Vol.3, #10

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Winds of Change


It seems that the denouement humanity has been looking toward is not 2012, asteroids hitting the planet, or spiritual enlightenment, but much more mundane: a financial crisis that appears to be endangering the world’s currencies and economies. This economic phenomenon is, I believe, simply a reflection of a global spiritual awakening.

Vibrationally speaking, we have had a massive increase in population over the past 100 years: from 1 billion to over 6 billion. This has naturally led to a huge increase in the flow of subtle/thought energy within the species consciousness. All of us can feel it. Those who turn away from themselves in fear have gone negative; those who have embraced the Light have experienced a spiritual “wake up call.” The condition of humanity is now a sort of “bipolar disorder,” brought about by the increased flow and psychic pressure of thought and consciousness. I look at the effect of consciousness upon the planet, and our individual psyches, like a weather pattern: when the winds of change increase, we all feel it.

What I have realized lately is that when one is centered, it is possible to weather the storm. I have talked about the Still Point in my newsletters: the eye of the hurricane. The Still Point is the discovery of the static nature and power of ones own consciousness.

Consciousness, or awareness, is non–physical: it has no moving parts. It is not “energy” as we understand it. Life is a Creative Principle, something all-powerful, capable of creating and perceiving what it has created, but which cannot ever be harmed by those creations. How can something that is not physical be harmed by something physical? It cannot! However, we are given the gift of vulnerability within our physical bodies: we feel pain, discomfort, and misery. We have created conditions of poverty, injustice and conflict so that we may experience these things, which are impossible to experience in Native State. That is the game we are playing.

The question is, how do we survive and prosper during this evolution of consciousness?

My answer is through the discovery of self.

I have made some important gains during the past week that I would like to share with you.

My life has been  in a state of flux for the past 3 years. I have been recovering slowly from mercury poisoning, which has affected my health. I have also been writing, doing personal coaching and readings, and working my contracting business. These activities inspire me and fill me with love, because helping others is a great gift. It allows one to feel that inner connection to Spirit, or God, and this naturally makes you feel wonderful and expansive. Yet there has also been a tug in the opposite direction: I have felt the desire to investigate those forces in government, intelligence, and banking  which appear to be bent on  creating a sort of dark world dictatorship. I haven’t been able to resolve these two conflicting poles of my life until very recently. I am just like everyone else: I feel the polarity within the human consciousness.

However, I have discovered a couple of meditations that have really helped me out.

The first meditation is a very simple one: I imagine myself surrounded and penetrated  by a golden–white light. For me, the color gold evokes a simultaneous feeling of love, power, and certainty that all is well. If you study color, you will discover that different colors evoke different emotions and feelings. This probably varies from person to person. As I have done this meditation, I found that at first, I felt the golden–white light around my body. As I began to do it more, I felt a glow coming from within my cellular structure. Then it began to expand outward from my body and I felt a feeling of expansiveness.
If the golden color does not do it for you, experiment with different colors. Change the field to red, blue, purple, or any other color. Vary the brightness. Eventually you will find a color that resonates with your soul, and it will feel really, really good!

My favorite time for this meditation is just after I wake up in the morning and before I get up. But I do it often during the day when I feel my thoughts turn negative. The feel of that golden–white glow within me and around me is now enough to “turn off” the negative vibration and restore a positive one. For example, I went for a walk this morning. As I turned the corner, I saw my neighbor had a “McCain– Pailin” sign up on his front lawn. I got upset because this guy is very intelligent, and I couldn’t believe he’d vote for the same people who brought us the destruction of Constitution and our economy. That was just my knee–jerk reaction, you see, because both parties are equally responsible for the mess we are in; but I was starting to get more and more angry anyway. So I just put that golden–white field around me and suddenly I felt a rush of positive emotion. I understood that it is perfectly all right for people to make choices that are different than mine!

My problem, I realized, was not with my neighbor, but was about what was inside of me: my own personal prejudices coming to the forefront.

