Innocence and Powerlessness

(Inspired by “Whoops! We Got it Backwards” by William Fechter, PhD)

Innocence, in our society, has a depreciatory connotation. An innocent is, according to conventional wisdom, harmless, naïve, and a sitting duck for criminals and con artists.

What is innocence? It is a feeling of well being and trust that all will be well. An innocent person is often thought to be lacking knowledge, and therefore vulnerable. As children we are taught very quickly to abandon the innocent trust in ourselves and others, and to “wake up and smell the coffee,” or to “give up your fantasies and pay attention to reality.” Innocence, however, has nothing to do with data or knowledge, as we shall see.

One of the (many) inverted beliefs that exist on our planet is that an innocent can be taken advantage of. This idea is often beaten into the heads of children by parents concerned for the child’s welfare. We are taught, for example, never to trust strangers and to be suspicious of anyone who offers us something for nothing. There are many variations on this theme, all of which can lead the child, in his innocence, to believe he or she is powerless. Like many memes floating around in the mass consciousness, however, this idea is an inversion of a more fundamental truth.

ANY belief will establish a vibrational orientation, and begin to channel experiences congruent to it. Therefore, children (or anyone) who are encouraged to be on the lookout for danger automatically begin to resonate to the very thing that is feared. “Protection from (fill in the blank)” is therefore wrong–headed.

Innocence is a feeling of well–being and trust that all is well. Such a feeling can NEVER lead to harm. Only when that feeling is corrupted by the fear of danger can it lead to harmful experiences.

Children are dependent on parents to provide the necessities of life. This has been twisted to mean that a child is weak and vulnerable. Nothing is further from the truth. A positive emotion or feeling will always lead to a positive experience. This statement is firmly supported by the law of vibration and the law of attraction. A child has a small body, not a small spirit! A soul’s power cannot be measured by the dimensions of its physical container, because a soul is inherently non–physical in nature. However, a child can be convinced that he or she is powerless because of his or her innocence. When the child assumes this belief, however, he or she automatically begins to attract situations and people that place him or her in the role of a victim. The playground bully that ignored the child, for example, may now begin to torment him.

The idea that innocence leads to victimhood is the most insidious belief an adult can give to a child. It automatically sets the child up for vulnerability. The child then makes the following computation: innocence = weakness. The child then learns to distrust his own guidance system and look to others for that guidance. In such a society, it is easy to establish hierarchical and dictatorial political and economic systems. The United States is going down that road today (2005).

Dependence does not mean weakness! Dependence just means you need assistance. The desire to help someone is one of the most divine impulses a being can have, and common to all life. It is based on the feeling of love for ourselves and our fellow human beings. The ability to accept help and assistance is an assumption of power, not an admission of weakness or vulnerability. It is acknowledgement of the humanity, the divinity, in each one of us! Physical dependence, then, is not the senior factor placing children in harm’s way. A child’s natural vibrational orientation of well–being is his or her greatest asset. Only when adults corrupt children with their own anxieties, fears, and prejudices can children begin to doubt themselves.

We know from the law of vibration and the law of attraction that a belief in X sets up a vibration which then attracts X to us. A belief is simply a set of choices about something. Those choices are always self assumed. No one can force a belief on someone else, because no one else can choose for you. All conscious beings are sovereign in their own experience. The nature of physical incarnation sets up a feeling of separateness, but it also guarantees individual power of choice. That power of choice is the greatest gift we have, for it guarantees that we are our own power source. It guarantees us complete control over the vibrational signal we send out to the universe, and the kind of people and situations we experience. In other words, our separateness only enhances our power! Each of us is a self–contained, vibrational powerhouse. This powerhouse is driven by an engine, which is the set of all of our choices and preferences. In other words, our beliefs determine precisely the content of our experiences.

A child comes into the world understanding this. The body of the child is weak and dependent, but not the soul! That soul understands its power, understands that it is, essentially a self contained cocoon of powerful life force energy. The physical experience is designed around the idea that the power of thought is absolute. Consciousness knows that it is cause–point, always. Consciousness designed the universe in order to experience in it. Those experiences, however, are always under your control! There is never a time when you do not have the power of choice, therefore, there is a never a time when you are powerless, never a time when the universe is not responding to your choices and preferences.

