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Consciousness and Human Evolution

The increase in human population is causing an amplification of consciousness.

We all know that a human being is a spirit temporarily associate with a human body. But what is a “spirit?”

Consciousness is non-physical. This means that self-awareness is what might be called a static—an animating, massless potential that creates. Consciousness is not energy – it is the creator of energy.  Consciousness is Source, which simply means that it creates thought impulses that can be perceived. The universe is composed of these thought impulses, and all Form is a unique geometric arrangement of these building blocks, or quanta. An electron,  a proton, a neutron, or a quark, the building blocks of matter, are composed of the same energetic substance. So there is no difference in the energy of an oxygen atom and an atom of copper, for example. Both of these fundamentally different elements are composed of the same fundamental particles: protons, neutrons, and electrons. It is the arrangement of these elemental building blocks that creates completely different substances with completely different physical properties.

Consciousness, whether associated with a physical body or not, has an aura. This “aura” is composed of thought impulses that are unique to the individual. Of course, “aura” is a generic term that in no way describes the complex, magnificent and sophisticated field of energy that surrounds every human being (and every life form). This field of energy looks like a double torus, with the top hemisphere rotating in opposite directions from the bottom hemisphere. Contained within these energy fields are the templates for the construction of the human body, a perfected, or “Platonic” representation of the ideal, healthy human. Each human energy field is programmable by the individual, and each is connected to the planet’s own energy envelope, and to the background energy of the universe itself.

The human energy field is programmable through thought. Every decision you make, every thought you have, changes the internal structure. Blockages and deformations of this field, which nurtures the body, can be created by the incarnated being, causing disease. Restoration of health can also be accomplished by removing deformations and blockages and allowing the field to flow naturally, restoring health.

The human energy field contains the body and extends outward from the body. I am not sure how far it extends, but I believe it is like an electron, which the great physicist Paul Dirac postulated extends outward to infinity. The important point is to understand that these human energy fields interact with each other.

What has happened with the rapid increase in human population? An increased interaction of human energy fields with themselves, with the planetary energy field, and with the background energy of the universe. All of this activity increases the vibrational frequency of the earth. This is what I mean when I say that the background energy on earth is increasing due to the population increase. Because the human energy field is real, and because consciousness creates these fields, the interaction of subtle energy is becoming increasingly amplified and more powerful, and we are seeing changes in and on our planet.

This change was inevitable when the population increased.

Human DNA is a reflection of these “Platonic” templates of subtle energy, which may be called precursor templates. New life grows by referencing these templates, which are different for each species and life form. Human DNA, then, is evolving as the energy of thought shifts, brought about by the evolution in consciousness. It is important to remember that DNA is changing because our intent is changing. DNA is a reflection of, not the cause, of a change in human consciousness. Imagine a puppet and a puppeteer. When the puppeteer changes his intent, the puppet moves in a different direction. And so it is with human DNA; except the puppeteer, in this case, in invisible. The puppeteer is your intent!

Physical structure in connected to the subtle realm of thought, but that connection is invisible because our human senses, and the scientific instruments that have been devised to help us perceive the physical universe,  are not (as yet) sensitive enough to detect this subtle energy. Like a figure who disappears into the mist, we lose sight of the unbroken vibratory link when the frequencies get too high.

On earth, we deny that consciousness is non-physical. We believe that life is mud and originates from mud, and returns to mud, so we do not even think to look for the connection between DNA and thought.

Our lack of spiritual awareness tells us that consciousness is biologically based, a ludicrous assertion that can only take root in a very low level of consciousness.

However, that is changing. Consciousness is changing simply because there are so many more human beings on earth than ever before. No one knows where it is changing TO, because the human race has believed that it is powerless for so long that it cannot conceive of itself as a mature species. We have perceived ourselves as disconnected individuals, fighting each other for scarce resources. This belief is itself the result of a lack of awareness.

Look for the “junk” DNA in human beings to begin to organize over the next several decades. Look for people with new understanding and new abilities, as the interaction of our human energy fields causes structural realignment in DNA. Science will explain these new insights and new abilities as coming from the DNA, but this is backwards. The DNA will change because consciousness will intend it so.

Look for people to demonstrate new “powers” or new abilities. The popularity of movies with enhanced humans is a reflection of the change in human intent from powerless to powerful. It is not possible to know what kind of abilities will manifest. Will people be able to levitate, or cause changes in weather? Who knows? These new abilities, however, cannot manifest unless there is a proportional change in consciousness. In the movies, people manifest “powers” without a commensurate increase in consciousness, and perform destructive acts. This is not possible. New “powers” can only manifest when there is a matching awareness that brings them forth into the physical universe. So humanity is safe – only when we are ready will the new humans, with their new abilities, appear.

You can’t have “free” energy in a vibration of scarcity, for example. Even though cancer was cured in 1934 by the brilliant American scientist Royal Raymond Rife, humanity simply was not ready to accept it. Thus, millions continue to die needlessly.

Your intent for your own life shapes your life. If you do not know where you are going, or what you want, you will drift. If you do not begin to trust yourself and your own guidance, you will not experience satisfaction.

Self-empowerment is the name of the game in the new energy. If we are to build new societies based on individual self worth, trust, and cooperation, then we must begin by trusting ourselves. We must begin by discovering what it is that we want, and how we want our lives to look.

This work is absolutely crucial right now as the human population increases and causes an acceleration of energy, for people who sit on the fence are being blown off by the winds of change.

All human beings present on earth are here to help the race, and  the planet, reach a new level of awareness.  You can do your part by getting off the fence and deciding what you want in your life and where you want to go. And do not be afraid of change, for change is coming! Change is the one constant when consciousness rises to new levels!


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