Ken's Radio Interview with Phil Harris

Phil: What I want to do here is start right in with the Law of Attraction. Actually, in the news the last day or so, there are all kinds of people are out there criticizing The Secret as being, Oh, just another money making scheme and yeah, there might be a little bit of truth to it and certainly it has some uplifting kinds of ideas, but it could not be medically based, it could be dangerous, it could be psychologically dangerous. After all, we dont want people in the world actuality thinking that they have any control over their own lives and their own realities.

Ken: Precisely

Phil: There are very dangerous things out there and so I was going through your essays on the Law of Attraction and they were clear and well-written, for those people out there; if they have their head in the sand and they havent heard of the Law of Attraction, why dont you give us a brief rundown, what the Law of Attraction all about?

Ken: Well, the Law of Attraction basically says that your thoughts and beliefs determine what your actions are, and determine what you experience. The Law of Attraction says that like attracts like.

The Law of Attraction also has a subtle energy component. The atom is a nucleus surrounded by an electron cloud; in other words, the electrons are moving about the nucleus very rapidly. The atom is essentially a vibration, a lot of space, electrons vibrating around a nucleus. And because everything in the physical universe is composed of vibration, the universe is vibrational in nature, the universe is just a sea of vibration. The universe is also composed of thought and thought travels on this sea of vibration all over the place. This is what I mean by a subtle energy component to the Law of Attraction; because thought is not measurable with scientific instrumentation.

So what happens is that if you had a strong intent, a clearly defined intent, a strong desire, magic can occur, coincidences can occur that seem random and probably not scientifically explainable, but actually theyre based upon this subtle communication between beings that is going on invisibly, sort of like a radio or TV signal. You really cant see the radio signal. I mean you really cant see the signal that comes into your television set, but you can certainly see the picture when you tune into that channel. Its the same way with the Law of Attraction. If you have a clearly defined intent and you actually go out and start applying actions into the real world, doors will open for you, windows of opportunity will open, and seemingly random things will happen to you that you couldnt have predicted. I mean its really its almost common sense, its really not too far removed from scientific possibility. In my book I refer to it as nonlocal communication at the speed of thought.

People will tell you that if you work hard, youre going to get the breaks. Well, with the Law of Attraction, it says there is also a spiritual component there is a physical component to it, the action, but there is also a spiritual component and the spiritual component can open those doors of opportunity.

Obviously you have to step through them, but when you align your thoughts to what you want, amazing things can happen. Frankly Phil, Ive noticed in my life that all of my successes and all of my failures are based upon this principle. Its really just saying that you, as an individual, are sovereign the universe grants you that. As a human being you are an immortal spirit temporarily associated with a physical body. You have been granted free will to make your own choices, and the universe has been designed to back up your choices; that is to say, the Law of Attraction states that the universe will match you up with people and situations that directly reflect the vibrational content of your activated thoughts and beliefs. Not what you SAY you want, but what you are REALLY focusing upon. Thats what you get!

Your emotions tell you where you are at, at all times they are the display monitor to your personal vibrational thought computer. Lower emotions = selflimiting thought, positive emotions = thought aligned with your true, inner self and your true goals.

I know this is true, I know that when I fail its because I had some thought or I had some long held belief thats holding me back and when Im successful, Its the most amazing feeling, I have this very light hearted feeling, this feeling of joy and the feeling of well-being and when I can get into that state, things just happen for me.

What I say in my book, I make it very clear about the vibrational universe, that this cannot be proved objectively; I dont really believe that you can test or prove it broadly, that this is scientifically based. However, you can perform personal life experiments. In other words, you can apply this on an individual basis, just try it out and see if it works for you. You can go to my website, you can read all the stuff, I have lots of stuff there for free (, I have articles on the Law of Attraction from a spiritual and scientific point of view, an entire section of my website is devoted to geometry; I have a whole section about problems and you can just read this stuff and just apply it to your life and see if it works for you. And if it doesnt work for you, well fine at least you tried it, but dont dismiss something just because it sounds a little woo woo.

I dont think its woo woo at all because I know of scientific experiments that pretty much show that as you said before, the observer affects the results of the experiment. Whether youre dealing with matter and energy, or in human relationships, the Law of Attraction applies.

Phil: Its kind of like the string theory and the way I look at it is the universe is one huge tapestry and the entire picture is interconnected by the various strings and you cant pluck on one without affecting the entire image. Therefore, as you were saying, the various thoughts we send out travel throughout the whole universe along these things that are part of the universal fabric or the universal tapestry.

Ken: Thats a very good way of expressing it, I have a tendency in my books not to try to go too farI mean when I wrote The Vibrational Universe I was very careful and I tried not to say anything that I didnt think I could back up with research, but at some point you come to understand, if you are a spiritually aware person, that you have to go beyond the standard scientific model.

You have to trust yourself and you have to trust your feelings and you have to trust .you just have to know and feel that youre a spiritual being. I dont know how to express this off the cuff in an interview, but I know it so profoundly. I know that when my body dies, Im going to go on.

In fact, I wrote a book about that because. in October 2005, my father died and you know he basically told me two weeks before he died that he was going to die and dont be sad when the phone call comes. Well, my mom calls me up. my step-mom calls me up and goes, Dad died today. I just fell apart and then the next day, Im going out for my walk and I feel my father there and Im going, wait a minute, youre supposed to be dead, what are you doing here? We started having these conversations and I wrote them up in my online forum, I think theyre still posted there and I turned it into a book called, I Love You Dad. It was one of the most profound experiences Ive ever had.

Every day I would go out for my walk and my Dad would be there, sometimes it would only be for five or ten seconds, sometimes wed have talks for fifteen twenty minutes, it was absolutely remarkable. After that experience, I knew.

Phil: And lets face it Ken, each major advancement that has occurred throughout human history has been by those people that know there is something else, there is a different way. I mean when DaVinci drew pictures of people in flying machines, there was no question people had to have been saying at that time, youre absolutely nuts, people cant fly.