Not bad for a simple little meditation that took a few seconds!
Try it! Maybe gold isn’t the color for you. Experiment with other colors. You will find that as you change the color of your light, you will feel different. I have noticed that my cats respond positively when I am doing this meditation. Apparently. they can pick up on the feeling of love, or perhaps they can feel the golden light as well. All I know is that this light is not like any other from the electromagnetic spectrum, it is incredibly soft and subtle, yet bright and joyful as well.

The second meditation is an earth meditation, and goes as follows:

Imagine you are walking in your favorite place. It could be a forest, or a mountain meadow, or along the beach. You see a tree up ahead, a very large tree with an opening in it. You enter the tree and are transported to the center of the earth, into a large cave with a stone floor. You notice a small stream with bright, golden–yellow water, and you walk up to it. This light is very bright but does not hurt your eyes. If you are wearing shoes and socks, take them off. You can’t wait to go in, for you can feel the beauty of this water. It is filled with the energy of the earth, a powerful, grounding energy that feels light, and you can just feel the well–being. You walk in and the golden–yellow light goes into your feet and up your legs. It feels absolutely delicious. Every cell in your body relaxes, and feels refreshed and revitalized.

The energy slowly travels up to your first chakra and you see a beautiful red energy as that vortex is cleansed and revitalized. As the golden–yellow energy travels up through your abdomen, you see a beautiful orange in your second chakra. The energy travels up to your stomach and you see a brilliant yellow energy and you feel wonderful. The energy travels up your arms and to your heart, Around your heart you see and feel a, exquisite green, the most awesome green you can imagine, and you feel a warmth and love for yourself and for everyone and everything. The energy travels up to your throat and you see a beautiful sky blue color, and it seems as if all the positive things you have wanted to say but never did have been said, and all of the things you have said that you wished you hadn’t, have been transformed from something negative to something positive. As the energy enters your head, you see the most beautiful deep blue, and your inner sight opens to Spirit. As the energy exits the top of your head, you see a beautiful deep purple, and you see your 7th chakra open at the top of your head to let in the light and love of God.

Now you feel completely grounded and at peace with yourself, and connected to the Mother earth. You feel her power and delight with you, and you know you are a part of the beautiful tapestry of life, and indispensible to her, and to all humanity.

You walk away from the river feeling more refreshed than you have since childhood. You walk away from the river and see a big tree growing from the rock, just like the one on the surface. You step into that tree and are transported back to the surface. When you walk across the ground, you notice something peculiar and wonderful: there is now a brilliant, golden–yellow cord connecting you with the center of the earth. You know you can access this energy at any time.

I use this meditation a lot while I am walking. I visualize the yellow cord connecting me to the earth, and I can literally feel the grounding energy flowing through me. I also use it as an independent meditation.


Winds of Change II
(from Interview with Spirit show 10/9, on Blog Talk radio)


This message is in response to my friend Medreth Thomas, who is a Mississippi boy now living in Columbia, South America. Medreth has owned an engineering company, made hundreds ofthousands of dollars on the internet and then lost most of it, and has always been interested in spiritual matters.

Medreth Thomas wrote:
What is your take on the world wide stock market crash?
Might this be something that brings more people together and open up more light and truth?
I read a year ago that it would come to a head at this time but did not pay much attention.
I am going back to read some more from this source.
Are you doing any channeling on this or what is called the ascension?

Hi Medreth --

1) Guys say expansion of money supply is answer to demand for more prosperity. We talked about this in a previous show. Humanity is not a fully developed species, it is finding its way toward unity and species coherence in thought. There is still a lot of undeveloped, confused, and negative thinking to go along with the spiritual awakening now taking place. Therefore, the path to species unity is lurching along, going one way, then the other. Positive outcome only possible when more and more of you begin making firm, definite, and positive choices, directing your lives in the most uplifting and positive manner. These are the seeds around which the new species consciousness will form.

