The Paradigm Shift


Last night my wife Jenny and I saw one of our favorite old movies. It's called "Other People's Money," and it's about a Wall Street financier who buys and sells companies – and sometimes liquidates them – all for short-term monetary gain. To make a long story short, a small company that is run with complete integrity and that has no debt is targeted by "Larry the Liquidator" because it's share price is too low. That's because the company has a "wire and cable" division that employs hundreds of workers, but is losing money. The entire town is dependent upon this failing division, which the other profitable divisions have to support.

The climax comes down to a proxy fight – a voting of shares by the stockholders – to determine whether the Liquidator's slate is elected, or the old-school slate . If Larry's slate is elected, he will close the plant, sell off their machinery and building (making a nice profit for himself) and throw everybody out of work.

There are two paradigms of thought represented in the movie: the old school paradigm of right; with integrity, honesty, sound financial management and concern for the welfare of workers and community on one side; and rapacious greed on the other.

The wire and cable division makes products used in the production of elevators and bridges, and wire used in the manufacture of old-style circuit boards. Much of the company's production is being replaced by the new fiber-optic cable, and demand for their products is shrinking.

But what happens to the community if the company goes under? Essentially, it dies. So what is the right thing to do? The company’s owner, Jorgy, is a big fan of Harry Truman. He's a man with a big heart, and a man who loves his community. He would rather see the company lose money than hurt his friends and destroy the town. Larry the Liquidator represents the new paradigm.

Clearly, the old paradigm is good, and the new paradigm is evil. When you watch Jorgy give his impassioned speech for heart-centered values, community, and patience, you stand up and cheer. Jorgy tells the stockholders that when America finally gets around to repairing its infrastructure, the wire and cable division will be booming once again. All that is needed is a little patience. And that is absolutely true!

When Larry the Liquidator first comes on the stage, everybody boos. Here is the evil new paradigm, like barbarians at the gates of civilization, come to overthrow what's left of integrity and honesty. But then Larry begins to speak. He says that the wire and cable division  is already dead, and that people  in the town just don't realize it yet. "New technologies, fiber-optics," Larry says, "has already killed demand for your wire and cable.  Don't blame me, I didn't kill it. I'll bet the last buggywhip maker back at the turn of the last century made the best damn buggywhip in the world!" Larry says. "But the recipe for failure is to get an increasing share of a dying market. So let's do the smart thing, stockholders, and kill this dead company, and make some money. Then we can take that money and invest it in something  more modern and help the economy, and create real jobs."

Now as Jorgy sits there listening to the Liquidator, you can see a dawning look of comprehension on his face. He is understanding that what is happening is not an evil man trying to wreck his company, but a real paradigm shift; what the history books might call "a correlation of historical forces."  Larry, he understands, is just the representative of a "new wave" of thought, and even before the vote is taken, he realizes that he will lose the vote.

Has that ever happened to you? Have you ever been in a situation where the floor comes out underneath your comfortable set of assumptions, and you are faced with a severe reality adjustment? I'm sure that this has happened to everyone. In fact, it is happening right now to every single person on the planet. We are all in the middle of a huge vibrational wave of change, which is literally replacing an old set of assumptions about life, and opening up a huge potential for change. The scary thing is that the new paradigm is not precisely defined! We are writing the script as we go along, and we don't quite see the end of the road. In other words, we have a window of opportunity, as individuals and as a species, to define the new paradigm of thought as we move forward. And that can be pretty unsettling, because we haven't yet defined a precise destination. What if you run off a cliff, or smash into a huge boulder?

One thing is for sure: the old memes cannot survive in the new vibration. The old thought forms are very powerful, but they are not able to keep up with the new wave of change. The problem is that we are all holding on to these old thought forms!

Here's a little parable: Once upon a time there was a mountain village situated on  a sluggish, half-frozen river with big chunks of ice in it. It chugs along in its slow-moving way, unchanging, and everyone along the riverbank just accepts the situation as it is. Life is hard; for food is scarce and the fish stay near the bottom of the river where it's warmer. Then the temperature begins to rise, and the ice begins to melt. The river overflows its banks, flooding houses and creating havoc. "This is terrible!" the people cry. "The world is coming to an end. What will we do?" As the river rises higher and higher, the people are forced to move out of their homes, and the situation looks hopeless. After a while, however, the people realize that the weather has permanently changed, and instead of  a harsh and frozen climate, the birds are singing, the air is balmy and sweet,  and the trees and flowers are blooming. "It's a new world!" the people cry, "but how will we adjust? The old ways don't work anymore!"

Well, when a higher vibration replaces a lower one, this is precisely what occurs. In the movie, the plant closed down and everyone was thrown out of work. Everything was bleak and hopeless. Then, a couple of months later, a Japanese company saw the perfect opportunity to use the facility to make air bags for automobiles. Airbags are made from fine steel mesh, but the company's current machinery and production facilities are unsuited to the new plan.

So what happens? Adjustment! A new infusion of capital from the foreign investor. The workers need to learn new skills, and must redesign the plant to conform with the new airbag specifications. The result? Once the uncomfortable learning and adjustment period is over, a booming, a productive plant that is comfortably riding on the new wave of business. In our parable, the villagers realize that they can plant their seeds and raise crops. Game appears where there was none before. After a painful adjustment period, a new level of prosperity is born.

