Manifestation and Delusion

In order to manifest anything you must be delusional. Literally. Or shall I say, you have to be delusional, as defined on Planet Earth.

If youve ever been criticized for having an idea that was out of the mainstream, you know exactly what Im talking about! Usually, the arguments against your brilliant concept go along the lines of its too unrealistic. Cant happen. Or, Get out of your fantasy world and get a grip on reality. These sorts of statements are made by persons who have already quit on their own dreams. Don't listen to them!

Most people would define delusion as, perceiving as true, that which is not real. But this is precisely what you must do to manifest anything. Its what the creative process is all about!

Something that is not physically present in your life is not yet real, according to common wisdom. But if it's real in your mind and in your heart, it is possible to translate it into the physical universe.

In order to create anything, you have to pay attention to the thing that isnt real for a long enough time until it shows up. An artist who wants to make a painting, for example, will have to hold the idea and the picture of what she wants very clearly in her head, until she has it just the way she wants it. The same goes for manifestation of any kind, whether its a painting, a business, or a relationship. If the artist gives up on her vision with the picture half-finished, it can never fully manifest. Thats a sort of dumb statement to make, but Ive found that it is really important.

In order to receive what you want in life, you have to BE it first. You must envision it clearly, enough so that when you think about it, the feeling of what it would be like to live with it is present. In this way, you begin to resonate to the desired thing. And only by resonating to it can it show up in your experience. This is just an inevitable result of the Law of Vibration and the Law of Like Attracts Like at work. It is necessary, of course, first to apply the Law of Free Will, and decide upon what it is you want.

Action follows thought. In the entire history of the universe, there has never been a manifestation that was not preceded by thought.

What is the main reason people dont manifest what is wanted?

In my personal experience with this material, I can tell you that almost without exception, the main stumbling block is the comparison of what you are envisioning to the present reality (or to the life of someone else).

A person who wants a new car must begin to resonate to that idea. It is helpful if he or she begins to imagine what it would be like to be in the new vehicle, even while driving the old one. I can assure you that if person did this without noticing the lack of a new car, he or she would eventually get it. How this occurs will be different for every person. Money or lack of it is no object, for no matter how far one starts from the goal, a vibrational resonance to the new car will result in a new car. The distance along the path of manifestation is not a distance in time or space. It is a vibrational distance. In other words, its the distance you have to go in order to BE the thing you want. If you want to HAVE a new car, then you first have to BE a person with a new car! Its silly really, but the simplest things are often the most powerful and truthful.

Stated another way, if you cant be a person with a new car, you cant have it.

Being a person with a new car is no effort at all. It doesnt even require action. If you want a new automobile and you dont have the money, applying this process will inevitably raise your emotional tone and you will begin to feel excited about the possibilities of acquiring your new vehicle. Youll begin to think of fun ways to get into action. This process is so powerful that it can even result in a life change. Why is that? Because the goal (new car) is almost irrelevant. The goal could be anything at all that gets your juices flowing. Once you feel the power of creative energy, or source energy, or life force energy (there are many names for it) it can literally change your life in an instant.

Being just requires a little imagination, and the ability to pretend. The distance one travels to fulfillment of ones desires is more of a feeling than a moving of matter and energy from one place to the other. Activities that proceed from a state of being not aligned to the goal are also not aligned to success. Therefore, it is more important to (delusionally, some might say) work with being than with doing. This concept only makes sense when you recognize the paramount importance of consciousness in the creative process, and understand that consciousness exists independent of physical structure. When you work to establish a state of being, you proceed along a path that aligns you with the creative energy that directs and maintains the entire universe.

A feeling is just a vibration; the thing (or situation) you want is also a mix of vibrations. When you line yourself up vibrationally with the desired thing, you begin to attract into your experience things like it. The only way you can prevent this from happening is to insert vibrations into the mix that arent a match to what you want. If you like Mozart piano concertos, for example, you dont want to add rock and roll notes and rhythms into the mix!

