Giving And Receiving

In order to give, one must first receive. If you are not yourself feeling joy and love, what you are giving to another may not be of much value. In other words, it's important to feel good yourself before you try to help another! This is a little fact which I have often overlooked, and which has caused me some painful set-downs. I have noticed that when I'm purely resonating to well-being, others come to me voluntarily and are really interested in what I have to say. When I set a vibrational example to others, there is an instinctive, and positive, response. But when I’m helping because I feel that it’s required, or when I’m not really into it, or when I’m trying to “fix” someone, I’m not really very effective. I wind up bringing others down to my level.

Receiving before giving (as I’m defining it) doesn’t mean refusing to love another until they love you first, or declining to give Uncle Harold a birthday present this year because he forgot yours last year. It doesn’t mean grabbing as much of the pie as you can before anyone else. All of these actions are based on a consciousness of scarcity and lack, and are guaranteed to bring more scarcity into your life.

The receiving I’m talking about is vibrational. Just as a battery cannot provide power without first being charged, a person cannot give effectively unless he or she is feeling positive emotion. Consciousness interfaces with life force energy, batteries interface with electromagnetic energy!

The feeling of giving is just a connection to or allowance of life force energy. It results when you feel prosperous and abundant yourself. When you feel fulfilled, you just naturally want to share with others.

Receiving has less to do with physical objects than it does with a state of being. The difficulty is that we’ve been taught how difficult it is to feel good, and how easy it is to feel rotten, but it’s just the opposite! Feeling good is the default – all you have to do is open up to the universal ocean of life force energy that surrounds you.

Physical objects are often used as substitutes for that connection to source. The giving and receiving of presents makes it easy to feel good, for when looking at something pleasing, it is easier to remember the inherently joyful person that’s hiding inside.

However, like the guy who says one thing and does another, material objects may not be an accurate representation of our true feelings. For example, Aunt Hilda gives you a card on your anniversary, now you feel obligated to reciprocate. You don’t really want to, but you do because it’s polite. To you, sending a card represents an obligation because Hilda is not one of your favorite relatives. Interestingly, when viewing things from the perspective of our vibrational model, the card itself will have little effect on your relationship with Hilda. The non-local characteristics of vibrational interaction suggest that Hilda is not likely to view your gift with enthusiasm if you have sent it with the vibration of “I’m only doing this because I have to.” In other words, the physical object is less important than your vibrational orientation.

This may seem like a strange and even delusional statement, but if you carefully examine your own relationships from the viewpoint of consciousness and energy flows, it may begin to make sense.

The kind of receiving I’m talking about is not physical, it’s energetic. Of course the physical object is very important, simply because it’s tangible. But physical objects do not determine the way we feel about ourselves or about others. When Beauregard Clifton Densmore IVth receives a new car for his 16th birthday, he is very upset. “But mumsy,” he complains, “I specifically requested the blue Bentley, not the grey one!” I remember one of my old chums in grade school got a new bike. He thought it was awesome, but his parents were upset because the bike was a gift from his uncle, with whom they’d had an argument. Same object, two entirely different reactions!

Receiving must come before giving just means that it is helpful to first feel the love before you outflow. And if you arent feeling very loving, then your giving is probably not going to provide a lot of comfort on the other end.

In order to give effectively you must communicate effectively, and in order to do that you have to be real to the other person; in other words, you have to be in vibrationally proximity. If you want to help someone in grief you can’t walk in whistling a happy tune. However, it is possible, and necessary, to stay as high as possible on the scale of emotion/vibration while accessing the lower emotional levels. In fact, that is the only way to raise tone, for without establishing a vibrational potential there can be no movement up the scale. In other words, it is up to you to be the positive pole in the relationship.

It turns out that ALL help is vibrational/emotional help. For example, you join a group which passes out food to the needy. This is a very helpful activity, but without a vibrational movement on the part of the recipients up the scale, conditions for them will not change. You will constantly be catching fish, instead of teaching how to fish. This again is a simple application of the Law of Vibration and the Law of ‘like attracts like.’ Help in the form of physical assistance only postpones the inevitable vibrational reckoning.

Before giving, you have to fill your tank first. When you receive, however, you do not deprive another.

It’s always possible to fill up at the gas station of positive emotion without harming anyone else. You don’t have to come cash in hand and exchange for your share. It’s not possible to run out of life force energy, so gorge yourself. The better you feel, the more valuable is your service to others.

It is always appropriate to feel good, no matter the circumstances. Some feel that it is inappropriate to feel happiness when others are sad. Some counselors feel that in order to be there for the client, they must feel the client’s pain, but this only serves to stick both client and practitioner in the client’s vibration.

