Vol.3, #5

The purpose of the Big Picture Newsletter is to spread the message of Spirit, and to celebrate the spiritual nature of human beings. We are dedicated to dissolving the myth of the randomness of life, and the biological nature of consciousness. We believe that every human being is a piece of God, a powerful creator and orchestrator of his or her life experience.


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The Scale of Emotion / Vibration and how to use it

In a vibrational universe, all things are vibrational in nature, including thoughts and emotions. Fortunately, emotions can be graphed on a scale from lowest to highest. This scale is one of the most important life tools in your toolbox. This scale is actually 3 dimensional. It represents
1) the amount of life force energy a person is allowing
2) emotional well–being
3) intelligence, intellectual ability
As you go up the scale you experience increasing amounts of all three factors. As you go down the scale, you experience less.

Excerpted from the book, The Vibrational Universe

“Barb and Jill

(The full conversation from chapter 2. Barb calls her friend Jill and discovers she is feeling down about herself. Barb uses the scale of emotion / vibration to cheer her friend up)

“What’s wrong Barb?” says Jill.
“Oh, I just don’t care anymore,” Barb says apathetically.
Jill is just about to fire off an angry comment about Thorpe, (Barb’s former boyfriend) but she realizes that apathy is very low down on the scale and doesn’t want to overwhelm her friend, so she says gently, “It’s Thorpe isn’t it?”




“I give up.”




“I’ll do anything to make it up to you!”


“I feel your pain.”





Hidden Hostility

He's smiling in your face and stabbing you in the back.


“Tough for you. Just do it.”


Out of control, lashing out at the world.


“Hey! Come over here and let me kick your butt!” Feistiness.




“Things are fine just the way they are”


“Hey that's cool!”


“Wow! Let's do that again!”


“I feel fantastic!!!!!”


Complete connection to Source, or God force, or life-force energy. This is the feeling consciousness has in its native, non–physical state.

Fig. 2-5. The Emotional Scale

Suddenly Barb bursts into tears, an activity that used to really anger Thorpe. “Darn woman,” he’d think, “what’s wrong with her now?” But Jill knows that grief is the next harmonic of vibration up on the scale of emotions, so to her Barb’s reaction is perfectly logical.

Barb is wailing on about Thorpe and how lonely and rejected she feels. Jill is a good counselor, and even though she thinks to herself, “You’re a whole lot better off without that loser honey,” she says nothing and lets Barb vent. She knows that although being around grief is uncomfortable, matching Barb’s vibration would result in failure, for two vibrations of grief would just reinforce the other, sticking both women right in it. Jill knows that only by maintaining a high emotional level can she be of any use to Barb at all.

After several minutes Barb is cried out and looks up at her friend. Jill recognizes that Barb is poised at an emotional brink; and that a word or gesture from her can send her friend up the scale, or downward again. She also knows that people can hit an emotion and pass by it very quickly on the way up or down, so she’s not sure exactly where Barb is going next, but she knows it’s going to be some version of negative emotion, and is prepared for it.
Jill says, “You had some good times together, didn’t you?” hoping to bring Barb up a little. She doesn’t say, “Still feeling sad about Thorpe?” because that might stick Barb back in grief.

Barb says, sympathetically, and a little defensively, “Yeah we did! I remember the time we went to the putt–putt golf course and he put his arms around me…”

Jill let’s Barb go on a bit, because she recognizes the emotion of sympathy, which is a little bit up from grief.
After a time Jill suggests, “Maybe you’ll meet somebody else.”

A look of anxiety comes over Barb’s face and she says, “Do you really think I can? All the guys I’m attracted to treat me like crap.”

Jill immediately recognizes the vibration of fear, and understands that it is a step up. “Yes I think you can,” she says. “You’re such a great person.”

Barb says fearfully, “I don’t think so. Thorpe didn’t think so anyway. Maybe I’m doomed to be lonely forever.”
Jill puts a little anger in her voice and says, “Remember how he cussed you out at the amusement park when you didn’t want to go on the rollercoaster?” That was a little reach by Jill, because anger is the next major harmonic on the scale, but it could backfire and put Barb right back into grief. Even if it does, Jill knows it’s not a problem, for it just means Barb needs to cry a little more and fully release it. Barb’s face is a study in emotion as she goes up to anger, down to grief and up to fear again. But Jill’s statement hit home, because Jill knows something about Barb’s life and how her friend thinks.

Barb remembers many more incidents almost as bad, and her face hardens. “That bastard,” she says.