Any of the advances in physics or chemistry or the whole internet, the whole technology, it all comes from those people who say reality as we know it number one; is not static and number two, it can be changed and number three, I have an idea that will change it and they go out and they do it. Obviously the world that we exist in today is not the world that existed a hundred years ago and every one of those changes occurred because of somebody who had a different idea. It all stems from thought.

Ken: Precisely, have you ever written any books? You are very well spoken.

Phil: Okay, yeah. Ive got a spiritual thriller its a co-authored book, its called, Waking God and it kind of turns religion upside down and its an interesting novel that has the basically its an esoteric treaties in the form of an action packed novel and I have a new book coming out next month. Its called, Jesus Taught It Too, The Early Roots of The Law of Attraction.

Ken: That sounds good Phil. Well, you know its funny because I actually wrote a novel too. I wrote a novel about the Merkaba, the vehicle of consciousness, based upon the fact that if consciousness is nonphysical, then perhaps there is a way to travel outside of the body and go into different dimensions and to different places. I almost felt like I channeled this book because I have an entire galaxy of races that come from different star systems and interact with earth.

My main character, John Frankel, finds a book in the arcane section of his local bookstore with strange symbols in it, and with the help of his father translates it and it turns out to be a powerful meditation with specific protocols for activating the merkaba. I started writing this book and I couldnt stop! It turned out to be like 850 pages, it was a novel about the potentials of consciousness and its called Beyond the Beginning and I had so much fun writing that book, it probably took me a year and a half to write it all down.

Phil: Is it published?

Ken: I offer it as an e-book, the thing about publishing is that you have to get a cover, you have to pay somebody to get a professional cover, but with an e-book, you can write the thing and you can make a professional looking e-book for a fraction of the cost as opposed to a regular published book. I do intend to actually publish all of these books in soft cover and hard cover; I bought a bunch of ISBNs. Eventually, Ill probably publish all of these books in soft cover but right now they are available as e-books on my website, actually you can buy The Vibrational Universe and my other book Dialogue Conversations with my Higher Self on Amazon and Barnes and Noble in softcover, or as ebooks on my website.

Phil: Okay, so for example people have to understand that, say you and I were each sitting in our various rooms and in this room I have a light on and I have a computer screen and Ive got some lights flashing at me and Im picking up various vibrations of colors and textures, but also at the very same time theres probably at least two hundred television signals passing through me and into the room, who knows how many hundreds of radio station signals pass through the room. I believe were bombarded by something like six billion neutrinos passing through our bodies each second, none of these things were aware of unless we turn the channel to those particular vibrations. The whole notion that we do in fact live in this sea, that we really have such limited knowledge about, is empirically proven by the fact that in our everyday experience, it happens.

Ken: Yeah.

Phil: Its a real phenomenon.

Ken: It is.

Phil: Now, the Law of Attraction is where I find a lot of people get hung up. The Law of Attraction, as you state in one of your article, is that like attracts like. Well, the immediate response you get is, Wait a minute, opposites attract, what are you talking about? How do reconcile the notion of like attracts like with the idea of no, no, no, opposites attract?

Ken: That is a good question. Opposites do attract, but when we look a little deeper into the matter, we can see that it is the similarities that make the opposites attract. Take a battery, for instance. You have a positive pole and a negative pole. At the positive pole is just a dearth of electrons and at the negative pole is a surplus of electrons. How the battery works is that the electrons at the negative end want to party with their friends at the positive end, so the flow is from minus to plus. But what is really happening is that the system is trying to find balance. The common denominator in the system is the electron, and how it flows from one pole to the other. Like attracts like! Positive and negative are arbitrary symbolic assignments that help us to understand how the system works.

Lets say youre at a flea market and theres a seller and a buyer. Now, those are sort of opposites, but if you look at it closely, the buyer and the seller come together like a key fitting into a lock. And what is the common denominator? What the seller is selling! Both buyer and seller are aligned on the thing the seller is selling. So like attracts like. An engineer who likes fine wines and classical music doesnt hang around with a beer drinking construction worker who is into Mettalica.

Ive studied the history of science a little, and I believe that the whole positive and negative thing was arbitrary convention. I mean the electrons were assigned negative and protons were assigned positive. It could have been the other way around and I actually have an explanation of that in the appendix of my book, The Vibrational Universe and its called The Attraction of Opposites. You can read about that if you are into it.

Phil: Like I said, its just a function of thats what one of the first thing that people say, well I learned in science that opposites attract so if I have good thoughts than obviously I am going to attract bad things.

Ken: Well, the thing that people need to understand is they need to perform personal life experiments. In other words its one thing to say Well the Law of Attraction is this and the Law of Attraction is that but what you need to do is you actually need to apply it in your own life, try thinking good thoughts and see what happens, try thinking bad thoughts and see what happens. Actually I have a book called, What Do You Do When All Hell Breaks Loose, because what I discovered is that sometimes when I really, really have a strong desire and strong intent, something the exact opposite will happen.

Phil: Exactly.

Ken: Theres a reason for that. What happens- what I realized is that when you want something; youre coming from a place where you dont have it.

Phil: Thats your belief; I dont have this so I want it.

Ken: Right, because if you already had it, you wouldnt want it. The only reason you want it is because you dont have it. So the reason why you dont have it is because you have certain thoughts and beliefs that have gotten you to that position. Alright, so lets say you really want something that you dont have and then all of these old beliefs get reactivated and it hits you. in other words, when you begin to deliberately create your new desire, you activate all the old beliefs that got you into the unwanted place. That happens because you wouldnt be where you are unless you have those thoughts and beliefs to match. Thats because all action follows thought.

Phil: Right, for example if somebodys having an economic difficulty, they need money, bottom line- they need some money. So, they sit there and they say, I dont have any money. Number one theyre affirming that they dont have it, number two, they begin to delve in the deep recesses in their mind, and they begin to think about all the things that they were not able to do because they didnt have the money to do it. So, this becomes the predominant thought pattern and at least at the subconscious level, even though consciously they are saying, I want money, I want money, subconsciously, the power is really into I never really did have any and I dont have any now and I wish I had some more. The energy is really like the tip of the iceberg but it is mostly with the part thats under the water.