2) 2012, asteroids, etc not the issue, the issue has manifested as a financial crisis. Planet not in danger. By this we mean that the physical manifestation of the end of the current planetary cycle has manifested itself in an expansion of thought –– the internet – and an expansion of the money supply––  in response to demand of many for prosperity and change –– with a consequent negative polarization. The planet earth is very resilient –– far more resilient than you imagine. Your species can cause great destruction upon the surface, but the underlying health of earth is unquestioned. Positive action on the environment is welcomed by Gaia; however, environmental issues are used to create fear in the population and prevent movement out of old structures of thought. Fear, of course, makes you resonate to the very thing you fear! Gaia asks that you concentrate your thoughts on a clean environment and clean sources of energy without fear of planetary destruction or harm.

3) Increase in population leads to increase in volume, amplitude and speed of thought energy, and leads to more openness and exposure of things hidden. Those in fear go negative, those who aren't find spiritual awakening. result: polarization. This has happened to other human civilizations in the past –– what you refer to as Lemuria and Atlantis, although there are others –– but humanity could not get over the vibrational hump. Cycle now repeating itself, can humanity make it this time?
There are now more human beings on the planet than ever in its long storied history. Possibility now greater than ever in the past that human race can find new, sustainable plateau of thought.

4) There is interaction from other off-planet races, but we are in charge: our decisions invite others to come or not. Meaning that human beings have had exchanges with other extraterrestrial races, but those interactions are guided by the decisions of humanity. Vibrational universe guarantees that all are sovereign. Individual decisions right now very important –– even one firm decision to find the Light and spiritual self can have an enormous effect on others. Lightworkers are very important now. Earth an anomaly with tremendous vibrational potential for implosion (chaos) or expansion (stability). Expansion is vital for stability! Human DNA a composite of many other off–planet races. Possibility for giant evolutionary leap in consciousness. Species appears primitive to outsiders but those in the know see great potential. Those who are here messing about are minor players –– the major players observe or use more subtle influences.

5) Future is completely unknown; billions of human beings are directing future of humanity. No one knows where it is going, right now, balanced on precipice. Physicists would say that the situation is symmetric but unstable, like a pencil balancing on edge. Spontaneous symmetry breaking will occur -- which way will the pencil fall? Is the gauge field (underlying field in which all interactions take place) vibrationally strong enough to lead us out of the old attractor and into the new? Every individual decision towards the Light now has great effect. The potentials now are enormous and incredibly complex. Future unknown, but strong possibility for positive vector. There is great excitement in the angelic realms as earth situation evolves. Dark follows light, always. Dark forces are necessary now to provide contrast and impetus for change. Humanity has been sleeping for millennia; occasionally there have been spiritual resurgences, but nothing on a planetary scale, which is required for a unified and mature species consciousness capable of rational decision making for human species, planet, and other species that cohabit with you and are affected by your choices. How bad will the situation have to get before humanity wakes up? Possibility for smooth or rough path. You are in it right now!

6) Ascension is the recognition of the divine self while still in physical body. Ascension occurs for every being upon "death." Possibility exists for a completely new paradigm on earth and a golden age -- no one knows what will happen, humanity is writing script as we go along. You all signed up for this adventure -- karmic influences (imprints) from past civilizations  very active now. Can spiritually aware beings transcend vibrational imprints from the past? Rapid human population increase vital to positive outcome -- faster the energy moves, greater possibility and potential for individual spiritual awakening. Dark forces attempting to reduce population through pollution, war, pesticides in food, etc. Population always increases in hard times, however, goes down in good times. Therefore, dark forces are  absolutely vital to create contrast and successful outcome. This is how planet earth has evolved and how solution must go.

7) Ultimately, the universe is a glorious place and there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Earth one tiny (but vital) speck in an infinity of universes and dimensions. This universe just one of practically infinite number. We  all have an infinity of time to play around. All is well!
:-) Ken and the guys

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