The Power within The Creative Process


The law of 'like attracts like' guarantees that what is drawn into your experience is an exact match to your thoughts, beliefs and feelings about life.

If your general attitude is usually negative, you are mostly giving your attention to the things that displease you, and so you literally become a broadcasting tower, signaling your intent to draw to you all of those things you don't want.

This means that negative people and circumstances will be the dominant focus of your life.

How to change this?

The first thing to realize is that in order to change your experience, you first must change your thoughts and beliefs.

Identifying the Power Within the Creative Process

The reality we see about us is the end result of the creative processes of the human race. In that sense it is a spent force. The rock upon the ledge is sitting within the gravitational field of earth, and has a certain potential energy. First you have to do some work to overcome the rock’s inertia, and when you do it begins to crash and bang down the hill until, finally, it again sits motionless upon the ground. What has happened here? The rock’s potential energy was converted to kinetic energy by the action of a conscious being who had an idea that it would be cool to see the thing go flying. On the way down, there was a lot of excitement and activity, but at the end, there is nothing. No motion, no action, no excitement. One could look at the rock lying at the bottom of the hill and assign great importance to it. But there is a lot more power in the rolling rock than in the motionless object.

The creative process is a little like that. Along the way there is a lot of creative energy being used, but after manifestation, the excitement dies down. The point is, every single thing we observe in life is after the creative process has already run its course. Therefore, ‘reality’ should have little importance to a creative being, other than as a jumping off point for something better.

On a personal level, what we are living is a direct result of our own thoughts and beliefs about life. A belief in the importance of ‘reality,’ therefore, can only lead to a continuation of the same old things. If you want to change positively, then, do not pay too much attention to reality.

Is this delusional? Not at all! The creative process is all about making something different from the current reality. If this reality is not a positive one, the chances are you will continue to create your life negatively, for the unwanted stuff is in your face every day.

There is a time lag between the conception of something and the receiving of it. We do not, yet, live in a world of magic where thought manifests instantaneously.

In order to change ANYTHING in your life you must not focus on what-is, but on what is wanted.

Focusing on what-is is pointless, because it is all after the fact of creation.

We are taught to 'face reality' and to 'consider the facts' before embarking upon any project, because what already exists is considered most important. Yet this approach will lead to failure, for it is attempting to create a new reality by continuing to observe and create from the old one. It is, in effect, using the powerful energy of creation to mimic exactly what you see in front of you!

What We Are Taught is Backwards

Of course it is necessary to know where you’re starting from. An accurate assessment of your present resources and abilities is a no–brainer when embarking on a new project. Once you’ve done that and formulated your vision, however, it is pointless to pay too much attention to the situation that you want to change. The chair you are sitting in, for example, didn't appear out of thin air. Your chair is a concatenation of thoughts and decisions. Before there can be a chair, there must be the thought of a chair. There must be the design of the chair, and there must be the construction or manufacturing of the chair. Without the prior thought of a chair, there can be no chair.

The chair is post-manifestation.

The thought and design process is pre-manifestation.

If you wanted a different chair, would you continue to pay attention to the chair you have? That is what human beings are taught to do.

To face reality. To consider the facts.

After all, facts are solid, comforting things, it is said, whereas ideas are ephemeral. Trust to the tangible, the graspable, and avoid 'pie-in-the-sky' ideas and dreams that will get you nowhere, is the conventional wisdom.

But this approach is doomed to failure.

Creating from what you are observing just leads to more of the same.

An alteration of your thinking is essential if you want to change anything in your life. Obviously, there is a time lag between an idea and the manifestation. Often there is no remembrance of the thought forms that launched the creation in the first place, and so when manifestation occurs, it is assigned to luck, or coincidence. Example: In the grocery store parking lot, some moron dents your girlfriend’s fender. You get so angry at the hit–and–run that you begin to obsess about it for the next couple of days. A couple of days later, the same thing happens to your car. Of course this is just accidental, right? Of course! That is what our scientific culture would have you think. But it’s not accidental! It’s a co–incidence, a vibrational matching of intent:

manifestation of careless driver ≡ focus on careless drivers.

The point is that what exists in the present is the result of thought and energy that has been previously directed, in the past. Objects in the physical universe are simply the resultant manifestations, with their attendant time-lags, from previous thought forms.

So creating from what you are observing around you is fruitless, for it only leads to more and more of the same.

This is how we get the (incorrect) idea that reality is fixed, unchanging, and immutable.

If you want to create something, focus attention in the pre-manifestation phase. That is where ALL the action is, because that's where all of the creative energy is.

The post-manifestation phase is complete, a done deal.

Of course, a beautiful creation like Michelangelo's pieta can inspire one to creative heights, but the creative process itself is always in the pre-manifestation stage!

Your ideas, thoughts and dreams are always much more important than anything you observe around you. They contain the energy to which the universe responds with the manifestations you desire. All you have to do is to hold your vision purely until the manifestation occurs.

The time lag from envisioning to manifestation is directly proportional to the purity and clarity of your vision and your vibrational attunement to that vision. It's all utterly dependent on you, and no one else can interfere unless you let them.

In other words, the universe will respond to your vibrational signal, no matter what all of the others are saying or doing, no matter what you or others have manifested in the past.

Most of the stuff you see around you is how OTHERS have manifested their own personal realities! What others have manifested with their thought has no bearing on what you can do, because the power to mold your reality is supported by universal principles.

Is it any wonder we have so much difficulty getting the things we want, when we put the majority of our attention on what has already happened?

It would be like going on a trip and driving your car backwards. How is it possible to get where you’re going when you are always focused on where you have been? Well, you might get there in this manner, but not without crashing a few times first!

The stuff you see around you is not important. Not important enough to get worried about, anyway. If you want your life to go along a different track, pay no attention to the things you have already manifested, if those things are not what you want. Focus on the pre-manifestation phase, where all of your power is.

And certainly pay no attention to the things others have manifested, unless those things are pleasing to you. The law of 'like attracts like' only works against you if you focus on what is not wanted.

All of that unwanted stuff is in the post-manifestation phase. It has no real power


"Yes, " you might say, "but what if a terrorist bombs my city? I must make sure that others do not do things that will negatively affect me."

Do you want to be the victim of a terrorist bomb? Then keep focusing your attention there. I suggest you worry a lot about terrorism, and maybe even construct a bomb shelter. Or maybe get some steel plates inserted in your car, as did Coleman Young, the former mayor of Detroit. That way if there is a terrorist around looking to wreak havoc, you will be more certain to be in his way!

Another cannot create in your experience. Only you can do so. This is guaranteed by the law of 'like attracts like.' If you are not a vibrational match to what is not wanted, then you cannot experience it. Universal principles, built into the design of the universe itself, protect you from harm, if you understand and apply them.

The Power of Consciousness

Far from being 'pie-in-the-sky', your dreams, ideas and aspirations are the ONLY guarantor of your success.

Those who are successful in any field are successful because they keep their eyes on the prize. Their vision does not waver, at least not for very long. Their passion and enthusiasm for the wanted thing keeps their vibrational signal pure, and their activities flowing toward the goal.

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