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Imprints, Karma, and the Still Point

In a vibrational universe, thought is a tiny packet or quanta of energy. Ultimately, the entire universe and everything in it is a creation of consciousness. Consciousness is the creative and animating principle, which by its very BE–ing, creates and then interprets the substance of our material world. This process is described in the appendix to the book The Vibrational Universe, and graphically illustrated in the soon to be released movie “The Unity of Spirit and Matter.”

Thought, then, is a creation of consciousness and is the quintessential element of the physical world. Of course, an individual thought is so insubstantial and ephemeral that it cannot be measured or detected with instrumentation. But like a flower essence that requires thousands of plants to make a single ounce, thought evolves and combines, at unimaginably small scales, to form greater and greater aggregations. This process occurs over billions of years and is continuing in every moment. The universe is constantly expanding! Both physical and non–physical beings contribute to the expansion of the universe. Both physical and non–physical personalities have created, and are bound by, universal principles.[1] Therefore, there is really no separation between the physical and the non–physical! We are all in the dance of life together. All life exists together within a universal sea of vibration.

In a vibrational universe, thought is permanent. In other words, once a thought (quanta) is created, it exists forever.  This principle is expressed in the Law of Conservation of Energy, which states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Energy cannot be destroyed, but it can be created! It’s just that that creation occurs on such a fantastically small scale that it cannot be measured.

Amazing as it may seem, thoughts each have a distinct vibration. When you are angry, you create thought of a lower vibration, and when you are happy, your thoughts are of a much higher vibration. On a planetary scale, there exist streams or rivers of thought; some angry, some hateful, some apathetic, some inspirational, exhilarating, and joyful. Each one of us contributes to these streams of thought, and thus to the overall planetary vibration. We are all responsible for conditions upon our planet.

Fortunately, non–physical beings create thought of an unimaginably high vibration. My impression is that the volume of thought here on earth compared to the total volume of thought in the universe is infinitesimally small (thank goodness!) And because the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction operate to aggregate like things together, the thought streams around the earth stay here (again, thank goodness!) In other words, if there is intelligent life on other planets, each would have a planetary consciousness and a unique set of vibrations that belong only to it.

There are those who claim that earth is a prison planet. But that is so only in the sense that the misery which exists is created by us –– not some mythical oppressor –– and attaches to us. We are our own slave–masters! And we can be our own liberators. This is true in our personal lives as well as for humanity as a whole.

The Imprint

 What happens during a physical lifetime?

A being incarnates into the planetary consciousness at a specific time and place. Therefore, each being is born within a unique environment that has a unique vibrational signature. Astrology and numerology are subjects that attempt to categorize and quantify the vibrational environment at the time of incarnation. The vibrational environment acts as a background imprint. Each being, of course, inherently possesses a unique personality and incarnates with a specific set of desires. Because a human being incarnates into a physically undeveloped body with limited sensory equipment, the local environment (especially the family) can have a strong impression on the developing personality.

Imprinting is well known in psychology. The best known form of imprinting is filial imprinting, in which a young animal learns the characteristics of its parent. Here is the famous photo of Konrad Lorenz and his imprinted greylag geese, who would follow him around whenever he wore his hiking boots.[2]

Imprinting also occurs in humans, where an infant will imprint on its father and mother. According to Wikipedia, this process is recognized as beginning in the womb, when the unborn baby starts to recognize its parents' voices (Kissilevsky et al, 2003). In the Westermarck Effect, reverse sexual imprinting occurs when two people live in close domestic proximity during the first few years in the life of either one. This desensitizes both persons to later close sexual attraction.

There is not a satisfactory scientific explanation of imprinting; it just occurs and is demonstrable.

From the perspective of a vibrational universe, however, there is a specific vibrational impression at the time of incarnation. If the being has lived previous lives, the imprint from those lives still exists within the planetary vibrational field.[3]

The idea that the earth is a living organism is not new. In the Gaia hypothesis, living and non–living parts of the earth are considered as a dynamically interacting system, and the earth herself as a living organism.[4] Indigenous cultures throughout history have recognized this concept long before western science ever got around to it!

The idea is that IF you understand that consciousness is non–physical in nature, THEN individual lifetimes, or EXPRESSIONS are permanently recorded within the planetary vibrational field. When a being incarnates, he or she is vibrationally connected to the impressions of previous lifetimes, due to the operation of the Law of Attraction. Your energy is uniquely stamped with your vibrational essence. The more lifetimes a person has lived, the stronger are those impressions. Someone who has spent many lifetimes as a musician, for example, may be able to access his or her imprint, enabling a leap in ability much greater than normal.  A talented person may simply have lived many lifetimes devoted to similar pursuits.

Sometimes a person has an ability but is disinterested in it. My friend Tim is maddening to me, for he knew his piano chops by the time he was 12, and never had a lesson. The guy just KNOWS how to play, whereas I struggle.

 So there are two kinds of imprints: the background imprint associated with previous lives, and the present life imprint of our familial and physical environment. In a vibrational universe, each one of these is just as real as the other. 

Neither of these imprints direct our lives, of course, for we all have free will. In a vibrational universe, it is always possible to deactivate one vibration by activating another. A strong present life imprint, however, can make quite a big impression on the incarnating being.

Personally, my father made a huge impression on me. He died in 2005 and I had not lived with him since 1970; nevertheless, his personality was so strong that I still have to watch out for impulsive behavior that I can immediately recognize as The Old Man’s! Interestingly, even though we had completely different viewpoints on life, our temperaments were almost identical. I’m pretty sure that I had a strong vibrational connection to my father before incarnation, exclusive of any environmental influences.