Ken: Right! And what people do is they give up. I mean thats how all New Years Resolutions go haywire. Well, I tried it and it didnt work, so forget it. What I realized is that the positive and the negative arent linear. Theres not a positive end of the stick and a negative of the stick. Very often when youre in the blackest place, youre only a very short step to a huge breakthrough. Thats because the two ends are connected. You know, everything in this physical universe is this way: you have hot/cold; light/dark, dry/wet, etc. In the driest desert sometimes there can suddenly come a rainstorm.

Its circular; youre traveling down that path postulating your positive stuff and you are getting negative and negative stuff and more and more negative stuff. But if you can continue, what happens is the old vibration of your old thoughts and beliefs gradually die away and the new vibration that youre creating gets stronger and stronger. Its like playing the piano, the note that you hit right now is the strongest but the notes that you hit previously are still in the air. You can still hear them but in the vibrational universal concept, if you continue to create what you want, if you continue to create the vibration of what you want the old stuff gradually dies out. It may take a while because like I say, youre sitting in your old thoughts, youre sitting in your old beliefs and it may take a while to deactivate but.

Phil: How does a person get out of that rut? What positive steps can they take to- like you say you want something so badly, the opposite begins to happen to you? What has to happen to the mindset? Give us the four, five, three, or ten steps that might be necessary for a person to begin to get on that ladder and to climb out of that hole that they were in.

Ken: Well, I can only speak from my personal experience and I found that when you want something so bad, youre actually resisting the having of it. So what I do is I do a directed meditation for at least fifteen minutes per day and I try to release my resistance. I try to imagine my life exactly the way I want it and if any negative thoughts come up, I just ignore them and I try to get this feeling of what it would be like to have what I want. The object of the meditation is to simply get to a place where you feel better. However you do that- it almost doesnt matter what you think about: if you wanted A and you thought about B for a while and it made you feel good, well thats better than trying to think about A and getting stuck in A.

The main idea is that the Law of Attraction can only work if your thoughts are aligned with your desire and when that happens, you feel good. You feel positive emotion so the basic idea is to try to feel as positive as you can. It almost doesnt matter what youre thinking about as long as you can lower your resistance and allow what youre wanting in.

Phil: So, if you are in fact worrying about paying your bills and stuff, youre getting yourself all depressed. Just find some point in your life that you were actually having a good time and think about it.

Ken: Well, sure. Whats the alternative? Its just continuing to be stuck in the same rut. You can have a crummy life and feel crummy or you can have a crummy life and feel good. Now, that might sound psychotic to some people, but I can assure you from personal experience that if you have a crummy life and you try to change your thoughts to the positive, then you will start to feel better and when you start to feel better, your life will change. Thats the whole thing about Law of Attraction.

Actually, you will attract people and situations in your life that reflect your new intentions and your new thoughts. Really, there is no magic wand, but the universe itself is magic! You just have to apply it, you just have to use it and once you do, you start feeling more confident, you feel more empowered. Actually, you start noticing first off what I noticed; that all of my negative thoughts manifested negatively and all my positive thoughts manifested positively. In other words, I got to the point where I couldnt convince myself anymore that it was the other guys fault, that it was the economys fault, that it was President Bushs fault, that it was my moms fault, that it was my dads fault.

I finally had to face the reality that okay, there is something to this Law of Attraction stuff; I mean it really does work. For me, it was personally empowering, I just gained a sense of confidence knowing that if I could just change my thoughts, I could change my life.

Phil: Now let me ask you this and you may have had an experience with it. I dont know. A lot of people, when they hear the Law of Attraction, the help issue is a thing, youre telling me that I made myself sick, youre telling me that Im responsible for the needs that I have? How do you respond to that?

Ken: Well, Ill give you an example from my life, I am recovering from mercury poisoning from a mouthful of dental fillings for forty-seven years and my health just started to deteriorate and it got to the point where I didnt know if I was going to survive or not. Ive had the operation to remove the fillings and it actually got even worse because of all the mercury that had gotten into my brain and my body, started coming out.

Oh my goodness, what I suggest for people who have physical disabilities or a physical illness is going to see your doctor, go to see your health care practitioner, start handling the physical conditions with physical remedies and then meditate every day. Meditate on health, meditate on feeling good, find something to feel good about and what youll find is that well. what I found is that I started getting all of these ideas; maybe if I did this, maybe if I went to see this guy. I went to this one doctor, who was a natural product promoter and started buying his products and started using them and that really helped, Then I found out about Rife machines.

Royal Raymond Rife was a brilliant American scientist who in the 1930s cured people of terminal illnesses with an electronic/vibrational device. On the theory that every cell, organ, pathogen, microbe, etc. has a unique resonant frequency, and if you hit that frequency you can get it to oscillate, like the glass in the old Memorex commercial. When that happens the pathogen just blows up and dies. Its pretty cool. Ive been using this machine now for 6 months and it is really helping. I also take organic plant derived minerals, which is also really helping. I also discovered a book written by a PhD chemist, Andy Cutler, who tells you how to chemically chelate the mercury out of your body. The point is that no matter how sick you are, if you really want to get healthy, you can! Thats what the Law of Attraction is all about.

You know, its been two and a half years, Ive been living with this. Until the age of 53, I used to be in the most fantastic physical condition. I used to be able to go out and run five or six miles and not even notice it after a full work day in my contracting business, where I was on my feet all day. Then when my health crashed, I really rebelled, I couldnt handle it I made my condition worse by resisting it.

I thought, why, this cant happen to me, Im Ken MacLean, Im supposed to be perfectly healthy. Finally after a year of being in misery, I decided to do something about it. All of a sudden, I found out about mercury poisoning and I found out about dental amalgam. I found out about the Hal Huggins protocol for safely removing dental amalgam and I found this naturopathic doctor, I found this medical doctor. all these things started to occur to me when I just got a new intention. It was really amazing.