Feeling good while another feels horrible almost seems insulting, like the white-gloved aristocrat who refuses to get his hands dirty while others do all the work. However, that feeling of inappropriateness is just the result of non-matching frequencies. It certainly is true that in a roomful of sad people there is “pressure” to feel sad as well, but that is only because the amplitude of that signal is very powerful indeed. In other words, there is nothing inevitable about feeling crummy even though everyone around you feels that way. Every person is sovereign in his or her own experience, so it possible (and desirable) to keep your balance when others have lost theirs. Once you show yourself you can do it, and notice the positive results which appertain, you’ll never feel guilty about maintaining your positive vibe even when confronting tragedy.

The subtle energy which I’ve been calling life force energy may have its physical counterpart in theoretical physics. Some frontier scientists believe that space is not empty at all, but a seething cauldron, or flux, of virtual particles, and have called it the ‘active vacuum’ or ‘quantum particle flux.’ Some scientists have estimated that there is theoretically enough energy in a cubic centimeter of the vacuum to run all of the industries on earth for many years. In this theoretical model, the planet earth is surrounded by energy which may eventually be tapped and utilized. In this model, we live in an open system, not a closed one.

A good example of a closed system is a typical electrical circuit. Electrical generation is accomplished by constantly feeding the generator with more energy as the source dipole is destroyed by the back emf of the spent electrons in the closed circuit. A closed system like this always requires more energy input than is output. A battery, even if it is rechargeable, will eventually drain and be come useless.

An example of an open system is a windmill or a waterwheel which can take huge amounts of 'free' energy from the environment. “Free” energy doesn’t mean violation of the law of conservation of energy. It just means you tap into the energy which exists in the active environment, so you get more energy out than you put in. A water wheel, for example, uses the flow of a river to turn a paddle and generate electricity. A windmill uses the power of the wind. You have to put an initial energy investment of course to build the paddle wheel or windmill, but once you’ve done that you have a continuous source of power.

Whether or not it is possible to extract energy in usable form from the vacuum, all beings have the ability to tap into the subtle energy stream of life force and become an amplifier of it, because consciousness interfaces directly with it. This energy stream has also been called prana, or chi, and has been understood by almost every culture that has ever existed on planet earth. Access to this energy is free and effortless, and it doesn’t require complicated machinery or government funding!

Your supply of happiness, joy, or well being depends only on how much of it you ask for and how much you allow in. Happiness, joy, well being, or any positive emotion is not a depletable resource. It’s free energy that can be tapped into at any time.

How do you tap in? By opening up and asking for it. Everything in the universe is composed of this energy. The human energy field is a field of well being, and everybody has one. Meditation, for example, is just a process of stopping the flow of “junk thought” and becoming receptive to your personal subtle energy field. It’s not any more complicated than that! Receiving your full complement of life force energy is as simple as thinking and doing things that make you feel good. There are a BILLION reasons not to, so just ignore them. (You don’t get into trouble when you ignore the bad stuff, because it becomes deactivated vibrationally within you).

On planet earth there are lots of “Now I’m supposed to’s” and “Now I have to’s” that others have decided are good for you. But you are not a cog in society’s wheel! You are a sovereign, independent being capable of deciding for yourself what’s best for you.

A vibration of well–being and abundance can only attract manifestations that mirror it. Therefore, a focus on well being MUST bring forth a positive response from the universe, a response which benefits you, and everyone else as well. This is true for an individual, or a whole planet full of people. In other words, no harm can possibly come to another if you receive something from a positive vibration of well–being. If your brother has been in perfect health all of his life, do you accuse him of depriving someone else of health? It sounds ridiculous, but that is the sort of mind-set that exists on our planet! If Stephen Hawking is a genius, do we tell him not to hog all of the intelligence? These examples are exaggerations, but they serve to illustrate the idea that although mankind is very good at dreaming up more and more ways to amplify scarcity, the universe contains an infinity of abundance. As with health and clarity, so too with prosperity, no matter what form it takes.

If everyone on earth asked for and received abundance, all of our resources would quickly be exhausted, and pollution would destroy our planet. Thats if the status quo (fossil fuels) continues. However, the reason we have scarce fossil fuels is a consciousness that mirrors scarcity into the physical universe. When that consciousness shifts to one of prosperity, cleaner and more efficient sources of energy will be developed in response. It is silly to use the status quo to argue for the impossibility of a shift in consciousness, when it is a state of consciousness that is responsible for the status quo!

Is it really “better to give than to receive?”

Giving without first receiving drains a person’s reserves and causes stress. And it's no wonder that it does, for the idea that it is better to give than to receive is unbalanced. Receiving automatically opens the energy stream not only for you, but for everyone else. Have you ever been in the presence of someone truly joyful? It just feels so good! That is what happens when a person connects to the energy of life.

The primary attitude should be to allow one's self to freely receive, which then allows giving from a sense of joy and love. Receiving must come before giving. Even in a closed system, a battery cannot supply energy unless it is charged.

It's OK to receive, and in fact, it is vitally necessary if one is to be an effective giver.

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