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A Radio Interview with Phil Harris: The Law of Attraction

Phil: What I want to do here is start right in with the Law of Attraction. Actually, in the news the last day or so, there has been all kinds of criticisms of “The Secret” which…

Ken: I don’t really watch the news, Phil. So, I don’t really know what’s going on in the world.

Phil: There are all kinds of people are out there criticizing “The Secret” as being, “Oh, just another money making scheme and yeah, there might be a little bit of truth to it and certainly it has some uplifting kinds of ideas, but it could not be medically based, it could be dangerous, it could be psychologically dangerous.” After all, we don’t want people in the world actuality thinking that they have any control over their own lives and their own realities.

Ken: Precisely…

Phil: There are very dangerous things out there and so I was going through your essay’s on the Law of Attraction and they were clear and well-written, for those people out there; if they have their head in the sand and they haven’t heard of the Law of Attraction, why don’t you give us a brief rundown, “what the Law of Attraction all about?”

Ken: Well, the Law of Attraction basically says that your thoughts and beliefs determine what your actions are, and determine what you experience. The Law of Attraction says that “like attracts like.”

The Law of Attraction also has a subtle energy component. The atom is a nucleus surrounded by an electron cloud; in other words, the electrons are moving about the nucleus very rapidly. The atom is essentially a vibration, a lot of space, electrons vibrating around a nucleus. And because everything in the physical universe is composed of vibration, the universe is vibrational in nature, the universe is just a sea of vibration. The universe is also composed of thought and thought travels on this sea of vibration all over the place. This is what I mean by a subtle energy component to the Law of Attraction; because thought is not measurable with scientific instrumentation.

So what happens is that if you had a strong intent, a clearly defined intent, a strong desire, magic can occur, coincidences can occur that seem random and probably not scientifically explainable, but actually they’re based upon this subtle communication between beings that is going on invisibly, sort of like a radio or TV signal. You really can’t see the radio signal. I mean you really can’t see the signal that comes into your television set, but you can certainly see the picture when you tune into that channel. It’s the same way with the Law of Attraction. If you have a clearly defined intent and you actually go out and start applying actions into the real world, doors will open for you, windows of opportunity will open, and seemingly random things will happen to you that you couldn’t have predicted. I mean it’s really – it’s almost common sense, it’s really not too far removed from scientific possibility. In my book I refer to it as non–local communication –– at the speed of thought.

People will tell you that if you work hard, you’re going to get the breaks. Well, with the Law of Attraction, it says there is also a spiritual component – there is a physical component to it, the action, but there is also a spiritual component and the spiritual component can open those doors of opportunity.

Obviously you have to step through them, but when you align your thoughts to what you want, amazing things can happen. Frankly Phil, I’ve noticed in my life that all of my successes and all of my failures are based upon this principle. It’s really just saying that you, as an individual, are sovereign –– the universe grants you that. As a human being you are an immortal spirit temporarily associated with a physical body. You have been granted free will to make your own choices, and the universe has been designed to back up your choices; that is to say, the Law of Attraction states that the universe will match you up with people and situations that directly reflect the vibrational content of your activated thoughts and beliefs. Not what you SAY you want, but what you are REALLY focusing upon. That’s what you get!

Your emotions tell you where you are at, at all times –– they are the display monitor to your personal vibrational thought – computer. Lower emotions = self–limiting thought, positive emotions = thought aligned with your true, inner self and your true goals.

I know this is true, I know that when I fail it’s because I had some thought or I had some long held belief that’s holding me back and when I’m successful, It’s the most amazing feeling, I have this very light hearted feeling, this feeling of joy and the feeling of well-being and when I can get into that state, things just happen for me.

What I say in my book, I make it very clear about the vibrational universe, that this cannot be proved objectively; I don’t really believe that you can test or prove it broadly, that this is scientifically based. However, you can perform personal life experiments. In other words, you can apply this on an individual basis, just try it out and see if it works for you. You can go to my website, you can read all the stuff, I have lots of stuff there for free (https://kjmaclean.com/), I have articles on the Law of Attraction from a spiritual and scientific point of view, an entire section of my website is devoted to geometry; I have a whole section about problems and you can just read this stuff and just apply it to your life and see if it works for you. And if it doesn’t work for you, well fine… at least you tried it, but don’t dismiss something just because it sounds a little “woo woo.”