Yeah, so to answer your question, you know if someone is having a physical difficulty, you need to try the physical remedies first. Because what happens is, mentally youre in such a horrible state; you cant even think a positive thought. Through the worst of it, I was suicidally depressed; I mean I was just. I could barely get through the day.

Phil: Its hard to think your way through toothache.

Ken: Yeah, heck yeah.

Phil: Its not going to happen.

Ken: Right, you cant wave a magic wand and be magically better especially when youre talking about mercury. Mercury is one of the most insidious things you can get into your body, its very difficult to get out but with this Rife machine and these organic plant and minerals, Im actually starting to make some progress now so, I m really excited about that.

Phil: And I think too, people have to come to an understanding. On the one hand they say, Well, gees this stuff sounds good, but you dont just flash a magic wand and suddenly and all these things appear in your life. Theyre absolutely correct, but it is that possible. In my opinion, I think it is.

Ken: Well, I think it is but your thought has to be evolved. For instance, lets say you lived in a world of magic and you wanted a Porsche 911 Turbo and lets say you can create with your thoughts a Porsche 911 Turbo, so lets say the guy goes, okay, I know exactly what a Porsche 911 Turbo looks like. So. boooooom he thinks his thoughts and a Porsche 911 appears magically before him.

And he opens the door and he gets in and he turns the key and nothing happens.

Nothing happens because he doesnt understand about transmissions, he doesnt understand about engine design, he doesnt understand about fluid mechanics, he doesnt understand electronics, he doesnt understand anything, you know what I mean? So yes, its true, if your thought was evolved enough, you could manifest something instantaneously. And that includes health! The thing is though, you have to evolve your thought, you have to find the desire and then you have to work at it. I mean you have to work in thought at your craft.

Phil: And obviously we are the product, to an extent, of our environment, we have a lot of conditioning that has to be undone from early childhood through the school system and so forth. All of these negative things, you turn on the news, the television, wherever you go, its just the story is always something on the negative side, years of negative conditioning in our minds. To think youre just going to turn that around in one afternoon is kind of asking a little too much.

Ken: Well, yeah it is but the thing Ive discovered in my life really is that the joy is in the journey. I had so much fun writing my books and writing all the stuff I wrote on my website. Every day I wake up and I go, Wow, this is another day where I have the opportunity to do the things that I love. And then I live my life and I try to apply what Ive written I mean I try not to write something that I believe in but havent really tested out personally.

Its really fun, people can. when Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, he had to test thousands and thousands of filaments before he finally got it and if he had the idea that Well the first time I test or the tenth time I test it, Im just a a big failure. Wellyou know we never would have had a light bulb. This dude tested thousands of filaments because he knew that he was going to have success, he had this vision, he had this dream and obviously the dude was practical, right? He was a practical guy, he was a scientist, he was an inventor, but he kept going. He kept going because he had tremendous interest, he had this tremendous enthusiasm and really thats how the Law of Attraction works.

You find something that youre enthusiastic about and everyday you get up and say, Okay, what more can I do to further my goal? Maybe its a phone call, maybe its writing an e-mail, maybe its talking to somebody, whatever you do, do something you like.

Phil: Right, if people get caught in that rut of doing things that they dislike and it just builds upon itself.

Ken: Yup.

Phil: Its this huge snowball thats going down this hill, down into this deep rut and cant get out, if they keep thinking negatively.

Ken: Well yeah, because what people are taught, especially people who are on a spiritual path, theyre taught, Look, you cant make any money doing this, just forget it, you have to pay the bills, you have to pay your taxes, you know youve got kids, you need to take responsibility for that. What I always say to people is look, find something that you like, even if its something that you thought you could never do and then, just think about it. Five minutes a day, even if you dont do anything you know, find some time at the end of your hectic day, go to you room or go down to the basement and just meditate and think about something youd like.

You only have to do it five minutes a day and pretty soon youll find after a couple of weeks youll go, well now Im doing it ten minutes a day and then pretty soon itll be fifteen minutes a day. The pretty soon you graduate from just thinking, to DOING. Thats because your thought evolves in power and sophistication and clarity. When your thoughts align with your desire, you begin to get inspiring ideas. Thats how it works. Its like attracts like.

What happened to me is I had a contracting business, which I still do, and I find myself writing more and more and more and contracting less and less and less because I really love to write, I really love what I do and Im finding more time for it and Im actually making some money too, which is really cool.

Phil: Okay, you talk about five basic universal laws and Im going to add a sixth maybe at the end.

Ken: Okay.

Phil: The first principal states that consciousness creates the thought.

Ken: Yes. In the vibrational universe concept, thought is vibrational and thought comes from consciousness, thats what I say and what thousands of spiritual people have been saying for years. If you look at the Law of Conservation of Energy, it states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, right? Well if thats true then all of the matter and energy in the universe must have been created instantaneously out of nothing, which is a contradiction of the law of the conservation of energy itself!

The law of conservation of energy actually contradicts itself and the only way that makes sense is if you have a Creative Principle. A creative principle that can create through thought and perceive what it has created.

I have a movie out called, The Unity of Spirit and Matter which goes into that concept very, very deeply and shows how consciousness or an awareness, a non-physical consciousness, can actually create a thought and then observe it. Then he creates another thought and and then he observes another thought and another thought and soon youve got all of these thoughts around. And then he goes, Uhm, how can I put these things together and he puts these things together and thats how geometry came to be. One of the reasons Im interested in geometry is because its the very first discipline that was ever invented in the universe.

Phil: Well, you know the basic mystical law, God geometized or geometrized, Im not sure if the r is left in there or not but basically the whole, the entire physical universe is based on geometric principles.

Ken: Yeah, exactly, theres no difference between the energy in a copper atom and a helium atom, other than the atomic structure of the element. The energy that composes the electron, the proton, the neutron and the quark is the same. I mean theres no such thing as copper energy or helium energy, its the same fundamental energy.

The only difference is how many of these things are there and how they are geometrically arranged. To me thats fascinating, because you look at the Periodic Table of Elements and you look at a gas and you look at a piece of iron and you go, Man, these things are totally different, how can they be composed of the same stuff; protons, neutrons and electrons? Then you go back to the vibrational universe concept and you go, all these things are composed of atoms and theyre all vibrating, so maybe theyre just vibrating in a different way and we perceive them in a different way.

