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The Law of Attraction and Choice

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The Law of Attraction & Choice


What do you choose?

For those of us who follow politics and current world affairs, this is a mighty interesting time to be alive! The question is, how should spiritually aware people react? How should the Law of Attraction be applied when we are surrounded by people in authority who attempt to mold events with the aim of destroying freedom and establishing tyranny?

I’m not going to go deeply into the current political and economic situation, because we all know what it is. The dollar is falling relative to other currencies; our U.S. government is passing Draconian legislation destroying our Constitution and restricting civil liberties; and the Congress every year spends more than it receives in taxes, requiring the Federal Reserve to print more money and thereby cheapening the dollar. Our government prosecutes an insane war in Iraq that seems to enrich a few government contractors, meanwhile placing the United States in even more danger of a terrorist attack. Of course, this is not the entire story, but this is an uplifting newsletter, not a bummer!

The question is, how should spiritually aware people react? How does the Law of Attraction work in times like these? Should we just ignore the craziness and create positive vibes? Or should we DO something?

Let’s get back to basics. The Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like.” There seems to be a confusion among some LOA practitioners that you cannot pay attention to something unwanted without immersing yourself in it, and creating more of it. If we look a little deeper, however, we can see that this is only true on the surface.

The Law of Attraction should not be used to avoid involvement in life!

First of all, national events that affect many are no different from personal events that only affect you. The Law of Attraction works the same way in both cases. Let’s say that you have a problem with your brother–in–law, who is a slob, and who is always broke. Every time he comes into your house he tracks mud and dirt all over your clean carpets. His finances are a mess, and he’s always asking for money. Your significant other insists that his brother is taken care of, even though the money is coming out of your pocket. What do you do?

Well, you can just ignore the situation and visualize a happy outcome. If you are really, really good at LOA, this will work. I’ve done this myself with one of my neighbors and their crazy barking dog. Just by visualizing the situation as completely handled, the situation literally resolved itself almost magically. Because a relationship is a two–pole system connected energetically, when you radically and positively alter your vibration towards your relative, you affect the way he responds to you on the other end! (This doesn’t mean your brother–in–law will magically alter his personality. You can’t affect the way he responds to others, but you can affect the way he responds to you).

Some truly amazing healers use this concept. If you have ever read the Bible, that is precisely how Jesus the Christ created healing miracles in others. Needless to say, JC was really great at applying LOA! He understood that the genesis of all manifestation begins within yourself.

The difficulty is that when you are stuck in a big problem, you are stuck in it. We all know that feeling: you are resonating so strongly to the negative aspects that you can meditate and visualize, but you don’t feel yourself moving upward on the scale of emotion/ vibration. It seems hopeless.

(These situations are often referred to as karmic, but they are better explained by vibrational entrainment. When you are resonating strongly to something, the universe feeds you more of it. You of course have the free will choice to change your thoughts, but that is very difficult if you have already established a very strong resonance to it).

When that happens, you feel compelled to take action. The situation is intolerable, something must be done about it! What usually happens is that you confront your brother–in–law and lay down the law. This makes you feel better because you’ve vented, but it doesn’t affect brother–in–law’s conduct at all, because your solution is an exact vibrational match to the problem. So of course, the problem is exacerbated. You can continue in this cycle indefinitely, and many people do!

It IS possible to pay attention to something and not resonate to it, however. The minister or doctor who joins the Army to help and succor the troops places himself in a war zone, where he or she is confronted daily with the gruesome reminders of man’s inhumanity to man. Yet the minister maintains his connection to Source, and becomes a favored counselor and care giver.

In such cases, a horrible situation can actually strengthen your commitment and connection to Source. This is the key to applying LOA in unwanted situations!

We live in a vibrational universe. When you allow your affinity for another to become sullied, you descend on the scale of emotion/vibration. Your solutions become vibrationally lower and less effective.

Your actions ALWAYS reflect where you are vibrationally. Therefore, your solutions always precisely match your emotional tone. Intellectually, your plan of action is always congruent with your vibration. That is why people like George Bush can destroy the dollar, destroy the Constitution and make a big mess, yet consider that what he is doing is perfectly reasonable. And to George W. Bush and to the universe, it IS perfectly reasonable!  The universe simply gives you more of what you are resonating to.

However, you can be involved in a war zone and still resonate to peace and love! Your emotional resonance always dictates your intellectual parameters.  This is one of the keys to applying the LOA, and understanding the actions of others.

The true Master understands this completely, which is why he/she is able to look upon others with love and compassion, no matter what their actions. This does not mean that she allows the situation to continue unabated, or allows herself to be rolled. It DOES mean that he or she  understands the mechanism behind the actions of seemingly irrational and hateful persons, and can, by staying within herself, devise solutions and activities that are effective! They are effective because they proceed from an emotional state that is connected to Source.