The Law of like attracts like can be demonstrated. Throw a party and invite all sorts of people. Put on some classical music and see what happens. A little later on, play some jazz, and then some rock. Put on a rap. Youll notice the most astonishing mixes of people moving in and out of the room, and lot of different conduct. The people who like classical might arrive with a few drinks in their hands and start an intellectual conversation. When the jazz is on, some will move out of the room and others move in. People might begin to tap their feet and swing to the music; and the topics of conversation will be different. When the rock is on, another set will come in, and so on. Like attracts like. Just as music is a vibration within the air, so are the thoughts and feelings you have. In the vibrational universe model, these are sent out through the universal medium, and are just as real as the molecules of air that produce sound waves.

In order to manifest, you must already BE that what you want. Its as simple as that! If you want to change the manifestations you bring into your life, you cant pay too much attention to conditions that are not congruent with what is wanted.

This idea is precisely backwards from what we have been taught. If you tried to explain it to a friend of yours, he might say, When I HAVE my new car Ill BE someone with a new car, you dolt. This is backwards. Being comes before having; in fact, it is the prerequisite for having.

If you want something different than what you already have, then you must ignore anything about the present reality that is not congruent with your vision. This applies especially to artists who understand this idea very well but also to life. Life itself is a creative process, regardless of the (sometimes mundane) nature of the desire. Cars, money, etc., as well as relationships, are all manifestations and are all subsumed within your personal creative process. Therefore, as one who creates his or her life you must, in some sense, become delusional!

The current reality is not as important as its cracked up to be. Its just a snapshot of the things you have brought into your life in previous moments of NOW. The NOW moment is always new, always fresh, and always an opportunity to create something different; and you do that by choosing to resonate to what you want, not what you already have. Once you are living your ideal life then of course, by all means revel completely in the present reality; but until then, you must begin to resonate differently.

There are many ways to do this, and one of the most powerful is to simply appreciate what you already have that is in agreement with the vibration of the desired thing.

For example, a person who wants a bigger house on wooded land might appreciate the house she has, and the trees that already exist on her property. This process finds the vibrations of the desired thing in the present reality, and emphasizes them; and at the same time, deactivates the unwanted vibrations. Youll find that you are never completely removed from the things you want. If you have been wanting something for any length of time at all, there will be a slight bit of them already present! Now all you have to do is begin to find them amongst the current reality.

In other words, even a poor person has some money. Now all that is required is to emphasize the vibration of more money. A poor person is poor because he or she has merely been resonating more to lack of money than to a lot of money. A person who wants a new car probably already has a car, even if its an old junker. Someone who wants a better relationship may already have one, even if its not ideal.

The creative process is utterly dependent upon the imagination, which is to say, the ability to utilize the creative energy of the universe. On earth, most people have forgotten how to pretend, mainly because they have been educated out of it, and see no purpose in it. But if you can look at pretending as simply a vibrational process, then the whole thing becomes clear, powerful, and purposeful. The process of manifestation begins with a change in vibrational orientation and emphasis, and that merely requires placing the attention in different areas and on different things. But this shouldnt be hard, because the things you want are fun things! Otherwise you wouldnt want them.

If you find that the thing you want makes you feel rotten, then you have to back off and try again. Somehow, you have got crosswise into the stream, and the flow of your desire is hitting you broadside, causing discomfort. More often than not, it isnt your desire thats out of position, but your considerations about it. If you want a more loving relationship but are certain that its not possible, then focus on relationships at this time isnt doing you any good. So try something else that you can feel good about. Remember, manifestation is a vibrational distance, not a distance in time and space, or money. When you raise your tone, you become a better vibrational match to ALL of your desires, no matter what they are.