It helps me make sense of this physical world, because when you think about it, the human senses, the receptors, are composed of atoms, and physical matter and energy is composed of atoms, so perception itself is an interfacing and interpreting of vibration. Thats the power of the vibrational universe concept.

Phil: Okay, law two law of free will- because consciousness is not dependant on physical structures, it has at all times the power of choice. The law of free will states that free will is an inherent attribute of consciousness and can never be taken away.

Ken: I couldnt have said it any better. If consciousness is non-physical, then it has the power of thought and nothing and nobody can take that away. When you postulate a non-physical consciousness that creates thought and a physical universe, what inevitably follows is that consciousness has free will and that this is a free will universe. In other words, no one can force you to change your thoughts! Even if someone uses physical force, you can say one thing but really think another. And of course, in the vibrational universe concept, you couldnt even be in a situation where someone is coercing you, unless your thoughts and your personal vibrational orientation was aligned to it in the first place! Thats another consequence of the Law of Attraction.

Phil: The law of vibration states that all things ca

n be fitted to their vibratory nature; matter and energy are vibrational in nature and all things are made of atoms and I suppose you could go down even further, the atoms are composed of energy.

Ken: Well, yeah the atoms are composed of protons, electrons and neutrons, and the protons and neutrons are composed of quarks and the quarks are composed of who knows what! Who knows how far down you can go, I mean basically we havent been able to get past the quark..we havent been able to actually see an electron. No one has actually seen an electron or a proton. This guy Raymond Rife though, he actually was the first guy to see a live virus. He invented an optical microscope that could observe a virus without killing it, unlike the microscopes we have today, which kill anything living put under it.

Phil: Whats his name again?

Ken: His name is Royal Raymond Rife; you can look him up on the internet. Hes one of my personal heros because he invented the technology of this device that I have sitting in my bedroom that I use three times a week to get rid of all my complications from mercury poisoning, so..

Phil: A quick reminder- to go to Kens website see

Phil: Okay the fourth law you have is Law of Attraction. Like attracts like; I think we pretty much have covered that base. I was wondering if there is anything else you want to add to that.

Oh we have a corollary right here conscious creation, one of the corollaries of the Law of Attraction is the principle of conscious creation. In order to get what you want, you must deliberately create it through the conscious exercise of your free will choices, if you do not, your life will be created for you by default. I think a lot of people totally miss that point.

Ken: Yeah.what happens is people get stuck in a rut, theyve dont have a job and they see no way out and they say, Well, the economy is really horrible and there really isnt anything I can do about my situation. Forgetting however that they have the ability to consciously create their life, and thats one of the really amazing things that I love about the Law of Attraction, because its spiritually based, its first and foremost spiritually based and it says essentially that you can take control of your life because you are essentially a non- physical consciousness that interfaces with the physical world, and you have the ability to change what you experience in your life. You can draw new people, new situations into your life simply by consciously creating it. And if you dont believe that, you gotta try it!

Phil: Right and what people need to understand also is that if they do not consciously control their own life, kind of two things happen; one your subconscious thoughts .things that are buried deep inside your mind, they control your reality and number two- youre letting the conscious thoughts or even the unconscious thoughts of others dictate the way in which your life is.

Ken: Exactly, now people will listen to the news and read the newspaper and theyll listen to president Bush or their co-workers or their boss, and really I think there are too many people who simply live their lives by what other people say.

One of the purposes of The Big Picture website is to try to convince people to see their greater potential, which they have only scratched the surface of what they can be, do and have. Thats how I originally wrote the website, I put all this stuff out there for free, and then I decided to write my books and sell them, but thats my main motivation and its all stems from my certainty that consciousness is nonphysical and that this non physical consciousness is extremely powerful, and that we can create and orchestrate our lives through the power of thought. Remember that action always follows thought, so if your thoughts are aligned to your goal, then so are your actions.

Phil: The fifth law and this is interesting, the law of allowing or the path of least resistance.

Ken: Right.

Phil: The application of the previous four laws depend upon the fifth, it is vital to maintain a pure, creative vibration to align precisely to your desire. Resistance is indicated by negative emotion, and places counterthought and counterintention into your creative vision.

Ken: Yup, and I dont know about you, but Ive experienced so much of that, which is why I really put a lot of emphasis on this law of allowing, or nonresistance. You can begin to consciously create your life, but its not going to happen all at once. So if you give up, if you allow certain setbacks and failures because look, no one is going to be able, as we have already discussed, nobodys going to be able to wave their magic wand and instantly create what they want because of what weve already talked about before.

You have to evolve your thought, you have to keep pushing along, but if its something that you really, really like and you really, really want to do, it should be easy or it should be easier to maintain your interest and excitement about what you are doing. Thats what happens when thought is aligned to the goal. And so when something happens that isnt optimum or isnt what you thought you created, then realize that the manifestation you got is the result of an incorrect template of thought, or some belief that you have that tells you that you cant do it.

Now there are two ways you can go. You can go into therapy to try and get rid of that belief, but in the vibrational universe concept, what happens is that vibration gets activated more and more, because you are paying more and more attention to it! You keep hitting that wrong note and activating that same vibration that you dont want.

What I recommend is meditation, and lowering resistance by simply relaxing, deliberately creating your desires, deliberately creating the feeling you want and then writing out your action plan based on any inspiring ideas that you get from your meditations. Believe me you will, and if you just sit down for a few minutes, just sort of relax and figure out what you want and imagine what your life can be; all sorts of amazing ideas will occur to you. Then you can think about how to put those ideas into action! But first you have to have a clear intention around which to formulate your action, otherwise you are like the hamster on a treadmill, hes working real hard but hes going nowhere.

Phil: I totally agree.

