The Law of Attraction and Relationships

Condensed from Ken's book, "The Vibrational Universe"

Lets look at an example of how the Law of Attraction applies to relationships. Lets say Barb is having trouble with Bob, her boyfriend. Bob does annoying things like not call her when he says he will, and when they go out to eat, he chews very loudly. He isn't very handy either. When Barb had a major toilet malfunction from the upstairs bathroom, the drywall collapsed in the dining room below. They had to call in a repairman and it cost a small fortune to fix it.

Because Barb is really into self improvement and considers herself to be spiritual, she goes to the local astrologer and gets a reading about her boyfriend, and their relationship. The astrologer looks on her charts and sees that her signs for the next 3 months show a lot of trouble with persons of the opposite sex, and advises Barb to be on her guard for some temperamental male behavior. Now all Barb's thoughts and feelings are aligned toward conflict with Bob, and so she begins to interact with Bob in this way. Sure enough, within a few weeks they get in several big fights and break up two months later.

Bob actually has several wonderful characteristics which attracted Barb to him, but she has only been noticing the 2 or 3 things about Bob that irritate her, and so naturally, draws these forth from Bob when he interacts with her. Do we say the astrologer was correct in her predictions about Bob and Barb? Or do we say that Barb created the whole thing? Its up to you I guess, but I prefer explanations which place a conscious being at cause over his or her life.

I reject explanations that postulate evil forces, because these forces don't exist in an attraction based, free will universe where everything is connected within a positive field of energy!

Life is a self fulfilling prophecy. Like our example of Barb and Bob, it was Barb's agreement with the astrologer which placed her vibe in such a way as to promote conflict with Bob. It wasn't the position of the planets, or anything else outside of Barb. Barb has free will (as do we all) to choose her own experiences. It just happened that she decided to go into agreement with the astrologer, and therefore created more conflict in her relationship. The sad thing is that Barb may decide from this experience that she is no good in relationships, and so further compound her difficulty in dealing with the opposite sex.

Lets look at another example. Take Ralph, a guy who loves fast cars. Ralph has saved up enough for a down payment on a new sports car. He is really juiced to show off his beautiful car. He gets to the dealer breathless with anticipation and when he sees that beautiful machine he thinks: 'man that thing looks so great. I hope nothing ever happens to it.' He begins to get anxious about scratches and dents, and idiots running into him. Anyone who has ever bought a new car knows how Ralph is feeling right now! Anyway, Ralph gets all his paperwork done and is anxious to get out of there and get his car safely in his own garage. He is driving down the street when Jim, a hothead who just quit his job and got his last paycheck, is headed off to the bar. Jim is really feeling his oats and comes out of the parking lot hell-bent-for-leather. He doesn't even see Ralph as he jerks his rig out into oncoming traffic and turns right in front of Ralph, putting a big dent in Ralph's brand new machine.

Did Ralph just have bad luck? Was there some diabolical force that directed Jim to mess up Ralph's new car? If we accept these explanations, we have to assume a universe where either things just randomly happen, or where there is a source of blackness that, like a boogeyman, decides to mess us up. Neither of these explanations make any sense. Ralph was a perfect match to Jim, and so they came together, exactly according to the thoughts, beliefs and feelings uppermost in each of them. Ralph was worried about his rig getting dented, and Jim was in just the right mood to want to run into somebody. BAM! a perfectly orchestrated coincidental event, with Ralph and Jim as both actors and directors.

What appears to be a big boogeyman is just the guy behind the curtain with a bunch of levers and buttons. That guy is you.

Have fun orchestrating your life!

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