Does that make sense? If we look at the problem intellectually, it doesnt. Jill, for example, loves her brother very much but cant seem to find the right guy. How can I find my lover by thinking about my brother? she asks. Well, look at the problem vibrationally. There are lots of things that make you feel good, and lots of things that dont. Your consciousness isnt sectioned off, however, like a hotel. There isnt a relationship room and a money room and a job room. There is only your focus on these subjects that raises or lowers your vibration as a whole. So feeling loving about brother is a nice step forward to straightening out your vibe on lover. You can apply this idea to any difficulty.

Many of us have been taught to overcome problems by beating them into submission. Jill, for example, thinks that getting help on her issues regarding relationships is a good thing. And it would be a good thing if she could find a therapist who understands the Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration. However, that is not likely because Jills vibe regarding relationships is all about her issues with guys. Therefore, the Law of Attraction is likely to match her up with someone who believes in digging right into these issues. This will only stir them up even more. Sigh! Thats how the Law of Attraction works. It may seem unfair, but LOA simply and mindlessly matches you up with those who are most congruent to your vibe. When Jill looks in the phone book for a therapist, she will find the one that is most like her present vibrational orientation. If she calls her friends for a recommendation, shell be attracted to the therapist who is most likely to want to confront those issues. Will Jill succeed? Who knows? It will all depend on how quickly she decides to release her issues, and place her focus on the kind of guy she likes.

This brings up another point: one should never force oneself to do something. For example, when I write, I only do so when I am inspired. I can usually only go for an hour at a time, two max, and then I take a break. Im not a believer in the old saw that if you want to be a writer, you force yourself to write, write, write until you find your voice; for if you continually do something with a feeling of discomfort, then you will resonate predominately to that feeling whenever you undertake it. Eventually, you wont be able to do it anymore, or if you do, your efforts may be unimaginative. This is a problem experienced by artists of all kinds. I know of a woman who majored in art at university, a very creative painter, but by the time she graduated, she wanted nothing to do with painting at all. Its a shame, really, to watch her creative process: she has the desire to paint, but before she can even start, she voices a ton of criticisms of her technique, she gets upset, cant decide what to paint, and throws down her brushes.

The same idea applies to children. Ive known people who were forced to learn piano as a child, and now want nothing to do with it. Of course, there are always people who will say, Im so glad my mom made me take piano as a kid, but when I ask them, Do you play? the response usually is, not anymore. I just fart around, or something like that. Theres certainly nothing wrong with messing about on the piano (I do it all the time) but one wonders what would have happened if the child would have been allowed to come to the instrument on his own. Perhaps the world would have another Bill Evans, or Kenny Kirkland!

Manifestation and Money

Usually, manifestation is looked upon as a gap in money. The reasoning goes, If I could only afford the payments I could buy that new Camry. But if you dont have the money then what do you do? Most people say, Ill get a second job and work harder.

That is certainly a good way to do it, and if you feel good about the extra effort you have to put in, then itll be no sweat.

But if it isnt possible to work any harder then what do you do? Or what if what you want has nothing to do with money, like health for instance? Or a relationship? Now one must understand and apply the laws of the universe in order to be successful.

Money is just an energy, and it vibrationally lines up with some of the things in this world (like new cars), and it doesnt line up with a lot of other things (like good health).

Even if you dont have money, you can still fulfill your desires. The first and most important step is to line up your vibrational signal with what you want, and keep it there. That will lead you onto a path of manifestation that is never exactly predictable. (Although you may be very clear about exactly what you want and how youre going to get it, this is a universe of free will. It isnt possible to control the actions of others). A needed employee for a business venture, for example, may show up off the street looking for a restroom. Or you may get some needed capital after meeting someone at a party who knows a venture capitalist with some extra cash. I knew a guy once who got a job as a salesman, and along with the job, came his brand-new car. It wasnt quite what the gentleman wanted, for he was on the road all day. This is an example of the old saying, Be careful what you ask for, you might get it!

It is very confusing trying to figure out how to run your life by observing others. What others say, and their true vibrational orientation, may be completely different! And so it appears that the laws are inconsistent or random, for, unless you have attained a state of Unity Consciousness, it is not possible to know completely the thoughts and intentions of another.