I don’t think it’s woo woo at all because I know of scientific experiments that pretty much show that as you said before, the observer affects the results of the experiment. Whether you’re dealing with matter and energy, or in human relationships, the Law of Attraction applies.

Phil: It’s kind of like the string theory and the way I look at it is the universe is one huge tapestry and the entire picture is interconnected by the various strings and you can’t pluck on one without affecting the entire image. Therefore, as you were saying, the various thoughts we send out travel throughout the whole universe along these things that are part of the universal fabric or the universal tapestry.

Ken: That’s a very good way of expressing it, I have a tendency in my books not to try to go too far…I mean when I wrote The Vibrational Universe I was very careful and I tried not to say anything that I didn’t think I could back up with research, but at some point you come to understand, if you are a spiritually aware person, that you have to go beyond the standard scientific model.

You have to trust yourself and you have to trust your feelings and you have to trust ….you just have to know and feel that you’re a spiritual being. I don’t know how to express this off the cuff in an interview, but I know it so profoundly. I know that when my body dies, I’m going to go on.

In fact, I wrote a book about that because. … in October 2005, my father died and you know he basically told me two weeks before he died that he was going to die and don’t be sad when the phone call comes. Well, my mom calls me up…. my step-mom calls me up and goes, “Dad died today.” I just fell apart – and then the next day, I’m going out for my walk and I feel my father there and I’m going, “wait a minute, you’re supposed to be dead, what are you doing here?” We started having these conversations and I wrote them up in my online forum, I think they’re still posted there and I turned it into a book called, “I Love You Dad.” It was one of the most profound experiences I’ve ever had.

Every day I would go out for my walk and my Dad would be there, sometimes it would only be for five or ten seconds, sometimes we’d have talks for fifteen – twenty minutes, it was absolutely remarkable. After that experience, I knew.

Phil: And let’s face it Ken, each major advancement that has occurred throughout human history has been by those people that know there is something else, there is a different way. I mean when DaVinci drew pictures of people in flying machines, there was no question people had to have been saying at that time, you’re absolutely nuts, people can’t fly.

Any of the advances in physics or chemistry or the whole internet, the whole technology, it all comes from those people who say reality as we know it number one; is not static and number two, it can be changed and number three, I have an idea that will change it and they go out and they do it. Obviously the world that we exist in today is not the world that existed a hundred years ago and every one of those changes occurred because of somebody who had a different idea. It all stems from thought.

Ken: Precisely, have you ever written any books? You are very well spoken.

Phil: Okay, yeah. I’ve got a spiritual thriller – it’s a co-authored book, it’s called, “Waking God” and it kind of turns religion upside down and it’s an interesting novel that has the – basically it’s an esoteric treaties in the form of an action packed novel and I have a new book coming out next month. It’s called, “Jesus Taught It Too, The Early Roots of The Law of Attraction.”

Ken: That sounds good Phil. Well, you know it’s funny because I actually wrote a novel too. I wrote a novel about the Merkaba, the vehicle of consciousness, based upon the fact that if consciousness is non–physical, then perhaps there is a way to travel outside of the body and go into different dimensions and to different places. I almost felt like I channeled this book because I have an entire galaxy of races that come from different star systems and interact with earth.

My main character, John Frankel, finds a book in the arcane section of his local bookstore with strange symbols in it, and with the help of his father translates it and it turns out to be a powerful meditation with specific protocols for activating the merkaba. I started writing this book and I couldn’t stop! It turned out to be like 850 pages, it was a novel about the potentials of consciousness and it’s called “Beyond the Beginning” and I had so much fun writing that book, it probably took me a year and a half to write it all down.

Phil: Is it published?

