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The May edition of Spiritual Wisdom is unusual. As some of our readers might know, I have written a book called "Dialogues-- Conversations with My Higher Self" in which I was able to communicate with a group of non-physical beings. For those of us who understand that consciousness exists independent of physical bodies, such communication does not seem impossible, or even unusual. Indeed, a non-physical personality is a logical outcome of non-physical consciousness.

My friend Neil Long, a British radio personality, and I have developed a program and a website called Interview With Spirit, in which people can write or call in questions, which "The Guys," as I call them, will answer. Frankly, I cannot tell sometimes whether these answers are mine or theirs. This begs the question, "What is inspiration?" Perhaps that will be a subject for another newsletter. Nevertheless, I wanted to share their thoughts on the subject of money. It is safe to say that money and abundance are things almost all of would like to have more of! So, without further ado, let us proceed.

All right guys –– let us hear what you have to say about money –– how to attract it and the best use of it.

From our perspective, we see reality as you might see it in a very vivid dream. By that we mean, we see pure energy and the interaction of energy. What you perceive as a solid human body, we see as a beautiful sphere of light  composed of intertwining energy filaments in complex patterns and shapes, surrounding a denser fabric of templated energy that is the body.

We see money the same way. Imagine that you are out in space, with a birds–eye view of your planet. Now imagine each person, each life form, as we have described. Imagine that flowing forth from these beautiful spheres were energy patterns that reflect your thoughts and emotions. Imagine these energy flows either connecting, or bouncing off each other, depending upon their composition. In other words, when you place a key into a lock, there must be a matching pattern in order to open the door. It is the same way with energy flows.

Money is simply a representation of matching energy. In other words, when a musician makes a music CD, that music has a certain vibrational pattern. We see that much of your popular music has essentially the same inherent vibrational pattern. So what makes one CD sell, and another bomb? The answer is simply that a popular CD is one that resonates to the vibration of a great number of people. Music is itself vibrational, and is the closest physical representation to how we perceive in native state –– because music can evoke a wide range of feeling and emotion. Light is also vibrational. A music video combines both sight and sound into a package of vibration. That is how we communicate –– via packets of vibration.

So what is money? It is just the representation of matching vibrations. The CD of a popular artist simply resonates vibrationally with a great number of people. The money exchanged is just the physical representation that says ”here is a token that represents my alignment with you.”

Your next question might be, “how do you do that?” Well, there is no way to make a formula or a recipe for that. There is, however, one very important concept that you must understand: in order to get someone else to resonate to you, you must first find something that resonates within you. In other words, you must find a connection to your own creative energy, which is the same as saying, you must have a desire and be able to express it. A desire is simply life force. Life force, chi, prana, Source, whatever you want to call it, is essentially what you ARE. As human beings you see yourself as mere physical lumps and you forget that you are in fact powerful native state beings temporarily associated with a physical body. When you connect to a desire you in effect connect to something that is ubiquitous. When you express that desire in your own unique way, you connect to that core or kernel of life force that is present in everyone! We see this so clearly because we see energy. Success is then measured by how genuinely you connect to a desire and express that desire! Money is the physical representation of how you express your own personal connection to Source.

Our advice to all those who want to have money is to find something within you that is longing to come out, and then express it. Do not listen to what others say, do not be swayed by the social or moral imperatives of your society; for these will often stifle your desire before you can even express it. Those who make rap music are criticized severely by almost everyone, yet they sell to a wide audience. Those who make such videos care not for the opinions of others. Within them is a strong desire, and the expression of that  desire finds a ready audience.

Therefore if you want money, find a way to express yourself. But remember that money itself is just a representation of vibrational matching. Most people get fixated on the representation and forget about the real thing!

The letters R–O–S–E are not a rose! A rose is so much more than mere symbols! The rose is beautifully colored, it is fragrant, it exists within the sweet smelling earth, and when you stand in the garden with the sun on your face and the fresh breeze rustling your hair, you open up to the grandness of life, and the magnificence of who you are, do you see? Oh, if only you could see how magnificent you were! If only you could see yourselves as we see you! There would be no more war, illness, or poverty. Sigh! But then, of course, there would not be the challenge of earth! And that is why you came here –– for the challenge and the excitement.

We hope we have answered your question about money. Successful people always have a strong desire and the willingness to express that desire. Without desire there can be no manifestation, or money. Ken is devising a course based upon these principles, called The Keys To Deliberate Creation. We see that he is not sure whether there is value in such a course, because it is really not possible to provide a formula or a recipe for success that will work for everyone. He is not sure whether there is complete integrity in such a course. But we say there is value in it, and it will be successful to the degree that our friend can express the concepts and devise the exercises to get people to find their desires and express them.

As always, we want to tell you that all endings are happy endings. Each one of you is a divine, eternal consciousness here on earth for an exhilarating, but temporary, physical experience. We encourage you to express yourselves in your own unique way, for each of you is a precious expression of the divine. Each one of you is valued beyond measure. Remember that when you express yourself, you express an aspect of Source, and of us.

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