Most people will find that an application of universal principles to their lives will result in a gradual change for the better. The biggest mistake is to compare your progress with those who are doing better, or who have manifested more quickly. One can never tell how long someone else has been working on lining up their energy toward something. Success for another may have been the fulfillment of years of vibrational work, even though it appears instantaneous to an outsider.

The point is, dont criticize your progress, or compare it unfavorably with anothers. Every time you take your eyes off the prize in this way, you create counterintention and pollute your vibration. The Law of Vibration and the Law of Like Attracts Like never cease to be operational. The laws of the universe, in other words, dont go on vacation!

Lets face it, there are lots of successful people out there who have never heard of the Law of Attraction and could probably care less. Nevertheless, if you could get them to tell you their life story in intimate detail, youd see the operation of universal principles weaving their way into the fabric of their experiences.

Manifestation and Delusion

Lets see what the dictionary says about delusion: a false belief or opinion. In the synonym study it says, delusion implies belief in something that is contrary to fact or reality, resulting from deception, misconception, or a mental disorder (to have delusions of grandeur). [Websters New World Dictionary, College Edition, 1962].

The idea is that if you hold true to something in your mind and heart that isnt real, youre a fruitcake. For example, if youve been insulted by your micromanaging boss for no reason, your co-workers might encourage you to retaliate. If you remain charitable towards him, you may be criticized. If you buy a computer and it doesnt work right, your friend might call it a piece of junk. If you cheerfully refuse to acknowledge this reality, your friend might think youre a few French fries short of a happy meal.

Im not talking about calling white black, for that is truly delusional. That which already is, IS, and its foolish to deny it! However, there is a disturbing tendency on planet earth to ignore the importance of Being. Being, or consciousness, is the engine of every creative process.

I point out the computer example because it happened to me. After I bought my new motherboard and graphics card a few years ago, the computer wouldnt boot up. I got angry, called up the store complaining my head off, thinking that Id have to take my purchases back, when the guy said, Make sure your graphics card is seated very firmly in its socket. Well, after that the thing worked like a charm. The point is, sometimes the "reality" of a situation in not what it appears to be, and just a slight shift of focus can change it.

The person who was criticized by her boss might realize that she had made an error the previous day, and had gotten upset that morning as her child balked at going to school, making her late for work. There are a myriad of reasons we use to explain why things happen to us, but the truth is, that the world acts as a mirror to our own thoughts and feelings.

Having said that, there really is sometimes a fine line between deliberate creation and delusion. The key to understanding where deliberate creation ends off and delusional dishonesty begins, is the guiding rudder of your emotions. Where are you on the emotional tone scale? The guy who claims to be abundant and cant pay his rent at the end of the month had better get some new thoughts! We live in a well ordered universe, however, and the universal laws guarantee that as soon as you reach a better vibe not only will you feel better, but the conditions of your life will begin improve. Now all you have to do is delusionally focus on the reality you want, and ignore the stuff that irks you! The more conscious you become, the easier it is to be aware of what youre feeling. What youre feeling is paramount, for it tells you the status of your vibration and how much resistant thought youre placing in your own way. Your feelings stem from your thoughts, your beliefs, your attitudes, which is to say, the choices you make and how you decide to BE. When youre down and out you cant expect to leap to joy real fast (unless youve practiced!) so youre going to spend some time in the nether regions of emotion. But as long as youre moving upward, then youre OK. A thorough knowledge of the scale of emotion/vibration is vital, and I urge you to take a look at the essay called Emotions on the website, where Ive posted a copy of it.

Those of us who know about the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction understand that its not possible for your boss to criticize you for no reason, or for a computer you buy to be a piece of junk for no reason. We understand that we are always at sourcepoint in every area of our lives. We take responsibility for the things that occur in our lives, and we dont whine and complain when things dont go right. We regard apparent setbacks as learning opportunities, because thats what they are. Theyre an opportunity to learn a little bit more about ourselves and our vibrational orientation, and to use the power of thought to get a better attitude.