Imprints are vibrational in nature. A strong vibration has a tendency to entrain others to it, according to the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction. Because imprints are vibrational, they can be consciously modified. The most effective way to do that is to find something that really interests you and do it. A desire is a vibration, a powerful connection to the creative energy of the universe, and can quickly become so strong that it negates the influence of other, unwanted, vibrational imprints. The new note struck on the piano quickly drowns out the old ones. Remember, you cannot get rid of something. The more you try to get rid of it, the more attention you place on it, and the bigger it gets! Every “War on (fill in the blank)” is doomed to failure.

Past life, or birth imprints, can affect a person’s life only when you do not give yourself a direction, and in my opinion, they are usually never as strong as present life influences. The point is, any imprint can be transcended if it is negative, and is only a boost if it is positive. Each time we incarnate we append another act to a continuing script, a sort of continuing autobiography that has the potential to subtly influence us during the next lifetime.

Karma, then, is the influence of a birth imprint upon the incarnating personality. Karma is often referred to in a negative sense, as if the soul itself were somehow tainted by the actions of a previous lifetime. But the soul is pure. All actions are sanctioned, because each one of us is a divine, immortal spirit and always returns to Native State after a physical lifetime. No matter how gruesomely you die, upon transition all negative emotion is immediately released. That is because a non–physical personality is pure, and of such a high vibration that nothing negative can attach to it. This is simply the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction at work.

 The Most Important Connection

In January’s issue, we discussed the Still Point.

The Still Point is a non–physical creative consciousness (you) surrounded by the shell of the physical body and the material world.  The physical world involves movement, the Still Point is BEING. When you reach the Still Point, you feel a sense of power. That power is your personal realization of your own creative nature, and it aligns your own energy with the creative energy of the universe. It is an awesome feeling.

Actually, you don’t REACH the still point, because reaching, or efforting, or achieving, involves movement! The Still Point is the natural state of being for any person. How does a person come off the Still Point?

Well, life can be analyzed as a sequence of energy flows. There are four energy flows in life: others to you –– the things that happen TO you; you to others –– the things you do to OTHERS; others to others –– the things you OBSERVE; and you to you. These ideas are explained in much greater detail in The Keys to Deliberate Creation Course.

The most important energy relationship is You–to–You! That’s because all of the other energy relationships stem from this relationship.  The You–to–You relationship is your personal Still Point. What you feel about yourself determines how you react to others, how others react to you, and even what you observe –– because you never even see anything that you are not matched vibrationally with (whether you think so or not).

Your place is naturally at the place of power, the Still Point. However, your observation of life, and its perceived inequities, injustices, and evils, causes you to react in ways that bring you down the scale of emotion/vibration. You forget that you are an immortal being; a powerful co–creator of your life, and that your fellow human beings are as well. You allow the actions of others to sully your vibration and bring you off the Still Point. Notice that this occurs simply by a CHOICE or a DECISION. No one MAKES you do so. You do it to yourself. Notice also that a decision or a choice is not an action. There is no motion, movement, or reaching involved. It is a state of being. What happens when you try to regain the Still Point? You take action (like meditating, doing yoga, reading spiritual books, taking seminars, etc.) but almost always, these activities do not change your state of BEING. In short, you come off the Still Point through a decision, and regain the Still Point through a decision.

All of the other flows in life are directly affected by the energy relationship of You–to–You! If you have understood this idea correctly, it should bring you a feeling of power. It should bring you into a greater connection with YOU –– a magnificent being who voluntarily chose to have a physical experience in order to express and celebrate himself or herself in the grandest and most challenging way.

The laws of the universe interface directly with you. Each of us has the ability to broadly influence the conditions of our lives. If you imagine the Still Point as your personal connection to creative energy, you can see that everything in your life revolves around the decisions you make. Through your decisions and actions, you control the energy you put out to the universe, and, broadly, the responses you get back. No man (or woman) is an island, as John Donne said. The Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction always work to place you in situations that exactly match your current focus of attention.

Although your personal imprint may effect how talented you are, and may have entrained certain tendencies in your thinking and behavior, it is always possible to redirect your life. That is the beauty of the vibrational universe concept: it always places you in the conductor’s chair. The laws of the universe have your back and always work to reinforce your currently activated focus. Therefore, if you want a better life, there is no excuse to be the victim of anything! Find your desire and go for it, even if it’s only 5 minutes a day. The more time you devote to something you really like, the stronger is the vibration you create around that, and the more the Law of Attraction goes to work for you.

[1] Does this sound weird to you? Well, if you understand that consciousness is not biologically based, it makes perfect sense. It’s like saying, “The sun rises and sets every day.” After my experiences in writing the books “Dialogues – Conversations with my Higher Self” and “I Love You Dad” I think about non–physical personalities being just as real as physical ones!

[2]This photo was found on Wikipedia. It is copyrighted but unlicensed.

[3] Even accurate psychics can get incorrect readings if they pick up on the imprint from a previous expression. This can occur when the person has just “died” and the psychic tries to pick up on the person. What usually happens is that the being has translated to Native State and is now vibrating at such a high level that the psychic, still incarnated, cannot reach. The psychic finds it easier to read the thought forms that the recently departed being left behind.

 [4]First scientifically formulated in the 1960s by the independent research scientist Dr. James Lovelock, as a consequence of his work for NASA on methods of detecting life on Mars.


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