Vol.3, #8

The purpose of the Big Picture Newsletter is to spread the message of Spirit, and to celebrate the spiritual nature of human beings. We are dedicated to dissolving the myth of the randomness of life, and the biological nature of consciousness. We believe that every human being is a piece of God, a powerful creator and orchestrator of his or her life experience.


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How to Survive and Prosper in the End Times

The species consciousness of humanity is becoming more and more polarized. There are many theories about why this is so, from the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012, to fundamentalist explanations of a battle between Good and Evil. It is not important to understand which explanation is correct, however. It is important to understand that individuals, and humanity as a species, is being asked to choose.

We have never had as many human beings on the planet earth, in it’s long and storied history, as we do today. Because thought is energy, an increase in the population means an increase in the volume and strength of generated thought energy. Every time you have a desire, every time you express an emotion, every time you make a decision, you create another little quanta. Each of us is a creative vortex, funneling the energy of Source and adding to it.

When you turn on your attic fan, it moves air faster and faster through the house! Within the species consciousness, energy is also moving more and more quickly, and that affects the planet and it’s systems. We have entered a zone of chaos where the species consciousness is leaving the old attractor and finding it’s way to a new one. Depending upon the choices we make, we will either sink back into the old memes or, if enough of us choose the Light, our species will graduate to a new level of more harmonious thought, which could usher in a Golden Age.

Not only is there a noticeable increase in spirituality among the grass–roots, but there is also an increase in criminality and duplicity. This phenomenon is a natural result of polarity. More and more people are being forced to choose; ambiguity, with its attendant uncertainty, is being blown apart by the whirlwind increase in the vortices of human thought.

The answer, therefore, to how one should live in these times is TO MAKE A DECISION.

By decision I simply mean, decide who you are and where your life is going!

Why is there so much interest in the Law of Attraction?

Because this fundamental universal principle requires, for its successful operation, a firm decision and vision. Unless you know what you want, you can’t get it. It’s a simple as that.

Those in the criminalized “intelligence” structures are doing their best to corrupt governments throughout the world. Behind the scenes, a battle is raging. Actually, this battle is all on the side of the duplicitous ones. Those who know who they are –– those who have discovered the joy of their spiritual nature – no longer feel the need to battle, fight, or struggle. Struggle is the modus operandi, and the consciousness of, those in the lower emotions.

I have learned that a secret formula, code, or mystery for success does not exist. That is why marketing in the field of spirituality –– indeed, in any field –– is so successful. People want a magic bullet to tell them just what their life purpose should be; but the good news is, no one cam tell you that! Finding your passion is what you came to earth to do! The secret, ladies and gentlemen, is to decide for yourself who you are; and that will lead you effortlessly to the discovery of what you should be and do in life.

To put it bluntly: the key to discovering who you are is to find your passion. It’s a simple as that. When you understand your passion, life falls out easily for you, just like knocking over a row of dominoes.
If you don’t know what your passion in life is, FIND OUT! Go to your mentor or counselor and talk it over. If you don’t have a mentor, find one. Go to your local church or spiritual group. In Ann Arbor, we have wonderful resources. My favorite is the Interfaith Center for Spiritual Growth. There you can find dozens of enlightened people with contacts to hundreds more. If you don’t have a group close to home, find somebody on the internet. You are in communication with hundreds of millions of humans –– and there are plenty of good counselors and personal coaches out there. Including me, if you’re interested!

Those who understand their passion are certain. Conflicting forces, or the whims or dictates of others, cannot buffet them about. Even when the economy is bad, or unanticipated events occur, a passionate person is grounded and stable.

The key to finding your passion lies in your feelings, believe it or not. What gets you fired up? Look over your life and try to discover what makes you feel the best. That feeling is the silver lining that will lead you into your personal cloud of Light. When I first decided to write and coach, it was scary, for I knew that I would be exposing myself to the scrutiny of others. But it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. I get up out of bed knowing that the entire universe lies before me.

Your feelings will lead you to identify what it is you want.
Many people approach this backwards, preferring to make lists and logically sift through the various choices. But passion is not an intellectual pursuit. Passion is the nitty–gritty of life! What you want to do is look inside yourself (or at others and what they are doing) and identify something that makes you feel really good. Then you can get more specific. The key is how you feel!
Making a decision isn’t difficult when that decision is accompanied by positive emotion.