Manifestation is a process of continually resonating to something wanted. That means, a delusional refusal to acknowledge the things that are not wanted, even if they are sitting in front of your face!

You see, delusion, like almost everything on this planet, is misdefined. If I were a conspiracy theorist, Id say that it was done on purpose, for the things we are taught as children are 180 degrees the opposite of universal law. Are we just confused? My wife always says, Never assign to malice that which can adequately be explained by stupidity. Maybe thats true.

It is truly delusional to continually resonate to unwanted things. If there is a big icy patch before you on the sidewalk, do you try to negotiate it, or go around it? If you take your canoe to the river, do you paddle furiously upstream, or park your car downstream and take a nice leisurely ride?

Well, I guess it all depends on the kind of person you are, but mostly we are taught to brave the ice and row upstream, because it is better to overcome obstacles and transcend challenges than it is to be a wuss. Challenge builds character, we are told, but really, all it does is get you used to uncomfortable vibrations, so you dont notice them anymore. It shuts down your awareness of your emotional control center, which tells you at all times how close you are to your desires and your goals. Your emotions are your rudder, keeping you in the middle of the stream, and not stranded on some sandbar or entangled in tree roots, or dashed against the rocks. A pleasant emotion tells you that you are resonating to the things you want, and a negative emotion tells you the opposite. On earth we are told to shut up and get to work, to climb that mountain and tote that barge. The boss gives us a medal and a pat on the back, and we are allowed to enjoy ourselves for a little while. Then, we are supposed to get ready for the next obstacle! That sort of a life is 99% misery, interspersed with a few moments of joy. It is the life of a drone.

Im not trying to tell anyone how to live, but for me, Id rather live a joyful life rather than one filled with obstacles to be overcome. Feeling good is feeling powerful, and if you dont believe me, then the next time youre miserable, ask yourself how powerful you are.

Its only after you surmount the challenge and are successful that you feel powerful; the rest of the time youre probably anxious, or worried, or uncomfortable in some way. And if youre not, then its not really an obstacle, is it? Its just another way to enjoy yourself.


One of the most enlightening things you can do is to talk with a successful person. Youll be able to see, from your understanding of the laws, that pitfalls and struggle can always be traced back to some core belief in lack, or inadequacy.

It is said that you have to fail a couple of times before you finally make it, but this is just another myth. The famous pizza maker, Tom Monaghan (Dominoes), is a case history of this idea. However, all failures result from the misalignment of your energy toward your goal. Many people feel that they have to pay their dues first before abundance is warranted. However, paying your dues, like any other belief, is a selffulfilling prophecy.

The cycle of failure and restart is often observed as an exercise in personnel, materials, and action cycles. Business models are developed to aid a person in his or her commercial venture, but really, such analysis is approaching the situation from the wrong angle. The action cycles and the movement of people and resources always results from the vibrational orientation of the participants.

Of course, the larger the undertaking, the more difficult is the process of vibrational alignment; however, we are on firm ground when we state that universal laws respond to each one of us individually, and that success, at least on a personal level, is always possible.

If you want to have success, first decide exactly what it is you want, then keep yourself resonating to it, and ignore anything in the real world that doesnt match up. Find things to appreciate about the current environment, and act only when you feel inspired to do so. An outside observer may consider you delusional, but so what? It is your own vibrational orientation that dictates success or failure for you.

The more excited you are about your undertaking, the easier your creative process will be. Even if you begin completely ignorant, you can overcome all perceived barriers. That excited, eager feeling is your best guarantor of ultimate success.

We conclude by redefining delusion from Perceiving as true, that which is not real, to Paying attention to that which is in alignment with your desires. This definition aligns you much better with the things you want, and makes you feel better as well.

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