Ken: Yeah, almost all of the people I know that Im working with came completely out of the blue Phil, I mean one day Im checking my e-mail and this guy said, I read your book and I really like it and I would like to work with you and Im like Okay, great lets start working together. Then this guy from the UK calls me up and said, Man I read your book Dialogues Conversations with my Higher Self and I thought it was great! Lets create a website called, An interview with spirit and lets answer peoples questions and blah, blah. So I said OK, that sounds great. Then this other person helped me make flash movies and now this guy says, Well, Ill publish your book for you. Okay, cool.and a woman in California, a graphic designer says, I want to make your next Flash movie, and I say, you go girl. Its awesome.

Phil: I just happened to be looking for guestsI wanted to do a spiritual summer in terms of radio shows and I happen to look on because we both happen to members of NothingBinding.

Ken: Oh, its just coincidence! (laughs)

Phil: I happen to see your name there and what the heck, I think Ill send him an e-mail and yeah, its all coincidence. There is this line you have in there that is definitely worth repeating, You can work, and work, and work and still not succeed because the effectiveness of all action cycles is dependant upon your state of being. This is precisely opposite of what many of us have been taught, however, and this goes right to the secret, the movie and the book. The universe has been designed to support your decisions and your vibrational orientation. Action is a subset of thought and thought precedes action and I tell people over and over again there is nothing that exists today, and you can go as far back, and we can get metaphysical, religious if you want to, but nothing exists today that wasnt preceded by thought. There isnt a single thing in modern day society that somebody didnt think of first.

Ken: Exactly.

Phil: Everything we see is a thought made manifest. Granted we often take the long route around, we envision the house and we say, Okay, Ive got to go get the nails, Ive got to buy the lumber, Ive got to pour the foundation, Ive got to do the plumbing and electric and all the rest of it but when that house is finally done and built, its only there because somebody thought it should be there.

Ken: Thats right, you know the house has to be built from a blueprint and what is a blueprint but a template of thought.

Phil: Exactly. Im going to throw this out to you; I think this is the sixth law and I have included this in my book Jesus Taught It, Too, I call it the Law of Responsibility. Its probably a subset or a corollary of the other things. the other five listed above, but basically what Im trying to put forward there, and I think what is actually in biblical teaching and I tend to agree with it, is that not only do we create our own reality, but we are responsible for that creation. We cant just sit here and say, Oh poor me, Im in this condition because of this person, that, this thing thats going on in my life, so and so made me do it. What we are trying to do is to pass the responsibility of our lives on to somebody else and that there is an inherent law that says No, sorry friends, you are in the situation that youre in and youre in the life that youre in and you have to take responsibility for it, and if you dont like it, then you are responsible for making that change, nobody is going to come along and do it for you.

Ken: Exactly, and that just goes back to all of the other laws, the law of free- will. You have free will to do whatever you want, and you cant really blame it on somebody else because if you follow the first three laws, you know that the Law of Attraction is bringing to you the content of your thoughts and beliefs. So, if you dont take responsibility as you say, what happens is you stay stuck in the same old rut, you can never get out of it.

Phil: Exactly.

Ken: Well, its funny because I wrote this article, a brief summary of the basic universal laws and the whole book on the vibrational universe is about these laws, its based around these five laws, but I figured why not give people a summary of it and then if they wanted to, they could get into the book. I just think its a nice summary of the five universal laws that people can actually use in life to make their lives better.

Phil: Theres a wonderful section here on Kens website called, Life Solutions and were going to have to do another show, because we arent going to be able to cover it allthere is just so much material. Im going to tell people some of the articles listed here and again I direct them to the website to read these articles because theyre great:

Giving and receiving:

Cause and Effect

Right and wrong

Resistance and freedom

To help or not to help

What is faith

Happiness vs. Joy

The true meaning of selfishness


Make up your own mind





Ethics and consequences.

Ken: Yeah, and you know the funny thing is about me Phil, is that Im a much better writer than I am a speaker. What happens is that I come up with these really brilliant ideas and Ill write them all down and then after Im done, I forget about them. I have so much stuff, I can hardly remember all the stuff I have written and lived and researched.

I have to relate to you this funny story of what happened at a lecture one time. This woman who had read my book Dialogues Conversations with my Higher Self says, Well, weve got Ken Maclean in the audience, Id like to bring him up and have him talk about the book, and I got up there and I thumbed through this book that I had written only two years ago, and I couldnt remember a bloody thing that was in it!

The only thing I remembered was that I just had the most incredible blissful time writing the book. When I wrote that book, I would come home from work and I would just sit there at my keyboard and I would ask these questions and literally I would channel these answers and I was in the state of bliss for four months. It was the greatest four months of my entire life and then when the book was over, it was over. Ive written so much stuff, I dont even remember one tenth of a percent of it.

Phil: Well, lets see if you can remember this one. The secrets to the millennia are to know the truth, but what is true? Is there a universal all encompassing truth? If so, then why is there so much disagreement and conflict on earth? Wars have been fought over religious truths but no one seems to have found one fundamental truth that everyone can agree upon. The answer has been hidden from us but only because our understanding has not been disconcerting enough, what is the truth Ken?

Ken: Well, what I say. what truth is, is consciousness itself, is self-awareness, and self-awareness is eternal. The sun, moon and stars are true because they exist and can be observed, but Truth with a capital T is the creator of that truth, and that is you and me.

We are eternal and immortal and a physical lifetime on earth is a spirit in temporary association with a physical body. This has been understood since the Vedas, it has been understood by every culture on the planet earth. Its only been in the last seventy, eighty, ninety, one-hundred years that in mankinds zeal to explore the physical universe and explain it, that we have lost touch with our spirituality. And thats why Im in love with the spirit, mind, body, paradigm because it puts spirit first then mind, and then body puts things in the correct order. Spirit is the creative principle that created the universe, spirit created bodies to experience in, and then when were done experiencing, we go back to what I call native state.

Phil: The way I define truth and I suppose there has to be corollaries to it my definition is truth is that which is and to me the universe is by definition happiness and love so if its not happiness and love youre experiencing, it isnt therefore, true.