Jill is secretly thrilled, for her regard for Thorpe is like a gooey mess on the kitchen floor, but she keeps her opinions to herself and recognizes Barb has reached callousness, and that if she’s successful, the dam will burst. Jill hates anger but she steels herself for it anyway, knowing it’s the next harmonic.

After probing around a bit on that subject, Barb starts screaming. “Did I ever tell you what he said to me after I made dinner for him???@!@!!” etc. This goes on for a while as Barb recounts all the times Thorpe was mean to her. Jill is holding it together in the face of Barb’s anger, even when her friend picks up a glass of water and hurls it against the wall. Jill knows that even if the session ended right now, a lot of progress has been made, for anger is a big step up from apathy.

After a while Barb calms down and begins to tease herself about Thorpe. “Maybe I should go over to his house and put a dent in his truck.” All of a sudden she bursts out laughing, realizing that Thorpe liked his new truck, and paid a lot more attention to it, than he ever did to her.
Barb says, “Why did I ever hook up with that guy?”

Jill smiles and says, “I don’t know sweetheart, but I do know that there are plenty of guys out there a lot better than him.”

Barb says, “There better be!”

She’s feeling a lot better now and Jill suggests they go out and get something to eat. Barb is eager to talk some more to her friend and agrees. Jill hopes to get her up to at least interest on the subject of the opposite sex."


The Now

Ken has always had an interest in earth history, and what has REALLY gone on, as opposed to what is written in history books. Ken watched a fascinating video by Nassim Haramein, a scientist, who pointed out once more that the story of pyramid building that we have been taught is a myth. Tens of thousands of slaves could not have moved 2,300,000 stones that weighed tons, across the desert, and then piled them 481 feet high with a measured error at the tip of around one quarter of an inch!

The cut stones that were removed from the  base of the Sphinx weigh around 100 ton, and are stacked one on top of the other! You do not presently have the technology to do this feat of engineering. Those who came before understood something profound about resonance and the geometry of space. They used this knowledge to cut and move the stones. This knowledge –– which is not technology as you understand it –– came from a different orientation of consciousness. It comes from an alignment to the fundamental vibration of space and time itself –– which is a vibration of love, harmony, and cooperation. Unless and until you align with these higher vibrations, you cannot tap into the “free” energy of the vacuum.

It is why, presently, some of your alternative energy devices work in certain places, and in other places they do not. There are “pockets” of energy that have been raised by the new consciousness, which allow these devices to function. You might say, “that is nonsense. The laws of physics operate everywhere the same.” But they do not!

The laws of physics are changeable in the sense that if you do not vibrationally match up with them, they cannot function. Because your consciousness is one of conflict, your technology is explosive. When you entered the Great Pyramid at Giza, for example, you used dynamite to blow up a path within. Then you discovered a gigantic stone that blocked the entrance that was fitted so perfectly that you did not realize it was there!

When the consciousness of mankind is raised from its present vibration, you will naturally discover new laws of physics that have been there all the time, but which you were unaware of. This is perfectly consonant with a vibrational universe wherein perception and awareness is dependent upon the matching of vibrations, you see.

When we say “consciousness is raised” we just mean that your thoughts are more in alignment with the fundamental vibration of love, which is also the fundamental vibration of the universe. When this happens, entirely new realms and dimensions of perception and awareness open up to you, –– and this is true even encased in your physical containers.

More and more of you are beginning to understand the power of love, and the pitiful weakness and insecurity of conflict and hatred in problem resolution. As we have said before, you are gradually moving away from the old attractor and into a new one. You are doing this with your INTENT, which interfaces directly with the geometry of space and time, and which is creating a new species thought template that will change the physical structure and organization of your societies, and your personal lives. This energy change resulting from your change in thinking, is directly responsible for the earth changes you are experiencing. It was an inevitable result of the consciousness of mankind reaching a critical “mass,” or “tipping point,” as we have been describing in some of our previous messages.

But we are not so fascinated with earth history, for it focuses you in the past. It brings your attention back to moments in space–time that will never be re–lived again. While it is true that you can alter the energetic structure of the past along the time–line of your lives, your time would be much better spent creating, NOW, a new reality. Right NOW, you have the ability to completely change your lives, and the direction of humanity’s future.

What is the NOW? Well, for us, this moment is a short as a millisecond and can be as long as we wish, for the Native State environment is not so nearly polarized as your physical universe. In other words, when you are really present in the moment, you feel a wonderful sense of lightness and power; a feeling that anything is possible. Now imagine feeling this way for as long as you would like!