This is your work. If you are already on the right track, congratulations, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  If you aren’t, then I would like to assure you that every single person has the ability to be passionate.

So go to it!


The Gift -- How do you Love?

Today a little bunny rabbit taught me a great lesson about love, and life.

My cats are hunters, and today they brought in a little baby bunny. They “played” with it, and I thought it was dead. I brought it outside and placed it under one of the evergreen trees on our property, safe from any random prowlers.  The poor little thing had some skin off it’s hide, and it was obviously in pain. I felt so sad for the little guy, but what can you do? My cat was just playing with it. The cat had no malicious intent towards the bunny, but cats are predators. That’s just what they do.

As I looked down at the injured little bunny, I told the little creature I loved it very much, but  I also felt an overwhelming feeling of sadness. I felt like planet earth was simply a brutal place to live, and that mankind has fucked up everything. Our consciousness is so low; we murder and kill and pollute, and there seems to be a large imbalance in the good we do in comparison to the bad. As the dominant species on earth, that destructive consciousness seeps, like water through a sieve, into the consciousness of every other species.

The little bunny opened and closed his eyes, as if to say: “what did I get myself into down here?”

I thought about the bunny all afternoon, and every time I did I felt the same wave of sadness, just like I did with the dead cat in the road a few weeks back. I knew there was a lesson somewhere, and I asked my spiritual guides –– the guys ––  to tell me what it was.

On my way home from my Toastmasters meeting, I suddenly got it.

The bunny was not sad because it was in pain, or because it was fed up with planet earth. That was my thing. It felt my sadness and was sad too, because my vibration overwhelmed it. It was just responding to MY pain.

The bunny was here to learn to experience earth in its joys and its pain and misery. That’s what it was here for. But I couldn’t get it. I thought that the bunny should live in happy bunny land. I couldn’t understand that a spirit might WANT to experience anything less than happiness. Then I realized that my love for the bunny wasn’t really love at all! I understood, in a flash, that love means love for what a thing IS, right now, not what I THINK it should be.

If I had truly felt love, I would have felt joy, admiration and celebration for what it had accomplished and what it was being, in the moment. Even though it was in pain.  When I understood that, my sadness just vanished.

Now I know what love is, truly.

Love is the acceptance and the celebration of what someone is being, what someone is experiencing, what someone IS, right now.
That understanding blew my mind, for now I understand better  what the Masters have been saying throughout the millennia, and how a Master can confront even the most gruesome evil. For love, which dissolves all things, is something that is so powerful, it can admire ANYTHING. The acceptance and understanding that goes along with this kind of love, I am sure, has healing properties. I’m sure that is the kind of love that allows a Master, like Jesus the Christ, to heal by a touch, or by merely being in the same space.

This profound understanding was a gift to me, and now to you, from a little cat and a little bunny rabbit.


If you are sensitive, living on planet earth can be excruciatingly painful. Most people would probably laugh at my story. “What are you getting so emotional about a stupid little rabbit? Grow up!” Well ,I am getting to the point where I can see that all life is sacred. I can feel the connection between all living things and God. I am getting to the point where I will not even step on an ant or a beetle when I’m standing at the tee pad playing disk golf. I wait for the little guys to move away before I take my shot. Fortunately, I play with a guy who understands. My wife understands, and so do all of my friends. That is a blessing, I can tell you that. I am beginning to feel the words “all life is sacred” instead of just knowing it intellectually.

Consciousness created the universe and everything in it.

onsciousness created the earth and all of the species upon it, and we are all here sharing experiences and growing together. The little bunny and the little cat taught me that there is no bad experience. It blew my mind when I understood that the bunny wanted to experience what it had at the hands of my cat. I was sad because I could NOT. The bunny and the cat, I realized, were far more evolved than I.

I often rant about the psychosis of the human race and how we have messed up the planet, but now I understand that humans are just like the bunny and the cat. We are here to experience excruciating joy, and excruciating pain; excruciating love and excruciating misery. Because we are the dominant species, we just do this on a grander scale. The two little guys have taught me to be more tolerant toward our species as a whole, and to better accept the activities of my fellow man. For acceptance is love, and love is the only way the human race can transform the planet from the vibrations of hatred and scarcity and war.

You can’t have positive change on a broad scale until you learn to love. And that means unconditional acceptance of the actions of our fellow man, and all life forms.
That’s what we’re here for.  

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