Refund and Return Policy

EBooks or Digital Movie Downloads

The Big Picture will refund the purchase price of any eBook or digital movie download the customer is dissatisfied with, minus any transaction fees. Pay Pal charges a fee for each online transaction and that will not be refunded.

If you request and receive a refund you are required to delete the eBook or the movie from your computing or storage device. You didn't like the product so why would you want to keep it?

No refund requests over the phone will be accepted. Please send an email to

Printed Books or DVDs

There are no refunds for printed books or DVDs, because it costs too much for me to print and ship hardcopy.

Please consider your purchase carefully before buying tangible products.

You can always send me an email and vent though, if it will make you feel better! I have a thick skin. Constructive criticism is welcome.


If a printed book or a DVD arrives in a damaged condition, an exchange for the same product will be issued after you send me the damaged product and I receive it.

I need evidence to present to the printer so that I can get a refund.

This is standard business policy for all tangible goods. You pay to ship me the damaged product, I pay the shipping to send you another one.

Please send all correspondence to kmaclean_at_kjmaclean_dot_com