Emotions are very important, because they are amplifiers to thought. Thought affects your emotional tone, and your emotional tone affects the tone or quality of the thoughts and choices you are capable of making. The combination of your thoughts and your emotions determines your vibrational signal, and how effective your actions will be. Remember that the universe simply matches signals. That’s what the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction are about. These universal principles guarantee that no matter how unacceptable is the situation, IF you can visualize and maintain your vibration in alignment with the goal, you will receive congruent manifestations. That is often easier said than done of course, but what is the alternative? More of the same!

When you understand how the LOA and the Law of Vibration work, you can understand people like George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. These are people who are simply stuck in a vibration of hatred and psychosis, and it’s no good ranting and raving about them. You also understand how Masters like Gandhi could mobilize an entire nation, by remaining firmly within a positive vibration, despite his immersion in a sordid reality. This is precisely what spiritually aware persons, especially in the United States, face today.


The Solution

If you want to DO something about a national or international problem, you must first orient yourself positively to the situation. By that I mean, maintaining a vibration (emotion) and embracing solutions that are higher on the scale than the situation itself. If you are working to stop the war in Iraq, for example, you must find a vibration HIGHER than anger. This means you cannot join organizations that are resisting or fighting the war, for this solution matches the vibration of the problem, and contributes to it.

Find something to do that maintains positive and constructive focus. For example, I joined Downsize D.C. This group lobbies Congress and the government from the grassroots level on all of the problems that our country faces. This is something effective I feel that I can do personally to change the situation. I also write books and articles and newsletters that (hopefully) uplift and inspire others to a higher emotional state.

On a personal level, the only way to resolve situations is to approach them in a positive frame of mind! This doesn’t mean you have to be Gandhi, or some perfected guru or Master. The Law of Attraction tells us, however, that in order to improve the situation, we must resonate on a higher emotional level than the current reality. Vibrationally speaking, the lower vibration is subsumed by the higher one. The inner resonance of every human being is to love and cooperation, because all life is spiritual. We are all, quintessentially, liquid love and respond to the higher vibration, even when we are stuck in a lower one!

(One must keep in mind that enthusiasm is not an appropriate response to grief, however, for these vibrations are too far apart. However, one can be quietly enthusiastic inside, and consciously use the scale of emotion / vibration to gradually raise emotional tone. This is explained in more depth in the book, The Vibrational Universe).

Similarly, the only way to affect conditions on a national or planetary level is to promote solutions that keep people in a positive frame of mind. Constructive solutions that benefit everyone. Inclusive solutions that create harmony and emphasize cooperation. You can easily judge the effectiveness of any group by observing the participants. Where are they on the scale of emotion? What is the emotional tone of the literature? From these measurements, you can decide which groups are right for you.

It is vital that spiritually aware persons become part of the solution and not resonate to the problem. It’s our choice. For example, I have the choice to immerse myself in the current reality. I have a number of sources that tell me what is going on behind the scenes. I could spend all day discovering the “truth” about the current reality. Because I am interested in politics, I could become an “expert.” I could rant and rave and gain notoriety. But that, of course, is nutty! I would be creating and spreading lower vibes around the planet, and that is self–defeating. One of the clever ways that The Old Order uses to fix its interest with us, is to invite dissent. But remember that when you oppose something you feed it. As Esther Hicks says, saying No is the same as saying Yes!

What I am trying to point out in this article, however, is that you can get beyond simplistic constructions like that, and positively approach a negative situation by focusing attention on the positive outcome, even while dealing with the unwanted thing.

In your personal life and in your political and group life, look for people and organizations that resonate on the positive end of the scale of emotion / vibration. Create positive solutions yourself and draw others into them! Use the power of your social network to emphasize the positive!


Suggested groups / organizations to join or participate in: 

·        The Harmony Project (Note: some of the links in the nav bar on this page don’t work yet. I am revising my web site and should have everything up by the end of January 08)

·        Downsize D.C.

·        Zaadz

·        Unity 08


You probably have your own favorites. Get involved! Don’t fight the negative, for that just feeds power to it. Create positive solutions based on cooperation, harmony and inclusiveness. Use the Law of Attraction intelligently to change your personal reality, and the world!


The scale of emotion / vibration




“I give up.”




“I’ll do anything to make it up to you!”


“I feel your pain.”





Hidden Hostility

He's smiling in your face and stabbing you in the back. Says one thing and does another.


“Tough for you. Just do it.”

Anger XE "anger"

Out of control, lashing out at the world.


“Hey! Come over here and let me kick your butt!” Feistiness.




“Things are fine just the way they are”


“Hey that's cool!”


“Wow! Let's do that again!”


“I feel fantastic!!!!!”


Complete connection to Source, or God force, or life-force energy. This is the feeling consciousness has in its native, non–physical state.

Adapted from: “Beyond Psychology: An Introduction to Metapsychology” by Frank A. Gerbode, M.D.


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