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Vol.1, #12

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"Finding Your Passion"

Passion is your connection to the creative energy of the universe.







The VIbrational Universe

The instruction manual for the new consciousness
















Interview with Spirit

What if a radio presenter from the UK could talk to a spiritual author from the USA, and ask questions to his guides/higher self, and get the answers straight away....


























The Keys to Deliberate Creation Course

Align yourself to success BEFORE you go into action!









Finding Your Passion

 Why do some people succeed and others fail?

There are probably a million answers to that question, but I have noticed that successful people are passionate about what they do.

This led me to ask,  “What is passion and why is it so often associated with success?”

Passion comes forth from a desire. A desire is just something that you want. I don’t mean food and shelter, or the necessities, but something that really lights you up. My financial advisor, a self–made multi–millionaire, loves money. He loves to manipulate it and make it grow for himself and his clients. He told me one time, “I can retire anytime I want. But I’ll be working when I’m 75, because I LOVE what I do.”

Passion is having a desire and a do–able plan of action to get it! Without the intention to translate your dream into reality, it’s just a nice idea in your head. Eventually, most desires just go away without ever being acted upon.

We don’t live in a world of magic. Even though the Law of Attraction helps us to line up people and resources for our project, the creative process always has roadblocks. When you are passionate about what you do, however, no obstacle seems too big to overcome.  Early in the career of comedian Jay Leno, for example, he would sometimes work 8 or 9 clubs in one evening!  Classical musicians at the world class level may practice for 10 or 12 hours a day. You can’t do that unless there is a strong connection to creative energy.

There is a big difference between motivation and passion. Passion is driven from a connection to the creative energy of the universe. This is the same energy that created and maintains the universe. It is often called chi, or prana, or life force. It is a powerful feeling of joy, excitement, eagerness, and well–being. It naturally generates self–confidence.

Motivation  is a lower harmonic of passion. Motivation often occurs when you compare yourself unfavorably with another. “I’m really motivated to lose some weight,” says Joe, after seeing his buddy Pete go on a diet and lose 30 pounds. But after two weeks on an exercise program, Joe quits. That’s because his motivation didn’t really connect with a true desire.  “If only I was a little more assertive,” says Jill, after losing her bid for promotion to assistant manager. “Next time, it’s going to be different.” Jill takes an assertiveness training course, but it feels  wrong to her somehow, even though she can’t pinpoint why.

A passionate person can go on forever, whereas a motivated person will often poop out. That’s because passion comes forth from a true desire, and results in an expansive feeling of creative power.

How do you find your passion? Well, most of us have been taught that enlightenment and self–improvement is difficult. But finding your passion isn’t that complicated! Passion is just desire, and desire is just life force, and life force is who you ARE. A human being is a temporary association of an immortal spirit with a physical body.  Consciousness, the self–awareness that is you, is non–physical in nature, and is intimately connected with the creative energy of the universe. So it’s possible for anyone to discover their passion!

What is Success?

Success is not just reaching a goal. Because once you are there, you get bored after a while.

If you study successful people another common denominator pops up: most of these people are never satisfied. No matter how much they have, they want more! This has been interpreted by some as greed, but it is actually a strong connection to creative energy. That connection is what powered them to succeed in the first place! Successful people are always looking over that next hill for another exciting challenge.

After I wrote my fifth book, I wanted to write the sixth. And after I've written my sixth, I'll probably find something else to blab on about! That's because I am so passionate about helping others to see their greater potential. I'm almost obsessed with it -- but in a good way!

If you want to have success you have to first know exactly what you want, and be passionate about you are doing. Passion is the connection to creative energy that gets you over the roadblocks on the path to manifestation.

We Approach the Creative Process Backwards

The cycle of deliberate creation goes like this: BE, DO, and then HAVE.  If you don 't believe that, try making something before you have a clear idea of what it is you want. You might get something that looks like this:

Almost all sales and business courses go in the opposite direction. First they tell you about the riches you are going to HAVE, then they give you a bunch of recipes or steps to DO. But they never talk about the most important factor: BE.

Most self-improvement courses are better, because they focus on the BE:  achieving inner peace, happiness, etc. But they almost never give you anything practical to put into practice! Here we have the BE without the DO and the HAVE.

To be successful you need all three components. But you absolutely have to start first with BE: you need to know exactly what you want, and be get fired up to get it. That always happens when you find a true desire.

Every single person on this planet has a desire burning within them that will get them out of bed every morning, eager and excited for the day.

It's just that we don't bother to look for them, because we don't believe it is important enough, or we think it's impossible to have a dream and live it!


This month, and before the New Year, take the time to look within and ask yourself these questions: “What is it I really want from life?” “Is there anything I have always wanted to be, do or have, but have been too scared to try?” What is my passion?”

Contemplating these questions will set the bar of your life to a higher vibration. It will force you to think about where you really want your life to go!

“But I can’t make any money doing what I like,” you might say. “That’s why I work a job I’m not interested in.” Well, I’m not telling you to quit your job. But I am telling you to budget  some time during the day –– even if it’s only 5 minutes –– and devote it to something you like to do. I guarantee that if you act on this suggestion, you will find yourself having more and more time to do the things that make you happiest. And that might just blossom into the discovery of something that really excites and energizes you. That’s because once you start on the road to raising your vibration, you make it possible for more joyful possibilities to present themselves. It’s just the Law of Attraction at work again.

If you haven’t a clue what you want, then use this time to answer these questions: “If I were living my ideal life, what would it look like?” “What would it feel like?” What would I be being, doing, or having?”

You can’t understand how powerful this process is unless you actually do it.  The more you begin to contemplate your ideal life, the more you will find your thoughts going toward scenarios that make you feel eager and excited about life. And the more you flesh out these thought forms the more real they become.

At the very least, this little exercise will make you feel better. And if you continue, it can connect you to the creative energy of the universe. And when that happens, you will know it, for you will be filled with a feeling of excitement for life.


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