The Path to Personal Power and The Law of Attraction Marketing Crowd

You'll excuse me, dear readers, as I indulge in a little rant. This article is actually about personal power, but it began as a rant about certain marketers, and marketing practices. I've included the entire article so you can see the evolution of my thoughts.

Marketing is changing. The old methods of simply hiring a copywriter to stir people up is no longer working as well as it used to. That's because people are getting sick and tired of hype, guile, and duplicity. More and more prople are demanding openness, transparency, and honesty.


I have had it with the Law of Attraction marketing crowd.  Fellows, I am very glad that you have a Porsche or two in your garage, that you live in your pajamas, and that when you get up in the morning, you turn on your computer and watch all that money coming in.

But if that’s the case, why are you inundating me with emails and offers and courses and seminars? If you are already so rich, then why do you want the keys to my bank account?

Apparently, there are so many “experts” out there applying the Law of Attraction, that the rest of us look like dummies in comparison. Reading the emails that pour into my in-basket every day (actually, I’ve evolved to just deleting them), I feel like I’m some poor dumb schmuck who just doesn’t get it! Have you ever felt like that?

Over the past several months, my contracting business went down the tubes, and I am looking for another job. So when the bills come due every month and I have to dip into my savings, I DO feel poor, even though I have enough money to buy a couple of Porsche's if I wanted to. But I have no interest in Porshe’s. If somebody gave me one, I’d drive it around for a few days and probably sell it. I’ve never understood why people get so excited about expensive cars; apparently, it’s some sort of status symbol to tell the world that you’ve “made it,” whatever that means.

I’ve always felt that there is something seriously wrong with me because I feel no need whatsoever to toot my own horn and tell everybody what a great guy I am. That makes me a crummy marketer, I know that.

I am interested in the Law of Attraction and other universal or natural principles not because I want to make money, but because I want to know how and why the universe works. I like to tell people how I’ve used these principles in my life, and how they relate to the broader subject of consciousness and it’s relationship to the material world. I’ve thought about these subjects for most of my life and I want to inspire people to see their greater potential, by reminding them of their inherent spiritual nature.

However, there are lots of people – marketers mostly -- who are interested in the Law of Attraction merely as a money-making tool. (That’s like using a Ferrari to crack a walnut.) Many of these people have made quite a lot of money, not by selling a product, but by playing on the excitement surrounding LOA, and attempting to convince you that they can make you rich. I have concluded that a very successful formula for making money goes like this: convince others that you can make them rich, and sell them some product or service – regardless of whether the product works or not. Some of the products I’ve seen from these guys, like “Mastering Success Secrets” or “Income Treasure Chest – Discovering Your Secret Fortune,” or “Limiting Beliefs Buster,” are nothing more than a combination of marketing “keywords” designed to stir up your emotions.

Who are the people writing these things anyway? The Limiting Beliefs course was written by someone who looks under 30  – does this person really think that they has a foolproof method for eliminating your limiting beliefs? That displays a level of ignorance of the human psyche that is simply astonishing. But it might be a good money-maker, and apparently, that’s the major consideration.

I’ve personally spent hundreds of hours in counseling with trained pros, and I’ve researched the human psyche, and that has made me very humble indeed about making unwarranted claims on a subject that has eluded the understanding of the most brilliant minds on our planet over the past 7 millennia.

It’s one thing to create a product like “Double Your Blog Traffic,” because somebody might actually have a good method for doing that. But so many people resonate to the truth of LOA, and  clever marketers are using that resonance to peddle a lot of junk.

I’m not going to mention names because my study of universal laws tells me that all thoughts and actions are supported. (If you don’t believe me, take a look around planet earth. You’ll find scumbags and saints thinking and acting with perfect freedom and without constraint.) Fortunately, Life (and the Law of Attraction) has a habit of disciplining those who fail to demonstrate personal integrity.

