Like a Child

We have all heard some version of the expression, "A child is closest to God."

This means that a child has not become jaded about life and is still strongly connected to something divine within him or her. When one looks at a child one sees an innocence, a joy, a trusting that all will be well. However, there is also the flip side of the coin: a child is naive and gullible. As adults we understandably hesitate to operate in life this way, for we do not want to be taken advantage of.

However, when one truly begins to view life from the viewpoint of the child within you, something remarkable happens: you feel a purity and a sense of well-being.

It's magic.

When you begin to feel as a child, you achieve a powerful certainty of your own self worth. When you feel as a child, you eliminate resistance that prevents you from lining up with the things you want.

The qualities we associate with children are precisely those qualities which lead to a pure connection to Source. They have just been bad-mouthed by those who have forgotten that it is possible to live a life of joy!

"I would really like to have a new house on 100 acres of wooded land," you say.

An adult will respond something like, "Well, how much does it cost?" "With your income you'll never make it." "Don't get your hopes up, you'll just be disappointed in the end."

A child will respond, "Of course!" and know it.

This knowing is not a blind, stupid and naive trust, but a rock solid certainty based upon an innate understanding of the laws of the universe. If adults could approach life with the same certainty, think how much more powerful wed be!

When you feel as a child feels, you know that what you want is already yours, and therefore, your vibration becomes more aligned with the desired thing.

If you practice feeling like a child your worries and anxieties will simply vanish. "That is silly and naive," you say. "Feeling like a child won't pay my mortgage. And kids are stupid. They dont know anything."

Well, kids dont have their heads stuffed with data yet, and they havent learned to doubt themselves yet either! But just wait a few years. After association with knowledgeable adults, theyll begin to believe in the same selflimiting things as everyone else. Except for a few, thank goodness, who are too smart to fall for that jaded point of view. But even as adults there is no reason we cannot reassume the viewpoint we had as children. If you can recall your childhood even vaguely, there was probably a feeling of happiness and trust that all is well.

Applying the Two Powerful Attributes of Consciousness

Why do we dismiss the innocence of youth for the realistic viewpoint of the adult? Because we look around and see others having a bad time of it. We say, "if it could happen to him, it could happen to me." Or perhaps, "This is a world of duality and it is not possible to always have things go perfectly."

But ask yourself, why does anyone experience something unwanted? Only by noticing and then identifying with the travails of another. It is the identifying part that gets us resonating to the unwanted condition, thereby activating it within us.

Identification comes from the inner knowledge that all physically incarnated beings are aspects of a grander, universal consciousness. Love is a recognition of the divine within all things. Consciousness itself is that feeling of love, and all positive emotion is an innate recognition that there is really no separation between any of us; a recognition that we are truly One. So it is a natural thing to identify with our fellow human beings. It is a divine impulse to recognize the connection between us, in other words. We only get into trouble when we identify with the unwanted stuff. It is simply a failure to differentiate!

It is important for a person to intelligently utilize both of the powerful abilities of consciousness, identification and differentiation.

First differentiate, from amongst the tremendous contrast, those things which are wanted and those which are unwanted. That is the first step. Just as in the creation of a life, so to in the creation of a relationship, or a business project, or even the decision to turn right or left: one must decide what it is that one wants and doesn't want. Without first applying the all-important principle of differentiation, we include within our vibration ALL things that are observed. Then of course, we get the bad stuff along with the good stuff. Then we say, "You have to take the bad with the good." But you don't!

Now comes the equally important step of identification. Once we have differentiated the good from the bad, it is vitally important to identify with what is wanted.

If you identify before you have differentiated, you include the bad with the good. As humans we are taught just the opposite. We are taught to protect ourselves from the bad. We are taught to get rid of the bad. "Oh, wouldn't it be a wonderful thing if we could eliminate war, and poverty, and injustice!" These are noble sentiments, but attempting to eliminate them will only make them bigger. Anything you give your attention to, you feed energy to, you resonate to, and so it becomes your predominant vibration. Then you wonder why your life has gone south.

It is necessary, in other words, to apply the two most powerful abilities of consciousness in a way which makes life joyful.

Being like a child is a wonderful way to do this. You don't need thousands of hours of therapy, gurus, or seminars to accomplish it. All you have to do is practice. All of us remember what it is like to feel childlike. Reaching for the feeling of the child will carry you to new heights of joy, and your life will become much simpler.

How do you do this?

Just recall a good memory from childhood. Remember what it felt like to wake up on a Saturday morning, full of excitement for life. Reach for the feeling within the memory, and in that act of reaching, you will come closer and closer to it, until you eventually get there.

It's only your adult concepts of, "Oh that is SO naive," that trips you up.

I do this all the time, at work, while writing, anytime. It's habit forming, in a good way. (We usually associate a habit with something unwanted. But it's possible to form good habits too).

Your establishment of a vibrational platform of attraction is the single most important thing you can do in life, for it will inevitably lead to the manifestations you desire so much. Are they going to happen all at once? That is unlikely. But you'll notice a gradual improvement in the circumstances of your life, and, most important, you'll feel so much better!

Human beings are very complicated creatures. We come up with endless processes, mantras, affirmations, 100 step programs, etc., all in the simple impulse to reach for a good feeling. You can save yourself a lot of time and effort by simply ignoring all of that process and, whenever it occurs to you, thinking of something that makes you feel good. A pleasant walk, a great vacation, a nice talk with your friend, a lovers evening together, remembrance of childhood, etc., all of these things are so valuable.

They are far more powerful than all of the hard work you are going through to get to your goal, because you are establishing an unsullied vibration that is aligned with the things you want. When you're working hard you are, by definition, putting in a lot of effort. But you're putting in all that effort because you see so many obstacles to your goal! In order to eliminate the obstacles in the physical universe, you first have to eliminate them within your own vibration. For it is your vibrational signal which has already brought to you the people and situations that are making your life difficult.

I have found that reaching for the feeling of a child is one of the most powerful (and simple) self-help process I have ever done. Instantly, cares and worries vanish and my life seems clear to the things I want. What I've tried to do in this essay is convince you that it's not delusional to do so, and that, in fact, feeling like a child connects you powerfully to some inner kernel of wellbeing. Like anything else, it just requires a little practice.

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