Dreams and Manifestation

I have been very aware of my dreams the last few years. Like many people, I keep having certain dreams over and over. I have always wondered about this. I figured it was my inner being, higher self, God, whatever, trying to tell me something, but I could never figure out what it was until last night. The dream goes something like this:

I am struggling against a superior opponent. Usually this is a physical contest. I am under the physical control and power of someone who just seems to know my every thought, and who knows that I am no match for him. In my dream last night my opponent had hold of my wrists and was forcing me to do his bidding. No matter how hard I tried, I could not get away, for he was just too strong. Then came the inevitable humiliating orders and subjugation to the will of this person.

After I awoke from this dream, as is my habit, I began to think about the dream. I concentrated on two things: the overall feeling I experienced during the dream, and the actual content of it.

The feeling was one of helplessness. I desperately wanted to smash this fellow, but I knew deep down that it was impossible. The content was the same old I-have-to-do-what-someone-else-says scenario. This dream has always been a mystery to me because I have arranged my life so that I am my own boss. I have been self-employed for many years and answer to no one. So why does this dream constantly recur, a dream where I am completely under the influence of another?

It is my habit when I awake from a dream I am not happy about, to attempt to re-dream it. I think about how I would really have wanted to act, and how I really would have liked the outcome to be.

My overwhelming impulse was to re-dream it by kicking the crap out of this guy. When I redreamed it this way, I wound up feeling crappy. Either I was still unable to overcome my opponent, no matter how strong I got, or, I turned into the same sort of person he was a bully who delighted in inflicting pain. Now sometimes that's not a bad feeling. Sometimes you can get a feeling of real power by overcoming an opponent. There are many warriors and sports-minded people who get great satisfaction from this, but for me, there was something missing. I felt better about winning than losing, but it still didn't feel right.

So I decided to do an about-face. Instead of beating up my opponent, I decided to dream being somewhere that I really liked. When I did this, I found myself in a beautiful valley with woods, a stream, and grass all around. I felt wonderful! But then I realized something: all I did was run away from my problem. I never really handled it. I felt like a coward. Now I was in a real dilemma. I asked myself, Is it better to run away from something or to face it head on? I was always taught that you can't run away from your problems, that they will eventually catch up to you. Then, all of a sudden, I received this communication. I don't know where it came from, but it felt like I received full clarity about the whole thing.

Do you know how in dreams you can be somewhere, then think a thought and be in a totally different environment? Sometimes the two scenes have no relation to each other. You're just immediately somewhere else and you have no idea how you got there. The first part of the communication was this:

Thinking thoughts and receiving instant manifestations of those thoughts is the way the universe works when you are not incarnated in a body. In the physical universe, there is always a time-lag between what you think, and when you get it. That's a good thing, because if every human being were to enjoy instant manifestation of thought, most of us would never live past the age of 5 or 6! We're just too negative. Think of parents worrying about their children. If every one of the thoughts of those concerned parents manifested instantly, we would all be in trouble.

The second part of this communication was: Even if you successfully handle a problem, you are still stuck in the vibrational range of that problem, so it is likely to occur again! For instance, I was told that the reason I didn't feel really good about kicking the crap out of my tormentor, is because my attention to him placed me in his vibrational range of thought and feeling. So even though I won and it felt good to win, that good feeling wasn't going to last.

Mixed in with this communication was another idea: "running away" simply means vibrating in a new place. By thinking new thoughts and finding a different feeling place, my vibration and my opponent's vibration were completely dissimilar. Therefore, by the laws of the universe, we could not be in the same place. That's how I wound up in that valley.

You couldn't find two places more different! When this hit me I really got it. Whether you are avoiding your problem or you are completely handling your problem, you are still in the same place as the problem! Your attention to the problem keeps you in the vibrational range of the problem.

Now that was something for me to grasp, for it means that that there is no difference whatsoever in avoiding problems or solving them!

Running away is considered a cowardly act, and it can be, if it is done from a place of fear. But if you simply change your thoughts and feelings about something, the universal property of 'like attracts like' will operate to place you in a different environment. In your dreams this happens instantaneously; in the physical universe, there is a time lag. But the principle is the same.

People instinctively understand that any situation that manifests for them is as a result of their own creation, or invitation of it. Those who deny personal responsibility, in other words, are just kidding themselves. Universal principles enforce it! Therefore, to ignore or run away from a life situation is pointless. For that reason, I think, cowardice has taken on a pejorative meaning, and judgment of character has been attached to it. But it all comes down to an understanding of universal principles. What I understood from this communication is that if two beings are not compatible vibrationally, they cannot exist in the same place. That is a very powerful principle to understand, for it means that you can change your situation for the better at any time.

For example, say you have an irritating co-worker who always seems to come around and ask stupid questions. You first told him politely that you didn't appreciate this, then one day you really got in his face about it. But nothing seems to change. You have a problem. Instead of trying to solve the problem, change your vibrational offering. Instead of letting this person bother you, don't play his game. Think of some way to change the way you normally think and feel about this person. If you can do this, your vibration will shift, and you and he will no longer be in the same place. He won't come around anymore, or you will hear one day that he got transferred to another division of the company. Whatever the case, you and he will no longer be a matched pair energetically, and so he will go away. Or, you will find yourself moving into another area where there are people and situations more to your liking. Remember, the only reason he is hanging around you, is because you and he are a vibrational match. So if you can change your own thoughts and feelings with regard to him, you and he won't connect anymore. He'll be out of your range. (Solving problems with violence only works if the person youre trying to smash doesnt like violence. Then hell go away. Otherwise, he or she eagerly takes up the challenge and youve got a real war on your hands).

What makes this process so powerful is that the results for you have no dependency whatsoever on the other person, even though the problem is seemingly with the other guy! That tells us that life really isn't about anything outside ourselves. Everything that happens to us, is created by us.

The universe is great at matching up people and situations. It's almost like magic, but really it's just simple physics like attracts like.

I realized from all this that if I want something, I need to focus exclusively on that. For example, I always check to see if I am getting too 'airy fairy' in my creative process. It's one thing to dream and envision, but it is also important to stay grounded. So I like to check back to my 'real life' to see if I am too far off base. Then I realized that doing this only sticks me back in my 'real life.' I am visualizing something different from my real life because I want to transcend my real life! So complete focus on my desires and my visualizing is the best way for me to get there. There is no such thing for me anymore as 'pie in the sky.' Pie in the sky is just holding my thoughts and feelings in a place that feels better to me.

So I am forgetting about all of my problems. I'm just not going there anymore. It doesn't mean I stop going to work and paying the bills. It does mean that I consciously direct my thoughts to match my desires. I consciously try to put myself in my ideal life. I have found that this is a very effective way to keep myself feeling good as I move through my day; and I have noticed, little by little, my life changing in the direction I want it to go.

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