The NOW occurs for you when you remove your viewpoint from one or the other side of the polarity. For example, say that you do not have enough money at the end of the month to pay your bills. At one end of the stick is “I must pay my bills.” At the other end is “I don’t have enough money.” You now exist in a self–created 2 dimensional world, oscillating back and forth from pole to pole, and resonating to the problem. The solution is to understand that you live in a three dimensional world and rise above it! When your hands are on the table and you want to move them past each other, you have to raise them off the table. When you do that, you detach from polarity and enter that zone of lightness where a solution is possible.  Now you might say, “Well if it so easy to rise above the problem, no one would ever have problems.” We acknowledge this, but we tell you that the resolution to every problem that has ever existed occurs when you detach yourself from it, for only then is a solution possible. You need a higher dimension, in other words, or a higher vibration, to solve a lower one. And every one of you is capable of doing just that!

Let us look at the NOW from a physical viewpoint. Understand that the path your planet travels in space is not a circle: it is a 3D spiral. Yes, your planet travels in an ellipse around the sun, but the solar system itself is moving around the galactic center, and your galaxy is moving also around the center of your cluster of galaxies, and so on. All movement in space is a spiral, in other words, and if you visualize this as a funnel, or a vortex, in which you observe along the opening, you can see this better.  (I have a diagram of this in my article called "Rotation," on the website).

Now, your planet is also spinning on its axis, and so energy is moving out from that vortex along the sides, and it forms a donut. The spinning of your planet takes energy in from the ethers and moves it through this vortex, and it goes back in and comes back out again, essentially exchanging information  with the universal field, or, as the physicists say, the vacuum. Your planet, and all life upon it, is constantly breathing in and out.

Everything in the universe is spinning, and is in motion, so in every moment, all things travel along a different path than before. This is the physical component to the spiritual concept of NOW, of the moment of no–time. Because nothing EVER returns to the same space–time coordinates, there is ALWAYS the possibility for a new beginning. This is the true meaning of now, dear ones. If it were not, your lives would never change, for you would continually travel back along the same path, encountering the same information and you would be vibrationally and informationally stuck in a “loop.” But you are not! You are writing your future right now.

Presently, the earth is undergoing great changes, driven by the changing consciousness of humanity. You have the ability to affect your weather patterns, because you can directly interface with the geometric structure of the vacuum with your INTENT, which is to say, your amplified thought forms. Collectively, you have the ability to not only channel love, but also information directly from the ethers. In the ethers are templates of thought –– which have also been accessed by prior civilizations when they became vibrationally resonant to them –– with an entirely new and more correct understanding of physics and vibration that is more aligned to universal forces. Imagine that you are creating an informational path through space–time with your desires, thoughts and intent. The more you align with love and harmony, the more you will align with prosperity, joy, and more powerful and useful laws of nature.

Healers and lightworkers, continue!

You cannot see with your physical eyes, the results of your work. But in the ethers, you are changing the informational and geometric structure of thought to align with these new, cleaner and more harmonious ways of living, both in the sciences and in human relationships. We encourage scientists who are reading this to follow their intuition. Scientists, you belong to a family of brilliant intellectuals that have been incarnating and reincarnating upon the earth for millennia. When you combine your intellectual brilliance with your spiritual understanding, you will open up new avenues of research that might seem uncomfortable. This new technology you will discover is not a technology as you understand it –– it relates to geometry and the understanding that you are not separate from the universe. It is a know-how that relies less on machines and devices, and more upon the comprehension of your relationship to the structure of the geometry of space itself.

Oh, this is an exciting time to be alive! Those of you reading this are the true changers, the real movers and shakers. Let those who consider themselves powerful engage in their shenanigans! As the insecure ones, the fearful ones, continue along their path, those who look down into the valley from the mountain top can see clearly what they are up to. But those on the ground never raise their heads, for they only see what is in their two dimensional world. Those who have raised their vibration see more clearly, just as the person in a higher emotion can see and understand someone in a lower emotion, but not vice–versa. Those who follow you up the mountain are beginning to turn their heads and look downward, regaining their perspective, and rejecting the old ways. The world is undergoing what can be called a vibrational renormalization of thought. A renormalization in physics is a new frame of reference in which to view and observe.

Remember that the universe is a vast, magnificent and powerful ocean of well–being. Innately, every human being on the earth has the power to directly interface with this well being, and to structure their own lives in greater alignment with it. As the vibrational resonance of humanity to the universal field increases, it is becoming more and more possible to quickly change the physical structure of your personal lives, and to rewrite the future of the human race. 


For more information on Nassim Haramein, please go to His 4 CD set called “Beyond the Event Horizon” is a scientific explanation, in layman’s terms, of the fundamental geometry of space. Highly recommended! You can also find some of this information on You Tube



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