The above arguments seem nonsensical to those poor souls who believe that consciousness comes forth from physical matter. For these, a child is just a helpless blob of mud. In this inverted conception, children are idiots who must be controlled and directed into “proper” ways of behavior. Well, just look at the history of this planet for the past 5,000 years. It is one of scarcity, powerlessness for the masses, hatred and fear. That’s what happens when we don’t learn from our children. Every child born is an ambassador from Native State (the spiritual realm) here to remind us of who we really are. But we do not listen. We continue to promote the same nutty ideas, generation after generation. Maybe one day we’ll wake up!

Innocence = naivete = vulnerability = victimhood. That’s the computation that strips away your power and causes so many to believe in their own weakness. Let’s restate this correctly:

Innocence = a pure vibration of love and trust, and complete knowledge of well being. Innocence = power, and a pure connection to source energy. An innocent person can only go astray when he or she comes off the belief in himself or herself, when he or she begins to believe that the feeling of well–being is only temporary (“you have to take the bad with the good”, etc.).

A denial of innocence is a denial of consciousness itself, a denial of your true nature. Look into the eyes of a baby and see the purity and power of the soul. As adults, many of us wish we could feel as we did when we were children. Why is that? Because the innocence of the child is the connection to the power or source, the energy of consciousness, the creative principle that designed and maintains the universe!

Only through conscious decision making can a person use the power of his or her own being to aid in his or her destruction. Evil has no power. A proper definition of evil might be: getting someone to believe in the idea of his or her disempowerment. You cannot be disempowered by another. That is simply an impossibility, for your own choices always determine your experiences. You can only disempower yourself through a belief that you can! In the immortal words of Mike Ditka, former coach of the Superbowl champion Chicago Bears: “If you don’t think you can win the Superbowl, you can’t win it.”

We have been taught, on planet earth, that innocence = vulnerability when in fact innocence is the ideal condition for existence. Innocence implies a complete trust in self and others. This complete trust will always lead to a positive outcome, as long as you believe it will. Innocence is a complete understanding of self. We are taught that innocence is harmful because innocence also means a lack of knowledge. Innocence is therefore associated with ignorance. Ignorance is associated with stupidity and harmful outcomes. But knowledge is very different from wisdom. Wisdom is an inherent understanding of the spiritual and eternal nature of your being. It is the ultimate source of power. Knowledge is data. Data is obtained from observation; usually, observation of the activities of others. A head stuffed full of data does not guarantee successful outcomes. Looking to what others have done does not breed character and personal integrity.

All data (things) comes forth from the decisions of conscious beings. Your house, the chair you are sitting in, all of these things were fashioned through the choices of conscious beings. Anything that can be perceived is truth. Something that exists is true! It is true because it exists. Therefore, truth = that which exists. Truth can be self created (when you make something yourself) or created by another. To an individual conscious personality, 99% of the ‘truth’ is observation of the creation of others. This leads to the false idea that individual beings are powerless. We are simply not taught that we have the power to create our world in any way we see fit. We have taken the creative power of choice and turned it on its head. We have taken the creative energy of source, the energy that created and sustains the universe, and called it a source of weakness and vulnerability! We have called black white, and good a source of evil. Such is the power of choice. As the brilliant lecturer Esther Hicks says, we are all so powerful that we can choose slavery. And on earth, that is precisely what many of us have chosen.

Most of us are taught, almost since our first breath, that we are vulnerable and weak and dependent and that that is a very bad thing. We are taught that struggle is inevitable, that toughness and the ability to fight our way through is not only admirable, but also ‘just the way it is.’ This insidious inversion of the truth is guaranteed to create self–limiting beliefs that confirm our own vulnerability!

Of course a child is dependent. Of course knowledge is necessary to create and build in the physical universe. But the platform for accomplishing a successful life must rest on the foundation of belief in self. The creative process itself begins with innocence (and therefore ignorance), because the created thing only exists within the mind. To then say that innocence is a bad thing is to stop the creative process before it can even get started.

A human being is born utterly helpless, and weak. This is by design! The human experience is almost guaranteed to get us believing in our own vulnerability. The joy of the human experience is discovering the power source within you, despite all reasons not to. The contrast and variety of our world invites us to look inward and discover the joy and love of self. When one makes that connection to self, one not only discovers one’s true nature, but one’s connection to others, and the oneness of all life. And when you discover that, you can do anything.

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