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Vol.1, #9

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"Good and Evil"

The fundamental dichotomy of the universe has been called duality, which results in the struggle between Good and Evil.
In this issue, Spiritual Wisdom explores and illuminates the origins of duality.










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Good and Evil

The genesis of good and evil lies far back in the mists of time. In order to have a physical universe, we need a minimum of Twoness.  Oneness becomes Twoness. An aspect or portion of Oneness decides to separate from Itself. This creates space, and movement, and time. But inherent in Twoness is separation.

The One makes a conscious decision to become Two, creating an Other. Both aspects are of the Light. Nevertheless, the genesis for Twoness lies in the prior realization by the One that it is incomplete. Both understand this. Both understand that the Two came forth from the One, giving the Other a slight feeling of inferiority, of being less–than. The Other feels just a tiny bit jealous that Its very existence is predicated upon another.

If you have ever received a valuable gift from someone you admired, you may have experienced this seed emotion. And it often comes out in sibling rivalry, where one child is more gifted than the other.

There was a comedy sketch on Saturday Night Live a few years ago that demonstrated this concept perfectly. Gloria Jackson and Paul Simon are stranded on a desert island at Christmas.  Paul Simon gives her a shell he found on the beach. Gloria Jackson gives him a watch. “That’s beautiful, honey,” he says, “but where did you find it?” “I didn’t find it, I made it,” she says sweetly. “You MADE it?” he says incredulously. “Yeah!” she says cutely. “I found some copper bearing ore up in the hills, and I smelted some out, then I made the parts for it!.” Despite the fact hat he loves his wife, Simon can’t get over the feeling that he just doesn’t measure up, even though she is genuinely happy with his inferior gifts, and is childlike in her joy in giving her gifts. The sketch continues with Simon giving her mundane presents, while she gives him more and more elaborate gifts.

The ultimate gift is, of course, life itself. When the One became Two, therefore, it automatically created a contradiction within itself, a seed of self–destructiveness. This is the fundamental origin of Evil. Good and Evil is simply a quintessential property of creation itself, for the creation comes forth from the creator, and feels innately lesser.

Therefore Good and Evil are inalienable properties of existence. We could also call this phenomenon polarity, or duality. Good cannot rid itself of Evil, because Evil is built–in to the fabric of physical existence. Evil is based upon separation, and separation is an inherent characteristic of physical experience. If you don’t believe that, look around you.

Evil is Good, however, because Evil was created from Good! Evil is Good because Evil is alive. All life is animated by the Light. Without Light there is only darkness, and death. Therefore Evil is Good. What makes evil, evil, is simply Evil’s decision or consideration that It is less–than the good, which turns it away from the Light. This decision then creates a sort of irrationality or tension within those who decide so. As human beings, this dormant but powerful decision becomes activated a result of childhood upbringing (abuse, criticism, etc.), and probably a host of other reasons. For whatever reason, an Evil one has made a conscious decision to ignore his or her own Goodness, and turn away from it. If you have ever seen an embittered person (or been one yourself) you know what I am talking about. Behind all that negative emotion is a feeling of unworthiness.

Therefore, fighting evil only turns Evil away from the Good. Fighting Evil is just another validation of Evil’s decision that it is not good enough. It just strengthens Evil’s conclusion that it is unwanted, and inferior. By turning away from its own power, Evil weakens itself. Eventually, Evil must collapse, but not without first destroying the Good in its hatred of itself. Civilizations throughout history have disintegrated when intolerance becomes dominant.  This is becoming more and more evident on our planet during the present climate of religious bigotry and fundamentalism.

“If Good is so wonderful and Evil is so terrible,” you might ask, “then why would anyone become Evil?” Because Evil is more substantial. It is a heavier vibration, as are all of the lower emotions. The Good is light, carefree, and joyful, and even though it feels a LOT better, it is less noticeable! So Evil gets more attention because it is more solid. In the newspaper business this fact is recognized in the slogan, “good news doesn’t sell.”

Unfortunately, our scientific society, which has completely divorced the spiritual from the material, validates the solid and measurable as well, and tells us that feelings and emotions are irrelevant. Thus is Evil emphasized and Good de–emphasized. I am not saying that science is Evil! Far from it. Without science and reason we’d all be living in mud huts, and ruled by despots. Reason and rational thinking would disappear. I am saying that science divorced from a true understanding of man’s spiritual nature leads us down the path of self–denial and unworthiness. Thus can religious bigotry and fundamentalism flourish. Ignorance becomes exalted and Truth is obscured.

How can Good handle Evil?

The ONLY way for Good to handle Evil is to recognize the Good in Evil. Fighting Evil makes the Good resonate to Evil more and more. The Good then turns away from the Light, and becomes Evil. This is what Jesus the Christ meant when He said, “Turn the other cheek.” Jesus didn’t mean let yourself get walked over by Evil. He meant, acknowledge the Good in everything, otherwise you will become what you fight against.

Good is more powerful than Evil for the simple fact that Evil IS Good! The life force that animates Good and Evil is the Light. Evil is just a turning away from the Light.

Fighting or warring on Evil is not only pointless, it is a form of psychosis. When Good wars upon Evil, the Good  becomes Evil and the Evil becomes more Evil. War is a trick Evil plays upon Good, causing Good to abandon it’s own Goodness.

Do not fight evil, unless you desire to become Evil. Study war no more.

To conservatives I say study war no more not because it’s some goody–goody, pie–in–the–sky permissive liberal idea, but because fighting evil creates an evil cancer within you. Although war (to gain resources, subdue an enemy, etc.) might seem logical on the surface, it will destroy the aggressor. This is what Jesus the Christ meant when He said, “He that liveth  by the sword, shall perish by the sword.” Jesus the Christ, in His wisdom, knew that war is the ultimate contamination of the Good by Evil. Hatred, jealousy, greed –– any of the lower emotions –– eventually (and sooner than you think) will destroy your spirit and blacken your soul. “We have met the enemy, and he is us,” said Walt Kelly, creator of the Pogo comic strip.

To liberals I say that you must have the courage of your convictions. You cannot stand down in the face of Evil. You must assert the Good, because the Good is more powerful than Evil. It may not appear so on the surface, but Evil is in a desperate struggle within itself for sanity. It is desperately trying to find the Good, but it doesn’t know how. Because it has turned away from the Light, Evil is less intelligent and it’s actions are often irrational and destructive. Therefore, you must stand up to Evil and see the Good within it. When in the presence of Evil, resist the temptation to flee or fight. Find the Good in Evil and show Evil its true self. If you do this, it will be the most rewarding experience in your life: the salvaging of a soul.

Good and Evil (polarity/duality) is the fundamental dichotomy of this physical universe. The good news is that the Light is powerful and the darkness is impotent. Because Evil gets its animating force from the Light, Evil always finds the Good, even if that results in death. For in death, Evil returns to the Light.


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