Ken: I offer it as an e-book, the thing about publishing is that you have to get a cover, you have to pay somebody to get a professional cover, but with an e-book, you can write the thing and you can make a professional looking e-book for a fraction of the cost as opposed to a regular published book. I do intend to actually publish all of these books in soft cover and hard cover; I bought a bunch of ISBN’s. Eventually, I’ll probably publish all of these books in soft cover but right now they are available as e-books on my website, actually you can buy “The Vibrational Universe” and my other book “Dialogue Conversations with my Higher Self” on Amazon and Barnes and Noble in softcover, or as e–books on my website.

Phil: Okay, so for example people have to understand that, say you and I were each sitting in our various rooms and in this room I have a light on and I have a computer screen and I’ve got some lights flashing at me and I’m picking up various vibrations of colors and textures, but also at the very same time there’s probably at least two hundred television signals passing through me and into the room, who knows how many hundreds of radio station signals pass through the room. I believe we’re bombarded by something like six billion neutrinos passing through our bodies each second, none of these things we’re aware of unless we turn the channel to those particular vibrations. The whole notion that we do in fact live in this sea, that we really have such limited knowledge about, is empirically proven by the fact that in our everyday experience, it happens.

Ken: Yeah.

Phil: It’s a real phenomenon.

Ken: It is.

Phil: Now, the Law of Attraction is where I find a lot of people get hung up. The Law of Attraction, as you state in one of your article, is that like attracts like. Well, the immediate response you get is, “Wait a minute, opposites attract, what are you talking about?” How do reconcile the notion of like attracts like with the idea of no, no, no, opposites attract?

Ken: That is a good question. Opposites do attract, but when we look a little deeper into the matter, we can see that it is the similarities that make the opposites attract. Take a battery, for instance. You have a positive pole and a negative pole. At the positive pole is just a dearth of electrons and at the negative pole is a surplus of electrons. How the battery works is that the electrons at the negative end want to party with their friends at the positive end, so the flow is from minus to plus. But what is really happening is that the system is trying to find balance. The common denominator in the system is the electron, and how it flows from one pole to the other. Like attracts like! Positive and negative are arbitrary symbolic assignments that help us to understand how the system works.

Let’s say you’re at a flea market and there’s a seller and a buyer. Now, those are sort of opposites, but if you look at it closely, the buyer and the seller come together like a key fitting into a lock. And what is the common denominator? What the seller is selling! Both buyer and seller are aligned on the thing the seller is selling. So like attracts like. An engineer who likes fine wines and classical music doesn’t hang around with a beer drinking construction worker who is into Mettalica.

I’ve studied the history of science a little, and I believe that the whole positive and negative thing was arbitrary convention. I mean the electrons were assigned negative and protons were assigned positive. It could have been the other way around and I actually have an explanation of that in the appendix of my book, “The Vibrational Universe” and it’s called The Attraction of Opposites. You can read about that if you are into it.

Phil: Like I said, it’s just a function of that’s what one of the first thing that people say, “well I learned in science that opposites attract so if I have good thoughts than obviously I am going to attract bad things.”

Ken: Well, the thing that people need to understand is they need to perform personal life experiments. In other words – it’s one thing to say “Well the Law of Attraction is this and the Law of Attraction is that” but what you need to do is you actually need to apply it in your own life, try thinking good thoughts and see what happens, try thinking bad thoughts and see what happens. Actually I have a book called, “What Do You Do When All Hell Breaks Loose,” because what I discovered is that sometimes when I really, really have a strong desire and strong intent, something the exact opposite will happen.

Phil: Exactly.

Ken: There’s a reason for that. What happens- what I realized is that when you want something; you’re coming from a place where you don’t have it.

Phil: That’s your belief; I don’t have this so I want it.

Ken: Right, because if you already had it, you wouldn’t want it. The only reason you want it is because you don’t have it. So the reason why you don’t have it is because you have certain thoughts and beliefs that have gotten you to that position. Alright, so let’s say… you really want something that you don’t have and then all of these old beliefs get reactivated and it hits you…. in other words, when you begin to deliberately create your new desire, you activate all the old beliefs that got you into the unwanted place. That happens because you wouldn’t be where you are unless you have those thoughts and beliefs to match. That’s because all action follows thought.

