of course, many consider that Christ was God, and it seems that God might have an unfair advantage over a mere mortal! And of course, he was. We are all aspects of God, here on earth to experience in our own unique way. A more down to earth example was the great humanitarian Mahatma Gandhi.

There probably is not a single more powerful example of the application of universal law in the entirety of human history than this guy. Through the powerful, clear vision of his desire, and his connection to the energy of life, he was able, nonviolently (well, mostly nonviolently. That was his intent, at least!) to affect a change in the course of history for a nation of 400 million people.

He did it simply by positive creation, unswerving action invariably lined up with his goal, and the utter refusal to even contemplate ideas or feelings counter to his vision. In other words, Gandhi did not look at the British occupation as a problem. He saw it (in my interpretation) as vibrational matching. He had a vision of Indian independence, and ultimately, the cooperation of the various political factions and cultures within his country. He did not consider the British to be part of the problem, nor any of his countrymen who disagreed with him. He ignored the conditions others saw as problems, concentrating only upon his positive vision for the future.

Gandhi led an entire nation through his pure example, and became an inspiration to the world as well. He did not fight or protest against those who were opposed to his vision. He allowed, within himself, all thought and action because he was smart enough to realize that he could not overcome the free will choices of those with whom ha had to deal.

Yet, he was able to effect change on a grand scale.

Of course we all know the story of Gandhi, how he was shot by a religious fanatic, and the splitting off of Pakistan, and the riots that resulted in the aftermath of Indian independence. We know from our study of the U.O.S. that Gandhi must have let some of the unwanted vibrations become activated within him; or, perhaps, he got tired of it all and wanted a quick end to his life.

The point is, to change the world, Gandhi changed himself. He did this by aligning with the energy of life, which is positive and powerful; by becoming a living example of that which he desired the world to manifest.

This is the only way to benevolently change the behavior of others.

It is considered too hard by most, and so mostly mankind attempts to regulate behavior by passing laws, or through force of arms, or coercion.

To change the behavior of others, their cooperation and willingness must be engaged. Otherwise, what you have is History of Planet Earth. Pick up a history book sometime. In it you will find.... what?

The dates of wars, their beginnings and endings, who got killed in them, and all of the reasons for them.

War, conflict and poverty for the masses. That's what history on this planet has been.

It just seems outrageous that we have to allow the egregious, heinous, and outrageous acts of others, does it not? Some might say that the philosophy I have presented is just another way to keep people enslaved. However, Im not smart enough to cook up an entire philosophy on my own. Im just expounding on universal principles that have been around for thousands of years. If you observe your life and the lives of others youll find that the more you fight something the bigger it gets! Look at the war on terrorism and the war on drugs. We began to fight terrorism for real in Afghanistan during the Soviet invasion in 1979. We supported Iraq in its war against the fundamentalist regime in Iran. We placed our troops on Islamic soil to protect ourselves from terrorists. And then we got 9/11 and the Department of Homeland Security! Do you think our society is more or less drug free than before the war on drugs? Well, look around you. Watch TV and see all the drug commercials. It seems that you cant even go out for a walk anymore without popping a pill!

People just don't want to believe that it is impossible to deactivate or get rid of something by fixing or handling or DOING something about it.

Campus activists used this idea a lot. After speaking about the horrors of poverty (lets say), the concluding line would be and what are you going to DO about it? You can't just sit there and pretend it doesn't exist. It isn't going to go away by everybody ignoring it!

But, shockingly, this universe is designed so that ONLY by ignoring something can it go away! Only by ignoring something can the vibration within you become dormant; otherwise you are like the guy who keeps banging on the tuning fork. Every time you hit it, it rings. Every time you place your attention on something, you begin to resonate to it.

Free will reigns supreme everywhere in the universe. All thought and action is sanctioned if you dont believe that, observe the world around you. Indeed, if the universe is to survive and grow their CANNOT be any restriction upon thought and action. We have all observed that something either grows, or it stagnates and dies. This universe is dynamic, and it is never the same from one moment to the next. That is precisely because of free will. All conscious beings everywhere in the universe are choosing. In every moment there are new decisions, new ideas, and all of this new thought contributes to the expansion of the universe; ensures that there will always be more and more and more and more exciting things to do!

I always hate to end a great book, or a great vacation, or any wonderful experience because I know it can never be the same way again, and I am afraid that I will never experience anything so delicious ever again. But the something new always comes up. And that is what makes life so special, so wonderful, because every new experience is different. Every situation has, within it, the potential for greatness!

Some might argue that war and disease and poverty is not growth, but who are we to say? Perhaps, those of us objecting to war have already lived many lifetimes as dictators, soldiers, or civilians who get mashed. Perhaps we have grown from our experiences and realized the futility of such scenarios. Who are we to deprive younger souls of their chance to grow as we have done? It all depends upon your perspective, and your reasons for coming to earth.

So lets celebrate diversity even if it is upsetting to us. For if there were restrictions upon our freedom, life would stagnate. It would cease to grow, to expand, and we would be left with a limited set of choices, a limited number of experiences. Like going to a restaurant every day and seeing the same 10 things on the menu. Like looking for a new pair of shoes and finding the same 5 styles.

Imagine a world peopled with persons just like you. For a while it would be great fun, but eventually would turn into a nightmare. Diversity in thought and action is the pearl, the treasure, of existence, for diversity gives us many, many choices. That is true freedom!

So what can we conclude? Is it possible to be a part of the solution? The answer is, yes, if it brings you joy.

The solution is always that which makes you feel joyful, light hearted, and enthusiastic. The solution is a connection to the energy of life.

Is it possible to be part of the problem?

No, for a problem to one person may be the solution for another.

It is possible to become part of A problem, if you give attention to the thing you are trying to get rid of. Then you are a beacon for the vibrational signal of the problem.

THE Problem doesn't exist, and neither does THE solution. All problems and solutions are based upon personal preference.

In a universe of free will, that is the only way it can fall out.

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