Ken: Wow, thats really interesting. We really think alike, Anything that is, is truth; this telephone that Im talking through is reality because I can pick it up and I can talk through it. You know my mouse, my keyboard, my chair, my computer that is true but I think to me the ultimate truth is - the creative principle that created it all.

Phil: And maybe Ken, we have to you know I hate to keep jumping in here but maybe we have to distinguish between reality and actually and my definition is. Reality is what we see and feel and taste and hear with our senses the desk that Im at. I touch it with my hand and its really real, if I you hit me over the head with it, its really going to hurt.

Ken: Oh Yeah.

Phil: But the truth of the matter is if you go down to the subatomic level, as we well know, the distances between the particles and the atoms that comprise this table, you can throw galaxies through.

Ken: Exactly.

Phil: So, we live in a world of reality that to me is kind of the illusion, actually is where the truth lies and people have to become more cognitive of the actual make up of the universe, the actual way it works, the true fabric of the universe rather than the clothing that we put on with five senses.

Ken: Thats a good way to describe it reality and actuality. I describe them as material and consciousness, but I think that is a more practical way of looking at it, reality and actuality. Thats very good.

Phil: Great, we compliment each other.

Ken: People dont understand that because were so physical here on earth, I mean its hard to see spirits, because theyre bloody invisible. The creative principle cannot be measured by science, so science dismisses it and perhaps rightly so, because science deals with the tangible.

But anyone that is spiritually aware knows without being able to prove it, that they are divine, theyre immortal, that they continue on in awareness beyond the life of their body. Thats just something I understand and Im sure that you understand it and Im sure many of our listeners do too and its justI dont think you can get enough of it. I dont think that you can write enough books that tell people that they are spiritual because right now, we are at the crossroads on planet earth.

We have this potential, we have this new millennium, we have the opportunity to drive our human societies in a different direction, to create a new paradigm of thought, not based on scarcity, conflict and competition, but on cooperation and harmony and prosperity and abundance.

Phil: And the interesting thing I find Ken, is that the latter of what you just said, is what people have yearned for and yearned for forever and yet we have been stuck in the mire of the conflict, weve been stuck in the mire of the hatred, weve been stuck in the mire of division of us versus them. Im wrong and youre right, youre wrong and Im right. My religion is right, your religion is wrong. I dont know all of the killing and fighting about it and in my opinion I think that religion is one of the most divisive forcesIm talking about organized religion.

Ken: I would have to agree.

Phil: It is one of the most divisive forces in the history of humanity in terms of how it has kept people apart and how the basic avatar that came with these messages of brotherly love. You know, were all one, were all part of the same universe, its a lot of love, theres no God that is going to create you. knowing that youre going to screw up and condemn you eternally to the fires of hell .Im still wondering if there is any logic or any sense to that whatsoever, and yet these thoughts have been so ingrained in so many cultures and I think were beginning to see that paradigm end. Its beginning to fall apart.

Ken: It is.

Phil: All of the religious institutions are beginning to face one problem after another and my hope is that societies, communities as a whole are raising their consciousness level and itll reach a point where people will look around and see those institutions and say, You know guys, you had it all wrong, get with the program or go away, because were going to evolve to a higher state of existence.

Ken: I totally agree and you know I think its happening under the radar though. You wont hear it on Fox news, but you will hear it on the Oprah show. I hardly ever watch television other than sports, but I remember watching the Oprah show because my sister called me and said, Ken, youve got this website about the Law of Attraction and Oprahs talking about it on TV. I was amazed, they had a couple of guys from The Secret and they were talking about the Law of Attraction and I thought it was fantastic.

You know what, I think the reason why weve had this planetary situation for so many thousands of years, is because we have been playing this game of follow the leader and I think what people need to do is become their own counselor. As you say, the Law of Responsibility, to start taking responsibility for their own lives. In one sense, it can sound risky and scary, but its really empowering because once you start thinking along those lines, then you start having inspiring ideas, you start taking control of your life and you actually start applying the Law of Attraction and it starts working for you. Its just really a wonderful thing.

Phil: Right and I want to touch on this one thing. You say, How should I deal with my problem- it is a question I have asked myself over and over again. There isnt any worse feeling to me than having something in my life I dont like, I always have the urge to get rid of it now, I want to get into action right away to fix it but when I do, I always find myself lying in crap. The situation gets worse, every time I put out one brush fire, another one pops up. The more you try to solve the problem or attention you give to it, the more attention you give to it, the more energy flows at it and the more power you give to it and now you find yourself in an energy string which is the energy of the problem grown even bigger and know youve made it worse and your solution to this, I absolutely love it isdo you remember?

Ken: The solution is to ignore the problem and you create a new reality. Albert Einstein once said something like if you want to solve a problem, you have to go about it with a different approach that caused the problem. If the bill collector is at your door, you cant wish him away, but what you need to do is to cope with the situation as you find it and then you really, really, really have to get some new thoughts. I mean you really have to take fifteen minutes out of every day to find a quiet time and start to recreate your life.

Phil: Yeah, absolutely.

Ken: You have to do that, because if you dont, as we talked about before, your life will continue to go the way that you dont like and you know it goes back to the Law of Responsibility again, you take responsibility for yourself, but the great thing is that the universe is set up to give you what you want. The Law of Attraction is impartial, its fair. If you think ninety eight negative thoughts and only two positive thoughts, then your life is probably going to be ninety-eight negative and two percent positive. But if you can turn your thoughts around, eventually to ninety-eight positive and two percent negative, your life is going to go ninety-eight percent positive and two percent negative. It goes right back to the power of positive thinking but, on my website, I try to give a more scientific basis to it; I try to give a more common sense and practical basis to it.

Phil: Two things, one is...the law of vibration states that one can never deactivate a problem, trying to get rid of something just activates it. You deactivate something unwanted by focusing on something wanted. In the book that I have coming out, and weve heard this over and over again but unfortunately, its been so misinterpreted. The simple phrase in scripture is judge not and people tend to think of judgment as some kind of condemnation, youre guilty-youre innocent, and yet the root of the word judgment is to really make a final decision about something.

Ken: Is it really?

