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Life Purpose

What is the purpose of life?

If you ask us, we say, to play and to have fun!

Does that seem unreal to you? Does it seem preposterous, or silly? If so, then perhaps you need to examine your life and what you are doing with it!

Life is designed to be joyful. Life force energy, which is what you are, is inherently love, well–being, eagerness, excitement, and joy. That is your ‘baseline,’ as your statisticians say, as you enter the world. There is no original sin, or karmic stain on your soul when you incarnate. You come to earth fresh, clean and new, all ready to begin another adventure!

Ken objects that things like pollution and  other environmental toxins can wreck your health, and that the system on earth is set up by elites for their benefit, and that the vast majority of people struggle. However, we tell Ken (he is very stubborn in this regard) over and over that the laws of the universe are senior to man–made laws and beliefs. We tell you that many earthian belief systems are self–limiting, and that you create your lives and your societies around the content of those beliefs.

The belief that “there is only so much to go around,” for example, is one of the primary limiting beliefs on your planet. It has led to many of the ills that you abhor. We tell you that physical laws, which your scientists claim to be absolute, can be altered by a change in thought. A change in thought, for example, from “energy must come from scarce fossil fuels” to “we can discover (or create) the laws of nature that allows us to extract clean abundant energy from the environment,” must inevitably lead to a complete change in how and where you get your energy. If everyone had abundant energy, there would be no need for war! Wars are fought over scarce resources. Much of the history of your planet is the deliberate creation of scarcity and the inevitable growth of hierarchical societies to match this belief. Such beliefs can only flourish when they are strongly or widely held. We tell you that the power of thought is transcendent.

We want all of your readers to ask themselves, “What is my life purpose?” Many of you will come up with “I don’t really know.”

Can you state your life purpose clearly and succinctly, in one or two sentences? If not, then how can you build your life? What would a house look like that did not have a coherent blueprint? Well, Ken tells us that it would resemble something out of a Three Stooges comedy!

In order to have a life purpose, you must first have a desire.

We say this over and over because it is so important.

Every purpose first begins with a desire. Around that desire, purpose and intent can form. A template of thought can be built, just like the blueprint for the house, that will direct your actions and attract to you the people and resources you need. Without that blueprint, your life will seem like a random succession of haphazard events. Either that, or you will experience similar things over and over, because you never take the time to consciously give yourself a direction.

The most important work you will ever do is to identify a desire and envision exactly what you want your life to look like. It is amazing to us, but almost none of you take the time to consciously do this work. It is the most rewarding and joyful work you will ever do!

There are many inspiring people (like Oprah, Ken says, or Carolyn Myss) who say, “I didn’t get anywhere until I turned my life over to a higher power.”

However, if you study the lives of these people, you will discover that each one of them had a clear idea of what they wanted.  FIRST you must establish your personal vibrational resonance by firmly and clearly deciding what it is that you want, and THEN you let go and allow the universe to bring it to you. Along the way, you have inspiring ideas, which you then act upon. This is a formula, we assure you, that will lead inevitably to happiness and success. But it all begins with a desire.

You see, it is impossible really to envision your life unless you first know what you want. Your intent and your life blueprint can then coalesce around it. It’s like making cake batter without butter or eggs to hold the flour together.

If you don’t have a desire, you don’t have the impetus to even envision your life, because there is no inspiration to do it! “What difference will it make,” you say. “My life is what it is.” Well, certainly, but if you are unsatisfied with your life, you have to change. And change ALWAYS begins with a desire. By desire we mean something that lights you up –– something that is personal to you, and may even be out of the mainstream.

We have written a course with Ken called The Keys to Deliberate Creation, which attempts to codify these principles. Ken says this is a shameless plug, and so it is, but we believe this course is very important, because most people focus on what is not wanted. This is very understandable, because the undesirable things are hitting you in the face every day: poor health, an unwanted job, a stressful relationship, lack of money. These things are so unpleasant because they are so distant from who you really are! Like fingernails scratching on a chalk board, they are a constant source of irritation. However, it is also true that manifestation MUST begin with a clearly defined template of thought. That is how it works both in the physical and the non–physical. In the physical, actions are a perfect reflection of thought. When thought is aligned to a positive and desirable goal, actions are effective and along the path of least resistance. It is literally true that you determine the course of your life, because the universe responds to you vibrationally. The physical actions you take are important, but are merely an extension of your thought and intent. Therefore it is absolutely vital that your create a blueprint for your life.

What will happen is that when your energy is aligned to a deeply felt personal desire, action occurs joyfully and without a lot of effort, struggle and strain. Notice we did not say “without hard work.” The action cycles you take may involve an enormous amount of effort, but it will be  joyful work. Have you ever begun a project and then discovered how much more work it will take? When you are through you look back and say “Wow! Did I do all that?” Sometimes you don't even know how you did it! Along the way, you were joined by others who gave you a hand, and the project may even have evolved in ways that you did not anticipate. But that is what happens when you connect to the creative energy of the universe, This energy is so powerful that it can change the destiny of your planet.

We want you to step into your power and make it impossible for “the elites” as Ken calls them, to manipulate and control humanity. Of course, there is really no manipulation going on, because you always get the societies and governments and economies that EXACTLY reflect the consciousness of the group. And you always get the personal life that perfectly reflects your beliefs. If you want to change, begin NOW to figure out exactly what it is that you want!  This is the most powerful work that you will ever do –– and it doesn’t require a Congressional committee or a PhD or permission from the authorities. It is literally true that if enough people performed this work, you could change your societies in an astonishingly short period of time. Institutions that no longer serve you would literally disappear, for these cannot survive on vibrational ground that is not suited for them. Such is the power of thought.

You are all powerful co–creators. The universe has been designed to respond to your thoughts and intent and it does so immediately. That is because the physical universe and everything in it is a field of consciousness, or subtle energy, that is enormously and dynamically responsive to a change in your vibration. Everything you perceive with your human senses is a vibrational interpretation of something that is so vast, magnificent and powerful that you simply cannot comprehend it while you are still human. The universe has been created through thought, through the decisions and inventions of the Creative Principle. The universe outside the perception of the human senses is so vast, there are so many environments in which to play, that it would astound you. We tell you that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

Therefore, we encourage you to start RIGHT NOW and begin to create the life you want! Don’t put it off for a second longer! You can have everything you want, but you first have to believe you can. And it is a lot easier to change your beliefs when you have the right formula for success –– one that works with universal laws, and not against them!

We love and adore every one of you!

–– The Guys


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