The old thought forms are like the melting ice adjusting to a rise in temperature, which is just another way of saying, an energy increase. The old thought forms cannot survive in their current state, but curiously, are made of the same stuff as the river, even though they look totally different on the outside. Some of the villagers try to save the ice, because they know that if all the ice melts, disaster is inevitable. They know that life is cold, and wrap their fur coats around them even as the temperature rises to  more comfortable levels. "See!" they say, sweating uncomfortably, "the new ways will lead to our ruin!" But these are just the conclusions of those trapped within the old paradigm of thought.

The adjustment period represents "getting up to speed." This is a great term because it tells you that you have to ramp up your own thoughts to get with the new wave of higher vibration. We've talked a lot about this on the Interview With Spirit show, and in this newsletter. The increasing human population is literally creating a rising background vibration within the species consciousness of mankind, and is affecting everything within the planetary envelope. 

The "new wave" is a vibrational acceleration within the subtle plane of thought substance, or "source energy," that surrounds and cocoons all life, and all matter and energy. Of course this process is invisible to our human senses, but we can all feel it. This vibrational change is what we asked for, it is what we signed up for. We all wanted to take the human race, an adolescent species that has been struggling for millennia, and transform it into a mature species. We wanted to replace the old memes of hierarchy, control, and problem resolution through conflict and war, with a rational paradigm of thought based on cooperation and abundance for all. This will come with the rising tide of awareness, as we discover new physical laws that were there all the time, but that we could not comprehend in our denser, slower, more muddled existence.

The new wave of thought often feels just like an attack by "Larry the Liquidator," but it is actually presaging a new way of looking at life.

The discomfort we feel is our own resistance in letting go of the old thought forms that bind us to our denser and lower- level existence. These thoughts have led us, very often, to a life of hard work. In the old system, even when we reach the pinnacle, forces beyond our control can knock us down again. A market correction, new technologies, government mismanagement of the currency, all can act to destroy the wealth we have built. In the old paradigm, this seems natural, for the old paradigm is based on hierarchy, scarcity, and the idea that life is just an evolutionary accident that is buffeted about by cold and uncaring universal forces. And of course, we create the very thing that resonates to our system of belief!

However, the old paradigm is based upon the deluded and insecure ideology of materialists and behaviorists who feel threatened by others, and whose only solution is domination and control. It is based in a denser and unmindful spectrum of vibration. We are all moving out of our "comfort zone," even if that zone is uncomfortable. But this is a good thing, because it is the precursor to a new way of being. As the vibrational temperature rises, it is important not to panic when change occurs.

Change is obviously necessary if we want to move out of the old paradigm of thought. So lets put a positive face on the changes in our lives, because the momentum for those changes IS positive! The forces causing these changes originate in the invisible but increasing powerful substrate of thought, and are a product of the increasing demand by human beings for a greater alignment with source. Source energy itself is a direct product of consciousness itself (see my movie, "The Unity of Spirit and Matter, available at It's a new wave of consciousness and awareness that is sweeping through the planetary envelope, and building upon itself. We are now in a period of chaos (speaking mathematically, not literally) where the energies are rapidly increasing, and creating a strong potential for a new direction, or bifurcation. Individually, each of us have the power to change the direction of our lives.

Each of these individual changes causes an effect on the planet as a whole.  Which direction should you choose? The one that feels the best!

In the new paradigm, intuition and feeling will become much more important. That's because, as the background vibration increases, we are all being forced to live more and more in the NOW.  It's like being on a roller-coaster ride as opposed to sitting in your favorite living room chair with a book. When you are on the rollercoaster, you are forced to pay attention, to live in the moment!

We are all being asked to go with the flow of the new wave of energy, and those who resist are going to have a more and more difficult time of it. The "new energy" is actually not new at all – it is simply what Esther Hicks calls "source energy," and it is asking us to get on-board the train of well-being, creativity, passion, and joy.

For those in the lower emotions, this seems scary, because it is too great of a vibrational leap. It is an energy gap that seems to them like a gigantic chasm that is impossible to leap over.

These are the people presenting us with disaster scenarios, because these individuals are experiencing great discomfort. They are telling the truth, but it is the truth of the lower emotions! So when you hear someone preaching disaster, recognize that they are just vibrationally "stuck." Eventually, the higher vibrations will carry everyone on the planet along. It is impossible for planet earth to attain a new level of awareness without everyone making it. It is, literally, one for all and all for one.

The idea of the "rapture," where some will ascend to heaven and others be left behind, is false. When a tipping point in consciousness is reached, it successfully carries everyone along, just like an inspiring musical performance carries everyone in the audience to new heights.

The good news is that, just like a music concert, it only takes a minority of musicians to propel the entire audience to a new level.

My friend Robert Cole, who experienced one of the most profound and compelling near-death experiences I have ever heard, says that all life is inevitably headed into a higher state of awareness, and that events which appear to be negative are just "spin-offs" from a vortex of well being that is carrying us all along to a brighter future. If you would like to hear this interview, go to and click on the radio show button, or go to, and click on the archived interview for October 28th.  

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