Phil: Right, for example if somebody’s having an economic difficulty, they need money, bottom line- they need some money. So, they sit there and they say, “I don’t have any money. Number one they’re affirming that they don’t have it, number two, they begin to delve in the deep recesses in their mind, and they begin to think about all the things that they were not able to do because they didn’t have the money to do it. So, this becomes the predominant thought pattern and at least at the subconscious level, even though consciously they are saying, “I want money, I want money,” subconsciously, the power is really into “I never really did have any and I don’t have any now and I wish I had some more. The energy is really like the tip of the iceberg but it is mostly with the part that’s under the water.

Ken: Right! And what people do is they give up. I mean that’s how all New Year’s Resolutions go haywire. “Well, I tried it and it didn’t work, so forget it.” What I realized is that the positive and the negative aren’t linear. There’s not a positive end of the stick and a negative of the stick. Very often when you’re in the blackest place, you’re only a very short step to a huge breakthrough. That’s because the two ends are connected. You know, everything in this physical universe is this way: you have hot/cold; light/dark, dry/wet, etc. In the driest desert sometimes there can suddenly come a rainstorm.

It’s circular; you’re traveling down that path postulating your positive stuff and you are getting negative and negative stuff and more and more negative stuff. But if you can continue, what happens is the old vibration of your old thoughts and beliefs gradually die away and the new vibration that you’re creating gets stronger and stronger. It’s like playing the piano, the note that you hit right now is the strongest but the notes that you hit previously are still in the air. You can still hear them but in the vibrational universal concept, if you continue to create what you want, if you continue to create the vibration of what you want – the old stuff gradually dies out. It may take a while because like I say, you’re sitting in your old thoughts, you’re sitting in your old beliefs and it may take a while to deactivate but….

Phil: How does a person get out of that rut? What positive steps can they take to- like you say you want something so badly, the opposite begins to happen to you? What has to happen to the mindset? Give us the four, five, three, or ten steps that might be necessary for a person to begin to get on that ladder and to climb out of that hole that they were in.

Ken: Well, I can only speak from my personal experience and I found that when you want something so bad, you’re actually resisting the having of it. So what I do is I do a directed meditation for at least fifteen minutes per day and I try to release my resistance. I try to imagine my life exactly the way I want it and if any negative thoughts come up, I just ignore them and I try to get this feeling of what it would be like to have what I want. The object of the meditation is to simply get to a place where you feel better. However you do that- it almost doesn’t matter what you think about: if you wanted A and you thought about B for a while and it made you feel good, well that’s better than trying to think about A and getting stuck in A.

The main idea is that the Law of Attraction can only work if your thoughts are aligned with your desire and when that happens, you feel good. You feel positive emotion so the basic idea is to try to feel as positive as you can. It almost doesn’t matter what you’re thinking about as long as you can lower your resistance and allow what you’re wanting in.

Phil: So, if you are in fact worrying about paying your bills and stuff, you’re getting yourself all depressed. Just find some point in your life that you were actually having a good time and think about it.

Ken: Well, sure. What’s the alternative? It’s just continuing to be stuck in the same rut. You can have a crummy life and feel crummy or you can have a crummy life and feel good. Now, that might sound psychotic to some people, but I can assure you from personal experience that if you have a crummy life and you try to change your thoughts to the positive, then you will start to feel better and when you start to feel better, your life will change. That’s the whole thing about Law of Attraction.

Actually, you will attract people and situations in your life that reflect your new intentions and your new thoughts. Really, there is no magic wand, but the universe itself is magic! You just have to apply it, you just have to use it and once you do, you start feeling more confident, you feel more empowered. Actually, you start noticing first off what I noticed; that all of my negative thoughts manifested negatively and all my positive thoughts manifested positively. In other words, I got to the point where I couldn’t convince myself anymore that it was the other guy’s fault, that it was the economy’s fault, that it was President Bush’s fault, that it was my mom’s fault, that it was my dad’s fault.

I finally had to face the reality that – okay, there is something to this Law of Attraction stuff; I mean it really does work. For me, it was personally empowering, I just gained a sense of confidence knowing that if I could just change my thoughts, I could change my life.


To read the entire interview, go to my website page, PhilHarrisRadioInterview.html

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