Outflow vs. Inflow

In order to get the things you want, you have to be willing to receive. Sounds stupid to say it, but so many people are obsessed with 'making it happen' that they forget to allow a successful outcome.

Of course it is necessary to create the vision of what you want to have, and do the actions necessary in the physical universe to bring it about. But if youre a workaholic, your vibration may be focused more on getting things done than on what you want! Such a vibration will bring about a situation like poor Sisyphus of Greek mythology, who is destined to forever push a block of stone against a steep hill. You work, and work, and work but not much changes.

Many of us have been taught that in order to get something, you have to go out and work hard. But all of this effort just places your energy stream in an outflow. In order to receive anything, you have to INflow. You can't outflow and inflow at the same time. When someone hands you a present, you have to receive it, not push it away! But that's exactly what most people do with their emphasis on hard work. Most of that effort is wasted unless you can also bring yourself to an attitude of reception.

'Making it happen' contains within it a subtle resistance to what you want. It is based on the idea that you have to overcome an inherent property of the universe, which is thought to be resistive to your desires. The common idea is that events occur probabilistically. There is a chance you can succeed, but statistics show that 80% of entrepreneurs in the field of (fill in the blank) fail, so your chances are only 1 in 5. This idea comes from probability and gambling, and modernly from quantum mechanics and the study of the microworld. Historically, probability originated in gaming and gambling, which is nothing more than betting on a future determined by others, or a set of dice, or a roulette wheel. It was shown modernly by Heisenberg, Schrodinger and others that events at the subatomic level are only probabilities. And because the material world is composed of subatomic elements,everything in the macro world, it is thought, must also follow the same principles. For consciousness to model its behavior on matter and energy makes sense to those who believe that their selfawareness originates in matter, but to those who are a little more enlightened, such a thing seems silly. Personal manifestation (not of the gaming kind) depends only on what YOU envision, intend, and act upon.

When you are 'making it happen', you are never in an attitude of reception long enough in order to receive. You are not allowing yourself to receive that which you are working so hard to get!

Your outflowing of energy is blocking the inflowing energy that will bring you what you want. It's stupid really. Constantly outflowing to get something you want is just one of those unexamined concepts that, once looked at closely, doesn't make any sense. Stated even more idiotically: if you are constantly outflowing to get something, you can't get it. When the call for that big order comes in, all your people are on the phone pitching, and the order goes to your competitor. When a standby seat on the nonstop flight becomes available you dont get it, because youre on the phone trying to convince somebody at another airline to get you a connecting ticket. Etc. In order to get something (duh!), you have to be in receiving mode. You have to be INflowing, or allowing.

Underneath the idea of 'making it happen' and 'working hard' is the idea that you have to provide fair exchange of time, money, sweat and effort, for what you receive, otherwise it isn't fair. And underneath that is the idea of unworthiness.

If someone were to just hand you a million dollars, would you cheerfully accept it ? Be honest. The vast majority of people wouldn't. They'd have to be convinced to accept abundance for themselves. But Id bet Ted Turner or Donald Trump wouldnt hesitate an instant. Thats because Turner and Trump believe that its their God given right to have a few billion. And theyre right. It is! And it is for everyone else as well. But almost all of us simply cant conceive of the idea seriously., so it doesnt happen for us.

That is why so many people work hard and never attain the prosperity they seek.

Underneath the concept of unworthiness is the idea or consciousness of scarcity. "There is only so much to go around," it is said. "Don't take more than your fair share." "Those who are abundant are greedy and selfish and care nothing for anyone but themselves." A look around the planet seems to confirm this. Economies of the world are based upon scarce fossil fuels, and there really does seem to be a limited amount of resources.

But this scarcity is not 'just the way it just is' .We don't have a consciousness of scarcity because that is the reality of life. We have the reality of scarcity because that is our consciousness. The Buddha said it best centuries ago: "We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make our world."

This universe is based primarily on thought, not action. Some action is needed of course, to bring anything into fruition in the physical universe, but this action is only a minor part of the equation. Too much action is inefficient, because action = outflow, and only by inflow can you receive.

As long as we believe there is only so much to go around, mankind can never become truly abundant. An understanding of the principle of 'like attracts like' shows us that the scarcity idea is not inevitable, it is just ingrained into our payyerns of thought and belief. A physical reality of prosperity needs a matching vibrational culture in which to take root and flourish. Anything you want you can have, as long as you don't counter-intend it! When a person finds himself or herself continually lacking, then thought is aligned to lack. We live in a universe of duality. There are 2 sides to every scale, 2 ends to every line. One end is the negative end, the other is the positive end. The negative end is just the lack of something, the positive end is the having of it. Keep your attention on the positive end and see what happens! (Actually there is no 'negative' end, just a 'zero' end. The 'zero' end is the not-having. In math, the number line goes to the negative, but in real life, there is no such thing as a 'negative' something There's just the lack of something. (In physics, even antiparticles arent allowed to have negative mass, unless theyre virtual. But if theyre virtual, theyre not real)). (1)

So the point is, in order to receive, you have to be receptive. It's a lot less work that way, and a lot more fun!


(1) Ref The Road to Reality p. 70 by Roger Penrose.

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