Even if you ARE rich, there is no way you can tell anyone else how to duplicate your success. To find out why, read the sales page on my course, “The Keys to Deliberate Creation.”  Once you have done that, read on (no, you don’t have to buy the course, I just don’t want to say stuff I’ve already said much better elsewhere).

Do you know what the Law of Attraction (and other universal principles) is really all about?


That’s right, happiness.

If you are the sort of bloke who cannot be happy unless you have two Porsche’s in your garage, then you’d better get to work writing some more convincing emails, and designing some more courses. A lot of us, however, don’t find happiness by grubbing around for more and more THINGS.

The Law of Attraction is being twisted, just like the old “snake oil salesman.” It is being twisted by marketers who have no clue who they really are, and are trying to convince you that “success” is narrowly defined by the accumulation of stuff. These guys are following the old paradigm that success is just MONEY. And it isn’t, not by a long shot.

Do you know how a marketer can become an “expert” in the Law of Attraction (or anything)? He gets together with a bunch of his marketing buddies, and they all push each others’ products. They all write testimonials for each other, or find their friends to do so.

I’m not saying that all marketers are like this. But I can tell you this: I get 30 or 40 emails every day from these fellows, and it seems to me that they are coming out the woodwork.

The first, and most important thing that happens when you begin to apply the Law of Attraction is that you clarify what you want, and tap into a desire. And that makes you feel HAPPY. And if you are smart enough to keep going with this desire, and not get sidetracked by the mundane belief that if you aren’t rich yet you aren’t successful, you will stay happy. And then you will create some wonderful things, and attract good things into your life.

Applying the Law of Attraction in the presence of the Law of Attraction Marketing crowd is a little bit like going to a party and finding a roomful of opinionated loudmouths. Your reasoned and nuanced points of view get lost in the babbling, shouting, boasting, and drinking. You think, “there must be something wrong with me! All of these people seem so DRIVEN. Wow, they must really have something going for them.” Yes, but where are these people driving to? That’s the question you have to ask yourself, because their goals may not have anything to do with your goals.

The Secret to Life is that we are all here to discover our own personal path to personal power.

That’s the path that will lead to happiness. Will it lead to riches?
My answer to that is, WHO THE HELL CARES!!  (I’m shouting now)

Your path to personal power is different from anyone else’s.

I can tell you that for sure, because we are all unique. We all have a unique universal ID that the universe responds to. The key to life is to understand that you might get inspired by someone else, you may even resonate to their methods, but you cannot do things just like somebody else and expect to be successful. You MUST find your own personal resonance to happiness and success, whatever that is.

That’s the beauty of life, people!  In order to be happy you have to be inspired. And inspiration comes from your personal connection to source. Guru’s, authority figures, Oprah, the latest rock star, Barak Obama, Donald Trump, Eckhart Tolle, or the latest Law of Attraction Marketer can tell you how they did it, and even inspire you. But until you understand that trying to duplicate another’s success will lead to failure, you are going to feel stuck.

The Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction reward those who are intensely focused and passionate on one thing, even if those people are not admirable. Like Bill Gates, for instance, IMHO. Every time I try to write web code for IE 6 and IE 7, I want to bop that guy on the head with a rubber chicken. But one thing about ol’ Billy – he’s focused very strongly and clearly on computer software, and the universe rewarded him for it.

Here’s the funny (and wonderful) thing about a clear focus: if you want something, you already have a desire for that thing. And desire, my friends, is the fuel that makes the engine go. It’s the “energy” in the energy drink.

