The Myth of Objectivity

In Western culture we are taught to weigh both sides of an issue before making a decision. We are taught in school that rational decision making always depends upon 'having the facts' in front of us. Science teaches us that in performing an experiment, one should never lean one way or the other in the conduct of it, in order that the results should not be biased.

But this is an impossibility. True objectivity means total detachment, and this can never occur. Total detachment means you're dead!

As I have said repeatedly in these essays, this universe (or at least that portion of it here on earth) operates on the principle of 'like attracts like.' This can easily be seen in the lab by hooking two frequency generators to both inputs of an oscilloscope, then matching frequencies. If the input signals are both in-phase, the 2 waveforms will combine effortlessly to form a bigger wave of the same shape. When you try to make 2 waveforms which are not of the same frequency combine, you get a jumbled waveform. In life we notice this all the time When we see and give attention to frequencies that don't match ours, it causes pain and discomfort.

We hang out with people we like, not with people we hate!

This property of 'like attracts like' has been observed so many times that it can be considered a law, just like the law of gravity. I believe that gravity itself is just an extension of this principle, but that is another subject.

Attempting to be objective is being disingenuous with this universal property, for as soon as a person has ANY thought or desire, the universe begins matching that frequency or set of frequencies. It is impossible to go through life thinking no thoughts or having no desires; therefore, objectivity is impossible. Each person is like an attracting magnet, drawing to him or her people and experiences that are an exact match to the frequencies of their thoughts and desires. Manifestation occurs when the same thoughts or desires are held for a long enough time, and grow in power and strength.

Weighing the facts simply muddies your desire or intent. If you want something, and you continue to intend it, and do not get discouraged and begin to counter-intend it, your vibration will continue to match your desire, and youll get it eventually. However, by including the 'cons' along with the 'pros' you ensure that what is wanted cannot manifest in the way you desire. You have included frequencies into the mix which do not match the frequencies of your desire. Thus the saying, Be careful what you wish for. You might get it.

Being objective means including just as many opposing facts as those that support your desire, and the universe will respond appropriately.

Where did human beings come up with such a crazy idea?

Objectivity is just another way of denying to self, that which is wanted.

Objectivity is denial of self.

Denial of self is irrational.

Therefore objectivity is irrational.

Think about it! Why does anyone live life? To have a good time. To feel good about something. To help another. To create. To love. To have fun. To investigate and figure out the universe around us. All of these things are desires!

But objectivity, by it's very nature, squelches desire.

Objectivity requires you to include all those things you desire, but at the same time include just as many objections or opposing 'facts' to your desire. It requires you to turn on your faucet of desire and turn it down little by little, with every 'objective' fact that is considered.

Desire is life force. Life force energy feels wonderful. Therefore, turning down the level of your desire makes you feel worse and worse. That's why so many people agonize over large purchases. By the time they are done being so objective, including and weighing so many facts both for and against, confusion and anxiety is the result!

Humans believe that objectivity is a good thing, I think, because we believe that what manifests is mostly a result of luck, or chance. Some people, it is said, just 'have a knack' for getting things they want, while others are 'unlucky.' Some say the only way to really guarantee success is through hard work. But I have noticed that in my life and in the lives of many others, hard work is no guarantee of anything but hard work. I look around and see a lot of prosperous people who hardly work at all, and a world with billions of poor people!

Many think that by lining up all of their facts in a row, both good and bad, a true picture of what may happen for them has been assembled. But all 'facts' are just the experiences of others. It is thought, for example, that if 50 people go out and buy the XYZ brand computer, and 37 of them say XYZ computers suck, then more than likely XYZ computers are poorly made and you have a good chance to get a crummy one.

But this is not how it works at all.

If you wanted an XYZ computer and simply went out and bought one, with the pure intent that the computer would function perfectly, you would get one of the good ones! The experiences of another have absolutely nothing to do with the experiences you might have. The experiences of another is just the way he or she has molded and transmitted their energy, and the manifestations they have received are a result only of their alignment of energy and the universe's response to it, through the property of 'like attracts like.'

Having said that, you could go out and buy an XYZ computer and have it suck for you. But the only reason you would have a bad experience with an XYZ computer, is if you included all of those 'cons' along with the pros. The frequency matching property of the universe simply responds to your personal vibrational mix.

Many people don't want to believe this, because accepting it means that you are in control of your life. If something is going wrong, its much easier to assign blame to an outside force. Otherwise the uncomfortable realization hits: "I am causing it." To admit that, is to make ones self wrong.

But this sort of thinking sets you up to fail.

Failure results from simply not going with your pure desire or intent in the first place!

The universe is dynamic and will respond to your every decision and desire. It has the capacity to satisfy your every whim, if only you will let it. There is far more ahead of you than behind you in an ever-expanding universe! Don't limit your experiences by trying to be objective allow those desires and intentions to flow, create a marvelous life that is changing for the better and is never boring!

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