Phil: Yeah, and when you look at it in that context, what the Master was saying is that dont make any final decisions about anything because if you do, whatever you make a final decision about it what youre reality is going to be; judged not lest you be judged so dont make any final decisions about anything because if you do, that final decision is going to be what your life is all about. And how many times have we gone through life and run into a situation where we go, Oh this is miserable, well this is horrible, how did I ever get myself into this, what a terrible experience and then maybe six months, a year, two years, sometimes ten years later, we stop and we go, Oh thank God I didnt take that job, thank God I didnt make that move, oh I am so glad I didnt buy that house, or I didnt marry that person or you know- the whole array of things and when we can keep our minds open to the positive flow of energy and sit down even if we appear, and its usually appearances we appear to be in a negative situation, dont make judgments. You dont sit there and say, Hey this is a terrible, horrible situation, because thats exactly as you say, thats exactly what it is going to be and thats what youre putting your power into that kind of thought so it keeps getting stronger and stronger and stronger.

Instead say, Okay, I have this situation, all right what is the upside here? As you begin to think in that more positive way, suddenly the negative aspect of that particular situation tends to dwindle a little bit and the positive aspect tends to increase a little bit. The next thing you know, you are mentally getting yourself out of that rut.

Ken: Exactly, and you know you actually have to work at it, like we were talking about it before, you cant wave a magic wand, you have to do your spiritual work. Since we were talking about this problem thing, I had this quote, I found the article and it says, If you try to solve the problem with the same energy that created the problem, youre going to exacerbate the problem, thats common sense but when youre stuck in a vibration, its hard to get out. But what you have to do is you have to note your position on the scale of emotion/vibration and understand that if youre sitting in grief and you come up to anger, thats a step up. People dont understand that.

What they did is make an improvement in their lives, they made a vibrational leap from grief to anger but they dont know that. They figure Well, I just made the problem worse because anger is worse than grief but actually its not, so thats one of the big things I have on the web site, I think its an article called Emotions and I have the scale of emotion/vibration (based on the work of Dr. Sarge Gerbode), and it goes from death all the way up to exhilaration and bliss and serenity. Its a very powerful thing to study because sometimes you dont know youre making progress and you really are.

Phil: Yeah absolutely, no question about it. I think the bottom line here is that there is a movement that is occurring around the world, an awakening. Imagine if were teaching our school children some of this, maybe if we told them, I mean trulyhave them believe that there are really no barriers, that anything can be accomplished, that mind and not the physical brain, the mind, consciousness is the most powerful and creative force of the universe and a gift for all of us to us. The gift given freely, man what a world wed have!

Ken: Oh we would have such an incredible world. People say, Well, if everybody did what they wanted, wed have lots of artists and wed never have any cars built. Thats actually not true, if people did what they truly wanted, wed have the most productive, happy, prosperous, healthy society. If we could do that for one generation Phil, we could turn earth literally into a paradise.

Phil: Absolutely, and everybody does not want to be an artist; every man doesnt want to marry the same woman.

Ken: Precisely.

Phil: Women dont want to marry the same man, I mean it is obvious we are all different, we have our likes and our dislikes and our tendencies. Yeah, it would just be absolutely phenomenal.

Ken: It would and Im actually very optimistic, I think whats happening is the structures the political and economic forces that are into hiding and secrecy are really being exposed right now and people see that and they say, Oh the world is in horrible shape. I actually think that this sort of grass roots consciousness raising thats going on all over the world is forcing the cockroaches out of their rocks. Were turning over the rocks and were seeing things that are shocking us and were going, Oh no, my goodness, whats going on? Things look bad but in actual fact, things are getting better.

Phil: Yeah, I think so regardless of appearance, most of the news that you read and hear about every day, is the basic questions are beginning to be asked and there is no question that the old paradigm is trying to fight back, it doesnt want to go away and it may not even be doing it consciously but I think theres an inherent feeling that there is a problem out there, and they are trying to dig in like cornered rats, its going to come out fighting. In the long run, lets keep our fingers crossed in the long run theyll not only stay in the corner but theyll kind of dissolve in the nothingness that they really are.

Ken: I think thats exactly whats happening. In fact theres well I dont know if we should talk about this but there is this fascinating web site that Ive been reading, about the economic crisis thats going on behind the scenes and no-one is reporting on it and this guy is reporting on this stuff. People are being exposed and the dirty little secrets are coming out and its just really exciting to me because I think this is happening at the highest levels in politics and economics, in banking and finance and you know these people are being exposed, and I just think its wonderful.

Phil, I would like to make one more point; this progress is coming from every one of us, its coming from all those people who turned their thoughts toward the positive and created a personal vibration thats more positive. And you cant imagine how powerful that is, even one person. If you walked down the street with a smile on your face, I mean a real beaming smile and a feeling of love in your heart, you will not believe the people that will just stop you and smile at you and theyll touch you and sometimes people will even stop you and talk to you. Its a really cool experiment to try if youre feeling really good one day, walk downtown with a smile on your face and love in your heart and see what happens. Absolutely amazing!

Phil: It is, Ive actually have gone through that myself. You can just totally change who knows how many lives you touch through the course of the day. You go through with that positive attitude into a room where people are grumpy and all mad and stuff and you go in there and youre singing a song and they start to say something negative. You say, Nope, Im not going to listen to that today. You tell them all the great experiences youre having and before you know it, everybody is in a good mood. It just perpetuates down the line.

Ken: Yeah, you know the guy whos walking down the street with a smile on his face and love in his heart, this guy doesnt even have to say anything. There was a guy that was having trouble in his life and he just happened to look up at that instant and he sees this guy whos totally genuine, its not fake, hes got love in heart and his smile just brightens his day because it reminds him of who he really is. Which is an immortal, divine consciousness that is full of joy and well being and the guy didnt say anything, the guy didnt do anything but the person who was grumpy is walking along and he just opens up and he realizes, You know, I can be like that, I used to be like that, I think Im going to change my life. That actually happened to me one time.

Phil: Okay, Ken thank you very, very much.

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