The clearer your focus, the stronger is your desire. And “desire” is nothing more than connection to your own creative energy. That is the most powerful, vibrant, inspirational energy in the universe. It is, essentially, a personal connection to your higher self, and to the forces that created the universe and keep  it in balance. The key to success, in other words, is finding what lights you up, and then doing it. And the clearer you are about what it is you want, the better you will feel. Will you be successful? I don’t know! Success has a lot of other things connected to it – like your definition of what success IS. In the United States, popular culture tells us that success is Porsches and big houses and a fat bank account. But this is a crass and mundane inversion of something profound and wonderful, something that is intimately connected to the very essence of who you are. Such a crude definition of success will likely activate all of your self-limiting beliefs about failure, and money, and a lot more besides. But I can guarantee you one thing: when you find your personal desire, you will feel fantastic. And there’s nothing better than that. It’s the foundation for a truly successful life, even if you don’t get to be a billionaire like Bill Gates. Or even a big-time self-promoting marketer.

Have you ever read a real exciting email that tells you that you can get rich in a very short time, and that this person, Mr. X, has discovered just how to do it? This email or sales page will probably be accompanied by a interesting story, or a snapshot of their Pay Pal account, showing money flowing in. What it took me 3 years to understand is that if these people were really rich, why are they still grubbing for my money? Why do I receive 3 and 4 emails every day from these guys?

Then I began to study copywriting. Copywriting is the science of persuading people to buy something, to engage a person emotionally so they’ll try your product. When you read one of these clever marketing emails or sales pages, written by a good copywriter, it can make you feel like the person selling you is a multimillionaire who has not a care in the world, with money just rolling in. And you feel like you want in, too. What I realized is that these guys are making tens of thousands on each marketing campaign, but they are also spending tens of thousands. That’s why they have to keep stuffing your inbox every day. Maybe it’s a lot of fun for them, and that’s the best motivation for anything, as long as you, dear reader, understand that their road to success doesn’t have to be your road.

Success is what you define it to be.

One of these marketers brazenly admitted that his copy was fiction. He told you to copy his Clickbank picture, put it up on your site, and claim to have made that money, even if you didn’t.  And even if he didn’t. That guy shall remain nameless, but I know it’s true, because I bought his product. And then I erased it from my hard drive, because it was totally lacking in integrity.

So the message is, don’t envy these so-called rich guys. Don’t envy the movie stars or the rich models or the guy down the street with the million-dollar business. Because every one of these people have problems in other areas of life. Envy just puts you in a lower vibe of looking up to someone, hoping you can be like them. You don’t want to be like anyone else. You want to be YOU!

You want to acknowledge that you have a unique viewpoint to offer to the world, and that other people want to hear about it.  If you read that last sentence and you thought it was wrong, or felt a back-off, or felt uncomfortable, then you have not yet placed your feet on your personal path to power. Because happy (and successful) people know this unquestioningly. To be happy, you must express yourself. Remember that great quote from MaryAnn Williamson? About how most people aren’t afraid of the darkness, but their own Light?  Well, the way you shine that Light is to tell people about who and what you are. That’s a “formula” for happiness that you can count on, my friends.

In order to be happy you have to be self-expressed. And self-expression is just that: telling people, in whatever medium that is most appropriate for you, all about yourself. Notice that I said “ALL about yourself.’ The happiest people are those who are the most fully self-expressed. Even if you are ill – and I was ill for the past three years with mercury poisoning in my body and brain – self-expression provides relief, because it gives you a creative outlet.  It connects you with you, and with the universe.

Happiness is more important than success. Happiness IS success! Success, however you define it, is just the icing on the cake.  Don’t let the Law of Attraction marketer (or anyone else) define what success is for you. You get to define what success is for you. You can accumulate all the junk you want but if you are not happy, then your life is a waste. If you don’t understand that yet, you will eventually.

Finding your own personal desire will make you happy, and fill you with a vibrancy, a brilliance, and a sense of purpose. This will lead to self-confidence as you begin to express yourself more and more, and on deeper and deeper levels.

So become your own Law of Attraction marketer! Offer yourself a vision for happiness and success, and take yourself up on it. You can’t possibly fool anybody doing it this way, and those who say you are just fooling yourself are either jaded cynics, failures, or scumbags who don’t want you to be happy.

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